April 29, 2020

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A five-volume work entitled Delaware Archives, War of 1812 Military Records was published in 1916 by the Publishing Archives Commission of Delaware. The following references to men named Sparks are found in this work.

Page 44 Return of Fines, 8th Company, 3rd Regiment. A list of fines against absentees of Newcastle County. 5 October 1797 to 23 November 1799:

Lambirt Sparks October 11th $1.00

Page 90 Return of Absentees in the Lower District of Appoquimmink

Lambert Sparks April 1, 1800 $2.50

Page 242 List of Delinquents, 6th Regiment, 1809

Howell Sparks $1.25

Page 321 An Election Began and Holden for Non-Commissioned Officers for 1st Company of Light Infantry attached to the 2nd Regiment Delaware Infantry, June 29, 1812

Leonard Sparks, Pvt.

Page 392 Classification of the Citizens Company the 2nd Company of the 1st Battalion of the 1st Brigade of Militia in the state of Delaware, September 8, 1812

Leonard Sparks, 3rd Class

Page 524 Muster Roll of the 2nd Company of the 4th Regiment of Delaware Militia of Kent County, Delaware

Steven Sparks, 8th Class

Page 617 Muster Roll of the Company of Delaware Artillery from May 11, 1813, to September 15, 1813

Leonard Sparks, Pvt. Enlisted May 21st for 6 months.

Page 623 Payroll:

Leonard Sparks received $25.87 for service from June 24, 1813, to October 31, 1813, for 2 months.

Page 639 Payroll:

Leonard Sparks received $16.00 for service from September 1, 1813, to October 31, 1813 for 4 months.

Page 648 Pvt. Leonard Sparks on muster roll from September 1, 1813 to 31 October 1813.

Page 794 Pvt. Leonard Sparks in 2nd Co., 1st Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade, September 1814

Page 796 Leonard Sparks on Detached Service.

Page 826 Leonard Sparks on muster roll November 28, 1814.

Page 907 Payroll:

Leonard Sparks received $20.50 for service from November 28, 1814, to

February 11, 1815, for 2 months, 15 days.

Page 930 List of Persons belonging to the 1st Company of the 5th Regiment of Delaware fined for their non-attendance for 1815

John K. Sparks July 29 $1.00 August $1.00 November 25 $1.00