April 28, 2021

Pages 1897-1902
Whole Number 98


44.6.8 DANIEL CRAWFORD SPARKS (born ca. 1828)
and his wife
LOUVINA (CARTER) SPARKS (born ca. 1836)
with grandson - SOLOMON DAVID SPARKS (born 1907)

Three Sons of Daniel and Louvina (Carter) Sparks
John Grandison Sparks, born 1860
Henry David Sparks, born 1856
Daniel Carter Sparks, born 1874

(Editor's Note: the June 1974 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 86 contained the second part of a two-part article about the descendants of 44. Isaac Sparks, Sr., of Estill County, Kentucky. Subsequent to that publication, descendants furnished additional data and corrections to the article and these were published on pages 1707 -1708 of the December 1974 issue (Whole No. 88) and on page 1757 of the September 1975 issue (Whole No. 91).

Recently, a descendant of Daniel Crawford Sparks, grandson of 44. Isaac Sparks, Sr., Mrs. Lloyd H. Hatfield, Falmouth, Indiana, sent more data which add considerable information to the article and also make some needed corrections. Our readers are asked to make this information a part of the original article.)

44.6.8 Daniel Crawford Sparks, son of Isaac and Frances (Crawford) Sparks, was born April 25, 1828. On September 4, 1851, he married Louvina Carter in Estill County. (M.B.A., p. 180) She was born May 10, 1836, and was a daughter of John and Nancy (Runyon) Carter. Daniel paid taxes in Estill County from 1849 to 1858 when that portion of the county in which he lived went to help form Jackson County. He and Louvina lived on the South Fork of Station Camp Creek where they reared ten children: Nancy Jane Sparks, daughter of Daniel and Louvina (Carter) Sparks, was born July 11, 1852. On April 28, 1869, she married Lewis C. Fowler. She died on June 10, 1890. She and Lewis C. Fowler had at least nine children. (See pages 1663 and 1757 of the Quarterly.) Solomon S. Sparks was born on September 13, 1854. He married Sarah Jane Moore on February 5, 1878, and they had at least four children. Sarah Jane died on March 31, 1936. (See also page 1663 of the Quarterly.) Henry David Sparks was born on October 7, 1856. He married Julie Williams on August 4, 1881, in Estill County. He died in Missouri on January 20, 1944. Mary Frances Sparks was born May 15, 1858. On February 5, 1878, she married Elijah Metcalf and they had several children. She died on March 8, 1929, in Missouri. (See also page 1663 of the Quarterly.)

Family of John G. Sparks and his second wife, Ella (Moore) Sparks
Photograph taken 1918

Seated, left to right: Daniel Crawford Sparks, Sr. (father of John G. Sparks); Mayfra Sparks; John G. Sparks; Lloyd Sparks; Ella (Moore) Sparks holding grandson David Hatfield; Lester Hatfield, grandson.

Standing, left to right: S. David Sparks; Nannie Sparks; Eliza Sparks; Rosa Sparks, Dillard Sparks, Barthena Sparks, Elisha Curtis Sparks; Provie Sparks, Sarah Sparks Hatfield holding Freda Hatfield.

(Picture) John Grandison Sparks, son of Daniel and Louvina (Carter) Sparks, was born October 11, 1860. He married Barthena ["Thena"] Jane Parsons on May 4, 1882. She was born March 25, 1862, and was a daughter of Joseph and Mary C. (Adams) Parsons. Thena Jane died on March 20, 1893. She and John had seven children: Elizabeth Frances Sparks was born 3 February 1883. She married John Alden Moore on January 7, 1897, and they had several children. She died on July 16, 1949. William Joseph ["Willie Joe"] Sparks was born August 1, 1884. He died on December 26, 1973. He married Louise Hoover Webb. They had no children. George F. Sparks was born March 13, 1886, and died on October 25, 1888. Mary ["Molly"] Rebecca Sparks was born March 13, 1887. On December 15, 1904, she married Bantford Richardson and they had several children. She died on August 19, 1965. Minnie Ella Sparks was born July 17, 1889. She married John P. McQueen and they had several children. She died on October 23, 1968, in California. Lucinda Sparks was born April 8, 1891. She married Jim Dan Hoover on January 1, 1909, and they had several children. She lives in Estill County. Daniel C. Sparks was born March 20, 1893, and died on March 21, 1893.

After the death of his first wife, John Grandison Sparks married (second) Melinda Ella Moore on November 30, 1893. She was born April 9, 1870, and was a daughter of John H. and Melinda Leitha (Horn) Moore. John G. and Ella had eleven children. He died on September 26, 1943, in Estill County. Ella died on November 29, 1951, at Glenwood, Indiana. Sarah Margaret Sparks was born December 29, 1894. She was married on August 15, 1912, to Millard Franklin ["Frank"] Hatfield. He was born May 17, 1879, and was a son of John D. and Alzira (Couch) Hatfield. Sarah and Frank had eight children. He died on February 20, 1970, at Connersville, Indiana. Rosa Sparks was born July 3, 1896. She was married on April 18, 1918, to Frank H. Richardson and they had nine children. Rosa died on February 14, 1973, at Connersville, Ind., and Frank died on the following July 24th. Eliza Sparks (twin to Rosa) was born July 3, 1896. She married Harvey R. Neal on July 26, 1920, and they had five daughters. Eliza died on November 29, 1975, at Connersville, Indiana. Barthena Jane Sparks was born February 24, 1898. She married Charles Witt and they had one daughter. Barthena Jane died on September 28, 1928. Dillard Franklin Sparks was born October 29, 1899. He married Zettie Mae Smith on June 29, 1924, and they had one daughter and one son. Dillard died on July 10, 1973 in Celina, Tennessee. Nannie Catherine Sparks was born July 19, 1901. She married James Harden Brandenburg on August 31, 1923, and they had three children. Nannie lived at Connersville, Ind. Provie Melinda Sparks was born July 19, 1903. She married Vernon Elliott on July 22, 1925, and they had two sons and a daughter. They lived in Irvine, Kentucky. Elisha Curtis Sparks was born March 21, 1905. He died on April 16, 1953, in California. He never married. Solomon David Sparks was born August 7, 1907. He married (first) Flora ["Flo"] Sparks and they had one son and one daughter. David married (second) Provie (Marcum) Fowler and (third) Ella Jones. He lived in Connersville, Indiana. Mayfra Sparks was born February 28, 1912. She married Lester Kellam on September 15, 1940, and they had five children. They lived near Connersville, Ind., on a farm. Lloyd Sparks was born August 4, 1913. He married Prescova ["Cova"] L. Lucas and they had one son and one daughter. Cova died on February 9, 1970, and Lloyd died on October 19, 1971. They lived at Connersville, Indiana. Margaret Ann Sparks, daughter of Daniel and Louvina (Carter) Sparks, was born August 16, 1863. She married John H. Richardson on December 30, 1880, at the home of her father in Jackson County. (M.B. 1858-96) She died on February 14, 1882. Manervia Elizabeth Sparks was born 4 February 1866. (See page 1664 of the Quarterly.) She was married on July 18, 1881 to Joseph Richardson. Luvina Sparks was born on October 14, 1870. She married John Henry Andrew on December 2, 1888, in Jackson County. (M.B. 1858-96) She died sometime after 1915. Daniel Carter Sparks was born January 31, 1874. On October 20, 1908, he married Mary Emily Hatfield, and they had two daughters. Daniel died on February 25, 1948. Mary lived with a granddaughter near Richmond, Kentucky, where on October 27, 1976, she celebrated her 100th birthday. Cynthia Ann Sparks was born May 4, 1877. On August 27, 1892, she married Coleman Cox in Jackson County. (M.B. 1891-94) They had several children. Cynthia died on April 7, 1935.