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The following epitaph appears on a tombstone in the Baptist Church Yard in Holmdel (Monmouth County) New Jersey:

"Samuel Sparks died August 3, 1845, aged 35 yrs. and 4 mos. He was a seaman and for many voyages, 1st officer, from the port of New York. Was taken sick in Charleston, S.C., and there suffered the amputation of his right leg. He returned to the home for Seamen in New York and was sent, for his health, to this section of country, accompanied by his affectionate wife and lived but sixteen days. He was a patient sufferer and we have hope that our loss was his eternal gain. He rests from his toils and his bereaved wife has placed this stone as the last act of love to him who was her earthly pagesor.

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Oscar Frank Stetson, author of The Art of Ancestor Hunting, claims to have found the following inscription engraved on a gravestone in New England:

"Here lies Jane Smith, wife of Thomas Smith, Marble cutter. This monument was erected by her husband as a tribute to her memory and a specimen of his handiwork. Monuments of this style are two hundred and fifty dollars."

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Copied by Mrs. W. A. Simpson

Thomas Sparks, died May 26, 1801, aged 41 years.
Sarah Sparks, wife of Thomas Sparks, died September 6, 1854, aged 86 years.
Simon Sparks, died December 3, 1803, aged 37 years. "A loving husband, a kind parent, and exemplary Christian."
Maria Sparks, wife of Gerrard Sparks, died August 21, 1883, aged 66 years.
David Sparks, died November 3, 1853, aged 63 years.
Charlotte Sparks, died March 27, 1879, aged 85 years.

(The following are on one stone, the children of David and Charlotte Sparks)
John M. Sparks, died September 27, 1813, aged 1 year.
Jeremiah Sparks, died August 9, 1824, aged 3 years.
Lydia Sparks, died October 26, 1823, aged 1 year.
Charlotte Sparks, died October 20, 1833, aged 6 years.
Elizabeth Sparks, died July 26, 1830, aged 1 year.

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The following tombstone inscriptions were copied a number of years ago by Robert Leslie James, a descendant of the Sparks family in Franklin County, Alabama. This copy has been furnished by Mrs. B. W. Gandrud, 311 Caplewood Terrace, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Mrs. Gandrud, a professional genealogist, has furnished the Association Sparks data from all parts of Alabama and continues to send material regularly as she finds it. As a result, we have a splendid file of Alabama Sparks records.

Inscriptions from stones in the Sparks Cemetery, several miles west of Russellville, Franklin County, Alabama:

JOHN SPARKS SR. born A.D. 1755, died February, 1831.
MOLLIE, wife of JOHN SPARKS SR. born A.D. 1763, died September 1853.
WILLIAM SPARKS SR. born May 1, 1782, died December 25, 1857.
EUNICA, wife of WM. SPARKS SR. born August 25, 1786, died September 25, 1842.
NANCY, wife of RILEY SPARKS born July 15, 1815, died January 12, 1857.
W. B. SPARKS born September 30, 1833, died March 24, 1902. (Note by Mr. James: "W. B. Sparks was a son of Riley & Nancy (Benson) Sparks; he was a well known farmer & also taught school.").
MARY E., wife of W. B. SPARKS, born July 214, 18314, died December 12, 1916. (Note by Mr. James: "She was a Miss Odom from Tenn.")
C. C. SPARKS, born December 30, 1846, died April 14, 1923. (Note by Mr. James: "He was a brother of W. B. Sparks & was tax assessor of Franklin County two or three times.")
A. E., wife of C. C. SPARKS, born July 30, 1850, died January 10, 1881. (Note by Mr. James: "She was Miss Adeline E. Cook, daughter of John and Mary (Patterson) Cook of near Russeliville. After her death Mr. Sparks married Miss Sarah E. Ezzelle, who is buried at Belgreen.")
RILEY F., son of RILEY & NANCY SPARKS, born September 23, 1849, died October 5, 1890.
JOHN A., son of RILEY & NANCY SPARKS, born July 7, 1840, died March 23, 1862.
JAMES M., son of RILEY & NANCY SPARKS, born December 6, 18142, died March 21, 1860.
NANCY VIRGINIA, daughter of RILEY & NANCY SPARKS, born November 26, 1855, died September 23, 1913.
DANIEL R., son of RILEY & NANCY SPARKS, born January 7, 1838, died March 7, 1862.
B. T. SPARKS, born August 20, 1849, died May 10, 1909. (Note by Mr. James: "He was of illegitimate birth; his mother was Miss Nancy Malone, daughter of James & Polly (Cook) Malone. His father is said to have been a Malone, a first cousin of his mother. After, the death of RILEY SPARKS'S first wife, he married Miss Nancy Malone and took her child into his home. She was considered a really good woman and was much respected. B. T. SPARKS never married.")

Inscription on stone in Old Friendship Cemetery, about 14 miles southwest of Belgreen, Franklin County, Alabama:

CHRISTANA, wife of JOHNSON SPARKS, born January 1, 1827, died February 14, 19ll. (Note by Mr. James: "Her maiden name was Daniel. JOHNSON SPARKS died during Christmas week, 1903, while on a trip to Texas.")

Inscriptions on stones in the cemetery at Red Bay, Franklin County, Alabama:

Lemuel N. Sparks, born 1852, died 1944.
Nancy E. Sparks, born 1862, died 1944.
(Note by Mr. James: "Lemuel N. Sparks was a son of Riley and Nancy (Benson) Sparks and Nancy was a daughter of Edwin and Mary (James) Vinson. They lived together for sixty years and left many descendants.")

Robert Leslie James, who copied the above tombstone inscriptions, was the author of a book entitled Distinguished Men, Women and Families of Franklin County, Alabama, published in 1927. In this work there appears a sketch of the life of Riley Sparks (page 15) and of Jimmie Roe Sparks (page 85), which read as follows:

Riley Sparks

Riley Sparks was a citizen of Franklin County, Alabama, for a great many years. Born October 22, 1811, in Spartanburg District, South Carolina, and died at his home near Frankfort, Alabama, December 29, 1892. Mr. Sparks was a son of William Sparks, who came to Franklin County from Spartanburg District, S.C., in the year 1820, arriving at Russellville on December 20th. He and his family located west of Russellville toward Frankfort.

William Sparks father of Riley Sparks, was a planter and a workman. Our father and mother now have a cook table which is said to have been made by him. He is said to have possessed a passionate temper, but so far as we know, he was a good, law-abiding citizen. His brother, Enoch Sparks, who was also a pioneer settler of Franklin County, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and according to Jimmie Roe Sparks, his grandson was in the great battle of New Orleans.

Riley Sparks, subject of this sketch, owned a large tract of land in the Tollison Creek section and was a progressive farmer for his day. He was noted for his ecconornical manner of living. The late Senator W. I. Bullock, who wrote Mr. Sparks's obituary, said that some thought him parsimonious, but stated that he was not. He was a life-long Democrat, voting first for Jackson in 1832 and last (Presidential) for Grover Cleveland in 1892. In religion he was affiliated with the Presbyterians.

Mr. Sparks was twice married. His first wife was Miss Nancy Benson, daughter of John Benson, a pioneer settler on Tollison's Creek. Several children were born to the first marriage. His second wife was Miss Nancy Malone, daughter of James and Polly (Cook) Malone, who also resided on Tollison's Creek. No children were born to the second marriage.

Among the children of the first marriage were:

(1) William, a farmer of Franklin County;
(2) Christopher C. ["Kit"], who was tax assessor of Franklin County three terms;
(3) Mrs. Carroll McRight;
(4) Mrs. Thomas Malone;
(5) Jennie;
(6) Frank; and
(7) Lemuel; also one or two sons who died in the Civil War.

Lemuel Sparks resides (1927) at Red Bay, Ala., and is the only surviving member. He formerly lived on Lost Creek, Franklin County, and was a successful farmer. He is one of Franklin's highly respected citizens.

Riley Sparks and his two wives are buried in the Sparks Cemetery between Duncan and Tollison's Creeks. A host of descendants live in Franklin County, many who are quite prominent.

Jimmie Roe Sparks

Jimmie Roe Sparks is (in 1927) one of the oldest and best loved men in Franklin County, Alabama. He was born on Cedar Creek four miles from Franklin in 1843. His father was Samuel Magnus Sparks, who was a son of Enoch Sparks, a soldier of the War of 1812. His mother was Miss Lucinda Ramsey, related to the Ramsey family of Good Springs and Russellville.

Mr. Sparks was reared on the farm and has spent the greater portion of his life in the country, although he now lives in Red Bay. He served in the Confederate Army, first in Daily's company and later in Nelson's or Newsom's company.

Although Mr. Sparks has lived in Arkansas and Mississippi, the greater portion of his life has been spent in Franklin County. For many years he lived on the Cotton Gin Road near where it crosses Little Bear Creek, half way between Belgreen and Burlieson. He owned a large tract of land and a mill. (He still owns all or part of this land and was one of the substantial farmers of Franklin County.) He has been married twice. His first wife was a Miss Reid, a member of one of the oldest families in the western section of the country. Several children were born to the first marriage. His second wife was Miss -----. One child, a daughter, has been born to this marriage.

Mr. Sparks is a great conversationalist. He knows a great deal of family history and knows much about the history of the county, state and nation. He especially thrills when talking of deer hunting, for he was one of the greatest deer hunters in the history of Franklin County. He is a Democrat and a Baptist.

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(The following inscriptions from tombstones in a cemetery at Glastonbury, Connecticut, were published in volumes 85 and 86 of the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.)

Isaac, son of Thomas & Mary Sparks, died 5-22-1751 in his 20th year.

Deborah, wife of Elijah Sparks, died 5-16-1824.
Fidealla, their dau,, died 7-3-1821, age 3 mos.

Children of Reuben & Mary Sparks:
Isaac died 10-29-1779, 8th year.
Sarah died 10-23-1779, 11th year.
Abigail died 10-9-1779, 2nd year.

Elijah Sparks, died 2-25-1848, age 63 years.
Pamelia Fox, his wife, died 4-6-1863, age 76 years.

Nathan Sparks, died 3-8-1832, age 57 years.
Lucinda, his wife, died 2-5-1868, age 89 years.

Mary B. Sparks, died 4-22-1885, age 70 years.

William C. Sparks, died 10-1-1882, age 78 years.
Emeline, his wife, died 4-3-1850, age 44 years.
Children of William C. & E. Sparks:
Caroline M., died 4-25-1829, age 18 mos.
Infant dau. died 1830.

Helen Bailey Sparks, died 3-14-1859, age 23 years. Buried at Albany.

Emeline N. Sparks, died 6-5-1861, age 21 years.

Laura W. Sparks, died 8-4-1863, age 28 years.

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Copied by Mrs. Edna Briggs

The Crooked Creek Baptist Church Cemetery is located near Shelbina in Shelby County, Missouri. Several years ago Mrs. Edna Briggs, one of the Association's charter members, visited this cemetery and copied the tombstone inscriptions pertaining to persons named Sparks. Mrs. Briggs has kindly supplied the Association with a copy of her findings. She reports that other surnames which appear on many of the stones include the following: Threlkeld, Rash, McGruder, Gains, Fitzpatrick, Kirkpatrick, Cutright, Beirly, Smith, Bates, White, Jeter, Pearoy, and Gilbert.

George Ann Sparks 1846-1923.
Zenora Sparks, dau. of S.A. & G.A. Sparks, February 16, 1872, 6 mos.
Elizabeth Sparks, wife of R.T. Sparks, died May 1, 1862. 30 years, 4 mos. 7 days.
Infant son of R.T. & LA. Sparks. October 1854. [Stone broken.]
Infant son of G.E. & Maud Sparks. died August 4, 1881.
Robert F. Sparks, June 1844 - March 1889.
Albert Lewis Sparks, 1855 - 1938.
Robert Sparks, died January 21, 1872. age 61 years, 6 mos., 6 days.
Newton Sparks, born June 29, 1856. died December 20, 1910.
Gabie B. Sparks, dau. of R.F. & Polina Sparks, March 22, 1869 - April 29, 1885.
Oliver Perry Sparks, November 7, 1847 - January 24, 1918.
Isabell A. Sparks, November 7, 1847 - August 18, 1927.
Elijah T. Sparks, died June 24, 18--[###.] 40 yrs. 6 mos. 2 da. [Odd Fellow insignia.]
Lydia J. Sparks, wife of Samuel, born February 2, 1840, died May 4, 1863.
William M. Sparks, died February 18, 1865 age 37 yrs, 10 mos.
Mellie D. Sparks, dau. of Wm. M. & Mary E. Sparks, died August 13, 1861. 1 yr.
Jane Sparks, wife of H. J. Sparks, April 12, 1816 - November 4, 1885.
Martha A. Sparks, wife of R.T. Sparks, died December 12, 1872. age 27 yrs. 11 mos. 14 das. Also infant dau. age 2 das.
Henry J. Sparks, born March 3, 1808, died February 28, 1888. age 79 yrs, 10 mos. 26 days.
Sarah Sparks, wife of Henry J. [stone broken.] April 16, 1821 - February 6, 1865. 43 yrs. 9 mos. 20 das.
Parthesia Sparks, wife of Wm. N. Sparks, Sr. died May 28, 1863. 51 yrs. 9 m. 12 d.
William M. Sparks, died November 20, 1879. age 73 yrs. 20 mos. 20 das.
Elisa A. Sparks, dau. of Wm. N.. & Parthesia Sparks, died March 18, 1865.
James Judson Sparks, born March 24, 1876, died June 18, 1906.
Robert T. Sparks, d., November 7, 1904. age 71 yrs. 7 moe. 20 das.
Eliza A. Sparks, died December 9, 1911. age 74 yrs. 9 mos. 15 das.
Notley M. Sparks, son of O. & S.A. Sparks. died June 17, 1879. 23 yrs. 10 m. 22 died
Jennie Sparks, wife of Hugh Sparks, born July 27, 1862, died July 11, 1901.
Annie V. Sparks, wife of Henry O. Sparks, March 6, 1863 - May 10, 1921.
Henry O. Sparks, born August 21, 1858, died June 15, 1946.
Susan A. Sparks, born September 2, 1836, died March 16, 1915.
Oliver Sparks, born June 13, 1833, died October 4, 1862, married October 12, 1854.

Editor's Notes on the Above Records

From the above records it is apparent that the members of the Sparks family buried in the Crooked Creek Baptist Church Cemetery were descendants of Robert of Isabella (Ford) Sparks. Robert Sparks was born in Culpeper (now Madison) County, Virginia in 1769. He was a son of John and Phoebe (Smith) Sparks and a grandson of Thomas and Mary (Towlee) Sparks (see the Quarterly of June, 1956, p.136). Robert Sparks and Isabella Ford were married in Madison County, Virginia, on July 18, 1798. They moved to Henry County, Kentucky, ca. 1810. There Robert Sparks died in 1830 or 1831. In his will, dated October 9, 1830, which was probated in July, 1831, Robert Sparks mentioned several, but not all, of his children by name. Following is that portion of his will which mentioned his wife and children: "To my dearly beloved wife Isabella after all debts and funeral expenses are paid all my possessions real and personal during her widowhood and good behaviour except as is hereafter disposed of that is to say unto my sons Robert and Oliver and also my youngest daughters Ibby Ann and Betsey each a horse and saddle a piece to make them equal with the others of my children who have had. And moreover when it shall please God to take my dearly beloved wife Isabella I wish that all property in her possession be divided among my children provided if upon division there appears an insufficiency to support my daughter Phebe enough shall be retained for that purpose and I wish that three men of intelligence and unblemished character shall be appointed as commissioners to settle the point of sufficiency. And I do constitute my sons John and William as my executors." One of the witnesses to Robert Sparks's will was his uncle, Henry Sparks, of Owen County, Kentucky.

From this will and deeds by which property was sold, it is apparent that Robert and Isabella (Ford) Sparks had the following children:

(1) John F. m. Eleanor;
(2) William M., m. Parthesia;
(3) James P., m. Sarah Krelkeld and moved to Pike Co., Missouri.;
(4) Thomas I.[or J.], m. Maria or Mildred;
(5) Henry J., born 1808, m. Nancy;
(6) Robert, born 1810, m. Martha;
(7) Oliver T., m. Elizabeth Locklin 1833;
(8) Ibby Ann, m. Isaac P. McConnel in 1837;
(9) Elizabeth (or Betsey) A.; and
(10) Phoebe S.

From Article 058-A, the full list is repeated here: John Ford Sparks, born May 26, 1799, died September 21, 1871. He married, first, Patsy Threlkeld; second, Eleanor S. "Nellie" Fallis. James Parnell Sparks, born January 1, 1801, died June 1, 1846. He married Sarah Elizabeth Threlkeld. Phoebe Smith Sparks, born January 8, 1803, died July 13, 1863. She was an invalid and never married. Thomas Jameson Sparks, born October 10, 1804, died June, 1865. He married, first, his cousin, Mariah Sparks, daughter of 21.1.3 Humphrey and Milley Sparks; he married, second, Mildred Sparks. William Madison Sparks, born August 30, 1806, died November 20, 1879. He married Parthesia Baker. Henry Jefferson Sparks, born March 30, 1808, died February 28, 1888. He married, first, Nancy Threlkeld; second, Jane MNU; and third, Mrs. Sarah (Pearcy) Whitlow. Mary Ann Sparks, born June 11, 1810. She probably died in youth as there is no further reference to her. Robert Sparks, born July 27, 1811, died January 21, 1872. He married Martha Pearcy. Oliver Towles Sparks, born September 22, 1813, died 1863. He married Elizabeth Locklin. Ibby Anne Sparks, born February 24, 1817, died February 24, 1908. She married Isaac Perry McConnell Betsy Vallatty Sparks, born June 9, 1819, died December 1, 1841. She did not marry.

Note that three of the above children, Robert, William M., and Henry I.[or J.] were buried in the Crooked Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.

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Copied by Mrs. Walter B. Polk

This cemetery is located about five miles west of Spearman, in Hansford County in the Panhandle of Texas, on State 282.

Opal Sparks Boxford, 1910-1948
Mary L. Sparks, wife of M. Sparks, born Burke Co., N.C. January 2, 1844 died June 24, 1919
Lizzie Sparks, wife of J. G. B. Sparks, September 5, 1872-October 19, 1915
J. G. B. Sparks, August 25, 1868-August 30, 1949
Allen R. Sparks, son of Roy and Lola Sparks, January 24, 1937-September 13, 1941
Glenabelle Sparks, Dau. of Burnie Sparks, July 3, 1933-May 9, 1950
Roy Sparks, 1908-1947
Cora Delia Sparks, 1888-1953
Lichford Sparks, 1882-1953
Roscoe Sparks, 1914-1958

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Copied by Paul B. Sparks

(In one lot) Ezekiel Sparks, born 14 August 1837, died January 26,1907
Emily Jane Sparks, his wife, born 1836, died 1911
William H. Sparks, born 5 March 1831, died 18 June 1896
Arthur Sparks, born 11 October 1861, died 8 May 1908
Marie S. Sparks, 1900-1902
William G. Sparks, 1902-1905
George W. Sparks, 1899-1905
Willard T. Sparks, 1908-1908
Wilbert Sparks, 1908-1908

(In one lot) George H. Sparks, 1856-1896
Mary A. Sparks, 1860-1919

(In one lot) J. Medford Sparks, born 2 August 1875, died 19 February 1913
Addie T. Sparks, born 15 November 1884, died January 30, 1966

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PHILIP F. SPARKS, died August 9, 1913, aged 66 years
Co. H, 6th NY H.A.

SUSAN M. SPARKS, wife of Philip F.
March 22, 1850
2 February 1908

LENIE SPARKS, died October 25, 1901, aged 9 yrs., 5 mo., 3 days

[Editor's Note: These inscriptions were copied for us by one of our members, Nancy Lunday Moore, while she was reading a film (SL #17,999) from the Family History Library of Salt Lake City, Utah. She wrote: "I found these reading film I had ordered from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Because the Sparks notations were so brief I thought, perhaps, they may be a family that fell through the cracks." We are always pleased to receive items such as these and urge all of our members to take time to copy Sparks data for us which they find, even though they have no personal interest in the records copied. Information of this nature shared with the Association's president or editor is bound to be of interest to a Sparks descendant somewhere, sometime.)

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In the Quarterly of June 1994, Whole No. 166, pp. 4302-03, we published the abstract of the Civil War pension file of John W. Sparks, born June 11, 1838, in Sangamon County, Illinois, died July 13, 1900, at Ringwood, Oklahoma. A member of our Association, Josephine Sparks Little, of Enid, Oklahoma, has sent us a photograph of his tombstone located in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery on U.S. Highway 42, three miles east of Ringwood. Mrs. Little has also noted that the records of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery indicate that "an eight-grave plot was purchased and that an infant named 'Boyle' was also buried there, but there is no marker."

John W. Sparks married Sarah J. (Curry) Myers on September 7, 1869. He was a son of 11.3.6 Thomas and Luanna (McDaniel) Sparks. He was a descendant of William and Kesiah Sparks of Prince William County, Virginia. For a record of this branch of the Sparks family, see the Quarterly of June 1993, Whole No. 162, pp. 4109-4127, and that for June 1994, Whole No. 166, pp. 4291-4301.

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The following tombstone inscriptions have been copied for us by Col. John Sparks of Martin, Tennessee. He found these stones in the Shiloh and McKenzie Cemeteries at McKenzie, Tennessee. See also pp. 4547-77 of the December 1995 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 172, for references to some of these tombstone inscriptions in an article entitled: "Nathan Sparks (1775-1844), Son of Matthew and Sarah (Thompson) Sparks, of North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee ..."

Rev. George W. Sparks   Sue O. [Sparks]
1906 - 1964   1909 -
Lonnie T. Sparks   Ethel C. [Sparks]
1874 - 1944   1883 - 1964
Gordon [Sparks] Gertie Joiner Joy [Sparks]
October 3 '96 September 22 '63 August 18, '00 August 21, '27
Tennessee Pvt. US Army married daughter
WW I March 29, '24  


Isaac Sparks


D. Fb. 27, 178

Aged 72 yrs. 8 mos. 2 da.
Sleep father dear and take thy rest
God called thee home. He thought it best
It was hard indeed to part with thee
But Christ's strong arm supporteth me.

Jane L. Sparks, wife of Isaac Sparks, b. October 18, 1817, d. January 16, 1898

C. P. Sparks, 1842 - 1918M. T. Sparks, 1836 - 1897 Father and mother

Lucie A. [Sparks], dau. [of] Wm. M. and Sarah A. Sparks,
b. 7 October 1860 - d. September 3, 1868

Wm. M. Sparks April 1, 1834 - December 29, 1889,
Age 55 yrs. 8 mos. 28 das.
Sarah A. [Sparks] July 27, 1838 - February 11, 1910,
Age 71 yrs. 6 mos. 4 das.
Sam T. Sparks 1866 - 1947
Ida S. Sparks 1868 - 1958
Kizzie Sparks 1874 -1959
Curtis Sparks 1872 - 1948

(McKenzie Cemetery)

Elmer T. Sparks 1877 - 1939
wife Pearl C. 1879 - 1961
dau. Mildred 1905 - 1920

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In the Quarterly of June 1994, Whole No. 166, pp. 4302-03, we published the abstract of the Civil War pension file of John W. Sparks, born June 11, 1838, in Sangamon County, Illinois, died July 13, 1900, at Ringwood, Oklahoma. A member of our Association, Josephine Sparks Little, of Enid, Oklahoma, has sent us a photograph of his tombstone located in the Pleasant Hill Cemetery on U.S. Highway 42, three miles east of Ringwood. Mrs. Little has also noted that the records of the Pleasant Hill Cemetery indicate that "an eight-grave plot was purchased and that an infant named 'Boyle' was also buried there, but there is no marker." John W. Sparks was married to Sarah J. (Curry) Myers on September 7, 1869. He was a son of 11.3.6 Thomas and Luanna (McDaniel) Sparks. He was a descendant of 11. William and Kesiah Sparks of Prince William County, Virginia. For a record of this branch of the Sparks family, see the Quarterly of June 1993, Whole No. 162, pp. 4109-4127, and that for June 1994, Whole No. 166, pp. 4291-4301.