June 16, 2014

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N. ALEXANDER SPARKS, born ca. 1845, died November 4, 1903, in Washington County, Missouri; he married (first) Mary Rose, and (second) Abby Lucas. Served in Co. F, 16th Regiment of Missouri Cavalry. File designations: C723, 470 & Wid: 583,680.

On July 16, 1890, Alexander Sparks of Washington County, Missouri, appeared before a notary public named Lewis A. Page to apply for a pension based on his service in the Union Army. He stated in his application that he was 45 years old and lived in the town of Richwoods. He swore that he was the same Alexander Sparks who had been enrolled on May 10, 1864, as a private in Co. F, l6th Missouri Cavalry Regt. He stated that he had been discharged at Springfield, Missouri., on June 20, 1865. He said that he was partially disabled because of rheumatism. He signed his name by mark, his witnesses were J. M. Schmidt and E. G. Lannen.

Records on file in the War Department were found to support Alexander Sparks's claim for service in the company which he stated, but these records indicated that had actually been enrolled on November 1, 1863, and remained until July 1865. also reveal when enlisted, unit was part of Missouri Militia. listed as present with his April 25, l865, “absent detached at Springfield, Missouri.”

Alexander Sparks was awarded a pension. On January 15, 1898, he was asked to answer several questions regarding his family, which he did on May 4, 1898. He stated that his wife's maiden name was Abby Lucas and that they had been married by Squire F. T. James on December 3, l874, in Franklin County, Missouri. He stated this his second wife, however. first wife Mary Rose who died May 7, 1869, at Richwoods, two children seven his second wife, as follows:

N.1 Chris Sparks, born 1866
N.2 William Sparks, born 1868
N.3 John Sparks, born 1875
N.4 Abby Sparks, born 1877
N.5 Alex Sparks, bom 1881
N.6 Luly Sparks, bom 1888
N.7 Eugene Sparks, born 1890
N.8 Blanch Sparks, born 1892
N.9 Mary Sparks, bom 1895

Alexander Sparks died on November 4, 1903. On December 29, 1903, his widow, Abby Sparks, applied for a pension as a soldier's widow. She stated in her application that she was a resident of Richwoods, Washington County, Missouri., and that she was 47 years old. She stated that her maiden name had been Abby Lucas and that she had been married to Alexander Sparks on December 3, 1874, at Luebbering, Missouri. She added that his first wife, Mary Rose, had been dead about three years before she married Alexander Sparks. She stated that she was without sufficient means of support and that she had the following children who were under sixteen and still dependent upon her for supports Luly Sparks, born December 3, 1887; Eugene Sparks, born March 12, l890; Blanche Sparks, born October 11, 1892; Mary Sparks, born July 18, 1896; and Grade Sparks, born November 8, 1898. Although she stated that she was a resident of Richwoods, she gave her mailing address as Luebbering, Franklin County, Missouri. Clara Lock of Luebbering who stated she had known Mrs. Sparks for 10 years, and A. W. Harris of Richwoods, Missouri., who stated he had known her for 8 years, signed as witnesses.

Abby Sparks, widow of Alexander, died on February 11, 1911. According to her death certificate, she had been born on November 8, l856, and was 54 years old when she died. She had been bom near Luebbering, Missouri., and was a daughter of Samuel Wiles Lucas, a native of Virginia, and Alice Abbey Lucas, a native of Tennessee. According to the report of Dr. C. F. Briegleb, she died of "chronic valvular disease of the heart." On March 6, 1911, F. A. Pilliod was designated by the Probate Court of Franklin County, Missouri., as the guardian of Mary Sparks and Grace Sparks, who were minors at the time of their mother's death. James A. Pilliod and Lyman Bardot acted as securities for F. A. Pilliod.