January 13, 2020

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QUERY: Parentage of Sarah A. (Sparks) Br

Mrs. Richard C. Young, 332 Devon Drive, San Rafael, California, 94903, would like information regarding the parentage of Sarah A. Sparks. Sarah married William C. Brigance in Tennessee. They moved to Pope County, Arkansas, ca. 1831-32. Sarah died there before 1840. The Sparks and Brigance families lived in Sumner and Carroll County, Tennessee, before moving to Pope County, Arkansas.


Cheryl Watson, 28 Patterson Mews S.W., Calgary, Alberta T3H 2C7, Canada, would like to know if there was a blood relationship between Minor Henry Sparks and the six other heads of families named Sparks that appeared on the 1860 census of Centre Township in Prairie County, Arkansas. Minor Henry Sparks was shown as heading family #889 on this census; he was 36 years old and a native of Tennessee. The other five heads of families were: #904, David Sparks, age 50, born in North Carolina; #905, Spencer Sparks, age 24, born in Tennessee; #908, William Sparks, age 51, born in South Carolina; #911, John Sparks, age 20, born in Tennessee; and #1026, John Sparks, age 22, born in Tennessee....

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