July 08, 2007

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Mrs. A. F. Hribal, 1512 N. 12th St., Vincennes, Indiana, is seeking information regarding her Sparks ancestry. She writes as follows: "All that I have on my Sparks relationship is that Cornelius Chadwick came to this country about the middle of the 18th century and married MARY SPARKS of Connecticut. They ‘had three children: John Chadwick, George Chadwick, and Mary Chadwick. The latter was my greatgreat-grandmother. After Mary Sparks Chadwick's husband Cornelius died, she married his brother, Asa Chadwick, and they had the following children: Hemin Chadwick, Simon Chadwick, Almond Chadwick, Scank Chadwick, and Polly Chadwick.

"Mary Sparks Chadwick died in the late 1840's in Dubuque, Iowa. Her daughter, Mary Chadwick, was born January 19, 1795. Mary Sparks and her second husband, Asa Chadwick, were living in Cayuga County, New York, in 1810."

Mrs. Hribal will be pleased to hear from anyone having knowledge of Mary Sparks.