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Gwen Hilton, Route 4, Box 1036, Decatur, Texas, 76234, would like to learn the names of the parents of an ancestor, ELIZABETH SPARKS, who married THOMAS PARSONS in 1772 in the Meherrin Baptist Church, near the present-day community of Fort Mitchell in Lunenburg County, Virginia. Thomas Parsons was born ca. 1750, and he may have been a son of Thomas Parsons. Elizabeth was born ca. 1750 and was among the members of the Meherrin Baptist Church when it was organized on November 27, 1771. Thomas and Elizabeth moved to Bedford County, Tennessee, where Thomas apparently died prior to 1822. He and Elizabeth were the parents of twelve children.

1. Joseph Parsons was born November 2, 1775

2. Nancy Parsons was born November 29, 1776.

3. William Parsons was born August 16, 1778.

4. Martha ["Patsy"] Parsons was born February 10, 1779 [?]. She married Thomas Gregory in 1804 in Lunenburg County.

5. Hannah B. Parsons was born ca. 1780.

6. George Washington Parsons was born ca. 1782. He married Margaret Fisher in 1809 in Bedford County, Tennessee.

7. John S. Parsons was born ca. 1784.

8. Thomas ["Strick"] Parsons was born February 4, 1785. He married Susan Ingram in 1807 in Williamson County, Tennessee.

9. Celia Parsons was born in 1790.

10. James Wyatt Parsons was born in 1796. He married Massie Gordon and they were the ancestors of Mrs. Hilton. James died on March 7, 1874.

11. Pamela Parsons was born ca. 1797

12. Abia Parsons was born May 2, 1799