October 19, 2020

Pages 3623-3624
Whole Number 150


(The following items have been copied for us by Robert S. Viguers, Jr. from the PUBLIC LEDGER, a 19th century newspaper published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.)

Issue of May 2, 1836 (front page)--an item copied from the BALTIMORE TRANSSCRIPT. "Fatal Accident - A distressing accident with the loss of life occured in Sterling, O.T. on Thursday morning last (i.e. April 28, 1836]. A young female by the name of AMELIA SPARKS, while engaged in white washing a chamber in company with another girl, attempted carelessly to remove a rifle from one corner of the room to another, by slowly dragging it across the floor: not being aware of its being charged - the gun went off and the charge entered her head, carrying off the upper part of the cranium, and most horribly mangling her. She died Immediately - an inquest was held over her body. And a verdict rendered of "accidental death." We have been informed that the rifle when taken up was cocked - this certainly is strange.

"The above incident is another record of the folly of persons leaving loaded arms in improper places, and the folly of persons handling such weapons carelessly."

Issue of March 20, 1838. Died. "Suddenly, on the 15th inst. of Scarlet Fever, ELIZA. S., only child of HENRY and SARAH C. SPARKS of Southwark, aged 2 years 6 months 22 days."

Issue of Monday, May 20, 1839. Died. "On the 16th inst. infant 19 months MARY JANE, daughter of JAMES and MARY SPARKS."

Issue of Tuesday, March 30, 1841. Died. "On the 24th inst. SARAH SPARKS, age 88 yrs. 1 mos. 15 days, widow of ROBERT SPARKS."

Issue of Thursday, September 9, 1841. Wedding. "At Wilmington, Del. on the 19th ult.[i.e. August 19, 1841] by the Rev. Mr. Gerry, Edward Dubois of this city to Miss AMY SPARKS, of Wilmington, Del."

Issue of Saturday, January 22, 1842. Died. "On the 29th [?] inst., Mrs. ANN SPARKS in the 42 yr. of her age. Family and friends invited to attend her funeral from her residence, 73 N. Water st., this afternoon at 3 O'clock without further notice."

Issue of January 25, 1841. Wedding. "On the 14th inst. [i.e. January 14, 1841] by the Rev. Mr. Kennedy, JOHN SPARKS to Hannah L., daughter of the late John Lawrence, of Marple, Delaware County."

Issue of Thursday, June 27, 1841. "Suicide, A girl named MARY SPARKS committed suicide by taking Laudunum, on Saturday in a house of ill fame, kept by a Mrs. Scott in Potter Street, Baltimore.

Issue of August 25, 1843. Wedding. "On the 15th inst. by Alderman C. Brazer, Mr. GEORGE SPARKS, JR. to Miss Eliza Jane Maxwell, both of Wilmington, Del."

Issue of Saturday, October 12, 1850. Married. "On the 10th Inst. [i.e. Octo ber 10, 1850] by Rev. Anthony Atwood, Mr. Hervey F. Smith to ANN ELIZA SPARKS, all of Bridesburg."

Issue of Wednesday, April 16, 1851. Died. "0n the 15th, MR. JACOB SPARKS, aged 71 years. Friends and relatives are respectively invited to attend his funeral from the residence of Mr. Samuel Walter, Prime St., 2nd door above Meya mensing Rd. tomorrow, Thursday morning at 8 1/2 O'clock without further notice. Funeral to proceed to Swede's Church, Southwark."

Issue of May 19, 1851. Died. "ROBERT G., only son of RICHARD and CATHERINE SPARKS, age 6 months 2 weeks. Death spreads his wintery arms
and beauty smiles no more
Ah! Where are now those rising charms
which pleased our eyes before.
It is the Lord whose chat'ning hand
has filled the cup of Wo!
The shaft of death by his command
has struck the fatal blow. to be buried from his father's residence, Citron St. below 13th this Monday Afternoon at 4 o'clock funeral to proceed to the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Issue of Wednesday, August 6, 1851. Married. "In Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday evening July 21 by the Rev. Andrew Manship, Mr. Henry Clayton of Philadelphia to Miss MARY JANE SPARKS, Daughter of JOSIAH SPARKS of this city." [Same announcement appears again in issue of August 9, but this time it gives "JOSIAH SPARKS of Former City."]

Issue of December 3, 1851. Married. "On the 3rd of November by the Rev. J. Kessler, Mr. HENRY SPARKS to Miss Maria Louisa Olden, all of Spring Garden."

Issue of Wednesday, September 4, 1856. Died. "On the Third Instant, ALBERT, son of JOHN and SARAH SPARKS, aged 13 months and 2 days.

Farewell my child forever,
In this world I've lost my joy.
But in the next we ne'er shall sever
And there I'll find my angel boy.

Friends and relatives are invited to attend his funeral from the residence of his father #21 Mechanic St. above Cutbert N.1. on Thursday afternoon at 2 O'clock without further notice."

Issue of Friday, January 2, 1857. Died. ~On the 1st inst. [i.e. January 1, 1857] THOMAS REED, infant son of JESSE and MARGARET SPARKS, aged 3 months; the Relatives and friends are respectively invited to attend the funeral from the residence of his parents, #63 Queen St., Southwark this Friday afternoon at 1 O'clock without further notice."