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by Lillian Blair

37.2.3 Richard Sparks, third child of Thomas and Abigail (Shaw) Sparks (see preceding page) was born August 5, 1805, in Salem County, Hew Jersey. He was married to Lucy DeVore on March 13, 1828, in Ohio. It is not imown for sure just when he moved to Ohio, but Richard and Lucy came to Illinois in Oct 1854. Lucy DeVore (or Devore) was raised by the Shakers in a colony in Ohio. Her mother died when she was three years old and her father died when she was ten. Lucy had a brother named Jack and a sister named Mary. The girls ran away to marry. Mary married a David Judy, I believe in Illinois. Lucy DeVore was born May 17, 1808, and died on May 5, 1883. Richard Sparks died on April 13, 1884.

When Richard and Lucy came to Illinois, they settled on a farm about four miles south-east of Mackinaw. After his death, the farm was auctioned and the sale biII was printed on linen. It has been framed and is in the possession of a great-granddaughter, Lillian Blair, the author of this sketch.

Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks were the parents of ten children: John H. Sparks, born December 28, 1828. Mary Judy Sparks, born March 14, 1830. Robert Walker Sparks, born 1 February 1832. Charlotte C. Sparks, born August 3, 1834. Francis Marion Sparks, born August 25, 1837. Lucy Jane Sparks, born Nov 16, 1839. Thomas W. Sparks, born April 11, 1842. Abigail Leatherine Sparks, born December 12, 1844. Richard Sparks, Jr., born March 3, 1847. Laura Catherine Sparks, born January 27, 1850. John N. Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (Devore) Sparks, was born December 28, 1928, and died on April 24, 1829, age three months. Mary Judy Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born March 14, 1830. She married Felix Lindsey, a farmer; they lived in Wenona, Kansas. She died on February 15, 1901, at the age of 70 years, 11 months and 1 day. Their children were: Florence Lindsey; she married Will Marker. Eve Lindsey; she married Zach Davis. Charlie Lindsey. Lenna Lindsey; she married Ed Hazel and had a son Lyle. Robert Walker Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (Devore) Sparks, was born 1 February 1832, and died on March 27, 1905. He married Sarah Sargent. Their children were: Maggie Myrtle Sparks, born July 30, 1869, died September 14, 1873. Bertha Imogene Sparks, born August 11, 1872, died August 20, 1945. She marriedJames Franklin Williams on December 17, 1902. He died on September 28, 1946. Their children were: Robert Wayne Williams, born August 20, 1905, married Laura Dale Potter; Anna Lucille Williams, born September 12, 1909, married Clarence (Larry) Maus; Lenore Isabel Williams, born February 29, 1912; Lillian Margaret Williams, born Oct 25, 1913; and an unnamed baby lived 3 days. Robert Leslie Sparks, born July 6, 1875, died April 27, 1964. He married Pauline DeGraff on January 18, 1934. No children. Lelia Winifred Sparks, born September 15, 1878, died May 8, 1963. She married Charles Otis Bennett on June 5, 1902. He was born July 18, 1878, and died 1 January 1957. Their children were: Margaret Clair Bennett, born June 2, 1903; she married Otto Von Boeckman; he died December 26, 1952. They had two children: Margaret Louise, born April 6, 1923, who married A. Agacucci and had children named Marcus and Cynthia. Mary, born July 18, - - - -, died September 26, 1966, who married Robert Genseal and had children named Robert Joseph and Suson. Arthur Jansen Bennett, born September 6, 1906. Not married. Charles Vernon Bennett, born Oct 19, 1908; he married Evelyn Schwarzentruber on September 7, 1929. She died March 6, 1971. They had children named: David Norman Bennett, born September 4, 1933, who married Patricia Windson and had a daughter Rhonda; Danny Lee Bennett, born 12 January 1938, who married Shirley Weindel and had children named Donald Lee, Gary Lee, and Douglas Lee. Roy Charles Bennett, born Oct 10, 1942, who married Lois Dewey and had children named Natalie Sue and Julie Ann. Helen Louise Bennett, born Nov 10, 1909; she married Roy Kilby; no children. Jack Miller Bennett, born March 6, 1912; he married Frances Bruce and had children named June Ellen and Carter. Gertrude Melinda Sparks, born Oct 3, 1880, died December 1, 1880. A baby whose name is not known, apparently died at birth. Charlotte C. Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born August 3, 1834, and died September 10, 1834, at age 1 year 1 month. Francis Marion Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born April 25, 1837, and died at Buffalo, Illinois, on August 11, 1903. He marriedRebecca Jane Walker. Their children were: Lucy B. Sparks, born - - - -, died April 29, 1864 at age 1 year, 10 months and 2 days. Richard Sparks, born in 1866, no record of death. Charles Orlando Sparks, born in 1864 and died in 1939. He married Cora Penner (1879 -1953). They are both buried in the old section of Mackinaw Cemetery. (Nearby are the graves of Elmer H. Sparks (1886 -1938) and Lou Sparks (1895 -1953); these may be children of Charles and Cora Sparks, but I cannot state this as a fact.) (Webmaster - they are in fact sons). Frank (Francis Marion) Sparks, married Grace Leyton. They had a son named Guy was was reared in the home of some people named Kinsey and carried their name. Lora or Laura or Lauradette Sparks, born 1868. Amos Sparks, born in 1873; lived in Mahomet, Illinois. Lewis Sparks, born in 1875. Lucy Jane Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born Nov 16, 1839, died 15 January 1918. She married Amos Stoner, a flour miller. Their children were: Lucy Ann Stoner, died at 7 months; Joseph Stoner; Richard Stoner; Del Stoner; and Buford Stoner. Thomas W. Sparks, son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born April 11, 1812, and died at Camp Crook, South Dakota, on June 28, 1895. He married Mary Adilade Parmele who was born May 7, 1818, and died May 23, - - - - -. Their children were: Adah Alice Sparks, born December 3, 1870, died 4 February 1884, age 13 years and 2 months. Mabel Emily Sparks, born February b, 1873 (she was called May). Horace Wabb Sparks, born August 4, 1875. Oral Seth Sparks, born September 23, 1877, died 3 February 1884, age 8 years 11 months. Lucy Merab Sparks, born June 4, 1879, died March 12, 1880, age 9 months. Richard Lucius Sparks, born March 16, 1881, died July 18, 1881, age 4 months. Julia Bell Sparks, born July 9, 1883, died March 11, 1885. Dellia Adilade Sparks, born July 9, 1883 (twin of Julia Bell) and died February 18, 1884. Louis Thomas Sparks, born January 18, 1884. Addie Rosetta Sparks, born July 4, 1887, died December 4, 1888.
(The information on the children of Thomas and Adilade Sparks was taken from a letter that Adilade wrote to Richard Sparks, brother of Thomas. The letter was found in the family Bible. Only three of the ten children lived to become adults.) Abigail Leatherine Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born December 12, 1844, and died on 14 January 1873. She married Lewis Hittle. Their children were: Sophanna Blanche Hittle, born May 15, 1866, died 14 January 1921. She married Jesse Wilson who was born Oct 23, 1871, and died August 17, 1940. Their children: Walter E. Wilson, born March 14, 1889, died April 10, 1948; he married, first, Jessie Caton and, second, Bertha Duran; and Orvetta Wilson, born May 26, 1891, died May 22, 1949; she married Charles Phipps who died Oct 6, 1934; they had two children, Orvette Florine born May 20, 1913, and Walter Harold, born April 11, 1916. Orval Eugene Hittle, born January 11, 1870, died August 21, 1950. He marriedAda Huff. Their children were Florence Annette Hittle, born Nov 15, 1902, who married James Clark; and Franklin Robert Hittle, born Oct 12, 1919, was killed on September 16, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Maude Pearl Hittle, born May It, 1873, died August 30, 1948. She marriedBenjamin F. Miller, who was born March 20, 1873. Their children were: Hazel Juanita Miller, born April 30, 1895; she married, first, Ernest Stent and, second, Ray Fluegal; Sophanna Marie Miller, born August 9, 1899, married Charles Johnson; and Philip Teaford Miller, born Oct 30, 1907, died Oct 29, 1972; he married, first, Edith White and, second, Mrs. Helen Gorden. Roy Lee Hittle, born January 30, 1878, died Oct 15, 1918. He married Edna Davidson who was born June 9, 1878, and died Nov 25, 1963. Their children were Vernon Carlyle Hittle, born July 31, 1902; and Dorothy Lee Hittle, born Oct 14, 1918. Richard Sparks, Jr., son of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born in Greene County, Ohio, on March 3, 1847; he died on Oct 3, 1916. He married Cassandra Finks on September 10, 1873. She was the daughter of Robert Sanford and Lucy McQueen Finks and was born Oct 16, 1855. She died February 6, 1889. They had three children. Richard Sparks, Jr., then married Susan Wilson who was born April 17, 1857, and she died December 29, 1922. The children of Richard and Cassandra Sparks were: Claude G. Sparks, born 9 January 1875, died Oct 6, 1945. He married Ethel Puterbaugh, daughter of Hartzell and Puella Puterbaugh. They had one child, Dorothy Sparks, who was born Nov 30, 1902 and died July 25, 1971. She married Francis Stillman. Both died the same day, just an hour apart, of heart attacks. No children. Sanford Hugh Sparks, born Oct 25, 1876, died April 2, 1938. He marriedFlorence Broyhill on Nov 28, 1901. She was born May 30, 1880, and was a daughter of Charles and Frances Broyhill of Aflentown, Illinois. She died July 18, 1909, from burns suffered while singeing a chicken. They had the following children: Lillian Cassandra Sparks, born September 20, 1902; married William Bryan Blair on Nov 29, 1924. He was born April 7, 1896, the son of David and Annie Blair. He died Nov 29, 1957. They had eight children: Florence Annette Blair, born September 5, 1925; married James McFadin and had children named Michael James, born January 31, 1958, and Linda Annette, born Oct 31,1959. William Bryan Blair, Jr., born 4 February 1928. He married, first, Margaret (Peggy) Pollack Rapp who died February 22, 1956; he then married Doris Hett, born April 16, 1927. by his first wife he had a son named William Bryan Blair III, born January 22, 1954. by his second wife he had David Scott Blair, born June 12, 1961, and Shelley Lynn Blair, born December 10, 1966. Dorothy Ellen Blair, born December 25, 1929; married  Cloyed Johnson. They had three children:
 Cassandra Sue Johnson, born Oct 21, 1948; John William Johnson, born August 9, 1953; and Lora Donelle Johnson, born September 10, 1954. Marilyn Louise Blair, born Nov 17, 1931;married Walter E. King; no children. Donald Robert Blair, born September 10, 1933; married Mary Lee Garmers. They have four children: Mark Douglas Blair, born August 9, 1955; Jamine Kay Blair, born September 3, 1956; Rebecca Lynn Blair, born April 29, 1958; and Jill Elaine Blair, born February 15, 1962. Richard Warren Blair, born April 25, 1937; married Maribel M. Meiner. They have two children: Joseph Warren Blair, born December 8, 1965; and Pamela Jane Blair, born April 19, 1968. Judith Ann Blair, born February 12, 1939; she married Carl Meiner. They had three children: Sheryl Leigh Meiner, born April 2, 1958; Randall David Meiner, born February 9, 1960; and Peggy Sue Meiner, born April 7, 1961. Ellis Wayne Blair, born July 14, 1941; married Delores Thames. They had two children: Bryan Shaun Blair, born June 23, 1966; and Christopher Alan Blair, born Nov 2, 1969. Inez Day Sparks, daughter of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhill) Sparks, was born Oct 30, 1904. She married James Stanley Towers who was born Nov 19, 1903, and died December 16, 1953. They had one son, James Hugh Towers, who was born April 5, 1938, and married Karen Parish; their children are Stanley Michael Towers, born August 6, 1969, and Jennifer Ann Towers, born February 28, 1971. Robert Leonard Sparks, son of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhill) Sparks, was born September 11, 1906, and died Nov 28, 1969. He married Ruby Miller who was born September 17, 1900. No children. Bertrand Houston Sparks, son of Sanford Hugh and Florence (Broyhill) Sparks, was born January 18, 1908. He married Doreen Puterbaugh who was born Nov 25, 1909, daughter of Ralph and Stella Puterbaugh. They had one daughter, Carolyn, who was born 22 Jan1914, and married Larry McCoy. Glenn Roecee Sparks, son of Richard Sparks, Jr., and his first wife, Cassandra Finks, was born Nov 17, 1878, and died on Oct 11, 1884, at the age of 5 years and 11 months, of diphtheria.
by his second wife, Susan Wilson, Richard Sparks, Jr., had two children: Benjamin Richard William Sparks, born April 3, 1882, and died February 16, 1943. He never married. Sallie Mary Lucy Sparks, born Oct 23, 1883, and died May 30, 1966. She never married. Laura Catherine Sparks, daughter of Richard and Lucy (DeVore) Sparks, was born January 27, 1850 and died in 1934. She married George Phillips who was killed in a train wreck. Their children were: Leota Phillips, married George Field. Georgia Phillips, married, first,- - - - - Hess; second Chester Hamilton. Jessie Phillips, married John Barnard and had a daughter named Gertrude. She married, second, a man named Richards.