May 17, 2012

Pages 231-232
Whole Number 19

(Continued from Whole No. 18, page 218)

by Russell E. Bidlack

(Note: The following pension papers pertain to the service of 64. Pearl Sparks in the American Revolution. Since his pension was granted shortly after the War because of a physical disability resulting from an injury received while on duty, it was not necessary for him to submit as many affidavits as were required of later applicants. As a result, nothing can be learned regarding his family from these records. In 1909, however, Mrs. Graham Bellinger of 302 Prospect Street, Herkimer, New York, wrote to the Commissioner of Pensions asking about Pearl Sparks, stating that she was a descendant. According to Mrs. Bellinger, Pearl Sparks died in 1826 at the age of seventy-six years. Apparently he was a resident of the State of New York throughout his life. On the 1790 census of Montgomery County, New York, he was listed as a resident of the town of Canajoharie, with 2 white males over 16, one white male under 16, and one female. On the 1800 census of the town of Minden he is listed as over 45 years of age himself, with one white male between 10 and 16, one white male between 16 and 26, one white female between 16 and 26, and one white female over 45.

In copying these documents, capitalization and punctuation have been modernized for the sake of clarity, but no changes have been made in spelling or content, A few minor certificates which contain no data of interest have been omitted.)

State of New York
Montgomery County SS

       Pearl Sparks of the town of Minden and County aforesaid being duly sworn, deposeth and saith that he is the identical person mentioned and described in an original certificate, a copy whereof is hereunto annexed, as was executed by Abraham Ten Broock & Philip Schuyler, certified by Thomas Pratt, Clerk, bearing date the twenty second day of September 1780; same further saith the original certificate is either lost or mislaid where he cannot find it after making diligent search for the same.

                                                                                                                               [signed] Pearl Sparks
Sworn & subscribed before me this 30th day of
April 1824
                                  [signed] Nathan Soule
Montgomery County SS

       I Nathan Soule one of the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in & for the County aforesaid, do certify that I am personally acquainted with Pearl Sparks, who made the above affidavit, and that I know him to be the identical person therein described apd full credit is due to his testimony under oath.
                                                                                                                           Minden, Montgomery County
                                                                                                                           April 30th 1824

                                                                                                                           [signed] Nathan Soule.

We the Subscribers, Abraham Ten Broock & Philip Schuyler, do certify that upon an examination in pursuance of the law entitled An Act Making Provision for Officers, Soldiers & Seamen Who Have Been Disabled in the Service of the United States, passed the 22nd April 1786, we do find that Pearl Sparks, residing in the State of New York, aged thirty-six years, late a private in Capt. Henry Dufendoff's Company in the Regiment of Militia commanded by Col. Clyde & claiming relief under the Act of Congress recited in the said law as an invalid in fact, & that he became disabled in the service of the United States in consequence of a wound in his arm on the 6th day of August, 1777. And do further certify that upon the principle of the said Act of Congress, the said Pearl Sparks is entitled to the pay of five dollars per month. Given under our hand in the city of Albany on the 22nd day of September 1786.

I certify the above certificate to be a true                                                            [signed] Wm. Ten Broock
copy of the original in the State Auditor's                                                                        Philip Schuyler
           [signed] Thomas Pratt, Clerk

[Note: The two documents quoted above were submitted by Pearl Sparks to the Pension Office in April, 1824. The form in which they were written did not meet with the approval of the Pension Office. Pearl Sparks then submitted the following application..

Application for a New Certificate
County of Montgomery                   SS

On this twelfth day of August, 1824, before me, the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace for the said County of Montgomery, personally appeared Pearl Sparks who, on his oath, declares that he is the same person who formerly belonged to the Company commanded by Captain Henry Dufendorff in the Regiment commanded by Colonel Clyde in the service of the United States; that his name was placed on the pension roll of the State of New York, but has never received a formal certificate and now wishes to obtain one.
                                                                                                                           [signed] Pearl Sparks
Sworn and subscribed to, before me,
the day and year aforesaid.

               [signed] Nathan Soule.