May 3, 2021

Pages 1477-1485
Whole Number 78

of Hendricks County, Indiana

by Paul E, Sparks

(Editor's Note: In the December 1956 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No, 16, pp. 172-17528. Ben Sparks, now deceased, shared with us an intimate account of his family, entitled "Family Memories." His great-great-grandfather, 28. David Sparks, had lived for awhile in Kentucky where most of his children were born, but settled in Hendricks County, Indiana, in 1827 where he died in 1861. Subsequently, in the June 1960 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 30, pp. 473-481), appeared a portion of the autobiography of William Tennis Sparks, a great-grandson of David Sparks, which shed further light on the descendants of David Sparks. Since that time, we have uncovered data relating to other descendants of David Sparks which we now publish even though these do not complete the record. Much of the data used in this article were secured by Mrs. Eldon J. (Esther Sparks) Coons, Route 3, Brownsburg, Indiana (46112) who is a great-greatgranddaughter of David Sparks, and by Mrs. Lola G, Burch, 6040 Broadway, Indianapolis, Indiana (46220) who Is also a great-great-granddaughter of David Sparks.)

28. David Sparks was born March 16, 1785, and died on August 22, 1861, according to data in the possession of Mrs. Burch. Mrs. Burch has a Bible which was the personal Bible of Mrs. Vada (Hendricks) Randal, a great-granddaughter of David Sparks and an aunt of Mrs. Burch. In the Bible is a faded piece of paper on which the dates are written. According to the History of Hendricks County, Indiana by John V. Hadley (published by Bowen & Co. in 1914), po 47, "David Sparks was the first white man in this territory. He came in the year 1827, three years before any definite settlement had been made In this portion [Brown Township] of the county." According to the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Hendricks County, Indiana, David Sparks was born in Tennessee. Since Tennessee did not become a state until 1796, he probably was born at a place which ultimately became a part of Tennessee.

There seems to be little doubt that David Sparks was married three times. Nothing is known of his first wife except that she was the mother of his son, Hugh. 28.1 Hugh Sparks was born July 11, 1806, in Pulaski County, Kentucky, according to his great-grandson, William Tennis Sparks. He was known to have some half-brothers in Hendricks County, Indiana. Hugh Sparks was reared in Madison County, Ohio, and it is probable that he lived with relatives, perhaps those of his mother. He was in Franklin County, Indiana, with his family in 1850.

In all probability, the first wife of David Sparks died prior to 1810 and he had remarried to Elizabeth Roberts (ca. 1790 - 1840) with whom he is listed without children on the 1810 census of Pulaski County, Kentucky. An interesting account of how Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks's name was discovered is told by Mrs. Coons, She writes:

"Enclosed is a copy of the first minutes of the Big White Lick Baptist Church. It was a thrill to note that as soon as other settlers came, they met together to worship God and have fellowship together. Note that David Sparks's wife is Elizabeth." Following is a transcript with the exact wording and spelling of the document Mrs. Coons sent:

"The BOOKS of the records of big white Lick church Hendricks County ia [sic] we the undersigned members met at Br Adam Spickelmlers on the 12 day of October 1833 and were Constituted in a reaguler Baptist Church to wit

Abraham Spickelmier and Charity 2
  Adam Spickelmier and Phebe 2
  Aaron Spickelmier and Jane  2
  David Sparks and Elizabeth 2
  Jane Dollenhick 1
  Nancey Dollanhick  1
  Caleb Sherley and Phebe 2

the names of the members that came & helps to constitut us a church from eagel creak is John king patrick H. Bulavin; from Littel White Lick Br Benjamin Haury; Br John Lamnbert. We the helps after examanantion finding them in order for constitution and they agree to be constituted on the Articles of faith at the danvill association and have rules of decorum and we do constitute them a church..."

Mrs. Coons continues: "I am also enclosing a copy of page 432, Marriage Book 10 of Hendricks County, Indiana, on which the marriage of Thomas J. C. Sparks (his second) to Polly Ann Richardson on December 19, 1889, is recorded. Note that Thomas gave his mother "a maiden name as Roberts."

[Note: Mrs. Coons later wrote te following: There has long been a tradition of the presence of Indian blood in this branch of the Sparks family. Mrs. Coons recalls that her father, John Earl Sparks, used to take the family to the Sparks graveyard near Brownsburg, Hendricks County, Indiana, and "show us some stones in a half-circle facing the east. He always said his grandmother, who was Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was a full-blooded Indian and that Indians were buried in that half-circle. He told us how Indians came and visited the graves - - - that they would put up make-shift tents, stay two or three days and be gone one morning, according to what his grandfather, Thomas John C. Sparks, told him." Mrs. Coons reports that an elderly man in Brownsburg tells the same story regarding the half-circle of stones.

Mrs. Coons states that her father's sister, Tura Alice (Sparks) Albright (1875 -1939) always agreed with her father's account of Indian blood and believed that "Grandma Sparks was a full-blooded Indian." Mrs. Coons believes, however, that her father and aunt were mistaken in thinking that their grandmother had been an Indian and that it was more likely that it was their great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks, second wife of David Sparks, who was an Indian. Mrs. Coons reports that several descendants of Thomas John C. Sparks had Indian features-long black hair, dark complexions, and high cheek bones - - and that some of them were "loners in nature."

There is a tradition of Indian blood in some other branches of the Sparks family. It seems that these traditions are always difficult to document.]

David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks appeared on the 1820 census of Pulaski County, Kentucky, with four children: one boy and three girls, all born between 1810 and 1820. According to the 1830 census of Hendricks County, Indians, they had the following children: a daughter, born 1810 -1815; a daughter and a son born between 1815 and 1820; and a son born 1820 -1825. From. these census records and family documents, we know that David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks were parents of:

28.2 Rebecca Sparks, born ca. 1812
28.3 Nancy Sparks, born ca. 1815
28.4 Galen Sparks, born in 1816
28.5 Dau1 Sparks, name not known, born ca. 1818
28.6 Thomas John C. Sparks, born in 1822.

Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks died on February 19, 1840, age 50; she was thus born ca. 1790, and David Sparks married, as his third wife, Sarah Pinkley on February 12, 1841, in Hendricks County, Indiana. No children were born to the latter marriage.

On March 5, 1853, eight years before he died, David Sparks made his will, which is preserved in the courthouse of Herndricks County. It reads as follows:

 "I, David Sparks of the County of Hendricks and State of Indiana do make and publish this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me at any time heretofore made

 "First I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and situation in life, and as to such wordly goods, as it has pleased God to intrust me with, I dispose of the same in the following manner to wit: I direct first that all of my just debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first money that shall come to the hands of my Executors from any portion of my Estate, real or personal, I also direct that a fair valuation or appraisement be made by two judicious neighbors of all my said Estate, including all my personal property with household and kitchen furniture and after being signed with their names that a copy of the s ame be given by them to my Executor, I also direct that all of my personal property be sold at public auction and on such credit or for ready money as my Creditor may deem most advisable and that the proceeds thereof be divided equally between my grand-children as follows: David Poynter, Martha E. Poynter, A. C. Poynter, Mary Ellen Poynter, Elizabeth Roy, Amilda Roy, David Roy. Also I direct that Mary E. Sparks and Reny Ann Sparks have One Dollar each. I also direct that my beloved wife have her necessary support off of the farm during her natural life. I also direct that all of the Real Estate of which I shall die seized or possessed of, I give and Bequeathed to my beloved son Thomas John C. Sparks, and to effuate [sic] this intention I hereby vest my Executor with full power and authority to dispose of and I further declair and direct that the afore said legacy to my wife be in lieu of her Dowery if she so elect, and I hereby make and declare my worthy and esteemed friend Wm. McDaniel, my Executor of this my last will and testament.

        IN WITNESS WHEREOF I David Sparks, this testator, have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of March, 1853.
                                                                                    David     X     Sparks, (Seal)

                   Signed, sealed, published and declared in the presence of us

                                                                       Lewis S. Hunter

                                                                       B. M. Logan

The inventory taken of David Sparks's personal property following his death has been preserved and provides an interesting picture of life of the time. It is too lengthy to reproduce here (amounting to a total of $977.31), but a few Items and their value may be of interest: one log chain, 75¢; one double tree and two single trees, 40¢; 21 bushels of wheat, $10.75; one wash tub, 15¢; one "shugor kettle," $1.00; one side saddle and one bridle, 75¢; 13 gal. stone ware," 91¢; one pot, 10¢; one little wheel, 30¢;  one big wheel, $1.00; "one real," 35¢; one looking glass, 40¢; one "trunnel bed and beding", $3.50; "6 cover ledes", $18.00; 3 blankets, $3.00; 4 quilts, $2.40; 12 sheets, $8.40; 2 pillows and one spread, $1.75; one clock, 75¢; one coffee mill, 25¢; 3 hay stacks, $8.00; 6 hogs, $8,40; one sow and 8 pigs, $5.00; one "roan cowe", $12.00; 8 geese, 80¢; "one barrel and molases," $10.50; 8 yards of cloth, $4.00; 12 turkeys, $3.00.

Following is the information that we have been able to gather on the children of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks:

28.2 Rebecca Sparks, eldest child of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks, was born January 30, 1813, in Kentucky. On August 33, 1830, she married John Poynter in Hendricks County, Indiana. Rebecca died on August 30, 1839. She and John Poynter had at least four children who were named in the will of their maternal grandfather, David Sparks. According to the will and other family records, the children of Rebecca and John Poynter were:

28.2.1 David F. Poynter, born ca. 1831. He married Nancy - - - - - ca. 1851. On the 1860 census of Hendricks County, Ind., his age was given as 28; wife Nancy's age was also 28; daughter Sarah C. was age 8, and daughter Jane C. was seven months old. His first wife apparently died and David F, Poynter was married, secondly, to Mrs. Clara McDaniel, a widow. They had no children. According to the gravestone of David F. Poynter in the Bethesda Cemetery, north of Brownsburg, Ind., he died in 1914. We have no further information of the family.
28.2.2 Martha E. Poynter. No further information.
28.2.3 Sarah Poynter. No further information.
28.2.4 Mary Ellen Poynter. No further information.

28.3 Nancy Sparks, second child of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks, was born January 2, 1815, in Kentucky. She married Asa Roy on May 20, 1831, In Hendricks County, Indiana, and they had at least three children. These children were named in the will of their maternal grandfather, David Sparks, which was given above, The children were:

28.3.1 Elizabeth Roy, born ca. 1833. She married Zimri McCaslin on December 22, 1861, in Hendricks County, Ind. We have no further information on this family.
28.3.2 Amilda Roy. All we know is that she was named in the will of David Sparks.
28.3.3 David Roy. He married Jane Casandra Newman and they moved to Iowa. They had the following children: Benjamin Roy, John T. Roy, James P. Roy, David Roy, Oliver Roy, and Newton Roy.

Nancy (Sparks) Roy died prior to 1845, for in that year year her husband, Asa Roy, remarried.

28.4 Galen Sparks, eldest son of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks, was born September 12, 1816, in Kentucky. On December 19, 1835, he purchased eighty acres of land from his parents for one hundred dollars according to Hendricks County, Ind., Deed Book 4, page 140, David Sparks had acquired the land a few months earlier from the federal government. The deed indicated that both David and Elizabeth Sparks signed the deed by making their marks.

On December 26, 1836, Galen Sparks married Lydia Askren in Hendricks County, Ind. He died on September 30, 1845, a young man just eighteen days past his 29th birthday. He left his widow with three small daughters:

28.4.1 Mary Elizabeth Sparks, born ca. 1839;
28.4.2 Ruah Ann Sparks, born in 1841; and
28.4.3 Hannah Sparks, born ca. 1845.

The widow of Galen Sparks, Lydia (Askren) Sparks was born In Indiana on April 24, 1813. She was a daughter of William and Nancy (Hollett) Askren and was named in the will of her maternal grandfather, Thomas Hollett, dated November 9, 1824, in Wayne County, Ind. Also named in the will were her brother, Richard Askren, and her two sisters, Caty Askren and Martha Ann Askren, Martha Ann Askren married Thomas J. C. Sparks, brother of Galen Sparks. On the 1850 census of Hendricks County, Lid,, Lydia (Asicren) Sparks, widow of Galen, was living next to her father-In-law, David Sparks, and his 3rd wife, Sarah. With her were her three daughters and a niece, Martha K. Poynter.On July 30, 1853, Lydia (Askren) Sparks married as her second husband William M, Dinwiddie in Hendricks County, Ind. When the 1860 census was taken of that county, living with Lydia and William Dinwiddie was Lydia's daughter, Ruah Ann Sparks, now age 18, William Dinwiddie died ca. 1865. Lydia died on October, 20, 1874.

28.4.1 Mary Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of Galen and Lydia (Askren) Sparks, was born June 20, 1839. According to records In the possession of Mrs. Burch, Mary Elizabeth married Milton Hendricks on Sunday afternoon at 4 p.m. by Mr. Dugan on March 14, 1858. She died on June 24, 1916.

Milton Hendricks was born June 13, 1831. He fought on the Union side in the Civil War and lost a leg. The federal. government fitted him with an artificial limb. He remained quite active, however, and wore out so many peg legs" that the government Investigated to see the reason why. When the investigator arrived, Mr. Hendricks took him to the barn and showed him several peg-legs which had been worn into splinters. He died on January 27, 1908. Mary Elizabeth (Sparks) Hendricks and Milton Hendricks had eight children: Ollie May Hendricks was born May 15, 1860. She died on April 28, 1863. Cora Ann Hendricks was born December 5, 1861. She married Paris A. Hastings on August 26, 1891, at Danville, Ind. Myra Jane Hendricks was born March 21, 1863. She married David W. Herring on February 22, 1886. They were married by Myra Jane's great-uncle, the Rev. Thomas J. C. Sparks. Charles Thomas Hendricks was born November 28, 1864. He died on September 30, 1866. Orestes Horner Hendricks was born June 7, 1868. He married Mrs. Eva May Campbell Sutton on September 29, 1902, at Washington, Ind. He died on May 2, 1931. Vada Belle Hendricks was born November 13, 1871. She married W. F. Randal on February 15, 1908, at Danville, Ind. She died on July 5, 1926. Lora Mapes Hendricks was born February 15, 1874. She married Edward F. Kendall on September 27, 1899 at Washington, Ind. They were the parents of Mrs. Burch who has contributed greatly to this article. Erie Grace Hendricks was born July 19, 1877. She married Arthur W. Hillery on September 27, 1899, in a double wedding ceremony with her sister, Lora.

28.4.2 Ruah Ann Sparks, daughter of Galen and Lydia (Askren) Sparks, was born July 4, 1841. She married William H. Faught on September 1, 1863, in Hendricks County, Ind. Shortly afterwards, she and her husband; her sister, Mary Elizabeth and her husband, Milton Hendricks, and their family; and her mother, Lydia (Askren) Sparks Dinwiddie, left Hendricks County by covered wagon and went to Kansas where they home-steaded on land Milton Hendricks was eligible to enter for service in the Union Army. According to information furnished by Mrs. Lola Burch, Lydia Dinwiddie was not happy in Kansas. Her son-In-law, Milton Hendricks, promised her that when the railroad came through, he would bring her back to Indiana, which he did.

Ruah Ann (Sparks) Faught, and her husband, William Faught, remained in Kansas and reared a family, Ruah Ann died on December 17, 1918, in Dixon Township, Sumner County, Kansas, Children of Rush Ann and William Faught were: Elizabeth Jane Faught, born January 16, 1875, at Danville, Lid,, and died on November 3, 1940, at Buffalo, Oklahoma. She married John William Felkel on November 28, 1895, and had six children. Liddy May Faught. She married Alex Hanna. No further data. Pyrrhus Edward Faught. He married Anna Minnie Harmon in Grant County, Oklahoma., on August, 21, 1897, and had a daughter, Ruah, and a son, John.

28.4.3 Hannah Sparks, youngest daughter of Galen and Lydia (Askren) Sparks, died in 1850 at the age of five years.

The Kansas pioneer home of Ruah Ann (Sparks) Faught and her family. Taken in 1891 or during the years imediately following, this picture was sent by Ruah Ann (Sparks) Faught to her niece, Cora Ann (Hendricks) Hastings after the latter's marriage on August 26, 1891. Cora Ann had been a small child when the Faught and Hendricks families moved from Indiana to Kansas. The Hendricks family returned to Indiana after a few years, but the Faught family remained in Kansas. Shown in the picture, which is owned by Mrs. Lola Burch, is Ruah Ann (Sparks) Faught and her husband, William H. Faught. Mrs. Burch thinks that the young man on the horse was probably their son, Pyrrhus Edward Faught. The young woman was probably one of their daughters with two of her own children. The picture provides an interesting glimpse of pioneer life in Kansas. We hope that a Kansas descendant will see it and identify the individuals positively.


28.5 Thomas John C. Sparks, youngest child of David and Elizabeth (Roberts) Sparks, was born July 5, 1822, in Kentucky. He died on February 16, 1897, in Hendricks County, Ind., where he had lived for 70 years. He married Martha Ann Askren, a sister of Lydia (Askren) Sparks, wife of Galen Sparks, in Hendricks County on March 22, 1840. To this union were born seven children:

28.5.1 David William Sparks,
28.5.3 Deborah Ann Sparks,
28.5.4 Aaron Othenial Sparks,
28.5.5 Elizabeth C. Sparks,
28.5.6 Mary A. Sparks, and
28.5.7 Procipina Sparks.

Martha Ann Askren was born April 19, 1820, in Indiana and died on September 8, 1884, in Hendricks County, Ind. After her death, Thomas John C. Sparks married Polly Ann Richardson on December 19, 1889. As was stated earlier, in applying for the marriage license, Thomas Sparks gave his mother's maiden name as Roberts, It was this document which helped to prove that her maiden name in full was Elizabeth Roberts. Thomas and Polly Ann (Richardson) Sparks had no children.

According to A History of Hendricks County, Indiana (Interstate Publishing Co., 1885), Thomas Sparks began his education in a school district which was organized in 1832, Jesse Smith was the teacher in the log schoolhouse built just west of the village of Brownsburg.

The Directory of Hendricks County, Indiana, (Clive & McHaffie, 1874), lists Thomas J. C. Sparks as a "farmer, 3 miles northwest of Brownsburg. Born in Kentucky in 1822. Settled in Hendricks County in 1828. Democrat and Regular Baptist, Brown Township."

Thomas J. C. Sparks was ordained to the ministry in 1869 in the Big White Lick Regular Baptist Church, the same church which his parents had helped to organize in 1833. The original church was made of logs and stood just east of Pittsboro, Indiana, on what Is now Indiana Route 136. An old cemetery marks the spot. Later, a new church was built at this location, but ultimately the congregation decided to move into the village of Pittsboro where the church became imown as the Pittsboro Regular Baptist Church.

Thomas Sparks also served as the pastor of the Mount Tabor Baptist Church located north of Brownsburg in Fayette, Indiana, He was knwn as an eloquent speaker of his day. He was very active until ill health caused him to give up his duties. His picture, with his first wife who died in 1884, appears on the cover of this issue of the Quarterly.

After the death of his first wife, Martha Ann, Thomas J. C. Sparks made a will on May 27, 1889. Provisions of the will included the followings:

First, all debts to be settled and paid for out of personal property.
Second, to my son, Aaron O. Sparks, twenty acres.
Third, to my daughter, Debora A. Beasley, twenty acres.
Fourth, to my daughter, Mary A. Peters, twenty acres.
Fifth, to my son, David W. Sparks, one-half acre.
Sixth, to my grandson, John Thomas Sparks, (son of D, W. Sparks) nine and one-half acres.
Seventh, to my grandson, Newton Allen Sparks, and my granddaughter, Annie Sparks (children of D. W, Sparks) nine and one-half acres excepting one-half acre known as the Sparks graveyard.
Eighth, provided should I marry and die before my wife, she shall have 26 acres of the south end of said real estate.

Thomas Sparks named Joseph M. Tolle as his executor and the will was witnessed by B, P. Jones and W. M. McDonald.

All of the land disposed of by the will of Thomas J. C. Sparks was located in Section 33, Township 17, North of Range 1 East in Hendricks County, Indiana. The Sparks graveyard mentioned in Item 7 of the will is still used as a burial place (1971).  Buried there are: David Sparks and wife, Elizabeth; Galen Sparks, his wife, Lydia, and their daughter, Hannah; Thomas J. C. Sparks, and wife, Martha Ann; Aaron O. Sparks and wife, Elizabeth; William Dinwiddie, 2nd husband of Lydia Sparks; John Thomas and Safia Sparks; a small son of David William and Mary (May) Sparks; a small daughter of John Thomas and Safia Sparks; and many neighbors and friends of the family.

Following is a record of the children of Thomas John C. Sparks and his wife, Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks:

28.5.1 David William Sparks, son of Thomas John C. and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born ca. 1842 in Indiana. He was married, first, to Mary May on October 31, 1861, and to this union a son: John Thomas Sparks, was born ca. 1862. He married Sophia Bez on March 23, 1886. (Her name was also spelled Safia.) They had three sons: Irvin Sparks, Everett Edward Sparks, and Carl William Sparks,

David William Sparks married, second, Rachel McCaslin on July 11, 1872, and to this union were born two children: Newton Allen Sparks. He married Kate MNU. They had no children. Annie Sparks married James Sullivan, They had children: Andrew Sullivan, Margaurite Sullivan, and Helen Sullivan,

Annie (Sparks) Sullivan died in 1939, Her husband, James Sullivan, died in 1953. [Editor's note: Of Annie (Sparks) Sullivan and her husband, James Sullivan, Mrs. Coons writes: "Jim and Annie were very dear to us. We visited them and they visited us, They were like grandparents. Our grandfather, Aaron Sparks, died before my parents were married and we never knew him, but we dearly loved his widow, Sarah Elizabeth (Smoot) Sparks, who lived with us nine years. Jim and Annie filled a need for us. They lost their own children at an early age, so we also filled a gap in their lives. Every Sunday they visited their children's graves and then came by to visit us, Jim always had candy. Every Thanksgiving they ate with us. They usually brought the turkey and Annie always baked a fruit cake. Ruth, my oldest sister, spent lots of time in their home until she married. All of us loved them. After Annie died, Jim was so lonely. He moved back to Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and spent his last days there."]

David William Sparks died in 1906.

28.5.2 Infant Sparks, son of Thomas John C, and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks born ca. 1844.

28.5.3 Deborah Ann Sparks, daughter of Thomas John C, and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born December 1, 1845, in Hendricks County, md, She married Lewis Beasley on October 18, 1865. They had at least two children: Thomas Beasley, married Sally Hough-Harring. Cora Beasley.

28.5.4 Aaron Othenial Sparks, son of Thomas John C. and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born November 22, 1848. He married Sarah Elizabeth Smoot. She was born February 2, 1856, and died on June 22, 1931. Aaron Sparks died on November 3, 1906. Children of Aaron and Sarah Elizabeth (Smoot) Sparks were: Tura Alice Sparks, born ca. 1875, died in 1939. She married William Albright and had a son, John Albright, and Mary Albright. Chlora Abigal Sparks, born ca. 1877, died in 1925. She married Perry Hugo Wefler and had a son, Perry Lowell Wefler. John Earl Sparks, born January 19, 1883, died March 12, 1958. He married Emma Mabel Devlin on May 14, 1907, and they had eight children, four girls and four boys, including a set of twins. John Earl Sparks was ordained to the Baptist ministry on July 23, 1927, and served his church faithfully until overtaken by ill health. He was a structural steel worker until he was severely injured by a fall while working on the Manual Training High School in Indianapolis in 1921. He then moved to a farm near Pittsboro where he farmed until employed by the Allison Company at Speedway City, Indiana. The children of John Earl and Emma (Devlin) Sparks were: Chlora Ruth Sparks, born February 13, 1908 married Thomas H. Brant. Mary E. Sparks, born January 19, 1912; married Harry K. Wilson. Mabel L, Sparks, born March 17, 1914; married Ernest H. Fivecoat. Lawrence R. Sparks, born March 4, 1915; married Lorena Lohrman. Chester W. Sparks, born November 28, 1917; married Freda Hennipman. Esther L. Sparks, born November 28, 1917; married Eldon J. Coons. John A. Sparks, born November 8,1919; married Barbara Unversaw. Paul E. Sparks, born July 1921; married Marie Lingle. Emma Etta Sparks, daughter of Aaron O. and Sarah E. (Smoot) Sparks, died young. Mallessa Ella Sparks, daughter of Aaron O. and Sarah E. Smoot) Sparks, died young.

28.5.5 Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of Thomas J. C. and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born November 28, 1851, We have no further information regarding her.

28.5.6 Mary A. Sparks, daughter of Thomas J. C. and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born September 25, 1853. On May 25, 1876, she married John Peters in Hendricks County, Indiana, We have no further information regarding this family.

28.5.7 Procipina Sparks, daughter of Thomas J. C, and Martha Ann (Askren) Sparks, was born November 14, 1860; she died young.