March 6, 2021

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Whole Number 72

BORN ca. 1811, DIED 1884

In the Quarterly of June 1970, Whole No. 70, p. 1320) we gave a sketch of 86.4 George Sparks, Jr., born ca. 1811 in Kentucky, son of 86. George and Rachel (McClenahan) Sparks. From a book by Tom Stout entitled Montana, Its Story and Biography published in 1921 we have learned that George Sparks, Jr., died at New Ross, Montgomery Co., Indiana, in 1884. George Sparks,Jr., married twice. A son by his second wife, Hannah (Fishback) Sparks, was 86.4.7 Charles M. Sparks according to this history of Montana - - we gave his name as Charles B. Sparks in the Quarterly. Charles M. Sparks was born in 1850; he married Emma Fishback who was born in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, in 1852. Charles M. Sparks died at Advance, Boone Co., Indiana, on November 3, 1919. Their children were: Nellie M. Sparks, married Charles M. Ray, of Advance, Indiana. Franklin Forrest Sparks, born August 7, 1882, at Advance, Indiana. He was graduated from Harvard University in 1911, in which year he married Helena Nelson, daughter of William and Lena (Donavan) Nelson. He was principal of Broadwater County High School in Townsend, Montana, in 1921. They had four children: Dixie Sparks, born September 30, 1912; Blanche Sparks, born October 1914; Charles Sparks, born September 1915; and Nancy Sparks, born December 1917. Lilith Sparks, married Frank Heady of Advance, Indiana. Anna Gould Sparks, married Russell Wyncoop of Lebanon, Indiana. Chester Sparks, lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. Maurice Sparks; died in infancy.