October 24, 2018

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Although it is not our editorial policy to use space in the Quarterly to announce births and wedding anniversaries among our members, we believe that the following exception may be appropriate. On November 9, 1998, the Association's President, Dr. Paul E. Sparks, and his wife, Mary Sue Sparks, celebrated their 65th-wedding anniversary. (Mrs. Sparks is usuaIly called by her middle name, Sue.) In a letter to the editor dated November 9, 1998, Paul recalled that event in a most interesting manner, and he has given us permission to quote him.

Sixty-five years ago, today, I taught a regular scheduled teaching day in a 4-room high school at Webbville, Kentucky. At the close of the day, I walked nine rniles to the little village of Hitchins where I met Sue and her mother, and where the road was paved! We drove on into Ashland, Kentucky, where we were married at 7:35 p.m. (My future mother in-law said the marriage had to be performed when the minute hand was going upward--thus we waited until 7:30 to begin the cerernony.)

We had $20.00, but we spent $2.00 to buy me a hat. I had none, but was no different than other men about me. Sue said she wouldn't marry a man who had no hat.

What memories! It has been a good 65 years, and the Lord has blessed us with reasonably good health; the ability to laugh with (and at) each other; and an enduring devotion to our relationships with each other.

[Paul and Sue will celebrate their 90th birthdays in 1999.]