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In the June 1968 issue of the Quarterly (Whole No. 62, page 1158) we published a query submitted by Mrs. Fred J. Spiser regarding Phoebe Sparks who married Christopher Ault. Recently another descendant of Phoebe (Sparks) Ault sent additional material, including a complete list of the children of Phoebe taken from the family Bible which belonged to her and her husband. Christopher W. Cockrell reports that this Bible gives Phoebe Sparks's date of birth as January 31, 1797, and that a note appears beside this entry indicating that she was a daughter of John Sparks. She died on March 2, 1872. Her husband, whose name is written as "Christley" in the Bible, was born February 2, 1793. Phoebe Sparks and Christley (or Christopher) Ault were married in Highland County, Ohio, on June 21, 1815. They later lived in Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Only four of the children of Phoebe Sparks and Christopher Ault were given in the earlier query.

1. Leah Ault, born August 26, 1821, in Highland Co., Ohio; died Sep 1, 1883, in Tipton Co., Indiana. She married (first) John Griswold on December 30, 1840, and (second) William Hazel on Sep 1, 1859.
2. Jesse Ault, born October 22, 1835, in Howard Co., Indiana; died August 22, 1910, in Howard Co., Indiana. He married (first) Mary C. Kelley who died on July 26, 1889; he married (second) Mahala J. Dailey on October 8, 1891. Jesse Ault lost his left arm in the Civil War.
3. Christopher Ault, Jr. He married Elizabeth Koable in Howard Co., Indiana, on April 30, 1857. He was a private in Co. D, 51st Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers in the Civil War and died in the General Hospital of Nashville, Tennessee, on March 27, 1862.
4. Lavinia Ault. She married John B. Roby.

We are now able to give a complete list as taken from the family Bible, as follows:

1. Henry Ault, born April 15, 1816; died January 30, 1871
2. Louvine Ault, born December 19, 1817; died October 23, 1890
3. Elizabeth Ault, born September 23, 1819; died February 23, 1903
4. Lear Ault, born August 26, 1821; died September 1, 1884
5. John Ault, born December 25 1823; died February 27, 1849
6. Adam Ault, born March 6, 1826; died May 15, 1910
7. Phebe Ault, born March 22, 1830; died
8. Christly Ault, born June 19, 1832; died April 10, 1862
9. Jesse Ault, born October 22, 1835; died August 22, 1910
10. Lidyan Ault, born February 14, 1838; died January 3, 1841

Mr. Cockrell reports that as these children grew up, some of them changed the spelling of their names, i.e., Louvine became Lovina, Lear became Leah, and Christly became Christopher.

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In the Quarterly for June 1968 and that of June 1969, we published queries regarding a Phoebe Sparks, who married Christopher Ault in 1815 in Highland County, Ohio. It now appears that Phoebe Sparks's name was actually Park and that she was in no way connected with the Sparks family.

Mrs. Fred J. Spiser of 9103 S. Milliken, Whittier, California. (90605) reports that she recently obtained some records from the National Archives regarding the service of Christopher Ault in the War of 1812. In these records, Phoebe's name appears as PARK. An affidavit dated January 21, 1851, made by Enos Park of Tippicanoe County, Indiana, states that he was a brother of Phoebe. Another affidavit was signed by William Park, no relationship shown.

The marriage record in Highland County, Ohio, also gives Phoebe 's name as Park, but we had assumed until recently that an error had been made in copying and that the name Sparks or Spark had been intended. It now appears that the spelling was, indeed, Park.

Mrs. Spiser reports that the Bible record reads thus, all spelling exactly as written: "Christley Ault 1849 this Bible wose bought. Chrisley Ault wous bourne in the of our Lord Febury the 2 day 1793. Mother was bourn Febe Ault January the 31 in the year of Lord 1797 a dough of Ghon Sprke ~ "Ghon" was obviously intended for John, and perhaps the "S" was intended as his middle initial.