April 20, 2021

Pages 2868-2889
Whole Number 134


by Paul E. Sparks

(Editor's Note: the June 1985 issue of the QUARTERLY, Whole No. 130, contained the first part of an article about the descendants of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks. He was a son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks and was born in North Carolina in 1761. He lived for a time in Georgia and Mississippi and then went to Texas ca. 1836 where he died in 1848. His first child, Richard Sparks, was born ca. 1793 in Georgia. A record of the descendants of Richard appeared in the June 1985 issue and was continued in the issue for September 1985, Whole No. 131. The portion which follows concludes the article and deals with the known descendants of the other children of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, Sarah B. Sparks, John Sparks, James H. Sparks, Eady Sparks, Levi N. Sparks, and Eli G. Sparks.) Sarah B. Sparks, daughter of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, was born January 1, 1798, in Georgia. She accompanied her parents to Mississippi in 1811, and it was there that she married James McAnulty, ca. 1818. She died on February 22, 1881, in Bell County, Texas, and was buried in the Belton Cemetery. She and James had five children. Elizabeth McAnulty was born on September 30, 1820, in Mississippi. She married John Yancy on June 12, 1837, in Nacogdoches County, Texas. She died in 1898 in Bell County. James McAnulty, Jr. Mary McAnulty. Matilda McAnulty. Richard McAnulty. John Sparks was born ca. 1804 in Georgia. He was a small lad when his parents moved to Mississippi. It was there, in Lawrence County, that he married Joanna Parkman on December 22, 1825, by Abel Stringer, a justice of the peace. Joanna was probably a daughter of Joseph and Susannah Parkman. She apparently died sometime before 1850. John died sometime after 1854. They had two children. James Sparks, son of John and Joanna (Parkman) Sparks, was born ca. 1827 in Mississippi. On September 20, 1849, he married Lucinda J. Reed in Rusk County, Texas. She had been born ca. 1828 in Alabama. James died sometime prior to 1885 and was buried on Medio Creek in Bee County, Texas. Lucinda died on July 9, 1907, in Live Oak County. They were the parents of four children. Thomas Bennett Sparks, son of James and Lucinda (Reed) Sparks, was born ca. 1851. He married Lucy Pottridge Patridge, daughter of John W. and Caroline (Lewis) Patridge, ca. 1875 on September 8, 1882. They had ten children. Thomas died on January 25, 1902, and Lucy died on January 27, 1913. They were buried in Live Oak County, Texas. Carrie May Sparks married G. S. Wilson and they lived in Visalia, California. Albert Sparks lived at Three Rivers, Texas. Clinton L. Sparks lived at Callihan, Texas. Alta Sparks was born July 8, 1888. She married R. L. Laster on Christmas Day, 1911. They lived at Westoff, Texas. Stanley Sparks was born January 14, 1890. He married Vivian Jones and they lived at Callihan, Texas. Mittie Sparks was born March 20, 1892. She married (first) G. S. Draper on Christmas Day, 1910, and (second) R. L. Reed on November 28, 1928. Russell Sparks was born March 11, 1894. On April 21, 1923, he married Ethel Cox in Lone Oak County. Herman Sparks was born May 1, 1896. He married Genevieve Abernathy on February 14, 1921. Annie Ola Sparks married Winton White on January 19, 1920, in Live Oak County. John Lloyd Sparks married Lillian Jones on December 1, 1922, in Live Oak County. Mary Alice Sparks, daughter of James and Lucinda (Reed) Sparks, was born ca. 1855. In 1882, she married Curtis Herring, and they had five children. She died ca. 1928. John Bailey Sparks, son of James and Lucinda (Reed) Sparks, was born on March 25, 1858. He married Sarah Eliza Claunch on November 19, 1882, in Live Oak County. They moved to Douglas County, Oregon,ca. 1909. Sarah died at Oakland, Oregon, on March 13, 1935, and John died there on January 10, 1938. They were the parents of fourteen children. Isabelle Sparks was born September 10, 1883. She married Tom Shone on Christmas Eve, 1902, in McMullen County, Texas. Grover Cleveland Sparks was born November 10, 1884. He married Maud Goodman on November 14, 1912, in Douglas County, Oregon. Etta Sparks was born March 13, 1886. She married Thomas Wallace on June 27, 1906, in Live Oak County, Texas. Rosie Sparks was born September 22, 1887. She died on February 22, 1890. Bettie Sparks was born January 19, 1889. She married Seth Clarke on April 23, 1911, in Douglas County, Oregon. She died on December 24, 1916. Eliza Myrtle Sparks was born October 28, 1890. She married A. S. Murphy on December 27, 1926. James Jefferson Sparks was born January 6, 1894. He died on August 19, 1899. Thomas Bailey Sparks was born August 24, 1896. He married Peggy Yost on June 17, 1919, in Portland, Oregon. Vada Sparks was born September 12, 1898. She married Lester Crow. Viola Sparks was born September 11, 1900. She never married. Frank L. Sparks was born June 2, 1903. He married Lucile Fortin on June 2, 1929, in Douglas County, Oregon. Leo Sparks was born March 15, 1905. He married Ella Moore on December 14, 1930, in Douglas County, Oregon. Mary Melonee Sparks was born October 14, 1906. She died on November 30, 1906. John Alton Sparks was born June 27, 1908. He died on February 26, 1927, in Coos County, Oregon. He never married. Susan Rebecca Sparks, daughter of James and Lucinda (Reed) Sparks, was born on March 8, 1860. She married Lockhart H. Claunch on October 31, 1882, in Live Oak County, Texas. He was born July 23, 1860, at Pleasanton, Texas. Susan died in April 1918 at El Paso, Texas, and was buried in the Evergreen Cemetery. She and Lockhart had six children. Hannah Claunch was born December 11, 1884. She married William Tolbert on December 10, 1907. She died on April 19, 1934. James Jefferson Claunch was born March 22, 1887. He married Verda Neff. Jourdan Claunch was born May 9, 1889. Burl Claunch was born July 3, 1892. He died in the spring of 1899/1900. Floyd E. Claunch was born November 13, 1896. He married (first) Erva Adams and (second) Mary Herring. Charles Hart Claunch was born March 8, 1900. Susan Sparks was born on December 2, 1830, probably in Mississippi, although a descendant states that she was born in Alabama. On January 17, 1847, she married Andrew Bell Caddel in Nacogdoches County, Texas. He was born February 26, 1826, in Alabama, and was a son of Capt. Andrew and Rhoda (Doughty) Caddel. (Doughty was also spelled Doty at times.) Andrew's sister, Martha Elizabeth Caddel married William N. Sparks in 1856. (See below.) Susan (Sparks) Caddel died on April 8, 1878, in Coryell County, Texas, and Andrew died on February 14, 1912. They were the parents of ten children. John Sparks Caddel was born on July 9, 1848, in Rusk County, Texas. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Nancy Matilda Elliott on February 20, 1873. She had been born on February 26, 1853, in Bell County, Texas, and was a daughter of Henry B. and Matilda (McAnulty) Elliott. She died on June 2, 1885. She and John had five children. Walter Emerson Caddel was born on February 13, 1874, and died in infancy. Alice May Caddel was born September 30, 1876. She married Marion E. McNair on December 24, 1903, and they had five children:

Nina McNair, Nola McNair, John McNair, Ethel McNair, and an unnamed child who died at birth. Edward Turner Caddel was born April 17, 1879. He died on January 28, 1963. He never married. Henry Cullen Caddel was born January 2, 1882. He died on November 6, 1962. He married Alamarine McNair on December 13, 1908, and they had two children, Homer H. Caddel and Ruby Lee Caddel. James Lee Caddel was born May 18, 1884. He died on March 31, 1972. He married Nola Rogers on January 1, 1908, and they had five children:Berwin Caddel, James M. Caddel, Edna Clara Caddel, Granville Caddel, and Earle U.Caddel.

After the death of his first wife, John Sparks Caddel married Nancy Leona Kendrick on November 25, 1886, in Coryell County, Texas. She had been born on August 26, 1870, at Winona, Mississippi, and was a daughter of William M. and Laura E. (Slaughter) Kendrick. John Caddel died on July 12, 1937, at San Antonio, Texas. Nancy Leona Caddel died on August 21, 1941, at Uvalde, Texas. They were buried in the cemetery at Concan, Texas. They had twelve children. William Harris Caddel was born August 30, 1888. He died on October 9, 1975. He married Eula Sanderlin on September 13, 1914, and they had four children:

Ella Ruth Caddel, Grace Caddel, William H. Caddel, Jr., and Jack Caddel. Laura Susan Caddel was born August 17, 1890. She died on August 23, 1981. She married Marshall F. Smart on December 24, 1908, and they had four children:

Floyd, William, Ray, and Alice. Eva Arminta Caddel was born January 30, 1892. She died on February 23, 1959. She married Arthur Avant on March 17, 1912, and they had five children:

Inez, Iris Lee, Agnes Lou, Fay, and Mary. Ethel Elnora Caddel was born December 9, 1893. She died on December 15, 1981. She never married. Annie Pearl Caddel was on December 11, 1895. She never married. Dovie Caddel was born June 10, 1898. She married Durward Belmont Howard on January 19, 1923. They had two children:

Durward B., Jr. and Mary Leona. Mary Leona Howard (now Mary Leona Woodward) has been most helpful in furnishing materials for this article. John Sparks Caddel, Jr. was born September 21, 1900. He never married. Nollie Caddel was born January 25, 1903. He married Ora Maye Scott on May 28, 1934, and they had two children:

Geraldine and Kathleen. Ina Caddel was born February 21, 1905. She married Ben F. Robinson on December 29, 1923, and they had two children:

Aubrey and Dorothy. Loss P. Caddel was born September 2, 1907. He married Letha Kendrick on October 17, 19 31. Cecil Lou Caddel was born March 5, 1910. She married Carl Nuckles on October 19, 1932, and they had two children:

John Albert and George M. Joe Doughty Caddel was born May 2, 1913. He died on April 9, 1926. Mary J. Caddel was born on January 13, 1850. She died on February 15, 1864. Sarah E. ["Sallie"] Caddel was born July 28, 1852. She married Calvin Hammett. William J. Caddel was born on June 16, 1853. He married Frances Giles in May 1891, in Coryell County, Texas. Joseph Doty Caddel was born July 23, 1857. On May 19, 1887, he married Lillie Herring. Lillie Herring was born March 1, 1872, in Live Oak County, Texas, and was a daughter of Curtis and Lucy (Hall) Herring. She was also a step-daughter of Mary Alice Sparks, a cousin of Joseph Caddel. Joe Caddel died at Sinton, Texas, on January 23, 1929. Lillie died on December 19, 1966. They were the parents of twelve children. The first three were born in Live Oak County while the other eight were born in San Patricio County. An unnamed child was born ca. 1888 and died at birth. Lucy Caddel was born January 2, 1890. She was a Sunday-School teacher, a dairyman, and chicken-raiser. She never married. She died in January 1983. Rhoda Caddel was born June 27, 1892. She is said to have kept house, cooked, and held the family together. She never married. She died on August 30, 1960. Joseph Curtis Caddel was born March 20, 1895. He retired as an oil-well drilling superintendent. He is a World War I veteran. On August 12, 1926, he married Mary Josephine Beckcom in Orange County, Texas. She was a nurse and a daughter of Paul and Marguerite (Thomas) Beckcom. Joe and Josephine live at Georgetown, Texas. They have one child, Yvonne (Caddel) Ferguson, who has furnished most of the information about this family as well as the photograph of Joseph Doty Caddel appearing on page 2873. She was the first grandchild of Joseph Doty Caddel. Ethel Caddel was born March 31, 1897. She lives at Beeville, Texas. She never married. Doty Herring Caddel was born June 30, 1899. He married Aline Dillon. Lillie Bell Caddel was born February 15, 1903. She married Arvil A. Jenkins on December 23, 1919. He died on September 5, 1923. Bell married (second) Paul F. Ocker on September 14, 1930, and they had two children, Paula Jo and Betty Sue. Paula Jo died while still a child. Andrew Baines Caddel was born April 8, 1905. He retired as a farmer. On July 26, 1926, he married Ethel Hunter. She was born August 26, 1904. They had one child. Conley Hunter Caddel, who died from injuries received in an auto accident when he was just twenty years of age. Iola Caddel was born August 28, 1907. On December 19, 1924, she married Charles L. Hale. They had one child, Charles L. Hale, Jr. Iola married (second) Joseph Ternus on December 29, 1951. She died in May 1984. Hunter Hollowell Caddel was born January 21, 1910. He was a wholesale dealer in oil. On December 3, 1932, he married Florence Geick in Ft. Bend County, Texas. They had one child, Gayle Ann. Hunter died on 22 Jan1985. Charles Edward Caddel was born April 23, 1911. He was a farmer. On October 26, 1935, he married Maurine Lois Oliver. He died in February 1978. He and Lois had one child, Leah Jane. Levis Prior Caddel was born February 17, 1914. He married Mabel Katherine McWhorter on September 24, 1937, and they had three children:Carolyn, John Levis, and Joseph Prior. Katherine died on May 2, 1985. Jane Caddel was born September 12, 1859. She married Louis Reese in Bell County, Texas. Andrew Bain Caddel was born on February 23, 1862. He was married twice, first to Mattie Birdsong on September 8, 1886, and second to Cassie Avery on September 2, 1923. Katie Caddel was born on June 2, 1864. She married D. C. Irby. Robert Lee Caddel was born on January 5, 1868. He married Nannie Gazzaway on August 12, 1896. Minnie Caddel was born on November 26, 1872. She married Jeff Moseley. James H. Sparks, son of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, was born in Georgia, probably ca. 1809, and was an infant when he was carried by his parents to the Territory of Mississippi. He grew to manhood there and it was probably there that he married Massy C. Wadlington ca. 1835. She was born ca. 1815 in South Carolina and may have been a daughter of Jesse Wadlington. James and Massy apparently accompanied his father's family to Texas in 1836, for it was there that their first child was born in 1837.

In the spring of 1838, James Sparks died after a brief illness. He left Massy with two sons, one a little over a year old, the other a newly born baby. He also left her with a considerable estate, both real and personal. The Nacogdoches County Court appointed Massy and her brother-in-law, John Sparks, as administrators of the estate. On December 7, 1843, she married her second husband, Robert F. Millard, and he became guardian of her sons. The estate was not completely settled until ca. 1866.

(An account of the marriage of Massy C. Sparks to Robert F. Millard appears in the diary of Adolphus Sterene who performed the ceremony. As reported in the Southwestern Historical Review, Vol. 36, pp. 314-15, it reads: "7 December 1843. In the afternoon, Mr. R. F. Millard requested me to go out 4 miles to the widow Sparks to marry him to the said lady which I accepted and at 5:00 p.m. left for the said place, performed the rites of matrimony between Robert F. Millard and Mrs. Massy C. Sparks according to law, partook of a splendid supper and returned by 8 1/2 p.m.") Jesse Wadlington Sparks, son of James and Massy (Wadlington) Sparks, was born January 1, 1837, in Nacogdoches County, Texas. According to a History of Tennessee, written in 1886, he went to Rutherford County, Tennessee, ca. 1854 and entered Union University at Murfreesboro. After his graduation, he enlisted in the Confederate States Army in 1861 and served largely west of the Mississippi River until the end of the war, attaining the rank of Lt. Col. After the war, he returned to Rutherford County where he married Josephine Bivins on April 18, 1865. Born March 6, 1837, she was a daughter of James and Theodocia (Brashear) Bivins.

Jesse Sparks was an attorney. He was also a successful farmer and breeder of livestock. He was quite active in civic affairs and served twelve years as the Clerk and Master of the Rutherford County Chancery Court. He became vice-president of the United American Veterans, an association of Confederate soldiers, and gained national prominence for his interest in behalf of stranded Negro colonists from Mexico. He was a prominent candidate for governor of Tennessee. He was active in the Masonic fraternity.

In 1893, Sparks was appointed by President Grover Cleveland as the United States consul stationed in the city of Porfirio Diaz in Mexico. He died in Mexico on August 1, 1896, after three years as consul. He and Josephine had six children. (See his picture on the cover of this issue.) Jesse Wadlington Sparks, Jr. was born February 10, 1867. He was educated in the common schools of Rutherford County and was graduated in law from Cumberland University at Lebanon, Tennessee, in 1888. He returned to Murfreesboro where he became city attorney and also engaged in the general practice of law. Like his father, he also was active in the Masonic fraternity. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

Jesse Sparks was married twice. The first was to Octa Jarman Hale on January 26, 1901. She had been born on September 3, 1880, in Wilson County, Tennessee, and was a daughter of John R. and Ada (Jarman) Hale. She died on September 27, 1905. Jesse married (second) Lucile Cannady Satterwhite on June 16, 1909. She was a daughter of Solomon and Lucy (Butler) Satterwhite. Jesse had two children by each of his wives. Ada Elizabeth Sparks was born ca. 1903; she died in infancy. An unnamed son was born to Jesse and Octa (Hale) Sparks and died at birth. Katherine Josephine Sparks was born May 21, 1910. Octa Lucile Sparks was born September 3, 1911. She died on August 1, 1912. Henry Bivins Sparks was born ca. 1870. Theodocia Eaton Sparks, daughter was born ca. 1872. James Brashear Sparks was born ca. 1875. Francis Millard Sparks was born ca. 1877. Ingraham Twohig Sparks was born ca. 1880. William N. Sparks, son of James H. and Massy (Wadlington) Sparks, was born ca. 1838 in Texas. A descendant says that the initial "N" was for Nobel (or Noble). He grew to manhood in Nacogdoches County and was married there on December 18, 1856, to Martha Elizabeth Caddel. She was born ca. 1839 in Texas and was a daughter of Andrew and Rhoda (Doughty) Caddel. (See Susan Sparks above.) When the 1860 census was taken of Nacogdoches County, William and Martha had a two year-old son, Newton Sparks. Living next to them was William's mother, Massy C. Millard. by 1880, however, William and Martha had moved westward to Erath County. They were the parents of six children. Newton Sparks was born ca. 1858. William N. Sparks, Jr. was born ca. 1861. He married Dora McCarty on February 12, 1880 James K. Sparks was born ca. 1867. Sarah Ida ["Sissie"] Sparks was born ca. 1869. She died in January 1939. She never married. John A. Sparks was born ca. 1871. Martha Ada Sparks was born February 20, 1873. She married Franklin Paxton on January 17, 1901. She died on November 2, 1960. Eady Sparks, daughter of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, was born August 15, 1810, in Clarke County, Georgia. She was undoubtedly named for her father's sister, Eady Sparks. Eady (daughter of William) was about a year old when her parents left Georgia to go to the Territory of Mississippi. There she grew to womanhood and married James H. Simmons on January 12, 1828, in Lawrence County. He had been born on February 15, 1801, in Rowan County, North Carolina, and was a son of Jesse and Charity Simmons.

(Editor's Note: The given name of Eady (also spelled Edy or Edie) is not uncommon among the descendants of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks. Four sons of Matthew and Sarah named a daughter "Edy" or "Eady." It was probably a nickname originally. Some descendants claim that it was a shortened form of Edith; others say that it was derived from Idris. In all probability, the exact derivation will never be known. In this article (and in others) we will try to use it just as we have found it in the records.)

The 1830 census found the Simmons family in Yazoo County, Mississippi, but by 1831 the family was in neighboring Attala County. They were still there when the 1840 census was taken and apparently they did not go with the Sparkses to Texas in 1836. It was not until 1846 (after the death of Charity Simmons and the settlement of her estate) that James and Eady Simmons took their family to Texas where they settled in Rusk County. Shortly after they arrived there, James Simmons and his wife (along with others, unnamed) were named as heirs of Levi N. Sparks, who had died ca. 1848 without issue. They sold the 89 acres that they had inherited in Cooke County. A footnote to this transaction reads: "Levi N. Sparks was a son of William Sparks, Revolutionary soldier of Nacogdoches County. Mrs. Simmons was a daughter."

The Simmons family continued to live in Rusk County until ca. 1861 when they moved to Collin County. Three sons and a daughter were married by this time, and the country was on the eve of civil strife. All of the sons of James and Eady would serve in the Confederate States Army.

James H. Simmons died in Collin County on April 16, 1879. His estate was probated on May 28, 1880, with his wife serving as his administratrix. The inventory of his estate totaled about $3,140. Eady (Sparks) Simmons survived her husband nearly twenty years, dying on March 2, 1897. She was buried beside her husband in the Fitzhugh Cemetery in Collin County. They were the parents of ten identifiable children. William F. ["Bill"] Simmons, son of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born ca. 1829 in Mississippi. (The "F" may have been for Fielder.) He married Mrs. Emily (Cook) Addison on June 10, 1849. She was born ca. 1828 in Alabama and was a daughter of Franklin and Sarah (Anderson) Cook. When the 1860 census was taken of Rusk County, William and Emily had two children. He died sometime prior to 1880, and his two children were named as beneficiaries in the settlement of their paternal grandfather's estate. At that time, they were living in Kaufman County. Sarah E. Simmons was born ca. 1850. She married David Compton on August 27, 1865, in Kaufman County. John Brittain Simmons was born ca. 1856. He married Susan Newsom, daughter of Eldridge and Mary Quinn (McKnight) Newsom. John Simmons, son of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born October 7, 1831, in Attala County, Mississippi, and was a young man when he went with his parents to Rusk County, Texas. It was there that he married Eliza J. Newsom on August 16, 1857. She was born December 28, 1843, in Madison County, Tennessee, and was a daughter of Lemuel and Nancy (Crowder) Newsom. She died on October 17, 1902, and John died on August 29, 1908. They were buried in the New Salem Cemetery in Rusk County. They had seven children. Mary Ellen Simmons was born December 9, 1859. She married John M. ["Jack"] Mizzell on April 29, 1888, in Rusk County. She died on June 11, 1902. She and Jack had six children: Grady, Eva, Oma Dell, Thomas, J. M., Jr., and Burleson. Sally Margaret Simmons was born October 11, 1860, in Rusk County. She married Amos Ponder Gallaway on May 9, 1883. He had been born January 5, 1862, and was a son of Robinson and Catherine (Pruitt) Gallaway. Sally died on January 2, 1947, at Lawton, Oklahoma. She and Amos had six children Mary Ellen Gallaway was born April 30, 1884. She married Dr. Lloyd Foster. She died on July 7, 1977. Sidney Johnson Gallaway was born December 24, 1885. He maried Dorothy Alice Case. He died in April 1964. Roy Randolph Gallaway was born February 5, 1888, in Coryell County. He married Alice Houston Wood on October 28, 1913. She was born January 30, 1892, and was a daughter of Charles and Hannah (Blair) Wood. Roy died on May 3, 1960, and Alice died on May 16, 1972. They had two children, Edwin Truett Gallaway and Mary Norma Gallaway. Luther Allen Gallaway was born March 31, 1891. He married Norma Ruth Mullen on November 29, 1917. He died on July 12, 1939, at Wadsworth, Kansas. Delilah Sally Gallaway was born May 23, 1895. She married Thomas Gray. She died on May 28, 1979, at Lawton, Oklahoma. Milton Quinn Gallaway was born 4 February 1902. He married Velma Vashti Thomason on May 3, 1925. He died on December 10, 1961, at Lawton, Oklahoma. Nancy Elizabeth Simmons, daughter of John and Eliza (Newsom) Simmons, was born ca. 1863. She married James Blair on January 13, 1887. They had a daughter, Wilma. William Thomas Simmons, son of John and Eliza (Newsom) Simmons, was born ca. 1865. He never married. George Lemuel Simmons, son of John and Eliza (Newsom) Simmons, was born November 11, 1868, in Rusk County. On December 23, 1891, he married Mattie Ciel McGowan. He died on November 21, 1932, and Mattie died on February 23, 1956. They had nine children. Leonard Simmons was born May 12, 1893, in Coryell County. He married Agnes Lackey. He died on December 12, 1945. He and Agnes had four children: Clyde A., Ruth C., Betty Ann, and Leonard C. Ernest C. Simmons was born December 23, 1894, in Rusk County. He married Ola Vada Pruitt. He died on December 12, 1961. He and Ola had four children: L. G., Dabney Ernestine, Gloria, and James. Thomas Maurice Simmons was born June 24, 1897. He married Eloise Sanders on July 9, 1927. He died on September 16, 1966. He and Eloise had four children: James E., Wanda L., Melba, and Ronald John Barnett Simmons was born September 26, 1899. He died a few days later on October 1st. Mattie Elizabeth (Bettye) Simmons was born January 9, 1912; she married McLynn Hawkins on April 12, 1933. They had two children, George and Patsy. William Audrey Simmons (known as "Audrey") was born January 15, 1901. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Etta Norris on September 27, 1920. They had five children: Juanita Simmons, George Simmons, Ina Simmons, Jack Simmons, and John Simmons.

Mary Etta died in September, 1931 and Audrey married (second) Lura Norman. They had seven children: Roy Simmons, Ralph Simmons, Charlie Simmons, Norman Simmons, Michael Simmons, Sybil Simmons, and Julia Simmons.

Audrey Simmons was a Baptist minister and two of his sons, Jack and Ralph, also became Baptist ministers. Audrey died on April 1, 1972. Lillian Myrtle Simmons was born March 6, 1903. She married Arthur Acker on December 2, 1939. They had no children. George Noble Irwin Simmons was born February 27, 1905. He married Mattie Gary on March 16, 1928. He died on June 7, 1978. He and Mattie had four children:

George Simmons, Jr., Joe W. Simmons, Mary L. Simmons, and Lynn E. Simmons. Florence Waite Simmons was born August 12, 1907. She married Raymond O. McGehee on May 2, 1926. Their children were: Mary Sue McGehee, Betty Lou McGehee, and James L. McGehee. Jack Simmons was born June 9, 1871. He married Annie Lela Dodson. He died on December 15, 1929. Mattie Elizabeth Simmons was born ca. 1873. She married John Irwin. James J. Simmons, son of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born September 14, 1833, in Attala County, Mississippi, and was a young lad when he accompanied his parents to Rusk County, Texas. It was there that he married Rebecca Ann E. Cook on May 8, 1855. She had been born on September 19, 1836, in Mississippi and was a daughter of Franklin and Sarah (Anderson) Cook. She died on June 11, 1905, in Navarro County, Texas. James J. Simmons died on January 8, 1914, in Rusk County, Texas. He and his wife were buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery near Kerens, Texas They were the parents of five children. George Washington Simmons was born December 4, 1856, in Rusk County. He married, Charity Ann Horn ca. 1879. She was born in July 1862 and was a daughter of William and Rebecca (Fitzgerald) Horn. George and Charity were members of the Oak Grove Baptist Church where he served as a deacon and lay preacher for many years. Charity died on August 4, 1937, and George died on March 22, 1943. They had eleven children. James ["Jimmy"] Simmons married Dovie Jackson and they had four children: Arlon Simmons, Geneva Simmons, Ruby Simmons, and Leon Simmons. William ["Willy"] Simmons married Emma Jackson and they had seven children: Susie Simmons, William Simmons, Virgil Simmons, G.W. Simmons, Sister Sonny Simmons, Boss Simmons, and Beede Simmons. Lilla Simmons married Will Jackson and they had seven children: Oma Jackson, Mike Jackson, Ernest Jackson, Eunice Jackson, Eula Jackson, Violet Jackson, and Lester Jackson. Bud Simmons married Myrtle Carroll, and they had one child Vernel Simmons. Calvin Simmons married Jewel Carroll. They had no children. Johnny Simmons married Garie Alexander, and they had two children: Hortense Simmons and Racine Simmons. Lee Simmons married India Downey, and they had seven children: Noah Simmons, Preston Simmons, Jake Simmons, Attie Lee Simmons, Effie Mae Simmons, Patsy Simmons, and Bobby Jean Simmons. Lela Simmons married Travis Peters, and they had three children: Eulan Peters, Evelyn Peters, and Wayne Peters. Olla Simmons married Curtis Smith, and they had four children: Audna Smith, Ernestine Smith, Mary Jane Smith, and Betty Jo Smith. Minta Simmons married Robert Love, and they had four children: Robert Love, Jr., Chester Love, Morgan Love, and Velma Love. Rufus Brissco Simmons was born January 9, 1888. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Mary Amanda Norton on July 15, 1906. She was a daughter of Josiah and Phebe Ann Alexander) Norton. She and Rufus had three children before her untimely death on October 20, 1918, during the flu epidemic. They were: Hollis Simmons, Calvin Simmons, and R. B. Simmons.

Rufus married (second) Lillie Mae Smith, and they had four children: Lillian Simmons, Betty Simmons, Rufus Simmons, and Ethel Simmons.

Rufus died on December 14, 1971. Laura Simmons married Ransom Horn. Thomas Simmons. Lonie Simmons married Deed Barnett. Johnny Simmons. Frances Eliza ["Fannie"] Simmons, daughter of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born ca. 1835 in Attala County, Mississippi. She married James A. Bowman on December 22, 1863, in Collin County, Texas. She died prior to 1880 and her three children were named as beneficiaries when their maternal grandfather's estate was settled. They were: Ada Bowman, Edwin Bowman, and Aldie Bowman. George Washington Simmons, son of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born on May 20, 1837, in Attala County, Mississippi. He served in Co. B, 16th Regiment Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army from 1861 to 1865. In July 1865, he married Martha Smith in Collin County. She was a daughter of A. C. Smith. She and George had one child, Robert Simmons. She died on May 11, 1867. George Simmons married (second) Lucy Jane Phelps on May 1, 1870. She was a daughter of Aquilla and Matilda (Glaze) Phelps. She and George had nine children, six of whom attained adulthood. George died in 1920 and Lucy Jane died in 1928. They were buried in the Bellevue Cemetery in Clay County, Texas. James Aquilla Simmons was born ca. 1871. He married Emma Pollard Thompson on October 24, 1894. She was born on March 5, 1875, and was a daughter of James C. and Sarah (Price) Thompson. She and James had four children. She died on June 8, 1911. James married (second) Molly Buchanan, and they had one child. George Franklin Simmons was born January 1, 1900. He married Maureen Hale and they had one child, Charles James Simmons. Machintosh Simmons was born on September 8, 1902. He married Fae Smith on November 27, 1930. They had no children. He died on May 30,1976. Heywood Gaston Simmons was born March 12, 1905. He married Virginia Blakeley on November 17, 1929, and they had two children: Nancy J. Simmons and Eleanor A. Simmons. James Aquilla Simmons, Jr. was born November 12, 1909. He married Lillian Green and they had two children, Sidney Joe Simmons and Linda Sue Simmons. Leon Simmons was a son of James and Molly (Buchanan) Simmons. He died after 1945. John Albert Simmons married and had three daughters: Willie Mae Simmons, Marie Simmons, and Cinder Simmons. Lulie D. Simmons was a school teacher. She never married and died ca. 1960. Alma Simmons was born on January 17, 1880. She married Will Childress, and they had four children. Roy Childress was born in 1901. He married Birdye Christine M. Hoon, and they had two children,

Jo Ann Childress and Nancy Jane Childress. Virgil Childress was born in 1904. He had three children:

William S. Childress, Phillip Childress, and Carol Childress. Edith Childress was born ca. 1908. She married Odell Cherry, and they had four children: Mary L. Cherry, Pat Cherry, Linda Cherry, and Atwood Cherry. Lucy Childress was born in 1914. She married Stewart L. Hugley, and they had at least one child, Barbara Ann Hugley. Sallie Simmons was born ca. 1882. She married Bernard Gault. They had no children. Mabel Simmons was born on February 2, 1888. She married Kirk Hampton, son of John N. Hampton, and they had one child, John George Hampton, who was born in February 1918. He married Mary Jane Oliveto, and they had four children: James K. Hampton, Karen Hampton, Kathy Hampton, and Kent Hampton. Mary Ann Simmons, daughter of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born February 29, 1840, in Attala County, Mississippi. On April 28, 1858, she married Thomas Hudson Williams in Rusk County. He was born December 23, 1832, in Madison County, Tennessee. In 1860, he and Mary Ann moved to Collin County where they lived for the rest of their lives. He died on September 7, 1913, and Mary Ann died on March 30, 1925. They were buried in the Fitzhugh Cemetery in Collin County, Texas. They had fourteen children. Ann Eliza Williams was born in Rusk County on 2 February 1859. She married James Graham, and they had two children. Walter Graham was killed in an accident. Ozella Graham. Jasper Newton ["Bud"] Williams was born October 18, 1860. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Ozella Garrett on December 17, 1885. Ozella died on December 20, 1891, and Bud married (second) Lottie Dickerson. Bud died on February 11, 1946, and Lottie died on July 18, 1949. They had two children. Thomas Williams, son of Bud and Ozella (Garrett) Williams, was born on September 27, 1887. He died on June 18, 1920. James Alton Williams, son of Bud and Lottie (Dickerson) Williams, was born April 25, 1893. He married Edna Juanita Belt on Mary 29, 1920, and they had three children: Wanda L. Williams, James A. Williams, Jr., and Gene W. Williams. Virgie ["Susie"] Williams, daughter of Bud and Lottie (Dickerson) Williams, was born September 21, 1989. She married Dwight Freeland. They had no children. George Washington Williams was born February 13, 1863. He married Sarah Armstrong and they had six children. Metz Williams was born August 16, 1892. He married Bertha MNU and they had four children: Malcolm Williams, Weston Williams, Truman Williams, and Evelyn Williams. Herschel Williams. Veris Williams married Ina MNU, and they had a son, Aubrey L. Williams. Tillie Williams. Bonnie Williams. Altha Williams. Charles Lemuel Williams was born October 18, 1865, in Collin County, Texas. He married Minnie Elizabeth Harber on December 27, 1888. She was born October 14, 1871, in Madison County, Kentucky, and was a daughter of Thomas and Sarah A. Harber. Charles died on January 29, 1954, and Minnie died on February 23, 1873. She lived near 102 years! They were members of the Vashti Baptist Church. They had five children. Mary Agnes Williams was born November 13, 1890. She married Edwin D. Walker in 1910, and they had seven children: Dorothy, Paula, Stuart, Nina, Phillip, Lota, and Joy. Thomas Buford Williams was born in 1893. He was married three times. His first marriage was to Salena George in 1913, and they had five children: Thomas C. Williams, Miriam A. Williams, Charles W. Williams, Nathalee Williams, and Kathalee Williams.

After the death of Salena, Thomas married (second) Lura Mae Herndon and they had one child, Terry B. Williams.

After the death of Lura Mae, Thomas married (third) Gladys Hungerford. He died on December 17, 1967. Bertha Williams was born January 2, 1896. She married Charles Hood, and they had three children: Mary Lee Hood, Nettie Hood, and Audrey Hood. George Dewey Williams was born July 4, 1898. He married Sadie Mae McCord on November 23, 1919, at Waxahachie, Texas. They had two children, Minnie E. Williams and Clifton L. Williams. Audrey Joy Williams was born January 4, 1906. She died on May 23, 1908. James Monroe Williams was born May 30, 1867. He married Fannie Garrett, and they had five children. He died ca. 1929. Virgie Williams was born ca. 1890. Effie Williams was born in 1892. She married FNU Hooper, and they had three children: Delbert Hooper, Everett Hooper, and Alma Hooper. Hester Williams was born in 1901. She married FNU Hayley. Flora Mae Williams was born ca. 1903. Lloyd Williams was born ca. 1905. William Thomas Williams was born August 31, 1869. He died at the age of 12 years. John Franklin Williams was born February 10, 1871. He married Allie Lena Draper. Henry Hudson Williams, son of Thomas and Mary Ann (Simmons) Williams, was born February 2, 1873. He married Emma Caroline Willis. He died on April 18, 1933, and Emma died on December 3, 1949. They had three children. Floyd Williams was born June 18, 1900. He married Mary MNU. He was elected sheriff of Collin County, Texas, for two terms, and he died on December 17, 1959, while serving his second term. Mary served out the rest of his term of office. They had no children. Willa Mae Williams was born April 11, 1903. She married and had one child, Myrtle, who married FNU Collinsworth. Everett Williams died as an infant. Mary Ellen Williams was born September 24, 1874. She married Benjamin Smith Hardaway on November 11, 1894, in Collin County, Texas. He had been born July 16, 1868, in Rutherford County, Texas, and was a son of James D. and Sarah Elizabeth (Arnold) Hardaway. He died on February 19, 1935, and Mary Ellen died on December 15, 1943. They were buried in the Edgewood Cemetery in Crystal City, Texas. They had eight children. Mattie Jewel Hardaway was born April 19, 1896. She married James Leonard Hall ca. 1914, and they had one child, James D. Hall, who was killed in a truck accident when he was 24 years of age. James Leonard Hall died when his son was small and Mattie married (second) Henry Barker. She died on September 10, 1951. Mildred Elnora Hardaway was born May 5, 1897. She married Daniel O. Atchley on November 16, 1913. He was born Aubust 15, 1887, in DeQueen, Arkansas. He and Mildred had nine children: Lillie Belle Atchley, Ethel Atchley, Ben Atchley, Mary Alice Atchley, Edith Atchley, Virginia Atchley, Minnie Atchley, Larry Atchley, and Elizabeth Atchley. James Duncan Hardaway was born November 8, 1898. He married Cordie Deal in 1922. She was born in November 1901 and died in 1950. They had two children, Helen Hardaway and Anne Hardaway. After the death of Cordie, James married Ruby R. Woods on January 15, 1963. They had no children. Deci Marie Hardaway was born in 1900 and died in infancy. William Thomas Hardaway was born March 6, 1902. He married Mary Jane Bailey on April 14, 1926, in Dimmitt County, Texas. They had no children. Elizabeth Hardaway was born June 13, 1904. She maried (first)Buddy Cummins and after his death, she married (second) Andrew Jackson Clark. She had no children by either marriage. She died on February 17, 1985. John Samuel Hardaway was born October 13, 1907. He married Addie McKissack on February 21, 1938, in Reagan County, Texas. She was born July 19, 1910, in Runnels County, Texas, and was a daughter of William W. and Sue Clara (Gassiot) McKissack. John died on September 28, 1977, at Fort Stockton, Texas, and was buried in the Talpa Cemetery in Coleman County, Texas. Addie has supplied most of the information about the descendants of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, for which we are most grateful. She and John had three children: Mary Sue Hardaway, John S. Hardaway, Jr., and William H. Hardaway. Bertie Estella Hardaway was born October 24, 1915. She married Leonard D. Staffelbach on July 27, 1937, and they had a son, Michael Staffelbach. Virginia Frances Williams was born March 6, 1877. She married William C. Hardaway on August 7, 1898, in Collin County, Texas. He was born May 1, 1874, in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and was a son of James D. and Sarah Elizabeth (Arnold) Hardaway, thus he was a brother of Benjamin Stith Hardaway who married Mary Ellen Williams, sister of Virginia Frances Williams. (See above.) He died on February 5, 1935, and Virginia died on September 26, 1970. They had five children. Verdie Helen Hardaway was born July 3, 1899. Gladys Thelma Hardaway was born December 3, 1900. Susie Sybil Hardaway was born 2 February 1902. She married Emmett Northcutt and they had three children: Frances Northcutt, Dorothy Northcutt, and Barbara Northcutt.

After the death of Emmett, Susie Sybil married (second) Charles Tate. They had no children. Dorothy Ruth Hardaway was born November 1, 1904. She married Andrew Lee Ivy, and they had five children: Clarence Ivy, George Ivy, Robin Ivy, David Ivy, and Anthony Ivy. Sally Ruth Hardaway was born September 6, 1912. She married Otis Templer and they had two children, Otis, Jr. and Thomas. Walter Raleigh Williams was born September 26, 1879. He married Molly Dugger, and they had two children. Gladys Williams was born January 1, 1907. She married Bailey Whisenant, and they had three children: Raleigh Whisenant, Mary E. Whisenant, and Kay Whisenant. Jason Williams died when he was a small child. Alice Beatrice Williams was born February 17, 1881. In 1897, she married Wiley Haywood Smith who had been born on February 2, 1878, in Alabama and was a son of Taylor and Nancy Smith. He died in 1939, and Alice died on December 23, 1963. They had five children: Cyril O. Smith was born July 16, 1898. He married Mattie Fults, and they had four children:

Etheline Smith, William Smith, and two other children who died in infancy. Goldie Smith was born January 1, 1901. She married Alton N. Cuffman on June 4, 1918, and they had six children: Kay Cuffman, Frances Cuffman, Barbara Cuffman, Mattie Cuffman, Alice Cuffman, and Robert Cuffman. Etta Lee Smith was born July 9, 1904. She married Emsly Phillips, and they had three children: Don Phillips, E. W. Phillips, and Betty Phillips. Nila Ruth Smith was born September 16, 1909. She married John Poe, and they had one child, Mary Sue Poe. Dewitt ["Jack"] Smith was born July 21, 1915. He married Ruth Bellmyre on March 13, 1941, and they had one child, Carla Beth Smith. Sallie Odessa Williams was born November 12, 1882. She married John Brooks. He died on October 18, 1950, and Sallie died ca. 1968. They had no children. Martha Elizabeth Williams was born January 28, 1885. She married Zachariah West. They had four children, all of whom lived in Montgomery, Alabama: Gene West, Frank West, Fawn West, and Lucien West. Sarah Simmons, daughter of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born ca. 1842 in Mississippi. She married William S. Graham on October 26, 1865, in Collin County, Texas. They had six children. James Lafayette Graham was born ca. 1874. He married Ruth Cook, and they had four children. Leo Graham married Jessie Armstrong. Eustace Graham married Louise Andiehub. Eunice Graham married Alonzo V. Richards. William Graham married Joyce Belew. Eady Araminta Graham was born ca. 1876. She married Adam Cambell, and they had five children. Stokeley Elbert Campbell. Ruth Campbell. Lois Campbell. Gladys Campbell. Cora Campbell was born December 31, 1910. She married Noble Spurgin, and they had two children:

Noble Campbell and Stephen Campbell. Cleopatra ["Doll"] Graham married William Biddy and they lived in Blair, Oklahoma. They had six children: William Biddy, Ivis Biddy, Jessie Biddy, Odessa Biddy, Jasper Biddy, and Amos Biddy. Mattie Graham married Allen Biddy, and they lived in Blair, Oklahoma. They had seven children: Albert Biddy, Lee Biddy, Hardy Biddy, Ruth Biddy, Willie Biddy, Myrtle Biddy, and Annie Biddy. Pat Graham married Thomas Newsom. They lived in Waco, Texas. They had four children: Cecil Newsom, Alta Newsom, Georgia Newsom, and Amy Newsom. George W. Graham died in infancy. Martha A. Simmons was born on February 24, 1844, in Attala County, Mississippi. She was married on November 14, 1861, to William Crawford Brooks in Collin County, Texas. He was born April 25, 1838, in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, and died on June 22, 1914, at San Saba, Texas. Martha died on August 2, 1937, at Carlsbad, Texas. She and William had thirteen children. Sarah Elizabeth Brooks was born November 30, 1862. She married A. B. Webb. She died on March 5, 1950, in Kaufman County, Texas. She and A. B. had four children: Roy Webb, Black Webb, Ora Webb, and Clara Webb. Mary Frances Brooks was born January 6, 1865. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to FNU Towbridge, and her second marriage was to Gabriel Staggs. She died on January 11, 1943, at Carlsbad, Texas. She had no children. Susan Virginia Brooks was born November 20, 1866. She married George Stewart and they had five children: Claude Stewart, Eva Stewart, Summers Stewart, William Stewart, and Blanche Stewart. Lydia Brooks was born on March 16, 1868. She married George Edwin Smith. He was born on November 8, 1870. He died on November 30, 1942. Lydia died on October 25, 1965, at Terrell, Texas. She and George had two children:

Harry Smith and Leland Smith. James William Brooks was born December 31, 1870. He was dragged to death by a runaway team of horses on April 24, 1884, near Terrell, Texas. Mattie Brooks was born September 21, 1872. She died on April 16, 1960. She married J. E. McConnell, and they had three children: Juanita McConnell, Lewis McConnell, and Robin McConnell. George Washington Brooks was born April 3, 1874. He died in 1965. He never married. John Johnson Brooks was born February 15, 1876. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Helen Farmer by whom he had a son, Dillard Brooks. His second marriage was to Sallie Williams. (See above.) Thomas Joseph Brooks was born February 18, 1878, in Kaufman County, Texas. He died on April 4, 1955. He married Agnes Wallace, and they had four children: Bryace Brooks, Thomas T. Brooks, Frank Brooks, and Mary Brooks. Eldridge Brittain Brooks was born February 13, 1880. He died in 1965 in Kaufman County, Texas. He married Effie Walker, and they had two children: Pauline Brooks and Calvin Brooks. Gabriel Hillis Brooks was born March 13, 1882. He died on March 9, 1970. He married Katie Kimerly, and they had eight children: Juanita Brooks, Alberta Brooks, Lucile Brooks, Ruby Brooks, Leon Brooks, Gabriel Brooks, Jr., Inez Brooks, and Kathryn Brooks. Elizabeth J. ["Bettie"] Simmons, daughter of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born ca. 1846. She married R. A. Cook. Susan Margaret Simmons, daughter of James and Eady (Sparks) Simmons, was born February 12, 1848, in Texas. She married W. D. Kirby on October 15, 1867. She died on July 29, 1871, in Rusk County, Texas. After her death, her husband married Sydney Almeda Phelps. Susan and W. D. had two children. Edmonia Kirby was born ca. 1868. She married John R. Scott, and they had two children. Ray Scott was born ca. 1890. He never married. Mary Ellen Scott was born ca. 1895. She married Zachariah Dickey, and they had three children: Graham R. Dickey, Troy Z. Dickey, and Nesbitt Edmona Dickey. Martha R. Kirby was born on February 16, 1871.She died on February 20, 1873. Levi N. Sparks, son of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, was born in Mississippi probably ca. 1812. (The "N" in his name may have been for "Nathan.") He went with his brother, Richard Sparks, to Nacogdoches County, Texas, in 1834, and he was listed on the 1835 census of that county. He participated in the war between Texas and Mexico, serving as a private in the Nacogdoches Volunteers commanded by Capt J. Smith. He was with his nephew, Stephen F. Sparks, at the Battle of San Antonio. (See page 2768 of the September 1985 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 131.)

After his military service ended, Levi returned to Nacogdoches County where he married Louisa R. Tipps on June 5, 1838. She had been born ca. 1821 in Tennessee. When the 1840 census was taken of the Republic of Texas, Levi and Louisa were living in Liberty County, but by 1846 they were in Limestone County where Levi paid a poll tax. He apparently died in late 1847, and when the 1850 census was taken, Louisa was listed as head of her household in Rusk County, Texas. She was aged 28 years. Living with her was Elizabeth Wood, aged 40 and born in South Carolina; Elizabeth may have been her sister. Levi and Louisa had no children, this according to a written statement by his nephew, Stephen F. Sparks.

The settlement of the estate of Levi Sparks was fairly complicated because of his scattered land holdings. The administrator of his estate in Rusk County was George W. S. Tipps, probably of relative of Levi's widow. At its January 1848 term, the Rusk County Court ordered Tipps to make a final settlement of the estate. Settlement of the estate in other counties, however, took much longer. On March 28,1853, Levi's estate was a matter of probate in Denton County, Texas. His widow received two-thirds of a League & Labor of land while his other heirs, John Sparks, Edy Simmons, and Sarah McAnulty, received the other one-third. A few months later, on August 1, 1853, land which Sparks had been granted "for storming of Bexar" was sold in Clay County, Texas. In another settlement of his estate in Cooke County, Texas, his heirs (James Simmons and his wife, et al) sold land to William Howeth and William C. Twitty. Eli G. Sparks was born ca. 1814 in Mississippi. He apparently went to Texas with his parents, but did not participate in the Texas-Mexican War. According to the earliest record we have found of him, he was single when he arrived in Nacogdoches County in March 1837. He was taxed there in 1839 and 1840 as one poll with a saddle horse. He applied for a land grant on June 7, 1839, and was granted 640 acres.

On January 9, 1840, Eli G. Sparks married Evalina Hall in Nacogdoches County. She was born June 11, 1823, and was a daughter of John Hall, a resident of Nacogdoches County. (Some records refer to her given name as "Ebalina.") Eli was listed on the 1840 census of Nacogdoches County, but apparently he died shortly thereafter. He and Evalina had no children. After Eli's death, Evalina married (second) John Thomas McDaniel.

(Editor's Note: This concludes the article about the descendants of William and Mary (Fielder) Sparks, of Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas, which was begun in the June 1985 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 130, and continued in the issue of the September 1985, Whole No. 131. We shall welcome additional data pertaining to this couple and their descendants from our readers.)