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by Frances Woods, 1964

John Rainwater married Mary E. Sparks, November 27, 1853
George Sparks married (F) Elizabeth Litteral, July 21, 1853

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From Books C, D and B (1854-1881)

Copied by Margaret Harrison Hubbard

[Editor's Note: The following marriage records from Prairie County, Arkansas, have been copied for us by Margaret Harrison Hubbard of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She reports: "I have transcribed these records from microfilm and they will be published within the next month as the oldest surviving records of that county... Since Prairie County is one of some 10 or so in Arkansas with two county seats, the next volume will no doubt bring more to surface." She goes on to indicate that she will send us an additional listing in the future.]

(M) Sparks, David Age 24 married (F) Octavia Oliver 18 Age on February 21, 1867 Ref. D-101

(M) Sparks, James D. Age 23 married (F) Maggie H. Melton Age 24 on December 31, 1873 Ref. D-415

(M) Sparks, John H. Age 19 married (F) Tennessee Douglass Age 16 on November 16, 1859 Ref. C-213

(M) Sparks, John Age 24 married (F) Sarey Elizabeth Martin Age 25 on December 29, 1864 Ref. D-41

(M) Sparks, J. D. Age 21 married (F) Margie Ann Mills Age 18 on June 24, 1876 Ref. B-90

(M) Sparks, J. F. Age 28 married (F) A. T. Sparks Age 25 on December 6, 1880 Ref. B-503

(M) Sparks, Nathan Age 21 married (F) Susan Hollifield Age 19 on October 19, 1869 Ref. D-210

(M) Sparks, Rufus Neely Age 31 married (F) Martha Goode Minton Age 22 on November 11, 1869 Ref. D-209

(M) Sparks, Samuel Age 21 married (F) Mollie E. Griffin Age 25 on September 4, 1878 Ref. B-290

(M) Sparks, Spencer Minton Age 23 married (F) Sarah Matilda Hendrix Age 20 on October 28, 1858 Ref. D-164

(M) Sparks, William Age 21 married (F) Sarah A. Oliver Age 17 on March 10, 1864 Ref. D-43

(M) Stratton, Robert H. Age 30 married Almeda Sparks Age 16 on April 21, 1864 Ref. D-43

(M) Hendricks, Andrew J. Age 19 married (F) Amanda Sparks Age 18 on November 26, 1868 Ref. D-169

(M) Darst(?), James R. married (F) Armilda E. Sparks Age 16 on September 9, 1880 Ref. B-478

(M) Stratton(?), Edward Age 30 married (F) Comfort Sparks Age 18 on January 25, 1857 Ref. C-91

(M) Hollyfield, W. T. Age 20 married (F) Kealie Sparks Age 21 on September 3, 1869 D-207

(M) Crossen, Wm. B. Age - married (F) Lettie M. Sparks Age on June 16, 1870 D-251

(M) Eisbel, William Age 19 married (F) Luivene Sparks Age 17 on April 23, 1874 D-432

(M) Horton, Robert P. Age 22 married (F) Martha J. Sparks Age 25 on January 9, 1873 D-375

(M) Orrick, Samuel Age 23 married (F) Mary A. Sparks Age 20 on July 19, 1867 D-110

(M) Wade, George W. Age 27 married (F) Mary E. Sparks Age 26 on September 3, 1876 B-114

(M) Burnds, J. E. Age 34 married (F) Mary Jane Sparks Age 22 on November 26, 1877 B-218

(M) King, Wm. J. Age - married Octavia Sparks (Mrs.) Age - on April 6, 1870 D-249

(M) Miller, J. M. Age 47 married (F) Sarah C. Sparks Age 26 on July 31, 1879 B-367

(M) Davis, Joshua Age 31 married (F) Sarah Matilda Sparks Age 28 on July 18, 1866 D-72

(M) Nowles, Edward Age 45 married Susie (or Julia) Ann Sparks Age 32 on March 26, 1861 C-281

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Sevier County:

Joseph Sparks (age 21) married Sarah Franklen (age 14), at residence of Harmon Franklen & by his consent, January 4, 1857, by Sam'l. Finley, J. P.

Union County:

J. W. Sparks (age 29) married Mrs. Julia Johnston (age 33), by verbal consent of parents, February 25, 1861, by W. C. Langford, J.C.C.
John H. Coleman (age 50) married Margaret E. Sparks (age 34), both of Union County, October 31, 1869, by W. H. Gathrite, M. G.

Carroll County:

C. J. Foster (age 33) married Louisa Sparks (age 21), September 3, 1884.
S. H. Sparks (age 20) married Myrtle Felton (age 18), March 24, 1899.

Independence County:

Thomas Laman married Emaly Jane Sparks (age 17), with consent of her parents, March 27, 1863, by Thomas Witten, M. G. of M. E. Church.
M. H. Sparks (age 30) married Mary Ann Anderson (age 20), May 7, 1854, by Nimrod Ford, M. G. of Cumb. Pres. Church.