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"The Real Facts About Appomattox" 38
1776 Oath Required of White Male Citizens in Pennsylvania 181
1790-1830 Census for North Carolina 122
1790-1840 Census for Connecticut 129
1800 Census for Massachusetts 103
1800 Census for Connecticut 54,103
1800 Census for Delaware 79
1800 Census for Maine 149
1800 Census for Maryland 98
1800 Census for Pennsylvania 95
1800, 1810, 1820, & 1830 Census for South Carolina 103
1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, & 1840 Census for Rhode Island 144
1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, & 1840 Census for Vermont 144
1800-1840 Census for New York 143
1810 Census for Connecticut 54
1810 Census for Kentucky 49
1810 Census for Maryland 98
1810 Census for Pennsylvania 99
1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, & 1850 Census for Maine 142
1810-1840 Census for Massachusetts 141
1820-1830 Census for Illinois 149
1820-1830 Census for Mississippi 149
1820 & 1830 Census for Indiana 23
1820 & 1830 Census for Virginia 59
1820 & 1830 Census from Tennessee 11
1820 Census for Alabama 149
1820 Census for Georgia 75
1820 Census for Kentucky 49
1820 Census for Maryland 133
1820 Census for Ohio 56
1820 Census for Pennsylvania 103
1820, 1830, 1840, & 1850 Census for Delaware 134
1830 & 1840 Census for Missouri 147
1830 & 1840 Census for New Jersey 144
1830 Census for Alabama 13
1830 Census for Arkansas 79
1830 Census for Georgia 97
1830 Census for Kentucky 27
1830 Census for Louisiana 149
1830 Census for Michigan 144
1830 Census for Ohio 55
1830 Census for Pennsylvania 97
1830 Census for Virginia 99
1836 Census for Iowa Territory 149
1840 & 1850 Census for Virginia 135
1840 Census for Alabama 144
1840 Census for Arkansas 103
1840 Census for Georgia 144
1840 Census for Illinois 63
1840 Census for Indiana 97
1840 Census for Iowa Territory 144
1840 Census for Kentucky 56
1840 Census for Louisiana 99
1840 Census for Michigan 144
1840 Census for Mississippi 97
1840 Census for North Carolina 79
1840 Census for Ohio 92
1840 Census for Pennsylvania 132
1840 Census for South Carolina 74
1840 Census for Tennessee 33
1840 Census for Wisconsin Territory 144
1850 Census for Alabama 24, 25
1850 Census for Arkansas 53, 103
1850 Census for California 149
1850 Census for Connecticut 52, 72, 114
1850 Census for Florida 149
1850 Census for Georgia 31, 120
1850 Census for Illinois 35, 53, 121
1850 Census for Indiana Many
1850 Census for Iowa 31, 46, 128
1850 Census for Kentucky 17, 55, 103
1850 Census for Louisiana 53
1850 Census for Maine 64
1850 Census for Maryland 98
1850 Census for Massachusetts 116
1850 Census for Michigan 57, 123
1850 Census for Mississippi 38, 44, 61
1850 Census for Missouri 129
1850 Census for New Hampshire 144
1850 Census for New Jersey 119
1850 Census for New York Many
1850 Census for North Carolina 36
1850 Census for Ohio Many
1850 Census for Pennsylvania 50, 71, 118
1850 Census for Rhode Island 129
1850 Census for South Carolina 136
1850 Census for Tennessee 20, 41, 90
1850 Census for Texas 13
1850 Census for the District of Columbia 136,149
1850 Census for the Territory of Oregon 129
1850 Census Mortality Schedules for Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, and Ohio 180
1850 Census of Wisconsin 125
1860 Census for Alabama 57
1860 Census for Arkansas 57
1860 Census for Illinois 54
1860 Census for Indiana Many
1860 Census for Kentucky 83
1860 Census for South Carolina 197
1900 Census for Indian Territory in What Is Now the State of Oklahoma 111
A Household Missed in the Transcription of Sparkses on the 1850 Census for [Branch County] Michigan 173
A Mystery Solved! Where Did William Sample Sparks Get his Middle Name? from His Maternal Grandfather, William Sample (Died 1682) 192
A Note from a Descendant of Amelia (Sparks) Word (1803-1868) [of Carroll County, Georgia] 165
A Review of Fourteen Frontier Families, compiled by Mary Sparks Matthews 178
A Small Sparks Mystery - Bourbon County, Kentucky: Did Joseph Sparks Marry Anne Wilson in 1797 or Amy Wilson in 1798? 188
A Sparks Immigrant from Devonshire - ca. 1885 [named William Sparks of Grand Rapids, Michigan] 156
A Sparks Love-Letter Written a Century Ago [from Abraham Gregory Sparks (born ca. 1910) to Sarah Frances (Martin) Moore, dated 24, 1858] 23
A Sparks Obituary from the Arkansas Gazette 171
A Statement of Editorial Policy for the Sparks Quarterly 168
A Tragic Letter Written by Robert Sparks (ca. 1824-1864) Three Days Before His Death. 71
A Union Soldier [William M. Sparks] Recalls the Siege of Vicksburg 162
A. Sparks Who Died on 11, 1852, On the Oregon Trail, (Who Was) 154
Absalom Sparks ca. 1771-ca. 1830) [Born in Rowan County, North Carolina, son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks; Believed to Have Died in Arkansas],
(Information Sought Regarding the Descendants of)
Absalom Sparks, Born ca. 1801 [in South Carolina] Died ca. 1851 [in Tennessee] 102
Adam and Anna (Sparks) Snyder, (Children of) 43
Adoption of the Name Sparks by a family Named Spock [Originally from Germany] 69
Albert Cyrus Sparks Family Record 24
Alcy Sparks (1826-1892) of Maine [Born in 1824 at Bowdoinham, Married James Lambert, Jr.], (Descendants) 128
Alexander K. Sparks (Born about 1827) [in Bullitt County, Kentucky], (Information Wanted on the Descendants of) 118
Alexander Spark, 1752-1819 [of Quebec] 153
Alexander Sparks, 1780-1857 159
Amanda Ellen [Sparks] Shaw, died in 1865. (Handed-Down Story Solves Genealogical Puzzle) 142
American Revolution Many
American Revolution Soldiers Named Sparks Whose Descendants are Eligible to Join the D. A. R. 108
Amos S. Sparks (1823/24-1892) of Ontario, Canada, St. Clair County, Michigan, and Leavenworth & Ellsworth Counties, Kansas 150
Amos Sparks (1785-1867) and His Descendants [of Maryland, Ohio, and Indiana] 37
An 1896 Sparks Letter of Inquiry [Letter from Daniel P. Sparks of Hunt County, Texas, to Benjamin Hume Sparks of Culpeper, Virginia] 110
An Answer to ‘Who Was Ellery Sparks, Died 1864 90
An Autobiographical Sketch 16
Archibald Sparks (Born ca. 1790, Died ca. 1836), With a List of His Children 81
Archibald Wimpy Sparks (1843-1882) 199
Arthur J. Sparks (Born 1873) of Lakefield, Minnesota 52
Article Planned About Sparkses of Adair County, Kentucky 88
Asa Egbert Sparks (1817-1892), Son of Amos Sparks, and His Descendants 37
Asa Sparks (ca. 1745-1814) of Berkshire County, Massachusetts 139
Aurey (or Aura, Auri, Aury) B. Sparks (1816-1879) and his Wife, Nancy A. (Roff) Sparks (1821-1879), (Family of) 194
Autobiographical Sketch of Russell E. Bidlack 25
Baxter Sparks (1777-1840) and His Wife, Elizabeth (Gwin) Sparks (1786-1844) [from Virginia to Indiana and Illinois] (Family Record of) 77
Bedford County, Virginia, Marriages [persons named Sparks] - 1800-1853 44
Benjamin P. Sparks (1798-1882) [of Pennsylvania; Descendants of Him and His Wife, Phoebia J. Corey] 89
Benjamin Sparks (1769/70-1850), Son of William and Ann Sparks 198
Benjamin Sparks (Born ca. 1754; Died 1801) 186
Bentley Sparks of [Minnehaha County] South Dakota?article=, (Who Was) 133
Beware of Genealogical Advertisements Mailed from Bath, Ohio 174
Bible of Elijah Sparks, Born July 28, 1778 [of New Jersey] 67
Bible Record of David Sparks [died St. Clair County, Illinois, 1845] 10
Bible Records of Hardin H. and Carrie Edna (Dailey) Sparks [of Vigo and Sullivan Counties, Indiana] 145
Biographical Sketch of Daniel P. Sparks, Jr., Born 1845, of Shawnee, Oklahoma 62
Births in Kentucky 21, 23, 24
Book Reviews 135
Bounty Land and Pension Application for Some Former Soldiers Named Sparks [Who Served in the Creek and Seminole Indian War, 1836], 127
Burial of Thomas J. Sparks (1844-1910), (A Further Note Pertaining to the Place of) 173
Burials in Alabama 28
Burials in Indiana 74
Burials in Maine 64
Burials in New York 70
Caleb Sparks of Lewis County, Kentucky, and his Descendants (Additional Notes on) 75, 111
Calvin R. Sparks (ca. 1809-1890) of Greene County, Indiana?, (Who Were the Parents of) 130
Can Anyone Identify David Sparks, Who Died in 1917? 70
Carlin-Sparks Family Cemetery Near Baltimore, Maryland 166
Chaplain (Colonel) John W. Sparks, a Biographical Sketch 46
Charity (Hicks) Champlin Sparks, Widow of Joseph Sparks, a Revolutionary War Pensioner [Her second husband was Joseph Sparks of Bristol, Rhode Island] 106
Charles Andrew Sparks (Died About 1919) Sought ,(Descendants of) 54
Charles Orlando and Cora Belle Sparks 142
Charles Sparks (ca. 1730-ca. 1771) of Maryland & Pennsylvania 152
Christian Newswanger, Purchaser of Land from William Sparks (ca. 1725-1801/02) [in Frederick County, Maryland] 173
Christopher Columbus Sparks (1838-1860), a Casualty of a Linn County, Iowa, Tornado 3, 1860 183
Church Records of St. Luke's Parish, Church Hill, Queen Anne's County, Maryland [ca. 1730-1816] 73
Cicero Augustus (Gus) Sparks, Born February 14, 1837 [a Confederate Soldier from Texas] 70
Civil War Pension Applications 90, 91, 95, 156
Civil War Pension Application of Bateman R. Sparks, (1841-1918) 95
Civil War Soldiers from Ohio named Sparks 39
Claims of Soldiers, War of 1812, from New York 148
Claude E. Sparks, Editor and Publisher of The Franklin County, Alabama, Times 53
Claude Ezell Sparks 1897- 1983 197
Colby Sparks's Journey by Covered Wagon in 1890 from Texas to Kentucky as He Remembered the Events Fifty Years Later 66
Colonel Richard Sparks (ca. 1753-1815), New Information About His Closing Days. 183
Colonel William C. Sparks and His Descendants 10
Confederate Soldiers Named Sparks Who Served from Georgia 173
Confederate Soldiers from South Carolina. 192
Cornelius Sparks, 1789-1862 [Son of Jonas Sparks] (Ancestors and Descendants of) 101, 118
Curtis T. Gay, Born 29, 1947 61
D. A. R. Information [Rules for Membership] 9
Daniel Boone and the Sparks Family 3
Daniel Crawford Sparks, Grandson of Isaac Sparks, Sr. (ca. 1740-ca. 1815) of Estill County, Kentucky, (Further Information About the Descendants of) 98
Daniel Sparks (1846-1927) of Elliott County, Kentucky, and Grant County, Washington, (Some Corrections and Additions to Family of) 180
Daniel Sparks (Born 1763, Died ca. 1820) of Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana (Son of Richard Sparks, Sr., Born ca. 1725, Died ca. 1792), (Life and Family of) 163
David Rhodes Sparks (1823-1907), an Introduction to His Autobiography 181
David Rhodes Sparks [Son of Baxter and Elizabeth Gwin) Sparks], (Autobiography of) 181, 183, 185, 187, 191, 194
David Sparks (1785-1861) of Hendricks County, Indiana (Further Data on Descendants of) 78
David Sparks (Born May 19, 1794; Died November 10, 1862) 67
David Sparks (ca. 1788-1861) of Hendricks County, Indiana, (Will of) 16
David Sparks Who Died in 1917 Near Georgetown, Texas, (More on) 72
David Sparks, Born in 1829; North Carolina to Owen Co., Md. 67
Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio -- City Directories 199
Death Claims Charles F. Sparks (1885-1969) 69
Death of James Pressley (Press) Sparks, Another Civil War Tragedy [at Pleasureville, Henry County, Kentucky, June 6, 1864] 156
Death of John Sparks in the Great Blizzard of 1888 [in Nebraska] 118
Death Takes Aubrey L. McClellan 199
Death Takes Dr. D. H. Sparks 32
Death Takes Dr. Sherman Paul Sparks 194
Death Takes Franklin D. Sparks 153
Death Takes George William Wagner, Great-grandson of Abel Sparks 24
Death Takes J. Frank Gibson 84
Death Takes J. Kent Sparks 55
Death Takes Jack B. Sparks 193
Death Takes Jack Burton Sparks, Sr 195
Death Takes Melva (Sparks) Bidlack. 162
Death Takes Oral A. Sparks 54
Death Takes Thomas McHenry, Jr. 20
Death Takes William R. Haas, Sr 195
Deaths in Texas Many
Deaths of Brothers Named Willie Warren Sparks & Walter Jackson Sparks, Jr. of Victoria, Texas 193
Deaths of Persons Named Sparks in Mitchell County, North Carolina, 1913-1951 158
Dennis McFranklin and Julia Ann (McCoy) Sparks of Clay County, Alabama 165
Diary of Mary Melissa (Sparks) Clark [a Review of the Published Volume] 112
Early Sparks Families in Texas 50
Early Sparks Family of Glenn County, California 54
Early Sparks Immigrants to America - Virginia 4,5
Early Sparks Records in Connecticut 24
Early Sparks Records In South Carolina 30
Early Sparkses of Maine and New Hampshire 98
Early Sparkses of New Jersey 21
Ebenezer Sparks (1758-1832), (Descendants of) 27
Edward and Elizabeth Sparks, (A continuation of the Descendants of) 165
Edward Sparks (alias Edward Parks), born August 18, 1837, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died there on February 28, 1908; married Hannah Louisa Engles 183
Edward Sparks (Died 1785/86) From Maryland & Pittsylvania & Fluvanna Counties, Virginia 147
Edward Sparks, Born About 1813, of Boston 88
Elenor Sparks (Died 1832) of Fayette County, Kentucky, (Family of) 65
Eli J. Sparks, born ca. 1847 in New York; died May 20, 1891, in Wayne County, New York; married Sarah M. Brink. 183
Elijah Sparks (Born About 1770, Died 1815) of Early Indiana 82
Elizabeth (Sparks) Bryan (1765-1863), (Family of) 184
Elizabeth Marie (Daggett) Ayres, Daughter of John Dickinson and Sarah (Sparks) Daggett, of St. Louis, Missouri, (Family of ) 188
Ella Rebecca (Sparks) Smith (1863-1892) 175
Ellery E. Sparks [1845-1864, in the Civil War], (A Diary Reference to) 171
Ellery Sparks [a Civil War Soldier] Died 1864, (Who Was He) 86
Esseneth (Green) Sparks, Wife of Stephen Sparks, (Parentage of) 133
Establishing of St. Luke's Church at Church Hill, Maryland, in Queen Annes County 182
Excerpts from the Autobiography of William Tennis Sparks (1849-1938) 157
Ezra and Mahala (Shriver) Sparks of Adams County, Ohio(Descendants of) 43
Family Associations and Periodical Publications 139
Family Memories [an autobiographical sketch by Ben Sparks, born 1889 in Rushville, Indiana, a great-grandson of Hugh parks] 16
Family of Nathan B. and Cornelia (Fenn) Sparks 197
Family Periodicals 141
Family Photographs: George and Sarah Ann (Harp) Sparks 193
Family Portrait on the Cover (Family of Catherine [Sparks] Reed and her brother, William Lewis Sparks.) 81
Family Record Preserved by Harry L. Sparks 15
Family Tradition Regarding the Circumstances of the Death of Josiah A. Sparks, Jr. in Missouri in 1864 194
Ferba Sparks of Hancock County, Indiana, Born about 1887?article=, (Who Was) 111
Filicity (Dawsett) Sparks and Lydia (Dodge) Sparks, (Added Data on) 118
First Sparks in America Association with Master John Rolfe and Powhatan in the Year 1611 5
Following Ancestors' Paths 171
Frances Sparks, the Wife of Jacob Aylor 195
Francis M. Sparks (1832-1910) [Son of Thompson Sparks; of Rushvile and Maxwell, Indiana] 55, 92
Francis Marion Sparks (1843-1930) [Born Rush County, Indiana, Died Canadian County, Oklahoma] 88
Frank Hugh Sparks (1891-1964) [Grandson of Joshua Sparks (ca1798-1850) of Indiana] 171
Frank Melville Sparks, Born February 28, 1877 57
Frank Sparks [1874-1937], Star Baseball Pitcher 183
Frederick Bryant and Mary E. (Speer) Sparks [He Was born in Oldham County, Kentucky], (Family) 123
From the 'Public Ledger' of Philadelphia [1838-1857] 150
Further Information about Hugh Sparks, Born About 1834 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, Son of Garrett Sparks 176
George G. Sparks (1796-1879), Son of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks, With a Record of his Known Descendants to about 1900. 176
George Harrison Sparks, M.D. (1869-1925) of Madison and Culpepper Counties, Virginia 197
George M. Sparks, born ca. 1835 in Ohio; died May 30, 1880, in Union County, Ohio; married Lydia Cochran 183
George Sparks (Born ca. 1678), Son of William Sparks Who Died in 1709, of Queen Annes County, Maryland 160
George Sparks (ca. 1770/75-1840/50) of Early Champaign and Logan Counties, Ohio 161
George Sparks (ca. 1777-ca. 1853) of Brown County, Indiana, (Further Notes on Descendants of) 160
George Sparks (ca. 1777-ca. 1853) of Estill County, Kentucky, and Brown County, Indiana, (Further Information About Family of) 114, 115
George Sparks and William Sparks of Washington County, Pennsylvania [Brothers, both born in early 1780s] 42
George Sparks, Jr. (Born Ca. 1805) of Surry County, North Carolina, and Union County, Georgia (Family & Descendants of) 122, 144
George Sparks, Jr., Born About 1811, Died 1884, (Added Information on) 72
George Taylor Sparks (1848-1907) of Fort Smith, Arkansas, Will of 158
George W. and Nancy Sparks [He was born ca. 1806 in Iredell County, North Carolina; died 1870 in Wright County, Missouri], (Descendants of) 51
George W. Sparks (1850-1915), Notes on His Ancestry 198
George Washington Sparks (Additional Notes on the (Descendants of) 63
George Washington Sparks, 1848-1906, a Descendant of Isaac Sparks of Estill County, Kentucky 142
Godfrey J. Sparks, born ca. 1830 in Ireland; died in the Confederate Prison at Andersonville, Georgia, on August 5, 1864 183
Gordon County, Georgia, Marriage Licenses for Persons Named Sparks 112
Governor Chauncey Sparks - Living the Life of a Former Governor 6
Grave of James A. Sparks (ca. 1838-1893) [Union Soldier, in Oakwood Cemetery in Claiborne County, Tennessee] 188
Gravestones of Cornelius and Susannah Sparks 195
Gravestones of Two Civil War Soldiers [John W. Sparks, Died 1862, and James W. Sparks, Died 1863, in Stones River National Cemetery, Murfreesboro, Tennessee] 188
Hannah Sparks and Her Husband, Byron Potter Pickering (Family of) 74
Hardin County, Kentucky, Sparks Family (Further Notes on a) 76
Hardy Sparks (Born ca. 1797) of North Carolina and Indiana, (Descendants of) 65
Hardy Sparks (ca. 1782-ca. 1855), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks 152
Harry M. Sparks, A Biographical Sketch 52
Haunted House Near Bath Springs, Tennessee 55
Have We Found the Parents of Elijah Sparks of Early Indiana?article= 88
Have We Found the Parents of John Sparks (ca. 1772-l858) of Greenup County, Kentucky, and Buchanan County, Missouri? 165
Henry A. Sparks, born July 31, 1834, in Poultney, Vermont; died August 15, 1923, at Stowe, Vermont; married (1st) Mary P. Kidder and (2nd) Myra Andrus 183
Henry S. Sparks, Born 1804, Died 1864 [Son of Jeremiah Sparks, Jr., and His Descendants] 147
Henry Sparks (1753-1836) Honored [With a Highway Marker] 99
Henry Sparks (1753-1836) of Owen County, Kentucky 32
Henry Sparks (1773-1860) - of Madison County, Virginia: His Ancestors and Descendants 48
Honor Comes to Jack D. Sparks 134
How an American Family Acquired the Name Sparks [from a Swedish Name Sounding Slightly Like Sparks] 52
How Sparks, Colorado, Got Its Name 133
Hugh S. Sparks, (Further Thoughts on the Fate of) 156
Humphrey Sparks (ca. 1749-ca. 1827) of Culpeper County, Virginia, and Scott and Owen Counties, Kentucky 113
Identification of the Wife of John Sparks (ca. 1669/70-1710) of Windsor, Connecticut 162
Immigrants Named Sparks Who Came to Maryland Before 1675 72
Indian Legend of Elliott County, Kentucky 176
Information Needed About Elizabeth Sparks of Early Lunenburg County, Virginia 149
Information Sought on John Franklin Sparks, Born at Queenstown, Maryland, ca. 1896 182
Inscriptions from Two Sparks Gravestones, 1810 & 1816, in Hartford, New York 68
Inscriptions on Sparks Gravestones in Padgett's Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Union County, South Carolina, 197
Isaac B. Sparks 91
Isaac Sparks (1768-1834) , (Additional Notes on) 38, 55, 63, 75, 84, 85
Isaac Sparks of Fayette County, Pennsylvania (1819), (Will of) 39
Isaac Sparks of Fayette County, Pennsylvania, and His Descendants 48
Isaac Sparks, Sr. [ca. 1740-ca. 1815 of Estill County, Kentucky], (Family Reunion) 176
Isaac Sparks, Sr. of Estill County, Kentucky (Descendants of) 85, 86
J. W. and Rosia Sparks, (Family Record of) 69
James Alfred Sparks, Born 1852, Died 1943 , a Descendant of Matthew J. Sparks (1759-1841) (Further Information About) 153
James and Sarah (Conley) Sparks of Lawrence County, Kentucky [Parents of the Late Paul E. Sparks] 188
James B. and Rachel (Petty) Sparks, Parents of James Pressley Sparks 156
James Basil Sparks (1853-1928) [of Arkansas] 188
James E. and Mary [Polly] Sparks of Early Nicholas County, West Virginia (Further Information About) 169
James E. Sparks, Sr. (ca. 1782-ca. 1855) of Nicholas County, Virginia 116
James H. Sparks (1870-1940), Son of William Benson and Mary (Odom) Sparks 97
James Milton Sparks [Born 1844, died 1920], (Family of) 106
James Parnell Sparks of Kentucky and Missouri, (Descendant of) 110
James R. Sparks [Born 1851 in Blount County, Tennessee; Married Martha Alice Torbett; Died 1925], (Family of) 129
James Sparks - Liveryman of London, 1801/02 - ’Gone Abroad’ 91
James Sparks (1768-ca. 1835), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks of North Carolina 182
James Sparks (1802-1866) and His Descendants [born South Carolina, died in Shelby County, Alabama] 25
James Sparks (1806/09-1893) Born in Schoharie Co., New York; Died in Sauk County, Wisconsin 152
James Sparks (1813-1903) of Wright County, Missouri (Descendants of) 41
James Sparks (1860-1928) of Jackson County, Kentucky (Descendants) 123
James Sparks (Born about 1670, Died 1736) of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, and His Descendants 40
James Sparks (Born About 1710-15) of Queen Annes County, Maryland, Through His Son, Nathan Sparks (Born About 1738), (Descendants) 124
James Sparks (ca. 1752-1834) of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Indiana, and His Family 167, 168
James Sparks (ca. 1762-ca. 1827) of North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky 165
James Sparks (ca. 1765-1855) of Washington County, Pennsylvania, & Clinton County, Indiana (Descendants of) 143
James Sparks (ca. 1798-1856) of Lewis County, Kentucky, Putnam County, Indiana, and Clayton County, Iowa (Family of) 70, 128
James Sparks of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Clinton County, Indiana [Who Was Born ca. 1765] 125, 126
James Sparks, Sea-Captain of Philadelphia 12
Jared Sparks (1789-1866) - A Biographical Sketch 33
Jeremiah and Sally (Morris) Sparks, Some Additions (Descendants of) 112
Jeremiah B. Sparks, 1808-ca. 1882, Son of Amos Sparks (1785-1867) 80
Jeremiah Burns Sparks, 1808-1886, Son of Jesse R. Sparks (ca. 1780-1865) 80
Jeremiah Sparks, Jr., Born ca. 1773, Son of Edward Sparks 147
Jeremiah Sparks, Sr., ca. 1765-1840, of Franklin and Morgan Counties, Georgia 32
Jesse and Esther (Sparks) Caton (Family of) 84
Jesse D. Sparks, (Born 1864) [of Logan County, Illinois] 161
Jesse R. Sparks (Born ca. 1780, Died 1865) and His Descendants 67
Jesse Sparks (1773-1858), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks, and his Descendants 149, 151
Jesse Sparks (ca. 1785-ca. 1859), Son of Zachariah Sparks of South Carolina 148
Jesse Sparks (Died 1824) of Greenville County, South Carolina 193
Joel Sparks (ca.1784-1849) of Wilkes County, North Carolina, son of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks 200
John A. and Arbizena (Jackson) Sparks. [Married in or About 1869, Probably in Montague County, Texas]. 187
John A. Kitchen Dies [With Information on his Great-grandparents, Garrett M. Sparks (1854-1929) and Mary A. (Miller) Sparks] 157
John Albert Sparks (1899-1947) and Verlie Josephine (Hayes) Sparks, (1904-1933) 183
John and Jane (Burk) Sparks,(Family of ) 70
John and Katharine (Waddell) Sparks, of Bourbon and Nicholas Counties, Kentucky, (Notes on Descendants of) 79, 112
John and Mary (Roper) Sparks of Ipswich, Massachusetts, (Life and Family of) 164
John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks, (Further Thoughts About Family of) 113
John Ardie Sparks (1817/20-1892) of Morgan County, Kentucky 49
John Henry Sparks, Jr., 1854-1936 [Born and Died in Tazewell County, Virginia], (Family of) 108
John J. and Susan (Sparks) Irwin., (Descendants of) 147, 159
John K. Carmichael, Jr., New President of the Sparks Family Association. 186
John K. Carmichael, Jr., President of the Sparks Family Association 187
John L. Sparks (Ca. 1820-ca. 1893), Son of Levi and Sarah (Lyon) Sparks [of Lawrence County, Kentucky, and Scott County, Virginia] 161
John L. Sparks, born February 3, 1845, in Wilmington, Delaware; died 21, 1917, in Minneapolis, Minnesota; married (1) Cora Etta Rowe, and (2nd) Emma Alice Rowe 183
John M. Sparks (1865-1930) and the Opening of the Cherokee Strip In 1893 150
John Parnell Sparks of Kentucky and Missouri, [Pertaining to George R. Sparks, Son of James Parnell Sparks]A Descendant of 114
John Peterson Sparks (1846-1936) [Born in Roane County, Tennessee, Died in Scott County, Arkansas], (Family) 121
John Richard Sparks (1860-1939) [Born in Bastrop County, Texas, Died in Coleman County, Texas] 178
John Riley Sparks Family of Garrard County, Kentucky 119
John Spark (1786-1854), Immigrants from the County of Cumberland, England, 1836, (Family of) 177
John Sparks (1717-1802) of Glouster County, New Jersey 19
John Sparks (1755-1820) of Washington County, Georgia [Including a Record of Some of His Descendants], (Will of) 145
John Sparks (1755-1834) of Newberry County, South Carolina and Washington County, Georgia 47
John Sparks (1816-1899) of Lewis County, Kentucky, His Life and Descendants 185
John Sparks (Born about 1776), Soldier and Explorer with Zebulon Pike 63
John Sparks (Born ca. 1775-Died Prior to 1810), of Surry and Burke Counties, North Carolina 173
John Sparks (ca. 1755-1826) of Union County, South Carolina, and His Descendants 29
John Sparks (died 1710) of Windsor, Hartford, County, Connecticut Notes on Family of 54
John Sparks (died 1746) of Glastonbury, Hartford County, Connecticut, (Notes on Family of) 54
John Sparks (Died April 8, 1710) of Windsor, Connecticut, (Descendants of) 150
John Sparks (Son of Matthew & Sarah Sparks) Born 1755, Died 1831 53
John Sparks of Early Saco, Maine (Notes on) 164
John Sparks of Ipswich, Massachusetts, Born Prior to 1635, Died Prior to 1704 98
John Sparks of Queen Annes County, Maryland, Dated 1699, (Will of) 30
John Sparks of Rowley, Essex County, Massachusetts [Died 1751] 164
John Sparks, born in New Jersey; died while a prisoner of war at the Confederate prison in Florence, North Carolina, on November 15, 1864; married Emeline V. Turner 183
John Sparks, Born About 1780, of Morgan County, Georgia, (Family of) 33
John Sparks, Born About 1802, Who Lived in Pickins County, Alabama, From About 1835 to About 1860, (Who Were the Parents of) 148
John Sparks, Revolutionary War Pensioner of Wilkes County, North Carolina, (Genealogy of) 12
John W. Sparks (ca. 1841-1862) 91, 92
John W. Sparks Awarded Legion of Merit 55
John W. Sparks of Oregon [Born in Ohio in 1837] 46
Jonas Sparks (Died 1805) of Rowan County, North Carolina, and His Descendants 45
Jonas Sparks Honored at Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky., (With photo of monument on cover.) 163
Jonathan and Rachel (Swaim) Sparks of Surry County, North Carolina, and Franklin County, Tennessee, (Family of ) 72
Joseph and Isabella (Ellis) Sparks (Further Notes on Descendants of) 70, 78, 97
Joseph H. H. Sparks (1841-1912),Son of John and Rebecca (Wareham) Sparks [of Clearfield, Pennsylvania] 157
Joseph M. Sparks, Born in 1846, An Actor Named 175
Joseph Monroe Sparks (1855-1911) [Son of Coleman and Louisa E. (Goings) Sparks), (Family of) 113
Joseph Monroe Sparks (1855-1911), (Family of ) 119
Joseph S. Sparks 1794-1868, Proof of His Parentage 50
Joseph Sparks (1761-1826) [of Tolland County, Connecticut] 33
Joseph Sparks (Born ca. 1690, Died 1749) of Maryland 149
Joseph Sparks (Born ca. 1751, Died 1820-30) Son of Solomon and Sarah Sparks 138
Joseph Sparks (ca. 1730-1809) of Frederick County, Maryland & Bedford County, Pennsylvania & (Further Information About the Descendants) 135, 136, 144, 147
Joseph Sparks at Buck Shoals, North Carolina, (Home of) 152
Joseph Sparks of Dakota Territory? (He was born there in 1874.), (Who Was) 81
Joshua Low Sparks, Born ca. 1796, in Maryland [Died 1857 in Franklin County, Indiana] 171
Josiah A. Sparks (ca. 1770-ca. 1841) of Adair County, Kentucky &(Descendants of) 108, 109, 110
Josiah Isaiah Sparks of Alleghany County, North Carolina [Son of Reuben J. & Mary (McGrady) Sparks, (Unusual Circumstances Surrounding the Death) 181
Josiah Sparks of Baltimore County, Maryland, (Descendants of) Many
Kentucky Sparkses in the Civil War 55
King Sparks [Son of Carter Walton Sparks], (Family of) 106
Laban and Emily (Lyon) Sparks, (Family of) 175
Leonard Sparks (Born About 1822, Died 1865) of Union County, South Carolina, and Gwinnett County, Georgia 95
Lester W. and Sarah (Stone) Sparks, (Family of) 28
Letter to the SFA’a Members by Oral A. Sparks of Clio, Iowa 8
Letters Many
Letters Regarding John U. Sparks, Oklahoma Cowboy and Murderer (ca, 1755-1909) 106
Levi Sparks (1778-1851) and Some of His Descendants, of Lawrence County, Kentucky 174
Ludlow E. Sparks, 1840-1922 [Born in Monroe County, Georgia] 45
Mahlon Sparks (1818-1892) of Bedford County, Pennsylvania 136
Maine Sparks Items 41
Malinda Jane (Sparks) Lakes, 1868-1945 111
Malinda Minerva (Sparks) Dempsey [Daughter of David and Permelia (Medlock) Sparks], (Descendants of) 160
Margaret (Allen) Sparks [Born in 1804] First Wife of Absalom Sparks, (New Information on - see Richard Sparks, probable brother of Absalom - 102) 141
Margery Sparkes Committed to Prison 151
Marriage of Betsey Sparks & Augustus Buel 151
Marriage of Henry Spark, Jr. and Rachel Landenberger 143
Marriages and Deaths Found in a Newspaper Published in Hancock, County, Indiana, 1850-1920 175
Marriages in Alabama 46, 50, 121
Marriages in Arkansas 112, 113, 136
Marriages in Georgia 74,112
Marriages in Illinois Many
Marriages in Indiana Many
Marriages in Iowa 51, 123, 135
Marriages in Kansas 136, 144
Marriages in Kentucky Many
Marriages in Maryland 19, 20,54, 163
Marriages in Mississippi 119, 140, 195
Marriages in Missouri Many
Marriages in North Carolina 178
Marriages in Northern California 56
Marriages in Ohio Many
Marriages in Pennsylvania 98
Marriages in South Carolina 144
Marriages in Tennessee Many
Marriages in Texas 46, 57
Marriages in Virginia 20, 30, 95, 116
Martha Ann (Sparks) and Isaac Carter Spence [Daughter of Col. William C. Sparks], (Family of ) 112
Martha Ann (Sparks) Gilchrist (1824- 1897) (Children and Grandchildren of) 162
Martin & Lydia (Dodge) Sparks, (Some Additional NotesFamily of ) 104
Martin P. Sparks, (A History of) 21
Martin Peeples Sparks (1786-1837) Through His Only Surviving Child, Thomas Hunter Sparks, (Descendants of) 182
Martin Sparks (ca. 1804-1862) of Jefferson County, Florida (Who Were the Parents of) 128
Martin Sparks, 1785-1875, of New York, (Family of) 65
Mary Ann (Sparks) Crosland (1785-1841) and Her Descendants 136
Mary Ann Mariah (Sparks) Milnor (1849-1931) 191
Mary E. (Sparks) Corson, a Descendant of William Sparks (ca. 1760-ca. 1834) of Adair County, Kentucky.. 172
Mary Eleanor Sparks [Daughter of Thomas Garten and Mary Jane (Barrow) Sparks], (Added Information) 116, 139
Mary Lloyd Sparks (1827-1902), Granddaughter of Isaac Sparks 84
Mary Pearl (Sparks) Bilbrey Celebrates 100th Birthday 144
Mary Sparks, Born About 1800, Orphan, of Bourbon County, Kentucky 80
Matthew J. Sparks (1759-1841), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks, and His Descendants [He Was Born in Rowan County, North Carolina, and Died in Clinton County, Illinois] 127
Matthew Patton Sparks (1855-1940) and His Descendants 49
Matthew R. Sparks (ca. 1815-1892) of Washington County, Indiana, and Mahaska County, Iowa & Descendants 104,122, 137
Matthew Sparks (ca. 1752-1819) [born in Frederick County, Maryland, died in Surry County, North Carolina 190
Matthew Sparks (died 1793) of North Carolina & Georgia: A Biographical Sketch 34
Matthew Sparks Chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Colonists, Founded by Mrs. Francis A. McKee 89
Melissa (Patton) Sparks (Born ca. 1815) 65
Memories of a Texas Childhood [by Dr. John E. Sparks, born 1877] 50
Memories of Bessie (Rodgers) Pettus [Born 1904, Great-Granddaughter of Thomas Sparks, Above.] 192
Memories of the Missouri Ozarks Country by Elsie J. Jamieson 62
Men [Named Sparks] Who Served in the Civil War from Iowa 57
Men Named Sparks Who Served from South Carolina in the War Between the States 84
Men Named Sparks Who Served from Delaware Before and in the War of 1812 153
Military Records of Confederate Soldiers Named Sparks Who Lived in Texas at the Beginning of the Civil War 68
Millington Sparks (ca. 1715-ca. 1780) Son of John and Cornelia (Curtis) Sparks of Queen Annes County, Maryland 155
Millington Sparks, III (ca. 1775-ca. 1835), (Sometimes Called William Millington Sparks) and Some of His Descendants 170
Mina Sparks (or Jemima), Daughter of Amos and Margaret Sparks 91
Miscellaneous Many
Miscellaneous Sparks Records from Rhode Island 46
Moses Sparks, Born 1815, Died 1840 & Descendants of 75, 84
Mrs. Mary Tennessee Sparks Dowell, 1874-1968, a Tribute by Her Daughter, Lida 63
Murder of Elizabeth Sparks in Caswell County, North Carolina, 1787 155
Myra D. Manley Publishes Journal of James Andrew Sparks (Born 1837) 114
Naming of Sparks, Kansas 10
Nancy Ann (Sparks) Newman, Born 1829, Died After 1909 [Daughter of Noah and Susanna (Woodward) Sparks] 158
Nathan B. and Cornelia (Fenn) Sparks, (Family of) 197
Nathan Sparks (1775-1844), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, and Three Generations of His Descendants 172
National Cemetery Interments, Hamilton County, Tennessee 104
National Society, Sons of the American Revolution 103
Nebraska Blizzard [a letter written in 1891 15
Ned Sparks (1883-1957), Famous Canadian Comic Actor 117
Nelson Sparks (ca. 1818-1874) of Carter County, Kentucky, (Descendants of) 146
Nelson Sparks [ca. 1818-1874, of Carter Co., Kentucky], (More Information About Descendants of) 151
New Frontier in Education [review of book pertaining to George McIntosh Sparks, Great-grandson of John Sparks (1755-1834)] 12
New Insight Into the Lives of Some Descendants of Elijah Sparks (1778- ca. 1830+) of Queen Annes County, Maryland. 172
New Members 30
Nicholas Sparks (ca. 1700-ca. 1780) of Truro, Massachusetts, (Descendants of) 105, 106, 107, 128
Nicy Ann Sparks, Born October 25, 1818, Daughter of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks of Hendricks County, Indiana 97
North Carolina Law Pertaining to Illegitimate Children 190
Sparks Family of Walker County, Alabama, (Notes on a) 54
Notes on the Sparks Families of Lewis County, Kentucky 70, 71
Notes on the Wimberly and Wood Families., 4993-4994 182
Obituaries-Index Many
Obituary [including ancestry] of William Granvil Sparks [1868-1955] 11
Obituary of Albert A. Sparks (ca. 1846-1911) of Norwich, Connecticut, [Son of John and Selinda (Field) Sparks)] 183
Obituary of Cornelius Sparks (1789-1862) 61
Obituary of Dr. Proctor Sparks 17
Obituary of Elizabeth W. (Sparks) Pickering, 1849-1906. 175
Obituary of Ernest Richard Sparks, born in South Carolina ca. 1796] 15
Obituary of the Rev. Robert Sparks (Ca. 1756-1831), [Son of Absalom and Elizabeth (Brown) Sparks of Queen Annes County, Maryland], With Notes on His Life and Ancestry 182
Old Kentucky Home of Madison Sparks 113
Origin of the Name Sparks 2
Origin of the Name Sparks, 199
Paintings of the Sparrow Hawk Available to Association Members 76
Parke [Family] Society 134
Paul E. Sparks Receives His Doctorate 15
Paul Emerson Sparks, 1910-1999, President of the Sparks Family Association, 1953-1999 (He died in Louisville, Kentucky 4, 1999.) 186
Personal Record [a biographical sketch of Charles H. Smith, grandson of Thomas Hunter Sparks] 21
Persons Named Sparks Found on the 1900 Census for Queen Annes County, Maryland 184
Persons Named Sparks (Including Spark and Sparkes) Who Served in the American Revolutionary War 181
Persons Named Sparks in ‘The Rolls of People Leaving London (1616-1679) 10
Persons Named Sparks in an 1874 Directory of Cincinnati, Ohio 182
Persons Named Sparks in the City Directory of Brooklyn, New York, 1863 184
Persons Named Sparks Listed in City Directories of the City of New Orleans, Louisiana, 1871-1881 178
Persons Named Sparks Who Have Been Honored by the National Cyclopedia of American Biography 97
Persons Named Sparks Who Served in the Confederate States Military Forces [in the Civil War] 159
Persons Named Sparks Who Were Taxed in Virginia in 1787 193
Persons Named Sparks Who Were Transported in Bondage to America 81
Persons Names Sparks Found on the 1860 Census for Texas 187
Pete Sparks - an Autobiographical Sketch [a Great-grandson of John Alice Sparks] 56
Photograph of James Monroe Sparks (1833-1906) With His Wife, Melissa Jane (Helm) Sparks 90
Photograph of Members of Family of James Wiley Sparks [of Shawmut, Arkansas] 117
Photograph of the Father of Albert Cyrus 28
Photograph Published in 1976 Identified 25 Years Later [as Lydia (Sparks) Brown]. 196
Photographs from Frist Page. Many
Portrait of Family of William Riley and Barbara Elizabeth (Carter) Sparks 90
Portrait of Richard Sparks (ca. 1757-1815) 87
Property Deeds of Adair County, Kentucky 91, 92
Quartus Strong Sparks (1820-1891), Mormon Teacher and Preacher.4412 171
Queries - J. C. Sparks (1828-1877), 199
Queries-Index Many
Query 197
Query -Charley Virgil Sparks, 197
R. T. Sparks to Hold Family Reunion [Children of Robert Thomas Sparks, 1848-1925, of Denton, Texas, listed](Descendants of) 41
Rachel (Sparks) Bickneil (1757-ca. 1851/55), and Her Brother, George Sparks (Died 1795/96), Probable Children of William Sample Sparks.4827 178
Rachel (Sparks) Griggs (Born ca 1756/58), Daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth Sparks, with Notes on Her Father and Siblings. 178
Rachel Swaim Who Married Jonathan Sparks, (Parentage of) 88
Ransom Sparks (ca. 1824-ca. 1892) 160
Record of Confederate Soldiers of Virginia Named Sparks - Sparkes 41
Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers.42 178
Response to Query: Abel Sparks, born c.1828 104
Restoration of a Sparks Family Cemetery [in Caney Fork Township, Pike County, Arkansas) 147
Reuben and Cassie (Buttery) Sparks of Early Wilkes County, North Carolina & Further Notes on the Descendants 59, 89, 141,143
Rev. Colby Sparks (ca. 1801-ca. 1869) [of Wilkes County, North Carolina] and the Siamese Twins 186
Richard and Lucy (Devore) Sparks (Descendants of) 81, 89
Richard Spark, 14th Century Farmer in Yorkshire [England] 171
Richard Sparks (Born ca. 1725, Died ca. 1792) of Middlesex County, New Jersey, and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania 76
Richard Sparks (ca. 1720/25-1792) of Middlesex County, New Jersey, (Family of ) 186
Richard Sparks (ca. 1757-1815), Indian Captive to U.S. Army Colonel [Son of Richard Sparks, ca. 1725-ca. 1792] 87
Richard Sparks of Gloucester and Salem Counties, New Jersey, (Born ca. 1720, Died 1800) 76
Richard Sparks, Born ca. 1700, Indentured Servant [from Bristol Parish, England] 99
Richard Sparks, Born in Virginia, ca. 1779/81, Died in Arkansas After 1860, and His Wife, Sarah (Peterson) Sparks 102
Robert and Elizabeth (Shaw) Sparks of New Brunswick, Canada, and Anoka, Minnesota(Descendants of) 52
Robert Sparks (1777-1831) of Madison County, Virginia 58, 60, 62, 64
Robert Sparks (ca. 1824-1864), Letters before his Death 200
Robert Sparks (ca. 1780-ca. 1815), Son of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks, of Wilkes County, North Carolina, and his Descendants of Lawrence County, Kentucky 179
Robert Thomas & Mary Ann (Wallingford) Sparks, (Further Notes on Some of Their Descendants) 195
Robert Thomas Sparks, 1808-1889 72
Robert W. Sparks, IV, Charter Member and Benefactor of the Sparks Family Association [Great-grandson of Robert W. Sparks] 171
Robert Walker and Nannie (Harrison) Sparks (Two Sons & Four Daughters of) 200
Royal Harris and Grace Z. (Berry) Sparks 175
Ruth Sparks (Born 1756), Daughter of Josiah & Penelope (Brown) Sparks of Baltimore County, Maryland 131
S.K.R.A.P.S. Many
Sabine River Legend and One Solomon Sparks 110
Sam Sparks (1854-1880), Son of Anderson West Sparks, Family of 112
Samuel B. Sparks (Born October 8, 1848) of West Providence, Pennsylvania 200
Samuel Eli Sparks (1856-1915), Descendant of Thomas Sparks of Early Walker County, Alabama 168
Samuel Greeg Sparks, Born at Ripley, Tennessee, Died at luka, Mississippi, (Confederate Pension Record for) 132
Samuel R. Sparks [Who Left Baltimore, Maryland, ca. 1838?article= (Whatever Became of) 98
Samuel Sparks (1846-1926) [of Logan County, Illinois] - A Biographical Sketch 161
Samuel Sparks (Born Before 1755, Died Before 1830) of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and Spartanburg County, South Carolina 102
Samuel Sparks of Platt County, Illinois 113
Sarah (Sparks) Holt, Daughter of Benjamin and Amanda (Boley) Sparks, (Family of) 183
Sarah Virginia (Sparks) Fowler, Daughter of Moses Samuel Wilhoit SparksChildren of 150
Seeks Information About English Ancestor, Robert Sparks, Born ca. 1750 117
Senith (Sparks) Bradshaw (Descendants of) 50
Sherman Sparks Is Recipient of ‘Spirit of Texas’ Award' 136
Sherwood E. Sparks, a Successful Coal Operator 139
Simon Sparks (1781-1861) of Woodbury, New Jersey 43
Sixty-fifth Sparks Wedding Anniversary [Paul E. and Mary Sue Sparks Were Married in Ashland, Kentucky, on November 9, 1933] 184
Soldiers Named Sparks Who Volunteered for the Union Army in Michigan 28
Solomon and Catherine (Hillegas) Sparks, Their Children and Grandchildren [of Adams County, Ohio] 160
Solomon and Sarah Sparks(Descendants of) 59
Solomon Sparks (1767-1838) of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Adams County, Ohio 43
Solomon Sparks (ca. 1825-1856) of Carter, Greenup & Owsley Counties, Kentucky, (Information Wanted About) 133
Solomon Sparks, Jr. (Descendants of) 26, 94
Solomon Sparks, Jr. (Died 1817) of Wilkes County. North Carolina, Who Moved to Indiana, (Some Descendants of) 189
Solomon Sparks, of Surry County, North Carolina, and Franklin County, Tennessee 72
Some Cemetery Records from Muscatine, Iowa 111
Some Death Notices & Obituaries Published in the Boston Evening Transcript [1881-1927] 3481-82 147
Some Sparks Obituaries, Poweshiek County, Iowa 195
Some Sparks Obituaries--Tolland County, Connecticut 196
Some Sparkses May Have Indian Ancestors. 160
Sparks - a Common Surname in 1790 25
'Sparks Across America' by Mary Whitney, Another 'Rip-off'2-23 150
Sparks Birth Records in Albany County, New York [in 1789 and 1792] 63
Sparks Burials in Nicholas County, West Virginia 130
Sparks Church, Barry County, Missouri 115
Sparks Circus 110
Sparks Coat of Arms Many
Sparks Data in New Jersey Wills from 'The Archives of the State of New Jersey' 19, 20
Sparks Deaths Found on Census Mortality Schedules of Indiana 194
Sparks Descendants Involved in a Kentucky Feud, [the Walker-Smoot Feud in Owen and Henry Counties] 161
Sparks Entries in ‘The Pirates’ Who’s Who’ 105
Sparks Families in Kent, Talbot, and Queen Anne's Counties, Maryland 73
Sparks Families of Adair County, Kentucky 91
Sparks Families of Lewis County, Kentucky [Abstracts of Deeds, Wills, and Tax Records] 68
Sparks Families of Nicholas County, Kentucky 79
Sparks Families of the Estill County Area of Kentucky 83
Sparks Family Association 1
Sparks Family Association at Age Twenty-five 101
Sparks Family Association at Age Fifty 200
Sparks Family Heritage Book (With Various Other Titles’] 131
Sparks Family of Fort Smith, Arkansas 34
Sparks Family of Keene Township, lonia County, Michigan Joseph and Mehetabel (Johnson) Sparks of Windham, Connecticut] (Descendants of) 51
Sparks Family of Orange, Culpeper and Madison Counties, Virginia 14
Sparks Family of the Welch Neck Section of South Carolina; Descendants of James Sparks, Jr. (Died 1758) of Spotsylvania County, Virginia 40
Sparks Flour [Canister] - Can Anyone Identify It? 188
Sparks House, Located in Nacogdoches, Texas [Home of Dr. John Marion Sparks 103
Sparks Items Copied from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 183
Sparks Items from the Christian Observer 200
Sparks Land Grants In Early Virginia 34
Sparks Letter Regarding the Outlaw, Jesse James [Written by Theodore C. Sparks of Kansas City, Missouri, in 1924) 78
Sparks Marriage Licenses in Indiana 173
Sparks Names from the Vietnam Memorial (The Wall) 173
Sparks Obituaries Appearing in the Western Christian Advocate, with Notes 180
Sparks Photographs [Children of Mary Sparks, Daughter of Abel and Sarah Sparks) 79
Sparks Place 71
Sparks Place Names in America 8
Sparks Records from Concord, Mass., Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1635-1850 29
Sparks Records from Pennsylvania Newspapers [1854-1865] 148, 149
Sparks Records from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Found in a 19th Century Newspaper 148
Sparks Records in a California Newspaper [1859-1873] 74
Sparks Records In New Jersey 9
Sparks Store Company of Persinger, West Virginia 130
Sparkses Buried in Clay County, Missouri 50
Sparkses In Denton County, Texas 131
Sparkses in Idaho in 1901-02 [from a Gazetteer] 78
Sparkses in Kentucky 1790, 1800, and 1810 9
Sparkses of Carroll County, Tennessee 174
Sparkses of Early Harlan County, Kentucky, and Claiborne County, Tennessee & a Correction 124, 155
Sparkses of Early Jefferson County, Texas [Descendants of John S. Sparks, born 1811; Daniel Sparks, born ca. 1816; Solomon Sparks, born ca. 1819; and Jacob Sparks, born ca. 1828] 145
Sparkses of Early Jefferson County, Texas, Honored 151
Sparkses of Early Maine [Corrections and Additions to the Article on Family of Nicholas Sparks, Jr. Appearing In Issue 105 1979], (Additional Notes About) 105, 132
Sparkses of Estill County, Kentucky., (More Information About) 85, 159
Sparkses of Leicester, Vermont 166
Sparkses of New England [the Descendants of Henery and Martha (Barrett) Sparks] 137
Sparkses of Rockingham County, North Carolina 15
Sparkses Who Were Businessmen Ninety Years Ago [from the 1883-84 Southern Business Guide, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas] 84
Sparrowhawk Family in America, 1790 2
Stephen and Elizabeth (Levi) Sparks, (Descendants of) 62
Stephen and Mary Emily (Hoover) Sparks, (Children of) 178
Stephen Sparks (1808-1899), (& Supplement to Life of ) 77, 88
Stephen Sparks (Born ca. 1774) of Maryland & Ohio, and His Wife, Anna (Carman) Sparks (Born 1787), With Some of Their Descendants 175
Texas Honors Fanny (Sparks) Brown [1849-1934] 166
Texas Pension for Service in the Confederate Army [John Napoleon Sparks of Tecumseh, Georgia; Died in Hopkins County, Texas] 127
The Autobiography of David Rhodes Sparks, Part VII 199
This is My Life, by Ida Sparks Venter (1867-1964) 47
Thomas B. Sparks Who Died on August 18, 1848, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania? (Who was) 144
Thomas C. Sparks, 1815-1909, Pioneer Settler in Boone County, Iowa 153
Thomas Frank Sparks, Big League Baseball Player 142
Thomas H. Sparks (1814-1863) [of Polk County, Georgia](Descendants of) 25
Thomas H. Sparks Families of Georgia A History of 21
Thomas Hunter Sparks (1814-1863) 22
Thomas Jefferson, a Sparks Descendant 6
Thomas Linton Sparks (1846-1913) 182
Thomas Marshall Sparks, (A Further Note on) 81
Thomas S. Sparks, born April 22, 1836, at Rutland, Vermont; died January 12, 1913, at Sandusky, New York; married Azetta M. Sparks 183
Thomas Sparks (1775-1866) of Clark County, Ohio, Family of 81
Thomas Sparks (1790-1869) & His Wife Mary (Howe) Sparks (1795-1862)(Descendants of) 69, 70
Thomas Sparks (1807-1877) of Jonesboro, Arkansas, and His Descendants 66
Thomas Sparks (1816-1863) of Yadkin County, North Carolina, and York County, South Carolina 192
Thomas Sparks (1821-1893), A Union Soldier in the Civil War 174
Thomas Sparks (ca. 1766-ca. 1837) [Son of William and Ann Sparks] of Surry County, North Carolina, and Lawrence County, Kentucky (Some Descendants of) 156, 157, 158
Thomas Sparks (ca. 1766-ca. 1837), Son of William and Ann Sparks, of Surry County, North Carolina & Lawrence Co., Kentucky 156
Thomas Sparks of Alabama and Arkansas in the War With the Creek Indians in 1836 46
Thomas Sparks of Clark County, Ohio [Dated 18 January 1864]Last Will and Testament of 53
Thomas Sparks of Early Lawrence and Walker Counties, Alabama 138
Thomas Sparks of Hardin County, Kentucky, (A Further Note on) 81
Thomas Sparks of Ipswich [Massachusetts], Born ca. 1651 164
Thomas Sparks Who Was Fined $23.00 in 1816 at the Mouth of the Kentucky River by an Intoxicated Judge and Jury?(Who Was the) 63
Thomas Sparks, Born October 6, 1801, of Lawrence County, Alabama, and McLennan County, Texas 189
Thomas Sparks, Political Exile [Probably the Thomas Sparks who died in Anne Arundel County, Maryland in 1727] 24
Three Branches of the Sparks Family in Early Marion-Monroe Counties, Missouri 119
Threshing in Iowa Fifty Years 30
Tombstone Found for Relah (or Eria) Sparks [Son of John and Eliza Sparks] (See also issue of 1973, Whole No. 84.) 146
Tombstones Many
Trials and Tribulations of the Early-Day Motorist [an autobiographical sketch by Oral A. Sparks] 31
Twenty-six American Cities Have a Sparks Street, Avenue, or Road 74
Twin Sons of Truelove, Jr. & Julia (Slavens) Sparks 161
Two Cousins Named Thomas Sparks, Grandsons of Josiah and Penelope (Brown) Sparks 142
Two Daughters of Matthew Jefferson Sparks (ca.1802-1833) of Pulaski County, Arkansas: Margaret Peggy (Sparks) Evans (born ca.1825) & Frances Elmira Almira Porter (1830-1898). 196
Two Letters Written in Missouri in 1867 by William H. Sparks 27
Two Men Named Abel Sparks, Originally from Surry & Wilkes Counties, North Carolina 138
Two Sons of Baxter and Elizabeth (Gwin) Sparks: John Gwin Sparks (1811-1891) & William Jackson Sparks (1828-1904) 188
Two Sons of Matthew Sparks (ca.1730-1793) and his wife, Sarah (ca.1739-1831) 196
Two Sparks Burials Near Reedsburg, Wisconsin 47
Two Sparks Items from Columbia County, Washington. 165
Unfortunate Example of How Genealogical Errors Are Perpetuated 153
Union Soldiers Named Sparks Who Applied for Pensions Many
Union Soldiers Named Sparks Buried at Andersonville 57
Unusual Reaction to a Sparks Marriage 168
Vicksburg, Mississippi, Cemetery Inscriptions [Three Sparks Inscriptions] 80
Village of Sparks, Nebraska, Sold 131
Virgil G. Sparks, born Ca. 1840 in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania; died after 1897, probably in Canton, Pennsylvania; married Eliza 183
Virginia Claims in Southwest Pennsylvania 42
Vital Records of Sparkses of Adair County, Kentucky 92
Vital Records of the Sparks Family from California Cemeteries 71
Walter [Born ca. 1794] and Susan A. (Prewitt) Sparks of Henry County, Kentucky (Descendants) 121
Walter and Susan A. (Prewitt) Sparks (Some Descendants of) 157, 177
Walter and Susan M. (Prewitt) Sparks, (Additional Descendants of) 177
Walter Davidson Sparks (1870-1949); a Revision, With a Review of His Sparks Ancestors, (Family of ) 188
Walter Sparks (Born ca. 1760, Died ca. 1827) of Pennsylvania and Kentucky [Son of Richard Sparks of Middlesex County, New Jersey] 140
War of 1812 - Index to Sparkses 57
War of 1812: Bounty Land and Pension Applications Many
Warren Powell Sparks, M.D., 1856-1881 (Born in Henry County, Kentucky, Died in Morgantown, Indiana) 145
Whaling Masters Named Sparks (1841-1894) 63
Where Did the Sparkses of Early Lewis County, Kentucky, Come From? 185
Where Was Your Sparks Ancestor in 1790? [from the 1790 Census for South Carolina, Vermont, & Virginia] 2
Where Was Your Sparks Ancestor in 1790? [from the 1790 Census for Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, & Rhode Island] 1
Who Was the Ancestor of the Sparkses of Webster County, Kentucky? 94
Wiley Sparks Family Bible Record 19
William ['Timberline Bill') Sparks, Born in Iowa in 1861; Died in Arizona in 1928; 'Poet of the Old Southwest' 159
William A. Sparks [of Birmingham, Alabama], Pensioner of the Spanish-American War 103
William and Kesiah Sparks of Prince William County, Virginia (Some Descendants of) 162, 166
William B. Sparks, Born 1851, of Queen Annes County, Maryland 184
William Francis Sparks (1849-1901), Son of Thomas E. and Catherine (Melton) Sparks, 3220-22 (See also article on Addison Sparks, born Ca. 1795, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, father of Thomas E. Sparks, in issue 99, 1977.) 142
William H. Sparks (1807-1896) of New York, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Louisiana 47
William Harrison Sparks, Born 1834 in Estill County, Kentucky, Died 1906 at Lind, Washington, (Family of) 74
William Henry Sparks (1800-1882), (Introducing Alexander Barrow Daspit’s Biographical Study of) 116
William J. Sparks of Boone County, Kentucky, and Switzerland County, Indiana?article= , (Who Were the Parents of) 148
William Jasper Sparks, 1838-1908, from Kentucky to Missouri to Montana 135
William Palmer & Anna Minerva (Harding) Sparks, 2811 (He was born in 1843 at Greensburg, Indiana, and died In 1815 at Ida Grove, Iowa; see earlier record of this family in issue 82 1973, pp. 1555-75.) 132
William Perry Johnson, 1918-1980 17, 112
William R. Sparks (1839-1907) [of Owen County, Indiana, and Boone County, Iowa] a Descendant of Reuben and Cassa (Buttery) Sparks 158
William Sample Sparks (Born ca. 1700, Died ca. 1765) [of Maryland and Rowan County, North Carolina] 148
William Spark (died 1767) & Alexander Spark (died 1783) Immigrants to Virginia from Kincardine County, Scotland 193
William Sparks & Martha Moore [at Lancaster, Pennsylvania] See also issue 42 1963, for article regarding William Sparks.), (Proof of Marriage of) 142
William Sparks (1761-1848), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks, (Descendants of) 130, 131, 134
William Sparks (27.2) (1772-1862), Son of Zachariah Sparks (27.) 35
William Sparks (born ca. 1790, died 1880) of Atchison County, Missouri,(Will of) 63
William Sparks (ca. 1760-ca. 1834) of Adair County, Kentucky, (Descendants of ) 93, 99
William Sparks (ca. 1783-1869) of North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee 119
William Sparks (ca. 1790-1880) of Atchison County, Missouri, (Notes on Family of) 63
William Sparks (Died 1709) of Queen Annes County, Maryland (Further Notes on the Life and Family of) 160
William Sparks (Died 1788) of Fayette County, Pennsylvania followed by Notes on William Sparks, Died 1788, (Will of) 61
William Sparks (died 1816) of Putnam County, Georgia, Through His Son, Achilles Knight Sparks (1813-1873), (Descendants of) 23
William Sparks (Died 1816), (Descendants of) 48
William Sparks of Adair County, Kentucky 93, 96
William Sparks, born in Devonshire, England, 1873 86
William Sparks, Born in Queen Annes County, Maryland, Ca. 1725, Died in Surry County, North Carolina, 1801/02, Son of William Sample Sparks 154
William Sparks, Died 1709 of Queen Annes County, Maryland, (Who Were the Grandchildren of) 142
William Sparks, Died 9, 1893 [in Bloomington, Illinois], Prominent Athlete and Circus Star 182
William T. Sparks (Born ca. 1821) of Clay County, Illinois?article= , (Who Were the Parents of) 162
William Tennis Sparks (1849-1938)(Excerpts From the Autobiography of) 30
William Thomas Sparks and His Seven Sons 48
William W. Sparks, Born February 11, 1874 or 1884 [of Silver City, New Mexico], (Needs Help in Finding Information About Father) 142
William Z. Sparks (ca. 1791-1858) 191
William, Jr. and Rachel (Lee) Sparks of Putnam County, Tennessee (Notes on) 173
Willoughby Sparks [Son of Absalom Sparks] Born about 1802, Died about 1860, and Some of His Descendants 147
Wills of Persons Named Sparks in Nicholas County, Kentucky 79
Wright Bruce Sparks and His Descendants [Grandson of Josiah Sparks of Baltimore County, Maryland] 53
Zachariah Sparks (27.2.1) (Born 1796) [of Indiana], (Descendants of) 44
Zachariah Sparks (27.) (died ca. 1781) of South Carolina 35
Zebulon Garfield Sparks, born July 3, 1829, in Ohio; died on January 2, 1900, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio; married Ruth Macamen (or Maughiman). 183
Zerah Sparks (ca. 1784-ca. 1868) (and His Known Descendants) of South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama 155