July 31, 2017

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Mrs. Thelbert T. Self, P.O. Box 6211., Talpa, Texas (76882) is seeking information on the family of Mary Elizabeth Sparks, who was born April 13, 1852, near Atlanta, Georgia, and died on August 11., 193?, in Travis County, Texas. On January 11, 1872, Mary Elizabeth Sparks married Silas Wright Crossley in Karnes County, Texas. He was born September 6, 18SS, in Karnes County, Texas, and died on March 17, 1929. Mrs. Self's husbands Thelbert T. Self (1906-196S) was a grandson of Mary Elizabeth Sparks and her husband, Silas Wright Crossley. He stated that Mary Elizabeth's parents were J. C. and Mary Jane Sparks. It is believed that this Sparks family came to Texas prior to 1872, the year in which Mary Elizabeth married Silas W. Crossley. Can anyone identify this branch of the Sparks family?