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(Editor's Note: The following Sparks marriage records have been copied from a compilation by H. Stanley Craig entitled Gloucester County, New Jersey Marriage Records, published in Merchantville, New Jersey, in 1930.)

John Hedger married Ann Sparks, April 25, 1769. (p.13)
Benjamin Perkins married Ann Sparks. December 21, 1815. (p.149)
Jamas Ross married Ann Sparks February 15, 1840. (p.161)
Paul Jaquett married BEULAH Ann Sparks, January 14, 1843. (p. 113)
Charles Lock married Mrs. Catharine Sparks, October 12, 1842. (p.126)
David Sparks married Elizabeth Paul, November 17, 1796 (p.177)
David Sparks married Annie Beckett, May 28, 1868 (p.177)
Elijah Sparks married Hannah Ann Dougherty, January 27, 1831 (p.177)
Thomas Viguers married Eliza Sparks, March 4, 1827 (p.194)
James G McQuade married Elizabeth H. Sparks, May 18, 1858 (p.133)
George Peterson married Elizabeth Sparks, October 12, 1809 (p.149)
George Sparks married Phebe Flags, February 16, 1797 (p.177)
George Sparks married Charity D. Peterson, September 9, 1851 (p.177)
Nathan Roberts married Hannah Ann Sparks, September 14, 1862 (p.159)
Howel Sparks married Sarah Hider, February 8, 1799 (p.177)
John Sparks married Sarah Yonker of Philadelphia, March 9, 1818 (p.177)
John C. Sparks married Elizabeth Cade, October 29, 1829 (p.177)
John M. Sparks married Sarah Richman, March 16, 1848 (p.177)
John R. Sparks married Mary Ann Grey of Philadelphia, July 12, 1855 (p.177)
Josiah C. Sparks married Hannah Henry, December 25, 1834 (p.177)
Lewis C. Sparks married Anna M. Batten, December 16, 1865 (p.177)
Jesse Smith married Louisa Sparks, March 13, 1875 (p.174)
William H. Pine married Margaret Sparks, December 31, 1835 (p.151)
Mark C. Sparks married Fannie S. Paul, June 2, 1868 (p.177)
Jonas Scoggins married Mary Sparks (widow), January 16, 1798 (p.163)
William Biddle married Mary Sparks, both of Salem County, February 1, 1809 (p. 41)
Samuel Jones married Mary Sparks of Moorestown, February 8, 1838 (p.116)
Helms V. Haritage married Mary Ann Sparks, January 114, 1814]. (p.102)
Jesse Smith married Nancy Sparks, July 16, 1808 (p.173)
Nelson W. Sparks married Sallie T. Reed, April 6, 1870 (p.177)
Jonathan Duffill married Priscilla Sparks, February 28, 1799 (p.76)
Charles B. Matlack married Priscilla S. Sparks, March 5, 1840 (p.130)
Jonathan Duffell married Prutha Sparks, February 28, 1799 (p.250) (different source)
Randall Sparks married Ann Clark, November 24, 1803 (p.177)
Joseph Hellman married Rebecca Sparks, November 18, 1784 (p.114)
John Wiley married Rebecca V. Sparks, March 9, 1843 (p.201)
Robert C. Sparks married Mary Rice, April 18, 1839 (p.177)
Joseph String married Sallie A. Sparks, March 1, 1866 (p.184)
Samuel D. Sparks married Harriet Kirby, December 10, 1843 (p.177)
Jonas Lock married Sara Sparks, March 14, 1783 (p.219)
Charles Dalbo married Sarah Sparks (widow), December 10, 1805 (p.68)
Isaac Kelly married Sarah Sparks, April 9, 1840 (p.118)
Simon Sparks married Tartar Haines, December 24, 1809 (p.177)
Thomas Peterson married Susannah Sparks of Salem County, February 23, 1809 (p.150)
Thomas T. Sparks (son of Josiah C.) married Hannah G. Sparks
Rebecca Jane Powell (daughter of Joseph) married Susan Powell, July 10, 1862 (p.177)
William Sparks married Anne Boyle, January 16, 1800 (p. 177)
William Sparks married Rebecca Love, September 23, 1815 (p.177)
William Sparks married Sarah Hooten, of Burlington County, December 21, 1818 (p.177)
William C. Sparks married Mary P. Stein, January 31, 1833 (p.177)
William C. Sparks married Anna E. Conover, October 29, 1859 (p. 177)
William P. Sparks married Louisa C. Holdcraft, both of Pedricktown, April 30, 1870 (p.177)