February 3, 2021

Pages 827-828
Whole Number 46

QUERY Temple T. Sparks

Mrs. Gerald J. Sparks of 1746 6th St., Manhattan Beach, California (90267), daughter-in-law of Leonard Jesse Sparks, whose obituary appears in this issue, Whole No. 46, has been attempting to trace her husband's Sparks ancestry, but has been unable to discover the parentage of Temple T. Sparks, her husband's great-grandfather. It is known that Temple T. Sparks married Mary Ann Rogers in Franklin County, Indiana, on March 26, 1843. This county is near the Ohio border and Temple Sparks may have been a resident of either Indiana or Ohio. We have not been able to locate the family on the 1850 census. About 1858 or 1859, however, Temple Sparks moved with his family to Tama County, Iowa, where they were enumerated on the 1860 census. The birth place of Temple Sparks was given then as Kentucky, while that of his wife was given as Ohio. His children born before 1860 were listed as having been born in Indiana. Temple Sparks died in Oakland, Oklahoma, in 1898 or 1902. He and his wife were the parents of the following children: Alonzo Sparks, born January 10, 1845; died 1856. Jasper N. Sparks, born March 25, 1847; died 1931; married Margaret Ellen Gregory. Leonard Sparks, born April 28, 1850; died 1918; married (first) Hester N. Brook; (second) Elmira (Gregory) Lewis. Sarah Jane Sparks, born January 10, 1852; died 1875; married John Farley. Melisa Sparks, born November 26, 185-; died 1856. Melinda Sparks, born July 6, 1857; died 1860. James H. Sparks, born October 29, 1859, Francis N. Sparks, born June 22, 1863; died 1889; married Mary B. Dove.

Please see the Quarterly, Whole No. 140, pages 3130-3163 for more information on the family of Temple Sparks.