January 14, 2020

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Pheba Morgan. 917 County Road 179. Sweetwater. Texas. 79556, seeks information on "Dalf" Sparks born in Georgia ca. 1849. "Dalf" was doubtless a nick-name. His wife's name was Cintha who was also a native of Georgia.

They moved to Texas prior to 1874 and were shown there on the 1880 census of Morris County. (Morris County was cut off from Titus County in 1875.)

On the 1880 census of Morris County. Texas. Dalf Sparks was shown as head of his household, age 30; his wife, Cintha, was shown as 27. They were then the parents of three children, all born in Texas: Ella Sparks. age 6; Sallie Sparks. age 3; and Alonzo Sparks. age 6 months.

Ella Sparks, daughter of Dalf and Cintha, was Rheba Morgan's great-grandmother. She married Frederick McDaniel, and their son, Willis Stephens McDaniel, was Ms. Morgan's grandfather.

Can anyone assist Ms. Morgan in further identifying "Dalf" Sparks?