February 14, 2021

Pages 2109-2110
Whole Number 106


In the Quarterly of December 1960, Whole No. 32 appeared an article entitled "70.1.1 Jeremiah Sparks, Sr., ca. 1765-1840, of Franklin and Morgan Counties, Georgia." A son of Jeremiah Sparks was Carter W. Sparks (1797-1877) who married Susan Cade Whatley. Both are buried in Cave Spring, Georgia. The ninth child of Carter Walton and Susan Cade (Whatley) Sparks was Thomas Carter Sparks, born ca. 1844 who married Fannie Shropshire (see page 525). One of their children was King Sparks, born July 18, 1878; he married Lillian O'Neill Scott of Selma, Alabama, born December 18, 1874. King Sparks, Jr., a long-time member of our Association, has provided a record of the children of his parents, King and Lillian O'Neill (Scott) Sparks: Marshall Scott Sparks, born in 1898, married Vivian Hall. They had one child, Marshall Scott Sparks, Jr., who married Libby Coombs. Clyde Shropshire Sparks, born 1901 (?). Unmarried. Eugenia Frances Sparks, born 1906, married Donald E. Beggs of Birmingham. They had two children: Donald Edwin Beggs, Jr., of Alexandria, Virginia, married Mary Elizabeth Barbour; their children are Grace Openshaw Beggs, Lillian Scott Beggs, Susanna Beggs, Augusta Beggs, and Elizabeth Beggs who married Michale Poole. Hamilton Scott Beggs of Alexandria, Virginia, married Lola Mitchell; they have two sons, John Hamilton Beggs and Stephen Beggs. King Sparks, Jr., born 1908, married Edith Thomas Hunley. Their adopted daughter, Jane Scott Sparks, was born in 1946 and married Randy Thomas Cooper. They have two children, Holly Lee Cooper and Thomas Scott Cooper. Thomas Carter Sparks, born April 26, 1912, married Eugenia Judkins of Montgomery, Alabama. Their children are: Eugenia Judkins Sparks who married Almand Joseph Westbrook and have children named: Eugenia Ann Westbrook, Almand Joseph Westbrook, and Thomas Jackson Westbrook. Thomas Carter Sparks, Jr., who married Mary Jane House and have children: Thomas Carter Sparks, III Mary Elizabeth Sparks. Lucille Scott Sparks.