June 27, 2014

Pages 1536-1537
Whole Number 81


The original of the portrait that has been reproduced on the cover of this issiue of the Quarterly is owned by Mrs. Mary Ellen Reeves of Sacramento, California. It was taken in 1895. The elderly lady in black sitting in the middle row was Catherine (Sparks) Reed, daughter of Archibald and Sarah (Lewis) Sparks; she was born March 24, 1829 (she had one eye removed as a result of a city fire works accident in Camsville, Missouri). Seated on Catherine's left was her brother, William Lewis Sparks, born February 10, 1827, a son of Archibald and Sarah (Lewis) Sparks. He was visiting his sister in Cainsville, Missouri, when this picture was taken. Everyone else in the picture was a member either of Catherine's family or that of her half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg, sitting next to William Lewis Sparks.

In the back row, from left to right, were Bert Reed, son of Catherine; Sadie Reed Chambers, daughter of Catherine; Dave Chambers, husband of Sadie; Matilda Reed Glives, daughter of Catherine; Albert Glives, husband of Matilda; Ellen (Cain) Clegg, wife of Richard M. Clegg, with infant son Lewis O. Clegg who was born July 5, 1895; and Richard Marion Clegg, son of James and Martha Clegg and a grand son of Catherine's half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg.

In the second row was Ava Reed, wife of Bert Reed, holding their infant son Harvey, sitting on her left was Catherine (Sparks) Reed whose husband had been Alexander Harvey Reed; William Lewis Sparks; seated on the left of William Lewis Sparks was his half-sister, Martha Eliza (Dietz) Clegg; and seated at the end of the middle row, wearing a full beard, was James Allen Clegg, Martha's husband.

The seven-year old boy sitting at the far ieft of the bottom row was Dean Olives, son of Matilda and Albert Olives; Alice Reed Wilson, daughter of Catherine (Sparks) Reed, had her arm around Jean; the eight-year-old girl with the lace collar was Lea Olives, daughter of Matilda and Albert Olives, born 1887, and the only member of the group who is still living; the lady in black sitting on Lea's left was Mary Allen (Clegg) Brown, daughter of James and Martha Clegg; the boy sitting on the box at the far right of the picture was Joel Roy Brown, son of Mary Allen (Clegg) Brown.