February 25, 2019

Pages 2588-2600

by Paul E. Sparks

<hr> <p>(<b>Editor's Note:</b> In the <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=042-A">June 1963 issue of The Sparks Quarterly, Whole No. 42</a>, there is an article about <b> William Sparks</b> and <b> George Sparks</b> of Washington County, Pennsylvania. At that time, we speculated that they were brothers and natives of Frederick County, Maryland. We have now found a record which proves that this is correct. They were sons of <b>1.2.5 Joseph and Mary Sparks</b> of Frederick County, and they were probably grandsons of <b>1.2 William and Mary Sparks</b> who were early immigrants to Talbot and Queen Annes Counties, Maryland. (See <u>This Was The Life, Excerpts from the Judgment Records of Frederick County, Maryland, 1748 -1765</u>, edited by Millard M. Rice, published by the Monocacy Book Co., Redwood City, California, 1979. The record given on 51-52 of this book appears on page 64 of the original Frederick County Judgment Record, 1750 -1751, dated 22 August 1750, and identifies the heirs of Joseph Sparks, died 1749. See also the <a href="../php/view_pages.php?article=073-A">March 1971 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 73</a>, for further information about the family of William and Mary Sparks of early Queen Annes County, Maryland.) <p><b> William Sparks</b>, son of <b>1.2.5 Joseph and Mary Sparks</b>, was born <i>April 27, 1738</i>, in Queen Annes County, Maryland. (See page 1390 of the March 1971 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 73.) He married <b>Martha Moore</b>, a daughter of <b>Alexander and Margaret Moore</b>. (See Deed Book A, page 134 of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.) Among the seven children of William and Martha (Moore) Sparks was a son, <b> James Sparks</b>, born <i>ca. 1765</i>, in Frederick County, Maryland. We now present an account of James Sparks and his descendants.</p> <p>James Sparks, son of William and Martha (Moore) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1765</i> in Frederick County, Maryland, and was a young lad when, in 1773, his parents moved by packhorse across the Allegheny Mountains and settled in that area of Pennsylvania which became Washington County in 1781. Here James's father acquired 323 acres of land in Independence Township just a few miles from present-day Ohio County, West Virginia, and it was here that James grew to manhood and learned the trade of carpentry. He was probably the James Sparks who served in the American Revolution as a member of Captain Zadoc Wright's Company of the 2nd Battalion of Washington County Militia.</p> <p><b> James Sparks</b> married <b>Margaret Ray</b>, ca. 1798. She was born ca. 1775 in Talbot County, Maryland, and was a daughter of <b>Thomas and Marjorie (Spear) Ray</b>. (Thomas Ray died in 1807 in Washington County, Pennsylvania, and named in his will a daughter, Margaret, wife of James Sparks.) A brief account of the family of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks was given in the June 1963 issue of the Quarterly referred to above. Unfortunately, on page 732 of that issue, there is an apparent error. The year of birth of Margaret (Ray) Sparks was given as 1761. We believe this is incorrect. If she were the mother of twelve children, all born between 1799 and 1815, she would have been 38 years old when her first child was born and 54 years of age when she had her last child. This would have been highly unlikely, if not improbable.</p> <p>Census records of this couple have been preserved for the years 1800, 1810, and 1820 of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and for 1830 of Richland County, Ohio. These records indicate that Margaret was born between 1774 and 1780, and that James was born between 1765 and 1770. We place her year of birth as ca. 1775 and his year of birth as ca. 1765. The latter is confirmed by the 1850 census of Clinton County, Indiana, on which James's age was given as 85 years.</p> <p>James Sparks and his family continued to live in Washington County for nearly twenty years, then ca. 1820, they decided to move to Ohio where they settled in that part of Richland County which would become a part of Ashland County in 1846. They lived here for several years, but ca. 1835, James made a final move and joined his sons, Joseph and Thomas Sparks, in Clinton County, Indiana. It was there that Margaret (Ray) Sparks died, probably a year or two after the move. When the 1840 census was taken of Clinton County, James was listed as the head of his household. Enumerated as living in his household was a male whom we are certain was his son, William Sparks, along with William's family.</p> <p>On April 4, 1840, James Sparks sold 49 acres of land to his son, Thomas Sparks, and a year later, he sold 30 acres to John A. Henderson. When the 1850 census was taken of Perry Township in Clinton County, James was listed in the household of his son, Thomas Sparks. He was then 85 years of age. It is told that on his 90th birthday, he chopped and split 100 fence rails. He died in Clinton County in October 1855. Descendants say that he and his wife were buried in the Loveless Cemetery near Colfax, Indiana; however, no grave markers can be found.</p> <p><b> James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks</b> were the parents of twelve children, all of whom were born in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Many years later, one of the children, Joseph Sparks, recorded the dates of birth of his brothers and sisters, and in the case of his sisters, he also recorded the surnames of their spouses. He used the fly-leaf of a newly-published book, entitled Atlas Map of Fultpn County, Illinois, published by Andreas, Lyter & Company, Davenport, Iowa, in 1871. The names and dates of birth of the children of Joseph Sparks were also recorded in this book, which ultimately came into the possession of a granddaughter of Joseph Sparks, Maude (Sparks) Earnest, a daughter of Thomas J. Sparks. As recorded in this book, the children of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks were as follows: <blockquote> <b> Marthy Sparks McCarthy</b> born <i>May 25, 1799</i><br> <b> Margaret Sparks Thomas</b> born <i>May 19, 1800</i><br> <b> Sarah Sparks Shackel</b> born <i>July 23, 1801</i><br> <b> William Sparks</b> born <i>December 29, 1802</i><br> <b> James Sparks</b> born <i>June 25, 1804</i><br> <b> Margery Sparks Carr</b> born <i>December 28, 1805</i><br> <b> Mary Sparks Jones</b> born <i>May 23, 1807</i><br> <b> Joseph Sparks</b> born <i>November 23, 1808</i><br> <b> Thomas Sparks</b> born <i>September 26, 1810</i><br> <b> Robert Sparks</b> born <i>March 23, 1812</i><br> <b> Allen Sparks</b> born <i>February 14, 1814</i><br> <b> Elizabeth Sparks Loveless</b> born <i>September 30</i>, 1815 <p><b> Martha ["Patty"] Sparks</b> was born on <i>May 25, 1799</i>. She was probably named for her father's sister. She married <b>FNU McCarthy</b>, probably in Washington County, Pennsylvania. We have no further information about her.</p> <p><b> Margaret Sparks</b> was born <i>May 19, 1800</i>. She married a man whose surname was <b>Thomas</b>, probably in Washington County, Pennsylvania. We have no further information about her.</p> <p><b> Sarah ["Sally"] Sparks</b> was born <i>July 23, 1801. S</i>he married a man whose surname was <b>Shackel</b>, probably in Richland County, Ohio. We have no further information about her.</p> <p><b> William Sparks</b> was born <i>December 29, 1802</i>, according to the information recorded by his brother, Joseph Sparks, in the Atlas Map of Fulton County, Illinois, referred to above; however, according to the information inscribed on his tombstone, he was born January 1, 1801. In view of the dates of birth of his three older sisters, we are inclined to accept the date recorded by his brother as correct. He was probably named for his paternal grandfather.</p> <p>William grew to manhood in Washington County and accompanied his parents to Richland County, Ohio, in the latter part of 1820. It was probably there that he married <b>Catherine Huckley</b>, ca. 1828. She was born January 24, 1808, in Pennsylvania. When the 1830 census was taken of Richland County, she and William had one child, a daughter, born <i>ca. 1829</i>.</p> <p>Four more children (all sons) were born to William and Catherine before they decided to move westward to Indiana. Their decision to move was probably prompted by encouragement from William's brother, Allen, who had gone to Clinton County, Indiana, where he purchased land in 1833. William arrived in Clinton County in time to purchase a 52-acre tract of land in March 1837 and to get it ready for spring planting. Another son arrived that fall.</p> <p><b> William Sparks</b> added a 21-acre tract to his farm in the spring of 1844, but in the fall of 1846, he and Catherine sold it to John Henderson. It is quite likely that they were getting ready to move again, this time to neighboring Tippecanoe County. It also seems likely that William was getting ready to quit farming, for when he moved to Tippecanoe County, he settled in the town of Lafayette where he became a brick-mason. A descendant has a letter which he wrote to a daughter in which he referred to his son building a kiln.</p> <p>Some unusual events happened in the family of William Sparks during the next decade. Robert, the oldest son, died in 1854, shortly after his 23rd birthday. Son, Francis, married and named his first child William, after his father. It was the second grandchild for William and Catherine - - their daughter, Mary, had a son, Benjamin, born in 1847. Two sons, James and Peter, joined the Union forces in 1862, and James was killed in the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia.</p> <p>Sometime in 1876, William and Catherine made their last move, this time to Missouri where they settled in Moniteau County. Catherine died March 24, 1877, shortly after they arrived there. She was seventy years of age. William survived her by eleven years, dying in a most tragic manner. As published in the California (Missouri) Democrat on February 9, 1888, the account of his death was given as follows:</p> <blockquote> <p>Mr. William Sparks, who was quite old and feeble, living 22 miles south-east of this place, disappeared Friday from the sight of his family about 11 A.M. A son, Israel, came to the house soon after his father left, and started in pursuit of him, but looking in the wrong directions, as he did, did not find him. The old gentleman not returning at night, the family became alarmed and calling several neighbors, continued the search until 11 P.M., but without success. He was seen some three miles west of his home near dark coming toward this place. On Saturday morning, it was generally known that Mr. Sparks was missing and the whole neighborhood started out is search of him. About 11 A.M., Mr. W. C. Francis found him in Mr. A. D. Snyder's pasture, lifeless. He had evidently been standing by a post for sometime, as there was a hole near it where he stood and stamped his feet. He was only 25 or 30 rods from Abner Brisendine's house and the folks at the house heard his cries of "Oh! Lordy!" but did not go to his relief, as they thought it was some wild "varmint." Esquire Tising held an inquest on the body and the verdict of the jury was that "he came to his death from exposure and fatigue and that he was found by W. C. Francis."</p> </blockquote> <p>William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks were buried in Gray's Cemetery near High Point, Missouri. Their tombstones bear the following inscriptions:  </p> </blockquote> <table align="center" border=0 cols=2 width="90%"> <tr> <td>"Kind friends, beware as you pass by;</td> <td>"She's gone to that world above</td> </tr> <tr> <td>As you are now, so once was I. </td> <td>Where saints and angels meet;</td> </tr> <tr> <td>As I am now so must you be; </td> <td>To realize our Saviour's love</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Prepare therefore to follow me." </td> <td>And worship at His feet."</td> </tr> </table> <blockquote> <p>William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks had eleven children. The first five were born in Ohio, probably in Richland County. The other six were born in Indiana.  </p><blockquote> <p><b> Mary Ann Sparks</b>, daughter of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1829</i>. She married John Brakefield. Her first child was named Benjamin and lived most of his life with his maternal grandparents, taking their name.</p><blockquote> <p><b> Benjamin Sparks</b> was born <i>September 20, 1847</i>. He died on December 26, 1899, and was buried in Gray's Cemetery near High Point, Missouri. He never married.<br> <b> Silas Brakefield</b>.<br> <b> Andrew Brakefield</b>; he married Hattie Sherwin.<br> <b> Louisa Brakefield</b>.<br> <b> Martha E. Brakefield</b> was born <i>July 12, 1857. S</i>he married <b>John Davis</b>, a farmer, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, and they lived near Romney. She was killed on July 5, 1910, by being thrown from a buggy which overturned when her horse became frightened by an automobile. She and John Davis had at least one child, a son, but we have no further information about this family.<br> <b> Alice Brakefield</b> married FNU Hawkins.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Robert Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>August 7, 1831</i>. He married <b>Melissa Rothburn</b> on August 7, 1853. He was drowned in the Wabash River on September 2, 1854, and was buried in the Fink Cemetery in Tippecanoe County.</p> <p><b> Francis Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born (we believe) on <i>January 30, 1833</i>. His obituary, however, gives his year of birth as 1830; based on census records and the dates of birth of his older sister and brothers, we believe the year was actually 1833. He was a small lad when he accompanied his parents to Clinton County. He was about fourteen years old when his parents moved to Tippecanoe County. It was there that he met and married <b>Mary Jane Lamb</b> on May 22, 1857. She was born May 1, 1840, in Indiana, and was a daughter of James and Elizabeth Lamb, natives of New York and Ohio, respectively. Francis was a brick mason, specializing in building flues in houses under construction. He was a member of the United Brethern Church. </p> <H1 align="center">FRANCIS SPARKS (1833-1918)<br> (Picture)</H1> <p>In 1861, Francis Sparks and his brothers, James Sparks and Peter Sparks, bought an 80-acre tract of land in Tippecanoe County. On April 11, 1864, James and Peter sold their shares to Francis for $1,333.33. Both James and Peter were in the military service at that time, and James was killed just two months later. Francis sold the land in 1873, but reserved the right to remove his bricks, corn, and any personal property from the land.</p> <p>Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks died March 7, 1879, and was buried in the Fink Cemetery in Tippecanoe County. Francis died May 28, 1918, at the home of his son, George, near West Point, Indiana. He was buried at Pyrmont, Indiana. He and Mary Jane had seven children, all of them born in Tippecanoe County except the last one who was born in Missouri.</p><blockquote> <p><b> William Francis Sparks</b>, son of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born <i>on April 27, 1860</i>. He was a farmer. On March 1, 1888, he married <b>Mary Ann (Fishpaugh) Gilliam</b> at Buck Creek, Indiana. She was born Christmas Day 1861, at Champaign, Illinois, and was a widow, with a six-year-old daughter, Rene Clarissa Gilliam. William died at the home of his son, William, Jr., on November 23, 1934, at San Pierre, Indiana. Mary Ann was killed by a train while crossing the tracks in Lafayette, Indiana, on August 15, 1937. They were buried in the cemetery at San Pierre. They had two children. </p> <H1 align="center">WILLIAM FRANCIS SPARKS (1860-1934)<br> and his wife<br> MARY ANN (FISHPAUGH) SPARKS (1861-1937)<br>(Picture)</H1> <blockquote> <p><b> Aletha Mae Sparks</b>, daughter of William Francis and Mary Ann (Fishpaugh) Sparks, was born <i>May 29, 1890</i>, at Buck Creek, Indiana. She married <b>Charles Alberding</b> and they had seven children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Olive Alberding</b>,<br> <b> Wilbur Alberding</b>,<br> <b> Irene Alberding</b>,<br> <b> Ralph Alberding</b>,<br> <b> Estella Alberding.</b> She married <b>Leroy Tetzloff</b>; she has been extremely helpful in the preparation of this section of the article on James Sparks and has furnished copies of all of the photographs reproduced in this issue of the Quarterly.<br> <b> Kenneth Alberding</b>, and<br> <b> Ardella Alberding</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> William F. Sparks, Jr.</b>, son of William Francis and Mary Ann (Fishpaugh) Sparks, was born <i>August 15, 1893</i>. He married <b>Anna Bockhausen</b> on January 8, 1916. He died December 14, 1959, and Anna died April 22, 1979. They were buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery near LaCrosse, Indiana. They had two children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Chester Eugene Sparks</b> and<br> <b> Mary Margaret Sparks</b>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p><b> James S. Sparks</b>, son of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born <i>November 12, 1861</i>. He married <b>Ida Ann Boen</b> on October 25, 1888. She was born on May 17, 1868, at Monitor, Indiana, and was a daughter of <b>Oliver Perry and Virginia (Elzy) Boen</b>. James died January 27, 1928, at Ockley, Indiana, and Ida died in a Chicago hospital on May 11, 1943. They were buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Delphi, Indiana. They had five children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Verna Sparks</b> was born <i>July 2, 1889, </i>and died the following October<br> <b> Lena May Sparks</b> was born <i>October 21, 1891</i>. She married <b>Charles Hannell</b>. She died June 13, 1975, and was buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Delphi. She and Charles had one child, <b>Thomas Hannell</b>.<br> <b> Frank Sparks</b> was born <i>August 15, 1893</i>, and he died in April 1975. He married <b>Emma Hannell</b> in 1916. She was a sister of Charles Hannell. (See the item next above.)<br> <b> James Russell Sparks</b> (commonly referred to as Russell) was born <i>June 12, 1896</i>. He was a barber and lived in California. He married <b>Vera Hawkins</b> and they had one child, <b>Mary Ann Sparks</b>. Russell died in 1973.<br> <b> Zelpha Marie Sparks</b> was born <i>March 21, 1898</i>. She worked in Washington, D.C., where she died August 11, 1970. She never married.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Elizabeth Sparks</b>, daughter of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born in <i>1864</i>. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to <b>William Goodman</b> on January 17, 1884. They had two children. After his death in 1886, Elizabeth married (second) <b>James Henry Shipley</b> on June 19, 1890. He worked for the telephone company and also for a railroad. He died in 1945. He and Elizabeth had two children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Effie Goodman</b> was born in <i>December 1884</i>. She died March 10, 1886.<br> <b> Bertha Goodman</b> was born <i>April 7, 1886</i>.<br> <b> Raymond Shipley</b> was born in <i>October 1896</i>. He lived in Frankfort, Indiana, where he worked for the railroad. He married <b>Louisa May Tiser</b>, and they had five children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Clarence Shipley</b>,<br> <b> Marie Shipley</b>,<br> <b> Wilbur Shipley</b>,<br> <b> Robert Shipley</b>, and<br> <b> Leonard Shipley</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Leroy Shipley</b> was born <i>February 27, 1903</i>. He married <b>Inez Willford</b>. She was born March 24, 1901, and was a daughter of <b>James M. and Frances (Duncan) Willford</b>. She and Leroy had two children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Leroy Shipley, Jr</b>. and<br> <b> Jane Ann Shipley</b>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p><b> Hester Ann Sparks</b>, daughter of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born <i>September 5, 186</i>6. On March 1, 1890, she married <b>George Samuel Anderson</b>. He was born December 21, 1864, and was a son of <b>George and Caroline (NuPerret) Anderson</b>. Hester died August 14, 1938, and George died September 19, 1954. They were buried in the Masonic Cemetery at Delphi. They had one child. </p> <H1 align="center">GEORGE S. and HESTER ANN (SPARKS) ANDERSON<br> with son and daughter-in-law,<br> CLARENCE and FAYE (DUFF) ANDERSON<br>(Picture)</H1><blockquote> <p><b> Clarence Anderson</b> was born <i>December 19, 1890</i>. He worked for the Standard Oil Company. He married <b>Faye Marie Duff</b> on March 20, 1913. He died August 17, 1978, and Faye died December 7, 1983. They had one child,<b>Freda</b>.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Franklin ["Frank"] Sparks</b>, son of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born <i>January 13, 1869</i>. He married <b>Daisy Mae Martz</b> on December 22, 1897, in Clinton County, Indiana. She was born December l, 1875, and was a daughter of <b>Gideon and Snider Martz</b>. She died November 12, 1941, and Frank died on December 15, 1953. They had no children. </p> <p><b> Israel A. Sparks</b> was born on <i>December 28, 1872</i>. He was a carpenter and a contractor. He married <b>Minnie Blanche Akers</b> on September 14, 1898. She was born January 1, 1880, and was a daughter of Johnson and Mary Isabel (Maloy) Akers. Israel died on July 4, 1927, and Minnie died August 12, 1956. They were buried in the Springvale Cemetery at Lafayette, Indiana. </p> <p>Israel had a knack for designing buildings and then erecting them. He built the school house at Americus, Indiana, and the Widmer home near Montmorenci, Indiana. In 1924, he was the chief architect for the Monon Stone at Monon, Indiana. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias and St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church. He and Minnie had two children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Harley Francis Sparks</b> was born <i>March 27, 1901</i>. He married <b>Mae Blinn Herr</b> in January 1922. He spent 38 years in Cuba working for the United States Fruit Company as a supervisor of their sugar cane division. In 1958, he was kidnapped by the rebels led by Fidel Castro, and he was not released until1960. He and Mae live near Frankfort, Indiana. </p> <p><b> Kenneth Johnson Sparks</b> was born <i>September 14, 19</i>02. He was a mortician and worked for the Bradshaw Funeral Home in Lafayette. He married <b>Ethel Dunn</b> on August 2, 1924. She was born December 31, 1894, and was a daughter of <b>Starr and Martha (Mongold) Dunn.</b> Kenneth died December 15, 1982. </p></blockquote> <p><b> George Alvester Sparks</b>, son of Francis and Mary Jane (Lamb) Sparks, was born on <i>May 21, 1874</i>, at Manchester, Missouri, and was only six years old when his mother died. He was cared for by his sisters until they married. He became a farmer and generally rented farms in the northwestern part of Indiana. He married <b>Edith Pearl Guinn</b> on February 25,1900. She was born August 20, 1882, and was a daughter of <b>Isaiah M. and Catherine A. (Elzy) Guinn</b>. </p> <p>About 1923, George Sparks moved his family to Chicago Heights, Illinois, near Dyer, Indiana, where he contracted to buy a farm. He died shortly afterwards on March 15, 1925, and his sons took over the responsibilities of running the farm and helped their mother to rear the family. George's son, <b>Wilbur Sparks</b>, still lives on the farm, and his brother, <b>Lenard Sparks</b>, lives only a short distance away. </p> <p>Edith (Guinn) Sparks died October 15, 1968, and was buried beside her husband in the Pyrmont Cemetery. She and George had six children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> George A. Sparks, Jr.</b> was born <i>December 7, 1900</i>, at Lafayette, Indiana. He died in January 1901.<br> <b> Everett Sparks</b> was born <i>January 1, 1902</i>. He died October 3, 1969.<br> <b> Lawrence Sparks</b> was born <i>April 2, 1908</i>, at Logansport, Indiana. He died October 5, 1980.<br> <b> Wilbur Sparks</b> was born <i>October 2, 1912</i>, at Buck Creek, Indiana. He never married.<br> <b> Lenard Sparks</b> was born <i>December 15, 1915</i>, at Buck Creek, Indiana.<br> <b> Berniece Sparks</b> was born <i>December 9, 1921</i>, at Plainwell, Michigan. She died September 19, 1980.</p></blockquote></blockquote> <p><b> William Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1834</i> in Ohio. According to the vital statistices of Indiana, he died in 1860 at the age of 24 years. Apparently he never married.</p> <p><b> James Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born in <i>October 1835</i>. He served in the 40th Regiment Indiana Infantry during the Civil War and died from a wound he received during the Battle of Kenesaw Mountain, Georgia, on June 27, 1864. He married <b>Sarah Jane Shell</b> on January 27, 1859, in Tippecanoe County. She was born <i>ca. 1832</i> in Ohio. She and James had one child. (See page 2601 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his pension file.)</p><blockquote> <p><b> Olive Celestine Sparks</b> was born <i>September 8, 1860</i>. After her mother's remarriage in 1865, she became a ward of <b>Page B. Severson</b> and received a Minor's Pension for her father's military service.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Peter Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>November 13, 1837</i>, at Lafayette, Indiana. He learned the art of brickmaking from his father. He served in the 40th Regiment Indiana Infantry during the Civil War. (See page 2602 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his pension file.) He married <b>Clara D. Hollon</b> on April 14, 1878, in Moniteau County, Missouri. She was born <i>ca. 1857</i>. Peter died January 1, 1910, and Clara died in 1940. They were the parents of two children.</p><blockquote> <p><b> Clara Sparks</b> was born <i>October 4, 1884</i>, in Missouri.<br> <b> Mary Ellen Esma Sparks</b> was born <i>August 31, 1890</i>, at Lafayette, Indiana. She married <b>FNU Pierson</b>. In 1940 she was living in Colt, Arkansas.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Catherine ["Katie"] Sparks</b>, daughter of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>June 3, 1843</i>, n<i>e</i>ar Thorntown, Indiana. Although she was unable to attend very much school, she managed to get a good education for those days, and her penmanship was excellent. She married <b>John Widmer</b> on December 17, 1863, in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. He was born August 16, 1836, in Berne, Switzerland, but became an American citizen in 1858. He was a farmer. He and Catherine were members of the United Brethren Church.</p> </blockquote> <p align="center">Seated: <b>CATHERINE (SPARKS) WIDMER<br> Standing, from left to right, are five of her children:<br> Peter O. Widmer, John C. Widmer, Israel H. Widmer<br> Josie May (Widmer) Wolf, & Lawrence T. Widmer</b></p> <H1 align="center">(Picture)</H1> <blockquote> <p>About 1877, Catherine and John Widmer moved to Missouri where they lived near St. Louis about five years. During her absence, her father wrote to her frequently and one of his letters has been preserved. Some spelling, punctuation, and gramMarch have been changed in the copy that follows in order to give it better readability. Here is the letter.</p> </blockquote> <p>                                                                                           January the 2nd 1880</p><blockquote><blockquote> <p>Well Catherine, my daughter, I have not forgotten you yet, though we are many miles apart. There is not a day that passes but I think of you. I have the pleasure of writing to you and letting you know that I am in tolerably good health at the present, though my crippled limbs hurt me very much when the weather is damp. The weather here yesterday was foggy and drizzling rain. </p> <p>The rest are all well and I hope when you get this letter it will find you and your family all well and doing well. I would like to see you and your family, and I want you to be faithful. The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong. I think it will thaw out before it freezes again. </p> <p>The times here are quite dull. Wheat is one dollar and thirteen cents per bushel and corn is twenty cents per bushel. I think they [sic] will do better than they did last year for they have more wheat and corn than they had last year. As for the work here, it is very scarce and wages are low. The boys are talking of making another kiln of brick this coming summer. Their young stock of cattle looks good. </p> <p>Well the republicans are shipping Negroes into the state of Indiana by the thousands and it is for no good they are doing it. The talk is that they are bringing them here to vote in the next election, but they needn't think they can deceive the old democrat, for he is watching them. </p> <p>Well, my loving daughter, I will bring this letter to a close. Ever remaining, your loving father.<br>                                                                                William Sparks </p></blockquote> <p>John Widmer died April 15, 1889, and was buried in the Greenbush Cemetery in Lafayette. Catherine survived him nearly forty years, dying on November 9, 1926. She, too, was buried in the Greenbush Cemetery. She and John had ten children, including two who died at birth.</p><blockquote> <p><b> Mary L. Widmer</b> was born <i>July 20, 186</i>5. She died May 5, 1866. </p> <p><b> John Charles Widmer</b> was born <i>December 22, 1866</i>. He married <b>Julia Cynthia Dye</b> in Tippecanoe County on December 15, 1888. She was born July 7, 1869. John died in 1918 during the flu epedemic. Julia died June 23, 1933. They had eleven children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Lloyd Widmer</b> worked for the telephone company. He married and had one child, a son.<br> <b> Wreatha Widmer</b> married <b>John Hegg</b>. They had no children.<br> <b> Nina E. Widmer</b> married <b>William C. Southard</b> and they had three children.<br> <b> Gladys Widmer</b> married <b>Albert Rehle</b> and they had one child named <b>David Rehle</b>.<br> <b> Estella M. Widmer</b> was born in 1891. She married <b>John Anderson</b> and they had one child, </p> <blockquote> <p><b> John Anderson</b>. He was born in <i>1914</i>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Charles Widmer</b> married <b>Martha MNU</b>. He died in 1967.<br> <b> Harry Widmer</b> married <b>Stella Hahn</b> and they lived near Montmorenci, Indiana. He died during the 1940's. He and Stella had four children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Maxine Widmer</b>,<br> <b> Ernest Widmer</b>,<br> <b> Leroy Widmer</b>, and<br> <b> Leona Widmer</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> George Widmer</b> died in 1918. He had a son named </p> <p><b>Everett Widmer</b>.</p> <p><b> Bessie Widmer</b> lived near Brookston, Indiana. She was married three times. Her first marriage was to <b>John Taylor</b> who died during the the 1920's. They had three children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Robert Taylor</b><br> <b> Dau1 Taylor</b><br> <b> Dau2 Taylor</b></p> </blockquote> <p>After John's death, Bessie married (second) <b>Ernest Meyers</b> and they had two children, </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Gilbert Meyers</b> and<br> <b> Ernest Meyers, Jr.</b> </p> </blockquote> <p>After Ernest's death, Bessie married (third) <b>George Garrigues</b>.</p> <p><b> Roy Widmer</b> lives in Royal Oak, Michigan.<br> <b> Ocie Widmer</b> married <b>Hubert Sutton</b> and they had one child named <b>Jean</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Lawrence T. Widmer</b> was born <i>July 22, 1869.</i> He drowned in the Wabash River sometime during the 1930's.<br> <b> Peter Oliver Widmer</b> was born October 22, 1871. He married Carrie Mitchell and they had four children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> John Widmer</b> was born <i>March 16, 1900</i>. He married <b>Lula Dexter</b>.<br> <b> Saddie Widmer</b> was born <i>July 22, 1902. S</i>he married <b>Ottis Cadwaladen</b> and they had seven children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Gordon Cadwaladen</b>,<br> <b> Barbara Cadwaladen</b>,<br> <b> Dale Cadwaladen</b>,<br> <b> Martha Cadwaladen</b>,<br> <b> Ralph Cadwaladen</b>,<br> <b> Evelyn Cadwaladen</b>, and<br> <b> Richard Cadwaladen</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Ruby Widmer</b> married <b>Charles Wray</b> on December 3, 1901.<br> <b> Dorothy Evelyn Widmer</b> married <b>Harley Cox</b> and they had seven children: </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Patricia Cox</b>,<br> <b> Lewis Cox</b>,<br> <b> Roland Cox</b>,<br> <b> Keith Cox</b>,<br> <b> Margaret Cox</b>,<br> <b> Philip Cox</b>, and<br> <b> Robert Cox</b>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p><b> Ella Louise Widmer</b> was born <i>January 7, 1875</i>, at Baldwin, Missouri. She married <b>Edmund Nelson Greene</b> on August 11, 1903, in Tippecanoe County. They had three children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Ethel Greene</b> was born <i>June 8, 1904</i>. She never married.<br> <b> Nelson Edmund Greene</b> was born <i>January 10, 1910</i>. He married <b>Harriet Klaberenges</b> and they had three children: </p> <p><b>Kenlyn Annett Greene</b>, <b>Carol Greene</b>, and <b>Roger Greene</b>.</p> <p><b> Edith Greene</b> married <b>Homer Bramer</b> and they had five children: </p> <p><b>Arlene Bramer, Richard Bramer, Robert Bramer, James Bramer, and George Bramer</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> George A. Widmer</b> was born <i>May 1, 1877</i>. He was married twice. His first marriage was to <b>Eva Zufall</b> on November 18, 1901, and they had five children before her death. He married (second) <b>Frances Patton</b> and they had four children. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Roy Widmer</b> died at the age of six years.<br> <b> Ola Widmer</b> died when quite young.<br> <b> Albert Widmer</b>.<br> <b> Russell Widmer</b> was born <i>September 28, 1909</i>. He married <b>Oma Baker</b> on November 25, 1937, and they had three children: <b>Albert Widmer</b>, <b>Catherine Widmer</b>, and <b>Susan Widmer</b>.<br> <b> Ruth Widmer</b> died when quite young.<br> <b> Charles Widmer</b> was born <i>April 15, 1919</i>.<br> <b> Mildred Widmer</b>.<br> <b> Howard Widmer</b>.<br> <b> Wanda Widmer</b>.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Josie May Widmer</b> was born <i>February 17, 1880</i>, near St. Louis, Missouri. She died January 9, 1972. She married <b>Peter Wolf</b> on April 14, 1906, in Tippecanoe County, and they had one child. </p><blockquote> <p><b> Naomi Alma Wolf</b> was born <i>January 21, 1909</i>. She married <b>Lowell Shepheard</b> on March 1, 1941. They had no children.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Israel Herman ["Woody"] Widmer</b> was born <i>September 9, 1886.</i> He died December 24, 1978. He was married twice. His first marriage was to <b>Mary Garrison</b> in 1922 at Danville, Illinois. She died in 1957, and Israel married (second) <b>Ruth Pope</b> in 1967.</p></blockquote> <p><b> Isaac Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1845</i>, and was five years old when the 1850 census was taken of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. He was not listed in his parents' household when the 1860 census was taken; he probably had died by that date.</p> <p><b> Israel Reuben Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born on <i>May 31, 1845</i>. He never married. He accompanied his parents to Missouri where he died May 6, 1900. He was buried in Gray's Cemetery at High Point, Missouri.</p> <p><b> Barbara Ellen Sparks</b>, daughter of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>April 2, 1850</i>. She married <b>George Bungard</b>. She died February 27, 1913, and was buried in Gray's Cemetery at High Point, Missouri. Her husband, George Bungard, was buried beside her, as was a <b>son</b>, born <i>March 20, 1881</i>, who died at birth.</p> <p><b> Thomas Sparks</b>, son of William and Catherine (Huckley) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1853</i>. He was seven years of age when the 1860 census was taken of Tippecanoe County and was living with his parents. We have found no further record of him.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> James Sparks, Jr.</b>, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>June 25, 1804</i>. He accompanied his parents to Ohio and in all likelihood he was married there ca. 1828. We have not learned the name of his wife. They had two children before the death of James Sparks, Jr., which apparently occurred ca. 1833 in Ohio.</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Joseph Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1830</i>. When his father died, he went to live with his uncle, Joseph Sparks, and accompanied that family to Fulton County, Illinois. When the 1850 census was taken, he was 20 years of age and still living in the household of his uncle. We have no further information regarding him.</p> <p><b> Mary Hester ["folly"] Sparks</b> was born <i>August 24, 1832</i>, in Ohio. She, like her brother, Joseph, was reared in the household of her uncle, Joseph Sparks, after the death of her father. When the 1850 census was taken of Fulton County, Illinois, she was 17 years of age and a school teacher. She was then living in the household of Charles M. and Prudence Garring, ages 27 and 20 years, respectively. She is said to have married and moved to Iowa. We have no further information regarding her.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Marjorie Sparks</b>, daughter of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>December 28, 1805</i>. She was probably named for her father's sister. On August 12, 1824, she married <b>Benjamin Carr</b> in Richland County, Ohio. We have no further information regarding her.</p> <p><b> Mary ["Polly") Sparks</b>, daughter of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born on <i>May 23, 1807</i>. She married <b>FNU Jones</b>. She is said to have died in Clinton County, Indiana. We have no further information regarding her.</p> <p>(<b>Editor's Note:</b> This record of the descendants of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks will be continued in a forthcoming issue of The Sparks Quarterly.)</p> </blockquote> <hr> <p>Pages 2612-2636<br> Whole Number 126 <p><a name="A126A"></a>(<b>Editor's Note:</b> This is a continuation of the article begun in the <a href="#">March 1984 issue of the Quarterly (Whole No. 125)</a>. In that issue, we presented a sketch of the life of <b> James Sparks</b> (born <i>ca. 1765</i>, died in 1855) of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Clinton County, Indiana, and seven of his children: Martha, <b>Margaret, Sarah, William, James, Marjorie, and Mary</b>. Here we present the remainder of his children <b>Joseph, Thomas, Robert, Allen, and Elizabeth</b>. A number of descendants of this branch of the Sparks Family have provided important data and photographs that have made possible the compilation of this article by our Association's President, Dr. Paul E. Sparks. Among those contributors are the following: Minnie P. Huffer (Mrs. Enos G.), 1411 North 6th St., Manitowoc, Wisconsin (54220); Rita M. Pierce, 158 Sycamore St., El Paso, Illinois (61738); Lois Ritter (Mrs. Harry), R.R. # 3, Box 492, Muscatine, Iowa (52761); and Irma Wells (Mrs. Robert L.), 3602 LogaMarch Lane, Anderson, Indiana (46011).) <p><b> Joseph Sparks</b>, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>November 23, 1808</i>, and was a young lad when his parents moved from Washington County, Pennsylvania, to Ohio, settling in that part of Richland County that helped to form Ashland County in 1846. It was there that he learned the trade of carpentry which enabled him to become a skilled wheelwright and furniture maker. It was also probably in Ohio that he met and courted <b>Sarah DeFord</b>. They were married on July 29, 1830. (Their marriage record went with Ashland County when that county was formed.) Sarah was born September 13, 1813, probably in Maryland, although some descendants say that she was a native of Belmont County, Ohio. She was a daughter of <b>William and Polly (Jones) DeFord</b>.</p> <p>Joseph Sparks followed his brother, Allen, to Indiana, where, on May 3, 1836, he bought a 40-acre farm from James and Catherine Dukes in Clinton County. When the 1840 census was taken, he and Sarah had five children, three sons and two daughters. Then in September 1844, he and Sarah sold their farm and moved the following year to Young Hickory Township (also known as Deerfield Township) in Fulton County, Illinois. There they bought an 80-acre farm, including the log cabin that was on it, from William Weaver. They set to work erecting a house, but meanwhile they lived with Joseph Wheeler who had married Sarah's sister. The log cabin which Joseph Sparks had bought from Weaver was only 10 by 30 feet; it became his workshop. In it, he and his sons began making furniture, for they had been able to move very little of their "old" furniture from Indiana to Illinois.</p> <p>Joseph Sparks entered into the community and governmental activities of Fulton County, and as early as 1854 he was a township supervisor. He also served as a justice of the peace and as an assessor. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and in politics he was a Democrat.</p> <p>The first child of Joseph and Sarah Sparks to marry was their daughter, Sarah, who married David D. Pierce on February 10, 1853. In their family Bible, which was printed in 1855, they not only recorded the vital statistics for their own small family, but also those of Sarah's parents and her sisters and brothers. The completeness of these records has contributed greatly to the preparation of this article. The Bible is now in the hands of a descendant, Minnie P. Huffer. It was given to Sarah's son, Edgar C. Pierce, when Sarah died in 1883 and was passed on to Edgar's son, Clarke, who owned it from 1913 until 1949, when he gave it to Mrs. Huffer. Here are the family records just as they were written in the Bible.</p> <H1 align="center">MARRIAGES</H1> <blockquote> <b> Joseph Sparks</b> and Sarah DeFord were married July 29th 1830<br> David D. Pierce and <b>Sarah Sparks</b> were married February the 10th 1853<br> <b>William Sparks</b> and Emily Hossleton were married November 17th 1859<br> <b>Allen Sparks</b> and Ann Jane Johnson were married December 28th 1859<br> Joseph Pickering and <b>Margaret Ann Sparks</b> were married March [sic]<br> <b>James Wilson Sparks</b> and Margaret A. Morgan were married March 21st 1866<br> <b>John Sparks</b> and Susan M. Ross were married December 31st 1868<br> <b>Thomas J. Sparks</b> and Aggie S. Patton were married March 23rd 1871<br> Frederic W. Hirst and <b>Eleanor J. Sparks</b> were married September 13th 1875<br> George A. Forbes and <b>Susan Sparks</b> were married December 1876 [sic]<br> Edgar C. Pierce and Ada M. Crowl were married March 28, 1888<br> Harry Clyde Pierce and Emma C. Spurgeon were married November 3, 1888<br> Clarke Pierce and Ann W. Pauge married April 10, 1932</blockquote> <H1 align="center">DEATHS</H1> <blockquote> <p><b>Sarah Sparks</b>, wife of Joseph Sparks, died January 21st 1863, aged 49 years 10 months<br> Frank Leslie Pierce, son of Sarah and David D. Pierce, died June 18th 1868, aged 10 years, 10 months and 5 days</p> <p><b>Sarah Sparks</b>, my mother, died January 21st 1863 at 8 a.m. Buried at 11 a.m. January 23, 1863. Was removed from Fulton County and buried in the cemetery in Bushnell September 23rd 1870</p> <p><b>Joseph Sparks</b>, my father, died July 6th 1876, aged 67 yrs 7 months 24 da. Buried July 8th 1876 in Bushnell Cemetery</p> </blockquote> <blockquote>Susan Forbes died September 19th 1881<br> Sarah, wife of David Pierce, died April 27, 1883 4:30 a.m., aged 49 years 1 month 3 days. Hymn sung was "Remember me for what I have done." Remarks on the transitory of Life</blockquote> <H1 align="center">BIRTHS</H1> <blockquote> <b>Joseph Sparks</b> was born <i>November 23rd 1808</i><br> <b>Sarah Sparks</b>, his wife, was born <i>September 13th 1813</i><br> <b>Allen Sparks</b> was born <i>June 8th 1831</i><br> <b>Sarah Sparks</b> was born <i>March 24th 1834</i><br> <b>Margaret Ann Sparks</b> was born <i>June 28th 1836 </i><br> <b>William Sparks</b> was born <i>December 20th 1838</i><br> <b>James Wilson Sparks</b> was born <i>March 5th 1841</i><br> <b>John Sparks</b> and Thomas Sparks was born <i>August 16th 184</i>3<br> <b>Susan Sparks</b> was born <i>December 5th 1847</i><br> <b>Joseph N. Sparks</b> was born <i>October 18th 1850</i><br> <b>Eleanor Josephine Sparks</b> was born <i>December 5th 1854</i><br> David D. Pierce was born <i>30th of June 1831</i><br> Sarah Pierce was born<i> 24th of March 1834</i><br> Charles Edgar Pierce was born <i>February 22nd 1854</i><br> Frank Leslie Pierce was born <i>August 13, 1857</i><br> Harry Clyde Pierce was born <i>November 23rd 1862</i><br> Clarke Pierce was born May 15th 1903. Christened <i>October 25, 1903</i>.<br> Ada M. Crowl Pierce born <i>November 25th 1864</i><br> Emma Caroline Spurgeon Pierce born <i>2 February 1868</i></blockquote> <p>As recorded in the family Bible, Sarah (DeFord) Sparks died January 21, 1863, and was buried in Fulton County. On April 2, 1865, Joseph Sparks married (second) <b>Mrs. Matilda Jane (Heller) Jennings</b> at Ellisville, Illinois. She had been born June 22, 1830, in Ohio, and was the widow of Phillip Jennings; he had been killed during the Civil War, leaving her with three children: John Jennings, Martha Jennings, and Phillip Jennings, Jr.</p> <p>Joseph and Jane (Heller) Sparks (she went by the name of Jane) had three children before his death on July 6, 1876. He was buried in the Bushnell Cemetery by the side of his first wife. Jane is said to have married (third) FNU Cameron. She died in 1916 near Ellisville.</p> <p>Joseph Sparks was the father of thirteen children. In addition, he reared two children of his brother, <b>James Sparks</b>, along with three step-children. He could truly be called a "family man." <table border=0 cols=2 width="90%" align="center"> <tr><td align="center"> <b>ALLEN SPARKS</b></td> <td align="center"> <b><u>SARAH (SPARKS) PIERCE</u></b> </td> </tr> <tr><td align="center"> (1831-1910) </td> <td align="center"> (1834 -1883) </td> </tr> </table> <H1 align="center">Oldest Son & Oldest Daughter of Joseph & Sarah (DeFord) Sparks</H1> <table border=0 cols=2 width="100%" align="center"> <tr><td align="center">(Picture)</td> <td align="center">(Picture)</td> </tr> </table> <blockquote> <b> Allen L. Sparks</b>, son of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born on <i>June 8, 1831</i>, in Richland County, Ohio. On December 28, 1859, he married <b>Ann Jane ["Jennie") Johnson</b>. She was born November 11, 1838,at Prairie City, Illinois. Allen was one of the most prominent men of his time in McDonough County. He was school treasurer of Bushnell Township, a justice of the peace, a township supervisor, and county clerk. He was a member of the Methodist Church. He died at Bushnell, Illinois, on Septem ber 15, 1910. Jennie died June 13, 1935. They were buried in the Bushnell. Cemetery. They had two children. <blockquote> <b> Emery Caldwell Sparks</b>, born <i>February 8, 1867.</i> He lived on his grandfather's farm near Ellisville, IL. He married. twice. His first marriage was to <b>Enolia Mary Fairman</b> on June 25, 1885. She died in 1926, and he married (second) <b>Mrs. Anna van Brunt</b>. Emery and his first wife had five children: <blockquote> <b> Ethel Sparks</b> was born <i>February 15, 1886</i>, at Ellisville. She died April 14, 1978, at Canton, Illinois. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to <b>Charles Reed</b> on July 25, 1903. They had three children: <b>Hugh Reed</b>, <b>Naomi Reed</b>, and <b>Bernice Reed</b>. Ethel married (second) <b>Erve Wyland</b> in 1928.<br> <b> Walter Allen Sparks</b> was born <i>May 10, 1891</i>. He died March 16, 1978, at Elmwood, Illinois. He married <b>Carol Ratcliffe</b> on July 3, 1913, and they had one child, Audrey.<br> <b> Roy Thomas Sparks</b> lived at Bourbon, Indiana.<br> <b> Florence Sparks</b> married a man whose surname was <b>Lee</b> and they lived at Mathersville, Illinois.<br> <b> Mabel Sparks</b> married <b>Ralph Hendershot</b> and they lived at Bushnell.</blockquote> <b> Eben Burrell Sparks</b>, son of Allen and Jennie (Johnson) Sparks, lived at Bushnell. He went by the name of Burrell. He retired at Mountain Home, Arkansas. He had a son, <b> Durward Sparks</b>, who taught school for a while at Peoria, Illinois and a daughter named <b>Lucille</b>.</blockquote> <p><b> Sarah Sparks</b>, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born <i>March 24, 1834</i>, in Richland County, Ohio. She married <b>David D. Pierce</b> on February 10, 1853, in Fulton County, Illinois. He was born June 30, 1831, in Oneida County, New York, and was a son of <b>Isaac and Pedee Ann (Culver) Pierce</b>. He had come west to Knox County, Illinois, where he taught school in 1851. He and Sarah began housekeeping in Knoxville, Illinois, but moved to Bushnell, Illinois, a short time later. There they lived for the rest of their lives.</p> <p>David Pierce, husband of Sarah (Sparks) Pierce, was a well-educated man for his times. He was a farmer, but also established a nursery which was unusual in that day when mock oranges were used as fence rows. He was also a surveyor and laid out many roads in western Illinois. He was quite active in the Masonic Lodge and was Master of Pickett Lodge in Bushnell in 1875, 1876, and 1885. He was also a Knight Templar and 32nd Degree Mason.</p> <p>In the late 1870's, Sarah (Sparks) Pierce was taken to the Rush Medical School Hospital in Chicago where she had breast surgery performed, an operation which was quite uncommon in those days. She was persuaded to go there by her brothers, James Wilson Sparks and William M. Sparks, both of whom had been graduated from the Rush Medical School. She was bedfast for a long time after the surgery. <p>Sarah (Sparks) Pierce died April 27, 1883, and David died a few years later, on January 24, 1889. They were buried in the Bushnell Cemetery. They were the parents of three children. <blockquote> <b> Edgar Charles ["Ed"] Pierce</b> was born <i>February 22, 1854</i>, in Knoxville, Illinois. He was a talented musician and also a capable photographer. He played the clarinet and violin as well as other instruments. He taught his brother, Harry, a great deal about music and photography. In his later years, he became a druggist. He was a member of the Pickett Masonic Lodge in Bushnell. He married Ada Crowl on March 28, 1888. She was born in 1865 and was a daughter of George and Jennie (Welch) Crowl. Ed died September l, 1913, and was buried in the Bushnell Cemetery. Ada died June 5, 1949, and was buried at Mt. Olive, Illinois. They had one child. <blockquote> <b> Clarke Pierce</b> was born <i>May 15, 1903</i>. He married <b>Ann W. Pauge</b> on April 16, 1932. They live in Mt. Olive, Illinois. They had no children.</blockquote> <p><b> Frank Leslie Pierce</b>, son of David and Sarah (Sparks) Pierce, was born on <i>August 13, 1857</i>. He died June 18, 1868, just two months before he would have been eleven years old.</p> <H1 align="center">HARRY CLYDE PIERCE (1862-1928)<br> (Picture)</H1> <p><b> Harry Clyde Pierce</b>, son of David and Sarah (Sparks) Pierce, was born on <i>November 23, 1862</i>, in Bushnell, Illinois. He was an excellent musician and learned much about music and photography from his brother, Ed. He was a band director in many towns throughout the Midwest, spending most of his life as a musician. He played the clarinet. He, like his brother, was also a capable photographer, and, according to a descendant, he met his wife when she came to him to have her picture made. In later years, he became an interior decorator.</blockquote> <blockquote>Harry Pierce married <b>Emma Caroline Spurgeon</b> on November 3, 1888, at Palmyra, Missouri. She was born February 2, 1868, at Butler, Missouri, and was a daughter of <b>Jeremiah Spurgeon and Julia Catherine Houston</b>. Harry died at Canton, Illinois, on October 17, 1828, and was buried in the Bushnell Cemetery. Emma died August 27, 1943, at Bloomington, Illinois, and was buried at E1 Paso, Illinois. She and Harry had nine children. <blockquote> <b> Derwood D. Pierce</b> was born <i>November 12, 1889</i>, at Bushnell, Illinois. He died July 3, 1918, and was buried at El Paso. <p><b> Max S. Pierce</b> was born <i>December 14, 1890</i>, at Bushnell, Illinois. He died February 22, 1919, aboard the ship The Mercury as he was returning from France after the close of World War I. He was buried in the Bushnell Cemetery. <p><b> Edgar C. Pierce</b> was born <i>October 21, 1893</i>, at Colfax, Iowa. He served in England during World War I. On October 15, 1925, he married <b>Mabel Evelyn Reynolds</b> at Abingdon, Illinois. He died September 1, 1954, at Colorado Springs, Colorado. Mabel died May 5, 1982. They had no children. <p><b> Minnie Mae Pierce</b> was born <i>March 10, 1896</i>, at Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She married <b>Enos G. Huffer</b> on December 20, 1930, in Chicago. They had two children, both born in Springfield, Illinois: <b>Bruce Pierce Huffer</b>, born <i>August 31, 1932</i>, and <b>Nancy Huffer</b>, born <i>September 26, 19</i>39. <b>Bruce</b> was married on August 15, 1964, to <b>Lesley Jean Upham</b>, at Jackson, Michigan, and they have three children, Gregory, Janet, and Deborah Sue. <b>Nancy Huffer</b> married <b>Douglas H. Macomber</b> on June 12, 1961, at Granville, Ohio. They have two children, Marcia Lynn and Scott, both born in Evanston, Illinois. Mrs. Huffer has been most helpful in the preparation of this article. <p><b> Dale N. Pierce</b> was born <i>October 6, 1898</i>, at Oakville, Iowa. He died February 14, 1940, at Normal, Illinois. He married <b>Gladys Lafferty</b> in 1925 and they had one child, <b>Robert Pierce</b>. <p><b> Ryland H. Pierce</b> was born <i>November 7, 1901</i>, at Crescent City, Illinois. He died February 3, 1976, at Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was married three times. His first marriage was to <b>Alice G. Woodruff</b> on June 18, 1918. They had three children: <b>Rita A. Pierce</b>, <b>Evelyn L. Pierce</b>, and <b>Ryland H. Pierce</b>. After the death of his first wife in 1926, Ryland married (second) <b>Mary Anderson</b> on June 21, 1928. They had two children: <b>Phyllis J. Pierce</b> and <b>Alberta Pierce</b>. Ryland married (third) <b>Mrs. Olive Grey Swenson</b>. <p><b> Mabel G. Pierce</b> was born <i>2 February 1904</i>, at Chenoa, Illinois. She died January 27, 1979, at Peoria, Illinois. On October 20, 1928, she married <b>R. Wayne Norton</b> at El Paso, Illinois, and they had two children: <b>Jerry Norton</b> and <b>Linda Sue Norton</b>. Wayne was a native of Bloomington, Illinois.</blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote><blockquote> <p><b> Besse K. Pierce</b> was born <i>May 18, 1906</i>, at Fairbury, Illinois. On April 5, 1927, she married <b>Perry M. Moore</b> at Joliet, Illinois. They had one child, <b>Carol Ann Moore</b>.</p> <p><b> Rita Maxine Pierce</b> was born <i>February 26, 1909</i>, at El Paso, Illinois. She has been most helpful in the preparation of this article and has furnished the photographs of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks along with eight others of their descendants.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <b> Margaret Ann ["Maggie"] Sparks</b>, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born <i>June 28, 1836.</i> She married <b>Joseph Pickering</b>, and they had two daughters, names not known. According to information we have received, one of the daughters married George Duncan, and they had sons who moved to Manteca, California. Joseph Pickering served as an Indian agent in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and then moved to Portland, Kansas. <H1 align="center">MARGARET (SPARKS) PICKERING<br> (Picture)</H1> <p><b> William M. Sparks</b>, son of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born on <i>December 20, 1838</i>, in Clinton County, Indiana. He was a farmer, but he also studied medicine at the Rush Medical School in Chicago and became a practicing physician. On November 17, 1859, he married <b>Harriet Emily Hossleton</b> in Fulton County, Illinois. She was born October 10, 1839, in Illinois. When the Civil War broke out, William joined the 72nd Regiment Illinois Infantry and served until the war ended. (See page 2638 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his pension file.) <p>After he returned from the military service, William Sparks lived in several places, including Clark County, Missouri; Butler County, Kansas; Benton County, Arkansas; and San Miguel County, New Mexico. In the latter state, he worked as a physician for the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railroad. It was here that Harriet died March 13, 1910. William died July 25, 1922. They were buried in the Masonic Cemetery in Las Vegas, New Mexico. They had six children.</p> </blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote> <b> Clarence Newton ["Newtie"] Sparks</b> was born <i>March 7, 1861</i>, in Ellisville, Illinois. He lived in or near Las Vegas, New Mexico. He never married. <p><b> William Carlos Sparks</b> was born <i>April 10, 1863</i>. He worked for a mining company, and he was killed in a snow slide in Montana. He never married.<p><b> Florence L. Sparks</b> was born <i>August 2, 1866</i>. She married <b>Horace Oakes</b>, a native of England. They were both buried in Silver City, New Mexico. They had three children. <blockquote> <b> Ernestine Oakes</b> married <b>T. B. Saner</b>, and in 1964 they were living in South Pasadena, California. They had a son and twin daughters, one of whom was named Barbara. We have no further information about this family. <p><b> Ethel Oakes</b> married <b>George J. Harbauer</b> and in 1964 they were living in El Cajon, California. They had one child, Jack, who lived in Kansas. <p><b> Muriel Oakes</b> married <i>M. J. O'Boyle</i>, and they lived in Santa Rosa, California.</blockquote> <b> Carrie Demette Sparks</b> was born <i>July 11, 1869,</i> in Bushnell, Illinois. She never married. She died in 1959 in Las Vegas, New Mexico.<p><b> Ada Perry Sparks</b> was born <i>April 2, 1874</i>, in Topeka, Kansas. She homesteaded a ranch near Pecos, New Mexico, as early as 1891, and sold the land in 1897. She invested in property in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She never married, and in her later life made her home with her nephew, Waldo Hainlen. She died in 1964.<p><b> Mabel Earle Sparks</b> was born <i>September 15, 1876</i>, in Plum Grove, Kansas. On October 23, 1901, she married Charles T. Hainlen at Cowles, New Mexico. He was born January 18, 1875, at Trinidad, Colorado. He died on October 4, 1947, and Mabel died December 25, 1952, at Las Vegas, New Mexico. They had three children. <blockquote> <b> Florence E. Hainlen</b> was born <i>August 15, 1902</i>, in Las Vegas, New Mexico. On June 16, 1921, she married <b>Rex Morrison</b> at Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1964, they were operating a resort area in Gallinas Canyon on New Mexico State Route 3 to Montezuma. We have no further information about them. <p><b> Mervyn R. Hainlen</b> was born <i>February 14, 1905</i>, in Cowles, New Mexico. He is said to have married in 1938, but we have no further information about him. <p><b> Charles Waldo Hainlen</b> was born <i>September 18, 1908</i>, in Las Vegas. Waldo (as he was called) never married. His aunt, Ada Perry Sparks, lived with him until her death in 1964.</blockquote> </blockquote> <H1 align="center">DR. JAMES WILSON SPARKS<br> (1841-1921)<br>(Picture)</H1> <p><b> James Wilson Sparks</b>, son of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born on <i>March 5, 1841</i>, at Colfax, Indiana. He attended the Rush Medical School in Chicago and became a practicing physician. He married <b>Margaret Amanda Morgan</b> on March 22, 1866, in Fulton County, Illinois. She was born March 21, 1849, at Marietta, Illinois. James died January 2, 1921, in Indianapolis, Indiana. Margaret survived him by nearly twenty-five years, dying on February 5, 1945, also in Indianapolis where both were buried. They had three children. <blockquote> <b> Guy Leo Sparks</b> was born <i>November 22, 1867</i>, in McDonough County, Illinois. He died September 16, 1955, at Indianapolis, Indiana. He married <b>Clara R. Heitkam</b> on September 4, 1889, in Arkansas City, Kansas. She was born March 16, 1869, at Arkansas City and was a member of the Roman Catholic Church. She and Guy had four children. <blockquote> <b> Vera Marie Sparks</b> was born ca.<i> 1890</i>. She married <b>Frank X. Thale</b> in 1913, and they had at least one child, a son, <b>James Sparks Thale</b> who was born in 1920 at Evanston, Illinois. <p><b> Clare Agnes Sparks</b> was born in the 1890's. We have no further information about her. <p><b> James Vincent Sparks</b> was born probably in the 1890's. He was a dentist. <p><b> Alan Leo Sparks</b> was born <i>January 20, 1902</i>, in Indianapolis. He became a physician and practiced his profession in his hometown of Indianapolis until his death on October 18, 1978. He was a strong supporter of the Sparks Family Association. On September 10, 1930, he married <b>Mary Jane Wilcox</b>, and they had two sons, <b> Robert J. Sparks</b> and <b> Richard Sparks</b>.</blockquote> <b> Fred Darius Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1870</i>.<br> <b> Grace M. Sparks</b> was born <i> ca. 1875</i>.</blockquote> </blockquote> <blockquote> <b> John Wesley Sparks</b> (he was known as Wesley Sparks), son of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born <i>August 16, 1843</i>; he died July 17, 1917, in Long Beach, California. He became an attorney and practiced law with his twin brother, Thomas J. Sparks. He was married on December 31, 1868, to <b>Susan M. Ross</b>, who was born August 13, 1842. She died November 4, 1922, in Long Beach. Both were buried in Inglewood Cemetery. They apparently had no children, but adopted Wesley's niece, Susan Forbes, after the death of her mother. (See H, 8, below) <p><b> Thomas Jefferson Sparks</b> was born on <i>August 16, 1843</i>; he was a twin brother of John Wesley Sparks. (See above.) Thomas completed a common school education in Fulton County, Illinois, and then he attended Lombard College at Galesburg, Illinois. He later studied at Howe's Academy at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. In 1864, he began "reading law" with S. Corning Judd at Lewistown, Illinois, and was admitted to the bar. He then went to Central City, Nebraska, where he practiced law for six years.</p> <H1 align="center">THOMAS JEFFERSON SPARKS<br>Born 1843 (Picture)</H1> <p>According to a History of McDonough County, Illinois, edited by Alexander McLean in 1907, Thomas Jefferson Sparks was an active member of the Democratic Party and was elected City Attorney of Bushnell, Illinois, for several years. He was also elected as a representative to the 38th General Assembly of Illinois. The history cited above concludes his biography as follows: "Socially, Mr. Sparks is connected with the Masonic fraternity. Around his strenuous life he has built a wall of public confidence, and his qualities of mind and heart are such as may well be emulated by the men of a younger generation."</blockquote> <blockquote>On March 23, 1871, Thomas J. Sparks married <b>Agnes Patton</b> at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. She was born January 12, 1850, in Wheeling, Virginia (now West Virginia); she died in 1908 in Bushnell, Illinois. To this union, two children were born. <blockquote> <b> Maude Sparks</b> was born <i>April 10, 1873</i>, at Central City, Nebraska. She died March 17, 1963, at South Bend, Indiana. On August 8, 1894, she married <b>W. W. Earnest</b> at Bushnell, Illinois, and they had one child. <blockquote> <b> Eloise Earnest</b> was born <i>April 13, 1903</i>, at Bushnell. She died September 29, 1983, at Batavia, Illinois. She married <b>Fred R. McMurray</b> and they had two children: <b>Thomas E. McMurray</b> and <b>Shelia McMurray</b>.</blockquote> <b> Ray Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1889</i> at Bushnell, Illinois. He married <b>Helen Lindsey</b> of Topeka, Kansas. They had no children.</blockquote> <b> Susan Sparks</b>, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born <i>December 5, 1847</i>. She married <b>George Forbes</b> on November 29, 1876, at Bridger, Territory of Wyoming. (This marriage date was provided by Susan's daughter, Alice; as recorded by Sarah Sparks in her family Bible, see page 2613, Susan was married "December 1876.") George Forbes was from Toledo, Ohio, and was a civil engineer associated with the Union Pacific Railroad. He and Susan had two children, including an unnamed son who died at birth. Shortly after the birth of her second child, Susan (Sparks) Forbes died September 19, 1881. She was buried in the Bushnell Cemetery. <H1 align="center">SUSAN (SPARKS) FORBES (1847-1881)<br> (Picture)</H1> <blockquote> <p><b> Alice Forbes</b> was born on <i>September 19, 1881</i>. After the death of her mother, she was taken into the home of her uncle, <b> Wesley Sparks</b>, and was adopted by him. She was reared under the name of <b> Alice Sparks</b>. She married <b>Earl W. Badger</b> and they had three children. </p> <blockquote> <p><b> Alice Caroline Badger</b> was born <i>April 26, 1909</i>, at Central City, Nebraska. She was married and had a child; she married (second) <b>John L. Melgaard</b> in September 1934. They are known to have had children, but we have no further information.</p> <p><b> Arthur Wesley Badger</b> was born <i>October 13, 1910</i>, in Long Beach, California. He is said to have married and to have had a family.</p> <p><b> Richard Earl Badger</b> was born <i>December 6, 1921</i>. He is said to live in California; he married and has children named <b>Alice Margaret Badger</b>, born <i>April 10, 1945</i>, and <b>Michael Richard Badger</b>, born <i>September 15, 1948</i>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p><b> Joseph Newton Sparks</b>, son of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born on <i>October 18, 1850</i>. He died two years later.</p> <H1 align="center">JOSEPHINE (SPARKS) HIRST<br>(Born 1847)<br> (Picture)</H1> <p><b> Eleanor Josephine Sparks</b>, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, was born <i>December 5, 1854</i>. [Notice that her birthdate is shown as 1847 on the accompanying photograph. It is not known which date is correct.] She went by the name of Josephine. She married <b>Frederick Wilson Hirst</b> on September 13, 1875, in Fulton County,Illinois. He was born ca. 1848 in the state of New York to parents who were natives of England. In the early days of the Union Pacific Rail Road, he was in charge of the district at Ogden, Utah. Later he taught school. He and Josephine had three children.</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Frederick Hirst, Jr.</b> was born ca.<i> 1876</i>.</p> <p><b> Florence Josephine Hirst</b> was born <i>October 16, 1878</i>. She became a school teacher and taught many years at Ogden, Utah. She married <b>William Henderson Newcomb</b> on July 24, 1911. He was a teacher.</p> <p><b> Ethel Louise Hirst</b> married <b>FNU Turner</b>. She died December 31, 1939, at Ogden, Utah. She and Mr. Turner had four children.</p> <blockquote><blockquote> <p><b> Hirst Turner</b> was a dentist in Ogden, Utah.<br> <b> Charlene Turner</b> married <b>FNU Jury</b>.<br> <b> Eleanor Turner</b> married <b>Victor Stone</b>.<br> <b> Marian Turner</b> married (first) <b>FNU Busch</b> and (second) <b>FNU Dragerton</b>.</p></blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p>As was noted above, following the death of his wife, Sarah (DeFord) Sparks, in 1863, Joseph Sparks married (second) a widow, Mrs. Matilda Jane (Heller) Jennings, on April 2, 1865, at Ellisville, Illinois. She was born April 12, 1830, in Ohio and was called Jane. She had married (first) Phillip Jennings, and they lived near Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. When the Civil War broke out, Phillip Jennings joined the Union Array and was killed, leaving Jane with three small children: <b>John, Martha, and Phillip, Jr.</b> The story is told that she put the children on her horse, led the cow, and walked back to her father's home near Canton, Illinois. It was there that she met Joseph Sparks, and they were married. She and Joseph had three children before his death in 1876.</p> <p><b> Joseph Sparks, Jr.</b>, son of Joseph and Jane (Heller) Sparks, was born on <i>November 7, 1866</i>, at Fairview, Illinois. He was possessed of a keen mind and a desire to learn. When his half-brother, Wesley Sparks, returned to Illinois for a visit, he found Joseph working on their father's farm. Wesley persuaded Joseph to come to Nebraska and live with him. Wesley sent Joseph to Nebraska Central College where he was graduated in 1890. Joseph then became school superintendent of several communities in Nebraska, including Orleans, Fairmont, Greeley, and Aurora. He resigned from the superintendency of the Aurora schools to accept a position in the Nebraska State Department of Education, and in 1910 he was appointed the first president of the Chadron Normal School, a position he held until 1916.</p> <p>On February 24, 1894, Joseph Sparks married <b>Elizabeth K. Sackett</b> at Central City, Nebraska, and when the 1900 census was taken of Fillmore County, they were living in Fairmont. With them were their sons, Joseph Sparks and Paul Sparks. Joseph Sparks made his retirement home in Chicago and died there on June 7, 1925, from carbon monoxide poisoning while he was working on his automobile in his open-door garage. He was buried with full Masonic honors. Elizabeth, his wife, was still living in 1939</p> <p><b> Isaac M. Sparks</b>, son of Joseph and Jane (Heller) Sparks, was born <i>January 17, 1868</i>. He lived in Rushville, Illinois, then moved to Salina, Kansas, and worked for a telephone company. When he retired, he moved to Smithfield, Illinois, where he died in June 1949. He is said to have had in his possession the rifle that had belonged to his grandfather, James Sparks; it had the date "1812" inscribed on its stock. On September 15, 1892, Isaac Sparks married <b>Elizabeth Cameron</b> in Fulton County, Illinois. She was born in 1870. They had four children.</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Joseph A. Sparks</b> died in 1922.<br> <b> Martha Sparks</b> married <b>Elmer Dickinson</b>, and they lived at Galesburg, Illinois.<br> <b> Gus Sparks</b> lived in Bushnell, Illinois.<br> <b> Henry Sparks</b> lived in Salina, Kansas. He is said to have had four sons.</p> <p>Isaac Sparks became a most successful businessman in Smithfield, Illinois. He was president of the telephone company, chairman of the Board of Education, and mayor of the town. His photograph appears on the following page.</p> </blockquote> <H1 align="center">ISAAC M. SPARKS, 1868-1949<br> Son of Joseph and Jane (Heller) Sparks<br> (Picture)</H1> <p><b> Matilda Ann Sparks</b>, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Heller) Sparks, was born on <i>March 9, 1872</i>, in Fulton County, Illinois. She married a U.S. Army officer, name not known. He was a colonel during World War II and was stationed at Camp Ellis near Ellisville, Illinois, where captured German prisoners were interned.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Thomas Sparks</b>, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>August 11, 1810</i>, and was about eleven years old when his parents moved to Ohio. He accompanied them also to Clinton County, Indiana, where he bought 40 acres of land on May 18, 1836. The following Dec, he added another 52 acres to his farm, probably in preparation for his marriage to <b>Martha Loveless</b> on September 22, 1837. She was born September 21, 1816, in Ohio and was a daughter of <b>Benjamin and Catherine (Besley) Loveless</b>. Her brother, <b>John V. Loveless</b>, married her husband's sister, Elizabeth Sparks, the following March. (See item L, below) <p>A biographical sketch is given of Thomas Sparks in A Portrait and Biographical Record of Boone and Clinton Counties, Indiana, published in 1895 by the A. W. Bowen & Company of Chicago. It reads in part: "When twenty-seven years old, he (Thomas Sparks became a resident of Clinton County, and he is classed among the pioneers of this section. He made the journey from Ohio to Indiana in a wagon, and moved to a place upon which no improvements of any kind had been made, but in time he cleared and developed a good farm of 140 acres and erected substantial buildings. He was a prominent man of his community, a member of the Methodist Church, and a Whig in his political belief, later a Republican." <p>Martha (Loveless) Sparks, wife of Thomas Sparks, died September 8, 1855. Thomas died April 3, 1879. They were buried in the Loveless Cemetery near Colfax, Indiana. They had nine children.</p> <blockquote> <b> James Allen Sparks</b> was born <i>August 11, 1838</i>. He served in the 105th Regiment Indiana State Militia for a short time in repelling the raid of the Confederate General John Hunt Morgan into Indiana and Ohio. (See page 2638 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his military service.) On April 26, 1866, he married <b>Mariah Wainscott</b> in Clinton County. She was born December 23, 1841, and was a daughter of <b>L. and Hulda (Bean) Wainscott</b>, early settlers of Clinton County. <p>James was reared on the old farm of his father and was educated in the common schools. According to the biographical record referred to above in the sketch about his father, he was (in 1895) "one of the leading farmers in his township, cultivating 72 acres of land located about three miles east of Colfax. He is a general farmer and stock-raiser and a lover of good horses and keeps excellent ones. He takes an active part in the Republican party and is a member of the Masonic order. He and his wife are members of the United Brethren Church. Having no children of their own, they adopted a child, <b>Samuel J. Gher</b>, when he was only eight months old, whom they have yet, and are still fondly caring for at the age of nineteen." <p>(The Samuel J. Gher referred to in the biography quoted above was a nephew of <b> James Sparks</b> and a son of his sister, <b> Margaret Minerva (Sparks) Gher</b>. (See item 6, below.) Samuel was born <i>ca. 1875</i>; his mother died shortly after his birth.) <p>James Allen Sparks died February 26, 1917, in Clinton County and was buried beside his wife in the Plainview Cemetery at Colfax, Indiana. <p><b> Elizabeth ["Lizzie"] Sparks</b>, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born <i>October 13, 1840</i>. She married <b>John Franklin Crick</b> on January 2, 1862, in Clinton County. He was born December 23, 1837, in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and was a son of <b>John and Anna Catherine (Clenuner) Crick</b>. John was a soldier in the Union forces during the Civil War. He died on October 31, 1910, and Lizzie died May 4, 1912. They were buried in the Bunnell Cemetery at Frankfort, Indiana. They had seven children. </blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote> <b> Martha Jane Crick</b> was born <i>December 6, 1862</i>. At the time of her birth, her father was marching wIth the Union Army toward Stones River, Tennessee, where he was severely wounded on December 31, 1862. He was hospitalized for two years before he was sent home where he saw his daughter for the first time. Martha Jane married <b>Samuel H. Ramsey</b> on March 25, 1886, in Clinton County. He was born March 18, 1860, and was a son of <b>Thomas A. and Mary Jane (Gilmore) Ramsey</b>. Martha Jane died December 23, 1941. She and Samuel had seven children. <blockquote> <b> Ella Mae Ramsey</b> was born <i>Mary 12, 1887</i>. She married the <b>Rev.Lowell E. Morris</b> on August 16, 1925. They had no children. <p><b> Laura O. Ramsey</b> was born <i>May 4, 1889</i>. She married <b>Rolla Buchanan</b> on December 17, 1907, and they had two children: <b>Carl Buchanan </b>and <b>John Buchanan</b>. <p><b> Russell R. Ramsey</b> was born <i>September 27, 1891</i>. He married <b>Susie C. Boxwell</b> on November 4, 1916, and they had twelve children: <b>Herbert M. Ramsey, Wilbur C. Ramsey, Wilburta M. Ramsey, Martha A. Ramsey, Richard S. Ramsey, Bonnie M. Ramsey, Mary A. Ramsey, Helen L. Ramsey, Orpha M. Ramsey, Joseph W. Ramsey, Catherine J. Ramsey, and Samuel C</b>.<b>Ramsey</b>.</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> </blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote><blockquote> <b> Ross Crick Ramsey</b> was born <i>September 8, 1893</i>. He married <b>Leota B. Gaylor </b>on December 24, 1913, and they had two children, <b>Morris Ramsey and Robert Ramsey</b>. <p><b> Clay Allen Ramsey</b> was born on <i>September 3, 1896</i>. He married <b>Lillian Spriggle</b> on January 22, 1919, and they had two children, <b>Rhea Alice Ramsey</b> and <b>Thomas Ramsey</b>.<p><b> William G. Ramsey</b> was born <i>May 31, 1899</i>. He married <b>Orpha Isgrigg</b> on February 3, 1931, and they had three children, <b>Lena Ramsey, William Ramsey, and Paul Ramsey</b>.<p><b> Roberta E. Ramsey</b> was born <i>May 29, 1902</i>. She married <b>Carlyle M. Brown</b> on January 17, 1926, and they had five children: <b>William H. Brown, Laura J. Brown, Mary L. Brown, Russell K. Brown, and James D. Brown</b>. <H1 align="center">CHILDREN OF JOHN F. AND ELIZABETH (SPARKS) CRICK<br>(Picture taken ca. 1886)<br>Left to right, standing: Nettie Crick, Laura Crick, Margaret Crick<br> Left to right, sitting: Thomas Crick, Joseph Crick, Curtis Crick, Martha Crick<br> (Picture)</H1> <b> Margaret A. Crick</b> was born <i>March 6, 1868</i>. She married <b>Frank M. Isgrigg</b> on July 26, 1889. She died in 1937. She and Frank had five children:<b>John Isgrigg, Opal Isgrigg, Letha Isgrigg, Merle Isgrigg, and Mildred Isgrigg</b>. <p><b> John Thomas Crick</b> was born <i>November 12, 1869</i>. He appears to have been called Thomas. He died November 21, 1921, at Sunnyside, Utah. On May 4, 1890, he married <b>Emma Loveless</b> in Clinton County. She was a daughter of <b>Benjamin and Mary J. (Critch) Loveless</b>. She and Thomas (John Thomas) had three children: <b>Lena Crick, Lola Crick, and Lance Crick</b>.<p><b> Nettie May Crick</b> was born <i>May 9, 1872</i>, and she died May 6, 1961, at Stockwell, Indiana. She married <b>Leonard B. Loveless</b> on August 10, 1893, and they had five children:<b>Ruby Loveless, Laura B. Loveless, Harriet Loveless, Ray Loveless, and Roy Loveless</b>.<p><b> Laura Bell Crick</b> was born <i>July 31, 1876</i>, and she died February 15, 1955. On March 7, 1895, she married <b>Henry F. White</b> in Clinton County, Indiana. They had a daughter named <b>Alto White</b>.<p><b> Joseph Allen Crick</b> was born <i>July 5, 1879</i>. He died November 16, 1955 He married <b>Maude M. Hinton</b> on February 19, 1903, in Clinton County, and they had a daughter,<b>Frances Crick</b>.<p><b> Curtis Sherman Crick</b> was born <i>October 10, 1883</i>. He died February 22, 1967. He married <b>Masie Albright </b>on June 15, 1909, at Colfax, Indiana. They had eight children: <blockquote> <p><b> Marie Crick</b>,<br> <b> John F. Crick</b>,<br> <b> Mary E. Crick</b>,<br> <b> Vera L. Crick</b>,<br> <b> Lena O. Crick</b>,<br> <b> Nettie M. Crick</b>,<br> <b> Glen A. Crick</b>, and<br> <b> Curtis R. Crick</b>. </p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <b> Mary Ann Sparks</b>, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born on <i>January 18, 1843</i>. She married <b>Isaac Hanes</b> on March 8, 1866, in Clinton County. He was born January 18, 1833, in Seneca County, New York, and was a son of <b>William and Clarissa (Telford) Hanes</b>. Isaac was a Civil War veteran who had been previously married, but was divorced. Mary Ann died November 19, 1916, in Cass County, Missouri. Isaac died November 9, 1918. They were the parents of six children. <blockquote> <b> Joseph Edgar Hanes</b> was born <i>January 13, 1867</i>. He died the following year on July 31st. <p><b> Mary Minerva ["Maggie"] Hanes</b> was born <i>November 1, 1869</i>. She married <b>Robert Ray Hannah</b> on February 4, 1892. He was born June 5, 1870, and was a son of <b>Robert S. and Eliza Ann (Lester) Hannah</b>. Maggie Hanes died October 26, 1926, and Robert died September 24, 1950. They were the parents of eight children. <blockquote> <b> Goldie Hannah</b> was born <i>October 10, 1893</i>, in Champaign County, Illinois. She married <b>Charles Cook</b> on July 20, 1919. He was born on August 19, 1893, and was a son of <b>James and Margaret (Lee) Cook</b>. Goldie and Charles had two children, <b>Robert J. Cook</b> and <b>Charles E. Cook</b>. <p><b> Mildred Hannah</b> was born <i>September 12, 18</i>95, at Rensselaer, Indiana. She married <b>Jonas A. Lawrence</b> on October 4, 1920. He was born April 10, 1895, at Downs, Illinois. He died February 2, 1975, and Mildred died August 18, 1976. They were buried in the Greenview Cemetery, Moline, Illinois. They had two children, <b>Mary Alice Lawrence</b> and <b>Jonas A. Lawrence, Jr.</b> <p><b> Robert Vern Hannah</b> was born <i>March 14, 1897</i>, in Jasper County, Indiana. On February 18, 1920, he married <b>Wilma L. Warner.</b> She was born May 4, 1899, at Fisher, Illinois. Vern (as he was called) and Wilma had three children, <b>Marion W. Hannah</b>, <b>Glen W. Hannah</b>, and <b>Vernon Duane Hannah</b>. <p><b> Isaac R. Hannah</b> was born<i> August 4, 1899</i>. On January 19, 1920, he married <b>Ruth M. Warner</b>, a sister of his brother Vern's wife. They had one child, <b>Lucille L. Hannah</b>. <b> Bertie Hannah</b> was born <i>September 19, 1901</i>, in Rose Lawn, Indiana. She married <b>Earl Sitts</b>. They had no children. <p><b> Bertha Hannah</b> was born <i>September 19, 1901</i>, and was a twin sister of <b> Bertie Hannah</b>. Bertha married <b>Arthur L. Glass</b> on March 19, 1921, and they had two children, <b>Walter L. Glass</b> and <b>David R. Glass</b>. Bertha married (second) Randle P. Summers in 1961. <p><b> Charity Ann Hannah</b> was born <i>July 6, 1904. She</i> married <b>Noah Rife</b> and they had one child, <b>Clifford R. Rife</b>. <p><b> Mary Alice Hannah</b> was born <i>December 17, 1905</i>, in La Porte County, Indiana. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to <b>Marshall H. Spencer</b> on July 15, 1925. They had one child, <b>Dorothy Lois Spencer</b>. Lois Spencer married <b>Harry Ritter</b> and they live in Muscatine, Iowa. She has been most helpful in the preparation of this portion of this article. Mary Alice Hannah (she was called Alice) married (second) <b>Harvey Ellsworth</b> on April 28, 1934, and they had four children: <b>Robert L. Ellsworth</b>, <b>Sandra A. Ellsworth</b>,<b>William L. Ellsworth</b>, and <b>Richard H. Ellsworth</b>. </blockquote> <H1 align="center">TWO-ROOM HOUSE BUILT ABOUT 1900 FOR ALLEN AND PEARLE (SMITH)<br> HANES, LOCATED NEAR MAHOMET, ILLINOIS</H1> <table border=0 cols=2 width="90%" align="center"> <tr><td width="30%">From left to right: </td> <td width="70%">Isaac Hanes; Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes, wife of Isaac; Bertie (Sparks) Stonebreaker, daughter of Joseph & Laura (Smith) Sparks who was reared by Isaac & Mary Ann; William Stonebreaker, husband of Bertie; Allen Hanes, son of Isaac & Mary Ann; and Pearle (Smith) Hanes, wife of Allen Hanes.</td> </tr> </table> <H1 align="center">(Picture)</H1> <p><b> Thomas Hanes</b>, son of Isaac and Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes, was born <i>October 18, 1872</i>. He died the following year, on February 9th.<br> <b> A daughter</b> was born to Isaac and Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes on <i>March 13, 1874</i>. She died a few days later.<br> <b> Allen Hanes</b> was born <i>April 14, 1876</i>. He married <b>Pearle Jane Smith</b>.<br> <b> William Franklin Hanes</b> was born <i>September 30, 1877</i>. He died November 12, 1879.</blockquote> <b> Benjamin Franklin Sparks</b> was born on <i>August 15, 1844</i>. He died April 23, 1847. <p><b> Emeline Sparks</b>, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1846</i>. She married <b>Richard Morehead</b> on January 23, 1868, in Clinton County, Indiana. They had seven children. <blockquote> <b> Ella Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1868</i>.<br> <b> William Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1870</i>.<br> <b> Robert Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1872</i>.<br> <b> A child</b>, whose name we have not learned, was born to Emeline and Richard Morehead ca. 1875; he/she apparently died when quite young.<br> <b> Harriet Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1878</i>.<br> <b> Benjamin Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1881</i>.<br> <b> Joseph Morehead</b> was born <i>ca. 1883</i>. </blockquote> <b> Margaret Minerva Sparks</b>, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born <i>June 18, 1848</i>. She married <b>Andrew Gher</b> on October 16, 1867, in Clinton County, Indiana. He was born <i>ca. 1840</i> and was a son of <b>David and Sarah Gher</b>, natives of Pennsylvania. Margaret and Andrew had one child, <b>Samuel J. Gher</b>, born <i>ca. 1875</i>. Margaret died October 17, 1876, and Samuel was given to her brother, <b>James Allen Sparks</b>, when he was only eight months old. (See above.) <p><b> Joseph Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1850</i>. He married <b>Laura B. Smith</b> on January 2, 1875, in Clinton County, Indiana. She was born ca. 1857 in Ohio. They had three children before their deaths, which apparently occurred ca. 1890. <blockquote> <b> Flora Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1876</i>.<br> <b> Thomas Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1879</i>.<br> <b> Bertie Sparks</b> was born <i>ca. 1882</i>. She was reared by her aunt, <b> Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes</b>. She married <b>William Stonebreaker</b>. (See above.)</blockquote> <b> Franklin Sparks</b> (?), son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, may have been born <i>ca. 1852</i>, although it is possible that he has been confused with <b> Benjamin Franklin Sparks</b> (above). He should not be confused with <b> Frank Sparks</b>, son of <b> Francis Sparks</b>, and grandson of <b> William Sparks</b>. (See above) <p><b></b>9 John Henry Sparks, son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1854</i>. He was not listed in the household of his father when the 1860 census was taken, so he may have died when quite young. </blockquote> <p><b> Robert Sparks</b>, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>March 23, 1812</i>. He accompanied his parents to Ohio and apparently was a member of their household when the 1830 census was taken of Richland County, Ohio. He is said to have gone to Clinton County, Indiana, but we have found no record of him there.</p> <p><b> Allen Sparks</b>, son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>February 14, 1814</i>, according to the record made by Joseph Sparks (brother of Allen) of the births of the children of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks that was quoted on page 2589 of the <a href="#">March 1984 issue of The Sparks Quarterly (Whole No. 125)</a>. In the obituary of Allen Sparks that is quoted below, his year of birth was given as 1813 rather than 1814. He was a small boy when his parents moved to Richland County, Ohio, from Pennsylvania. There he learned the carpenter's trade, serving as an apprentice to Samuel Whiting for four years. When he was nineteen years old, he left his Ohio home and went to the newly-formed Clinton County in Indiana where he settled in the southwest part of the county near present-day Colfax. He purchased 52 acres of land there on September 1, 1833. Two years later, he was joined by his father and some of his brothers. When the 1840 census was taken, he was apparently living in the household of his brother, Thomas Sparks. by this time, he had added 114 acres of land to his farm.</p> <p>On December 22, 1842, Allen Sparks married <b>Nancy Rogers</b> in Clinton County. She was born December 7, 1825, in Boone County, Kentucky, and was a daughter of <b>Elijah and Susannah A. (Brockman) Rogers</b>. It is said that Allen and Nancy began housekeeping in the log cabin which his father had built (or owned). It was still standing in 1886, and it was there that the first sermon was preached in Clinton County by a Methodist clergyman.</p> <p>Other interesting details in the life of Allen Sparks are contained in his obituary which appeared in the January 12, 1905, issue of The Warren Review published in Williamsport, Warren County, Indiana, which follows:<br> <table align="center" border=0 cols=1 width="90%"> <tr><td align="center"> An Old Citizen Passes Away</td> </tr> <tr><td align="center"> Allen Sparks -- Aged 91, Goes to His Reward </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Allen Sparks, the venerable father of Pension Attorney, Elijah Sparks, passed away Monday afternoon at the home of his son on east First street. He had not been suffering from any particular malady, but had been growing weaker for some days from a complication of disorders incident to old age, since the cold weather set in. All last summer he was able to be about the yard and on the streets and kept the garden at home in good shape and was at the polls on election day to vote a presidential ticket for the nineteenth time. His first vote was for the Jackson ticket in 1832 and he continued to vote the Democratic ticket until 1863 when he became a Republican, which ticket he has ardently supported since that time.</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Allen, son of James and Margery Ray Sparks was born near Pittsburg, PA February 14, 1813. At the age of 7 years he emigrated with his parents to Richland County, Ohio where he grew up and where he attended Ashland Academy at which place he qualified himself in civil engineering. At the age of 21 he came to Clinton County, Indiana where he married Miss Nancy Rogers on December 22, 1842, who died eleven years ago. To them were born three sons and one daughter. One of the sons is dead. The living are: Elijah of Williamsport, John of Flora, and Mrs. Sarah Miller of Frankfort.</td> </tr> <tr> <td>Mr. Sparks came to Williamsport in 1901 to make his home with his son and here he died January 9, 1905, aged 91 years 10 months and 25 days. He was a Universalist in belief, firm in his faith and had repeatedly said that he did not fear death but dreaded the pain of separation. When he seemed to realize that his end was near, he was suffering much pain and he remarked that if that was death he wished it might be less painful. His wish was gratified as the pain soon left him and he talked cheerfully with the family until about an hour before the end when he fell into a peaceful sleep and passed away without awakening.</td> </tr> <tr> <td>The funeral services were conducted by Rev. Wm Wilmer at the Presbyterian Church at 10 o'clock Wednesday forenoon and burial was made at Highland Cemetery.</td> </tr> </table> <p>As noted in the above obituary, Nancy (Rogers) Sparks preceded Allen Sparks in death eleven years earlier. About 1890, Allen and Nancy had moved to Carroll County, Indiana, and lived near Burlington, probably close to their son, John Sparks. It was there that Nancy met a most tragic death in 1894. She told her daughter-in-law, Mary Sparks, that she would get a bucket of water from the cistern. When she failed to return within a reasonable time, Mary went to search for her and found that she had fallen into the cistern and had drowned. She was buried at Manson, Indiana.</p> <p>Allen and Nancy (Rogers) Sparks were the parents of four children.</p> <blockquote> <b> Elijah Rogers Sparks</b> was born on <i>November 6, 1843</i>, near Colfax, Indiana. He was obviously named for his maternal grandfather. He was a farmer, a teacher, and also an attorney. He served in the 3rd and 8th Regiments, Indiana Cavalry in the Civil War. (See page 2637 of this issue of the Quarterly for an abstract of his pension file.) He was married twice. His first marriage was to <b>Elizabeth Barker</b> on April 19, 1866, in Boone County, Indiana. She was born December 20, 1846, and was a daughter of <b>Jacob and Elizabeth (White) Barker</b>, natives of North Carolina. She died November 5, 1887. <p>Elijah Sparks was elected a justice of the peace of Clinton County, Indiana, in 1876. He was apparently licensed to practice law ca. 1880. As noted in his father's obituary, Elijah specialized in assisting Civil War veterans in preparing their applications for the pensions provided by the U.S. government. He was a member of the Methodist Church and in his politics, he was a Republican. <p>On March 18, 1891, Elijah married (second) <b>Jennie Jordan</b> in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. She was born <i>ca. 1851</i>. They had no children. <p>Elijah died January 14, 1916, in the Indiana State Soldiers' Home at Lafayette, Indiana. According to records known as the "Rogers Index," which are housed in The Filson Club, Louisville, Kentucky, and also from a copy of the Bible record of the births of his children kept by Elijah Sparks that has been provided us by Irma (Cory) Wells, Elijah and Elizabeth (Barker) Sparks were the parents of eight children. <blockquote> <b> Anna Josephine Sparks</b> was born <i>November 16, 1866</i>. She died on May 20, 1874. <p><b> Nola May Sparks</b> was born <i>April 17, 1869</i>, and died in August 1955 She married <b>Edward H. Eichelzer</b> late in life, having waited to marry in order to take care of her younger brothers and sisters following her mother's death. She and her husband lived in Detroit. Both were buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery there. Irma (Cory) Wells has provided us with a copy of the will of Nola May (Sparks) Eichelzer dated July 2, 1953. From this, we know that her husband had preceded her in death. They had no children, and she left her property to her brothers and sisters, or their children.<p><b> William Ellsworth Sparks</b> was born <i>July 10, 1873;</i> he died ca. 1937. On May 26, 1892, he married <b>Millie Ferrier</b>. She was born March 9, 1873, and was a daughter of <b>John and Mary Jane (Shaffer) Ferrier</b>. William and Millie lived in Cutler, Indiana. They are known to have had five children, with the possibility of a sixth (perhaps named <b>Orval</b>) who probably died young. <blockquote> <b> Estel Glen Sparks</b> was born <i>July 9, 1900</i>. He married <b>Montes Lavina Nice</b> in 1919. She was born March 26, 1899, and died on September 16, 1958. She and Estel had two children, <b> Annadell Sparks</b> and <b> Richard Glen Sparks</b>.<br> <b> Floyd Sparks</b>. He is known to have been living in 1955.<br> <b> Carl Sparks</b>.<br> <b> Mary Sparks</b> married <b>FNU Sherman</b> and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio.<br> <b> Veral Sparks</b> was born <i>February 22, 1905</i>, and died in 1966. He married <b>Naomi Cassell</b> in 1943. He owned and operated an appliance store in Flora, Indiana. They had no children. </blockquote> <b> Alice Cary Sparks</b>, daughter of Elijah and Elizabeth (Barker) Sparks, was born on <i>December 4, 1877</i>, and died prior to 1953 when her sister, Nola May, wrote her will. She married <b>Edward J. Moore</b> and they had a son named <b>Raymond Moore</b> who was living in Steger, Illinois, in 1953. <p><b> Bertha Mabel Sparks</b> was born <i>July 31, 1879</i>; she died of influenza in the winter of 1918 -19. She married <b>John W. Johnson</b> and they had two children: <blockquote><b> Dolas Johnson</b>, born <i>ca. 1898</i>, died October 1982, in Wabash, Indiana. She married <b>C. L. Vandegrift</b> and they had three children: <b>Ward Vandegrift</b>, <b>Jean Vandegrift</b>, and <b>Gail Vandegrift</b>. <p><b> Raymond Johnson</b>, now deceased. He is known to have had a son who was named <b>Wayne Johnson</b>. </blockquote> <b> Nancy Eveline Sparks</b> was born <i>March 27, 1881</i>; she died in February 1982 in Los Angeles, California, at the age of 100. She was married four times. Her first marriage ended in divorce after only three weeks. She married (second) <b>William E. Murphy</b>. Following his death, she married a man, name not known, who died about a year later. Her 4th husband was <b>Walter Bailey</b>. She had no children. <p><b> Lillian Bessie Sparks</b> was born <i>June 4, 1883</i>. She died prior to 1953. She married <b>Carl Smith</b> and they had a daughter named <b>Helen Geneva Smith</b>, born in April 1903.<p><b> Herschel Floyd Sparks</b> was born <i>October 9, 1887</i>, and died November 30, 1967, in Bradenton, Florida. His mother died when he was less than four weeks old and he was reared by Ensly and Sadie Cory (dear friends of his older sister, Nola May Sparks) as their child. He was never adopted, however, but carried the Cory name. He did not know that his original name was Sparks until he was 14 years old when the long-held secret was revealed to him accidentally. Ensly Cory was a farmer and the family lived near Colfax, Indiana. Herschel Floyd Cory (i.e., Herschel Floyd Sparks) married <b>Lena J. Hutchison</b> on August 22, 1906. She was the daughter of Ira Isiah and Easter (Dunbar) Hutchison. Floyd Cory, as he was better known, was a rural letter carrier out of Colfax, Indiana, for many years. The family owned and operated the Cory Greenhouse until their retirement and subsequent move to Frankfort, Indiana. They had five children;<blockquote> <b> Noel Durward Cory</b> was born <i>December 9, 1907</i>, and died December 2, 1971. He married <b>Ruthanna McConnell</b> on December 14, 1929. Durward (as he was known) was graduated from Wabash College and later received his doctorate in education from Indiana University. He was superintendent of schools in Rochester, Minnesota, as well as Muncie, Indiana. They had two children: <b>Donald Eugene Cory</b>, born 1935, died 1979, and <b>Ralph Cory</b>, born 1943. <p><b> Thelma Cory</b> was born <i>February 17, 1910</i>, and lives in Anderson, Indiana. She married <b>Kenneth Moore</b> on October 20, 1934; he is now deceased. They had two children: <b>Julia Frances Moore</b>, born 1936, and <b>Thomas Eugene Moore</b>, born January 1943. <p><b> Irma Cory</b> was born <i>February 28, 1912</i>, near Colfax, Indiana. She married <b>Robert Lee Wells</b> on April 29, 1929. After rearing their two daughters and being out of high school for 29 years, she entered Ball State University where she earned two degrees. She was a teacher and school librarian for 16 years, retiring in 1978. She and her husband live in Anderson, Indiana. <p>As noted earlier, Irma (Cory) Wells has been very helpful to us in preparing this record of her branch of the Sparks Family. She and her husband had two children: <b>Kathryn Anne Wells</b>, born <i>April 3, 1932 </i>(she married <b>Edwin L. Etchison</b> and they had three children); and <b>Sarah Lee Wells</b>, born <i>August </i> 15, 1941 (she married <b>Claude Sidney Hancock</b> and they have three children). <p><b> Maurice Cory</b> was born <i>November 15, 1913</i>, and died March 13, 1963. He served in World War II, was captured in the Battle of the Belgium Bulge, and was a prisoner in Germany until the end of the war in Europe. He was awarded the Purple Heart. He married <b>Mary Catherine Kaser</b> on July 1, 1935. Following World War II, they adopted a boy name Karl. <p><b> Nina Cory </b>was born <i>September 19, 1921</i>. She married <b>Robert Kallner</b> on March 18, 1939. She is an Anderson, Indiana, school teacher. They have two daughters, Beverly Kay and Linda. </blockquote> </blockquote> <b> Sarah Ann ["Sally"] Sparks</b>, daughter of Allen and Nancy (Rogers) Sparks, was born <i>ca. 1855</i>. She married <b>Harry F. Kingsberry</b> on June 26, 1881. In her father's obituary (1905), she was referred to as "Mrs. Sarah Miller." She died in 1933; we have no further information on her. <p><b> Thomas Jefferson Sparks</b> was born in <i>December 1859</i>. He died January 19, 1872, at the age of twelve. <p><b> John Sherman Sparks</b> was born in <i>1863</i>. On March 19, 1889, he married <b>Mary Loveless</b> in Clinton County, Indiana. She was born February 28, 1860, and was a daughter of <b>Benjamin C. and Mary Jane (Crutcher) Loveless</b>. John Sparks died in 1917 and Mary died in 1951. They were the parents of three children.</p> </blockquote> <blockquote><blockquote> <p><b> Paul Revere Sparks</b> was born in <i>December 1889</i>; he died in 1948. He married <b>Sylvia Cook</b> and they had one son:</p> <blockquote> <p><b> Charles Paul Sparks</b> graduated from Purdue University and was a lieutenant in the U.S. Air Corps in World War II. He flew over Germany from Normandy more than seventy times before being killed in action in 1944. He received a number of medals. He was married on November 4, 1941, to <b>June Wynkoff </b>and they had a daughter, <b> Lana Lee Sparks</b>, born in <i>1943</i>; she married <b>Richard Baker</b>.</p> </blockquote> <p><b> Thomas Bradley Sparks</b> was born in <i>1894</i> and died in 1945. He married <b>Maud Coler </b>and they had two children: <blockquote> <p><b> Dora Lee Sparks</b> (1917-1966) and <b> Helen Marie Sparks</b> (1918 -1967). Maud died with the birth of Helen Marie, and Thomas married (second) <b>Pearl Stranahan</b>. They had three children, <b> Frank Sparks</b> (1921 -1941); <b> Rose Marie Sparks</b> (1924 -1938); and <b> Marilyn Sparks</b>, born 1924. </p> </blockquote> <p><b> Guy Sherman Sparks</b> was born <i>July 22, 1897</i>, at Flora, Indiana. He was a businessman. He married <b>Gertrude Dietz</b> and they had one child, <b> Sara Jean Sparks</b>. (She married <b>Charles G. Balch</b> and had children named <b>Susan Marie Balch</b> and <b>Sandra Ann Balch</b>.) Guy Sherman Sparks died September 26, 1971; his obituary appeared on page 1419 of the September 1971 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 75.</blockquote> </blockquote> <p><b> Elizabeth ["Betsey"] Sparks</b>, daughter of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, was born <i>September 30, 18</i>15. She married <b>John V. Loveless</b> on March 29, 1838, in Clinton County, Indiana. He was born 5 February 1817, in Ohio and was a son of <b>Benjamin and Catherine (Betsey) Loveless</b>; he was a brother of <b>Martha Loveless</b> who married Betsey's brother,<b> Thomas Sparks</b>. (See above.) According to a history of the Loveless family, Betsey and John Loveless had nine children before her death, which probably occurred ca. 1858</p> <blockquote> <b> Benjamin F. Loveless</b> was born <i>December 23, 1838</i>. He died in 1911. He apparently was married twice. We have learned nothing of his first wife, but by his second marriage to <b>Pearl Clementine Sparger</b> he had at least five children. <blockquote> <b> Elizabeth Loveless</b> was born <i>April 29, 1899</i>, at Clarks Hill, Indiana. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to <b>Lon Dunbar </b>on January 30, 1918. Her second marriage was to <b>George Paul</b> on June 28, 1937. by her first marriage she had five children. <blockquote> <b> Mary Alice Dunbar</b> was born <i>July 21, 1921. S</i>he married <b>Elmer Burgess</b>.<br> <b> Dorothy M. Dunbar</b> was born <i>January 30, 1924</i>. She married <b>Charles Henderson</b>.<br> <b> Lon Dunbar</b> was born <i>November 26, 1926</i>. He married (first) <b>Vivian Jewel</b> and (second) <b>Joan Cambell</b>.<br> <b> Lloyd J. Dunbar</b> was born <i>November 17, 1927</i>. He married <b>Jeannet Farrel</b>.<br> <b> Earl Dunbar</b> was born <i>June 18, 1930. </i></blockquote> <b> Frank Loveless</b>.<br> <b> Martha Loveless</b> was born <i>February 22, 1903</i>. She married (first) <b>Lewis Kerfoot</b> and (second) <b>Lonnie Brown</b>.<br> <b> Lloyd J. Loveless</b> was born <i>March 23, 1907</i>. He married <b>Dorothy D. Kiste</b>.<br> <b> Raymond Loveless</b> married <i>Elsie Burns</i>.</blockquote> </blockquote> <blockquote> <b> Mary Elizabeth Loveless</b> was born <i>September 15, 1841</i>.<br> <b> W. Loveless</b> was born <i>6 February 1843</i>.<br> <b> James N. Loveless</b> was born on <i>January 23, 1846</i>.<br> <b> Loucinda Loveless</b> was born on <i>February 24, 1853</i>.<br> <b> Taylor Loveless</b> was born <i>March 30, 1851</i>. He died February 11, 1853.<br> <b> Martha J. Loveless</b> was born <i>July 13, 1853</i>.<br> <b> Margaret A. Loveless</b> was born on <i>March 18, 1855</i>.<br> <b> Joseph F. Loveless</b> was born on <i>August 11, 1858</i>. He died February 9, 1859.</blockquote> <p>(<b>Editor's Note:</b> This concludes the article about the descendants of James and Margaxet (Ray) Sparks of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Clinton County, Indiana, begun in the <a href="#">March 1984 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 125</a>. We shall welcome additional data pertaining to this couple and their descendants from our readers.)</p> <p><a name="end"></a></p><p><a href="#">top</a></p></body> </html>