January 18, 2020

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Whole Number 122


Mrs. Rhonda S. Roberson, Norton, Virginia, 24273, needs help finding the parentage of an ancestor, REBECCA SPARKS, who was born ca. 1787, probably in North Carolina, although some descendants maintain that she was born in South Carolina. She married David Stidham, ca. 1803. He was born ca. 1786 in Anson County, North Carolina, and died in 1835 in Perry County, Kentucky. He and Rebecca lived near the present-day village of Blackwood, Virginia. Among their children were two sons, James Stidham and Samuel Stidham.

130.1 James Stidham, son of David and 130. Rebecca (Sparks) Stidham, was born in Surry County, North Carolina, ca. 1804. He grew up on Black Creek, near Blackwood, Virginia He was married (first) ca. 1825. His first wife was said to have been Katy Collier by whom he had four children. After her death, which occurred ca. 1840, James married (second) Malinda Hamilton ca. 1844. They had eight children. James and Malinda were early members of the Three Forks Baptist Church at Big Stone Gap, Virginia. He died in 1875; Malinda died in 1890. Children of James Stidham were:

130.1.1 Wesley Stidham, born in 1826.
130.1.2 Ira Stidham, born in 1831. He married Jane MNU
130.1.3 Frances ["Fannie"] Stidham, born in 1832. She married David Boggs.
130.1.4 Samuel Stidham, born in 1838. He married Chloey Ann Creech, daughter of Jonathan Creech, Sr.
130.1.5 Susan Stidham, born in 1845. She married Adam Stidham and lived on Cane Patch.

130.1.6 David Stidham, born in 1846. He married Leanna Wampler.
130.1.7 Rebecca Stidham, born in 1848. She married John Sturgill.
130.1.8 Schuyler Stidham, born in 1850. He married Caldonia Parsons.
130.1.9 Jane Stidham.
130.1.10 Malinda Stidham, born in 1853. She married Joseph F. Parsons.
130.1.11 Willie Ann Stidham, born in 1857. She married George Countiss.
130.1.12 Phoebe Stidham, born in 1858.

130.2 Samuel Stidham, son of David and Rebecca (Sparks) Stidham, was born in North Carolina ca. 1806. He married Corrina Wampler ca. 1824, and they lived in Scott County, Virginia, near Pattonsville. They had eleven children:

130.2.1 Andrew Jackson Stidham, born in 1825. He married Mary "Polly" Neely in 1843.
130.2.2 Corrina Stidham. She married Samuel Isabel.
130.2.3 Elizabeth Stidham. She married William C. Neely in 1850.
130.2.4 Rebecca Stidham, born in 1835. She married James W. Bloom in 1862.
130.2.5 David H. Stidham, born in 1838. He married Julia Ann Barnes.
130.2.6 Martha Stidham, born in 1840. She married (first) William Nieder and (second) FNU Weeks.
130.2.7 Newton Stidham, born in 1844. He married Mary J. Onan.
130.2.8 Louisa C. Stidham, born in 1845. She married (first) Tilman Edwards, and (second) James Stockman.
130.2.9 Barbara Stidham, born in 1848.
130.2.10 John George Stidham, born in 1850. He married Mary E Safford.
130.2.11 Amanda Frances Stidham, born in 1853. She married Samuel B. Anderson.