February 2, 2021

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J. E. Sparks, 2160 Century Park East, Apt. 201 N, Los Angeles, CA 90067, seeks information regarding his grandparents, John and Jane (Hillen) Sparks, who moved from Adams County, Ohio, to Scioto County, Ohio, ca. 1880. He has no record of them after 1880 and would like to learn when they died and where they were buried. John Sparks was born in Adams County, Ohio, on May 27, 1824; he was a son of George Sparks (1794-1839) and Mary (Decamp) Sparks (born February 20, 1806). George and Mary Sparks had been married in Adams County on August 12, 1823, and they had five children: John Sparks, born May 27, 1824, see above; Mary Ann Sparks, born March 21, 1827; Salathiel Sparks, born November 20, 1829; George Sparks, Jr., born September 29, 1832; and Gracy Jane Sparks, born July 3, 1835. John and Jane (Hillen) Sparks appeared on the 1880 census of Green Township, Adams County, Ohio, with their four children: Milton Sparks, born ca. 1861; George T. Sparks, born ca.1864; Anna Jane Sparks, born ca. 1866; and Julius Elmer Sparks, born 1868, who was the father of J. B. Sparks.

It is believed that John and Jane (Hillen) Sparks moved to Scioto County, Ohio, soon after the census for 1880 was taken.

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Is this a photograph of John and Sussie (Wilson) Sparks? Rose Shelton Newton of 4409 Bridgetown Run, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804, has very generously reproduced the above photograph from the photo album which belonged to Elta Wilson Webber Shelton (1877-1958), a native of Columbus, Kan sas. Her father, John Wilson, was born in Hancock County, Iffinois, in 1859 and came by covered wagon to Ft Scott, Kansas, in 1866. John and his wife, Alice Kirk, whose families made the trip together from Illinois, settled in Columbus, Kansas. It is believed that this is a photograph of Sussie Wilson and her husband, John Sparks, since it was found on a Wilson family page in the album.

Can anyone identify for certain that this Is, indeed, a photograph of John and Sussie (Wilson) Sparks? Furthermore, can anyone identify the parentage of John Sparks and/or provide us with information regarding his family?