April 5, 2018

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(Born 1778 in South Carolina; Died 1872 in Indiana) A query

by Ruth Conway Rees

Ruth Conway Rees (Mrs. Elmer L.), Connersville, Indiana is seeking information on her great-great-grandmother, 64. Sarah Sparks, who was born near Sumter, the county seat of Sumter County, South Carolina, on July 26, 1778. Sarah Sparks married James Connaway (or Conway) at Sumter, South Carolina, in Oct, 1795. He was born in Orange County, Virginia, on July 26, 1778, and was a son of Catlett Connaway (or Conway) who died September 14, 1827, and Susannah Fitzshugh Connaway (or Conway) who died March 15, 1819. (In his family Bible, James Connaway recorded the names of three brothers: Catlett, Jr., died July 25, 1839; Edwin, died May 5, 1854; and John, died April 5, 1859.)

According to family tradition, James and Sarah (Sparks) Connaway lived at Dobbs Corner, South Carolina - - there is a Dobb's Crossroad about 10 miles east of Sumter. In September, 1815, James and Sarah, with nine of their thirteen children, moved from South Carolina to Union County, Indiana. James Connaway died on September 21, 1851, and his wife, Sarah (Sparks) Connaway died October 12, 1872. They are buried in Union Cemetery at Lyonsville, Indiana.

The above dates are all taken from the family Bible of James Connaway, which was published in Philadelphia in 1828. Following is a list of the children of James and Sarah (Sparks) Connaway taken from this family Bible:

64.1 Mary Connaway, born in S .C. September 28, 1797; married John Wood.
64.2 Margaret Connaway, born in S.C. March 1, 1799; married David Wilson.
64.3 Charles Connaway, born in S.C. March 10, 1801; married Mariah White.
64.4 Nancy Connaway, born in S.C. August, 1803; married John Douthitt.
64.5 Lucetty Connaway, born in S.C. December 24, 1805; married Aaron Harlen.
64.6 Sarah Connaway, born in S.C. August 26, 1808; married Abraham Sutton.
64.7 Zachariah Connaway, born in S.C. June 3, 1810; married Susan Williams.
64.8 Cindarilla Corinaway, born in S.C. April, 1812; married Richard Morrow.
64.9 Elizabeth Connaway, born in S.C. July 1, 1814; married Samuel E. Williamson.
64.10 Lavicy Connaway, born in Indiana February 27, 1817; married Soloman Simpson.
64.11 Jane Connaway, born in Indiana February 25, 1819; married George W. Springer.
64.12 Julia Ann Connaway, born in Indiana April 12, 1821; married John T. Frazy.
64.13 Harry Connaway, born in Indiana May 8, 1824; married Lidie A. Gard.