April 7, 2018

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Mrs. James D. Sparks of 1105 Onlin Dr., Idaho Falls, Idaho, is seeking information on the parentage of John Ardie Sparks who was born April 23, 1817 to 1821 in Lee County, Virginia. It is possible that his parents names were William and Nancy Sparks. It is known that John Ardie Sparks's mother married, as her second husband, a Mr. Shepherd in Lee County, Virginia. John Ardie Sparks had a sister named Abbie Sparks who married, a Mr. Yates. John Ardie Sparks and his sister ran away from home in Lee County when they were 13 and 9 years old; they went to Morgan County, Kentucky. On November 10, 1841, John Ardie Sparks married, at West Liberty, Morgan County, KY, Mary Ann Lykins, who was born November 1, 1820 to 1824, in West Liberty. They had eleven children, all born in West Liberty:

(1) William Jackson Sparks, born ca. 1843, married Molly Raburn.
(2) Nancy Sparks, born ca. 1845, died in infancy.
(3) Hannah Sparks, born ca. 1847, married Franklin Cassidy.
(4) Allen Sparks, born ca. 1849, died at the age of 21.
(5) Sarah Sparks, born ca. 1850, married Charles Nealus.
(6) Thomas Jefferson Sparks, born 27 August 1853, married Elizabeth Berry.
(7) Mary Ann Sparks, born 11 May 1856, married Ace Carrington.
(8) James Harvey Sparks, born 19 April 1859, married Arzela Lykins.
(9) Nancy Sparks (second of that name), born ca. 1855, died ca. 1860.
(10) Henry Harrison Sparks, born 18 October 1861, married Mary Simmons.
(11) David Sparks, born ca. 1865, married Dora Shaw.
After 1865, John Ardie Sparks and his family lived in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Can anyone give Mrs. Spanks information on the whereabouts of descendants of any members of the above family?