April 7, 2018

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Your editor is preparing an article for publication in the next issue of the Quarterly on the family of John and Sarah (Tickle) Sparks of Morgan County, Georgia. The record of this family is far from complete, and we hope that someone reading this query will be able to supply some of the missing links before the final copy is made for publication. John Sparks of Morgan County was born ca. 1780. Apparently he lived in North Carolina before coming to Georgia ca. 1815. He either died or moved away from Morgan County before 1830. Several of his children are known to have settled later in Alabama. According to a Bible record, John and Sarah (Tickle) Sparks were the parents of the following children. Do any members of the Association descend from them?

               Thomas Sparks, born October 6, 1801
               James Robert Sparks, born September 15, 1803
               John Henry Sparks, born May 15, 1806
               Henrietta Sparks, born July 28, 1808
               General Pinckney Sparks, born December 9, 1811
               Andrew Jackson Sparks, born February 23, 1815
               Mahala Bonner Sparks, born August 27, 1819