March 19, 2004

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born February 28, 1877

(The following biographical sketch appeared in the Centennial History of Michigan, published by the Lewis Publishing Company in 1939, Vol. III, p. 77.)

Frank Melville Sparks, editor of the Grand Rapids herald, was born February 28, 1877, at Bangor, Maine, a son of Frank E. and Laura Jane (Rose) Sparks, who were also natives of the Pine Tree State and representatives of old families that for generations had lived in Maine. His grandfather, Francis F. Sparks, was a sea captain who sailed out of Bangor and was also interested in the Sparks Ship Yards at Sparks Point, Penobscot Bay, an enterprise that was conducted by the family for many generations. He married on June 19, 1905, Miss Marie McCarty, daughter of Charles and Mollie (Pecuniar) McCarty, the former a native of Ireland, and the latter of Pennsylvania. They have one daughter, Pricilla Marie, born April 2, 1914. He is a Mason and a Congregationalist.