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47. NICHOLAS SPARKS (ca. 1700-ca. 1780)

by Lurana H. Cook and Paul E. Sparks

Born ca. 1800, Died 1867 Born 1813, Died 1893


The first official record that we have found of Nicholas Sparks is his marriage to Mary Ridley. They were married on February 13, 1728/29 at Truro by the Rev. John Avery, a minister of the Congregational Society of Truro, Massachusetts. Mary was born March 12, 1707/08, and was a daughter of Thomas and Mary (Small) Ridley of Truro. Thomas Ridley was a son of Mark Ridley of the Plymouth Colony and was born ca. 1685, tradition says on the voyage to New England. He married Mary Small ca. 1706 and they lived at Truro where he died in 1767.

Nothing has been learned of the parentage of Nicholas Sparks, nor of the date and place of his birth. He was born ca. 1700. No record has been found that indicates how he arrived at Truro. An examination of the passenger lists of ships coming to early Massachusetts reveals nothing about him. He may have been aboard a vessel which was wrecked off the coast of Cape Cod.

Persons named SPARKS had come to other parts of the Massachusetts Colony, however, almost from the beginning of its settlement in 1620. They settled along the seacoast of what is now Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. (Early New Hampshire was a part of Massachusetts until ca. 1670, while Maine was under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts until 1819.) It is quite possible that Nicholas Sparks was a descendant of one of these early settlers. (For details of these early Sparks immigrants to Maine and New Hampshire, see the June 1977 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 98.)

One other official record of Nicholas Sparks has been preserved. On April 20, 1779, he signed a deed conveying his property, consisting of a dwelling house and lot in Truro, to Benjamin Dyer. The document is quite fragile but, except for a fragment that is missing from the center of the page, it is fairly legible. It is owned by Mrs. Ruth P. Dyer, North Pamet Road, Truro, Massachusetts, and was found among her husband's files. The original spelling has been retained in the copy that follows: Know all men by these presence that I, Nicholas Sparkes of Truro in the County of Barnstabel, yeoman, in Consideration of three hundred Pounds Lawful money Paid me by Benjamin Dyer of Truro and county aforesaid, fisherman, the Receipt whereof I do acknowledge Do give, grant, Sell and Convey unto him the Sd Benjamin Dyer, his heirs all my percil of Land Lying in Truro aforsd with the Primises theirunto belonging, Containing about two thirds of an acre [?] being more or less bounded as follows: Beginning at the corner of Widow Mercy Grozier's land by the side of the way that leads [torn out] Freeman and running [:] Easterly to a bank [? torn outl to the fringe [?_j road [?] thence westerly to the Widow Mercy Grozier Land thence Southerly to the bound first menshened Containing the one half of Sd Uriah [?] well and half of my dwelling house and barn and all that is on Sd Land to have and to hold the same to the Sd Benjamin Dyer and his Heirs forever; and the said Nicholas Sparks Do Covenant with Benjamin Dyer his heirs and assigns that I am the Crew and lawful owner of the primises and that I have full power, good Right and Lawful ability to sell and Convey the same to the Sd Benjamin Dyer and that they are free from all Incumbrances to date as afore Sd and that I will warrant, Secure and Defend the Same to the said Benjamin Dyer his heirs and assigns forever against all Claims and Demands of all Persons: in witness whereof I have Hearunto Set my Hand and Seal this twentieth Day of April in the third year of American Inde pendence one thousand and Seven hundred and Seventy Nine. Sind, Seald and Delivered in Presence of these witnesses.

[signed] Barzilla Smith     [signed] Elizabeth Adams     [signed] Nicholas Sparks

This deed tells us quite a bit about Nicholas Sparks. First of all, the deed was not made by Nicholas Sparks, Junior, thus we know that Nicholas Sparks, Senior was living in 1779, probably about 75 years of age. He was referred to as a yeoman, a title bestowed upon a landowner entitled to certain political rights. The deed was not signed by his wife and for this reason we can assume that she had died before 1779 since had she been living she would have been required to release her dower right to the property.

There is no way we can determine just why Nicholas Sparks sold his property; however, we can easily conjecture that he was getting ready to move, or that his advanced age forced him to dispose of the property. He may have gone to Maine with his son, Nicholas Sparks, Jr., or he may have moved in with one of his daughters or with his son, Thomas Sparks, who was living in that part of Truro which later became Provincetown. Most certainly, he did not live very long after the sale. We have found no further record of Nicholas Sparks except the births and baptisms of his children at Truro.

In all probability, Nicholas Sparks, Sr. was a seaman, for this was a common occupation in this area of early Massachusetts. Truro was a village on Cape Cod which is a long, narrow, sandy peninsula, shaped like an inverted fishhook, that extends out into the Atlantic Ocean. The peninsula is nearly 65 miles long and its width varies from one to twenty miles. The surrounding waters are excellent places to catch codfish, thus its name.

No records have been found of the deaths nor of the burials of Nicholas and Mary (Ridley) Sparks. Vital records show that they were the parents of six children:

47.1 Ambrose Sparks was baptized on January 4, 1729/30. The date of his birth was not recorded.
47.2 Nicholas Sparks, Jr. was born May 16, 1731. He was baptized on June 13, 1731.
47.3 Mary Sparks was born November 10, 1731/32. She was baptized on January 7, 1732/33.
47.4 Betty Sparks was born April 10, 1735. She was baptized on May 11, 1735.
47.5 Thomas Sparks was born May 22, 1738. He was baptized on June 25, 1738.
47.6 James Sparks was baptized on May 11, 1740. His date of birth is illegible as recorded.

Following are the data that we have been able to gather on each of these children and his/her descendants.

47.1 Ambrose Sparks. We have no further information regarding him.

47.2 Nicholas Sparks, Junior was born May 16, 1731. He was baptized on June 13, 1731. He married Bethiah Rich on August 3, 1756, at Truro. Bethiah (also spelled Bethia) was a daughter of Samuel and Bethia (Arey) Rich and was born December 7, 1735. Nicholas and Bethia lived at Truro until ca. 1780 during which time they had nine children.

(The struggle between the Massachusetts Colonists and England had begun in deadly earnest during the spring of 1775 with battles being fought at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill. For the colonists who lived on Cape Cod, the Revolutionary War was a time of great depression, for they had little local defense or a government able to pages them. The enemy did not hesitate to take whatever was needed in the way of supplies and the spacious harbors provided a convenient place for the English ships of war which made the waters useless for local navigation. It was not until the end of the war that ordinary prosperity was restored, according to a History of Cape Cod, written by Frederick Freeman in 1862.)

The long war, which did not end until the surrender of Cornwallis in October 1781, may have been the reason that ca. 1780, Nicholas Sparks, Jr. decided to leave Truro and move to Lincoln County (later Sagadahoc County, Maine) where he settled at the town of Bowdoinham. Here his family and grandchildren became farmers, mariners, and ship-builders. Bowdoinham was a small village near the confluence of the Kennebec and the Androscoggin Rivers and had easy access to the sea. Today it is also the location of two cemeteries where persons named SPARKS were buried, the Bowdoinham Village Cemetery and the Ridge Cemetery.

When the first census was taken of the newly-formed United States in 1790, Nicholas Sparks was listed as the head of his family in Lincoln County. With him and his wife were one male and one female, probably a son and a daughter. The 1800 census, however, found Nicholas and Bethia living by themselves in Lincoln County. They were not listed on the 1810 census and they probably died between 1800 and 1810. No record has been found of their deaths and burials. The vital records of Truro show the births of nine children to them.

47.2.1 Nicholas Sparks, son of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) Sparks, was born August 2, 1757. He was undoubtedly the Nicholas Sparks who served in the Revolutionary War for the colonists as a private in Captain Isaiah Higgin's Company of Col. Thomas Marshall's Regiment which was stationed at Boston. He entered the service on June 6, 1776, at Truro, just a few weeks before he reached his 19th birthday, and served until he was discharged on or about December 1, 1776. He was allowed mileage for 120 miles to the camp. On January 7, 1777, he re-enlisted at Truro in Captain Samuel Page's Company of Col. Francis' Regiment. He was allowed subsistence from the time of his enlistment until he arrived at Bennington. On the company roster, dated January 25, 1778, he was reported as "Died July 7, 1777."

47.2.2 James Sparks, son of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) Sparks, was born September 20, 1760. He died in infancy.

47.2.3 James Sparks (the second of that name - frequently in early New England, after a child died in infancy, his or her given name was bestowed upon a later brother or sister), son of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) Sparks, was born January 13, 1763, and was a grown lad when he accompanied his parents to Lincoln County. It was probably there that he met and married Alcy Whitmore ca. 1784. She was born ca. 1762. James and Alcy remained in Bowdoinham for the rest of their lives. He was a mariner and attained the rank of captain. Alcy died on June 22, 1824, and James died on March 1, 1840. They were buried in the Bowdoinham Village Cemetery. (For records of this family see the December 1968 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 64.)

(Note from WN 132: It appears quite likely that after the death of his spouse, Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks on June 22, 1824, James Sparks married (second)Lois Campbell on February 8, 1825, in Bowdoinham.) James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks had ten children, all born at Bowdoinham. Luesa (this could be Lydia) Sparks, daughter of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born September 18, 1785. We have found no further record of her.

(Note from WN 132: Luesa Sparks married on or about September 13, 1806, Caleb Rich. He was "of Greenwich" [Connecticut ? ] He died on May 15, 1844, and Luesa died on August 24, 1855. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had eight children. Elsey (Alcy?) Rich, born May 17, 1807, at Greenwich, (Conn.?) James Rich, born September 18, 1809, at Bowdoinham. Sarah Rich, born December 2, 1812. Rachel Rich, born July 7, 1816. Elener Jane Rich, born September 27, 1818. Lucy Rich, born March 27, 1824. Esther Rich, born September 1826. Rodney Rich, born December 17, 1828. Samuel Sparks, son of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born on July 26, 1787. He married Amy P. (or Emma) Woodworth, ca. 1807. She was born in Maine ca. 1787. Samuel was a farmer. He died on October 16, 1854, and Amy died on July 23, 1870. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Their nine children were born in Bowdoinham. (Note from WN 132: Samuel Sparks was born at Bowdoinham and Amy P. (Woodworth) Sparks was born at Harpswell, Maine. They were married at Bowdoinham on May 28, 1808.) Children of Samuel and Amy P. (or Emma) (Woodworth) Sparks: Almira Sparks was born November 23, 1809. She married John Card, ca. 1830. He was born ca. 1810 and was a sea captain. Almira died on March 13, 1861, and was buried near her father in the Ridge Cemetery. Captain Card erected a stone at her grave with the following inscription:

"Almira, wife of Capt. John Card, died March 13, 1861,
    age 51 yrs 4 mos 22 dys.

The wife that soothed my former arms,
    Lies here in cold decay;
The friend I knew in early years
    Has passed from me away."

(Note from WN 132: Almira Sparks and John Card filed their intention to wed on October 2, 1830.) Almira and John Card had three children: Sweetsir Card was born June 7, 1831. John F. Card was born January 8, 1835. Samuel Card was born March 8, 1837. Caroline Sparks was born September 18, 1812. She died on April 15,1837. James Sparks was born May 20, 1813. He married Eleanor Denham on December 17, 1840. She was born March 28, 1819, and was a daughter of James Gardner and Elizabeth (Webber) Denham. James Sparks was a bricklayer. He died on April 26, 1901. Eleanor died on January 4, 1920, at the unusual age of 100 years. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had one child.

(Note from WN 132: James Sparks was born at Bowdoinham and he died there. ) Mary Ellen Sparks was born October 31, 1846. She was a teacher. She married William S. Sampson on October 9, 1871. He was born at Bowdoinham on July 10, 1836, and was a son of Henry and Hannah Sampson. William died on May 9, 1890, and Mary Ellen died on October 3, 1919. They were buried in the Bay View Cemetery on a road near Topsham. (On page 1202 of the December 1968 Quarterly, Whole No. 64, Mary Ellen's name appeared as Mary E. Sparks and William's name appeared as William S. Sparks. Our readers are asked to make these corrections by changing Sparks to Sampson.) Mary Ellen and William had one child. William Henry Sampson was born January 18, 1873. He married Eleanor Ethel Sederquest on June 18, 1903, and they had two children: Geraldine Sampson and Steadman Sampson. Amy (this could be Emma) Sparks was born September 19, 1816. She died on March 16, 1871, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She never married. Samuel Sparks, Jr. was born July 16, 1818. He married Caroline R. --sometime after the census was taken in 1850. He died on June 9, 1883, and Caroline died on August 3, 1909. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery.

(Note from WN 132: Samuel Sparks, Jr. married Caroline R. Chadbourne. She was born ca. 1822 and was a daughter of Elenethan Chadbourne. They apparently had no children.) Mary E. Sparks was born December 7, 1819. She died on April 17, 1837. Hipsany W. Sparks was born February 13, 1822. She died on January 28, 1909. She was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She apparently never married. (A tombstone is in the Mt. Hope Cemetery, Boston, Mass., as a memorial to "Amy" Sparks who died on January 28, 1909, single. This may be Hipsany Sparks) Sarah W. Sparks was born January 23, 1828. Charlotte Sparks was born June 30, 1831. Bethia Sparks, daughter of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born December 22, 1789. She was probably the Bethiah Sparks whose intention to marry James Williams was recorded in the vital records of Gardiner, Maine, on October 3, 1813. We have no further data. Hannah Sparks, daughter of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born on January 21, 1792. She married Charles Woodworth in 1812. He was baptized on September 20, 1789, and was a son of James and Ruth Woodworth. James Woodworth was a Revolutionary War soldier. Charles was drowned at Salem, Massachusetts, when he was 60 years old. Hannah died on May 1, 1869, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. According to a manuscript, "The Woodworth Family in America," prepared by James E. Pierce, Hannah and Charles Woodworth had three children: Sylvester Woodworth was born in 1813. He died on December 26, 1852. Roxana Woodworth was born in Bowdoinham on July 23, 1815. In 1838 she married William Hende Waits, a shoemaker. She died on February 9, 1839. Abigail C. Woodworth married and had a daughter named Mary. James Sparks, Jr., son of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born September 6, 1794. He served in the War of 1812 and received bounty land for his service. (See the March 1961 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 33, for an abstract of his pension file.) He married Hepsebah Whitmore, ca. 1815. She was born February 13, 1796, and was a daughter of William and Rachel (Adams) Whitmore, both natives of Bowdoinham. She died on July 10, 1857, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery.

After the death of Hepsebah, James Sparks married two more times. His second marriage was to Rachel (Whitmore) Townsend Curtis, probably in the early part of 1858. She was a sister of Hepsebah, James's first wife, and had been married twice. Her first marriage was to Stephen Townsend by whom she had three children. Her second husband was Walter Curtis by whom she had four children. James and Rachel were divorced in August 1864. They had no children.

James Sparks's third marriage was to Mary Hamilton on December 18, 1864. She was born ca. 1832 in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. They had no children. After the death of James in 1874, Mary married Thomas Skelton in January 1876. She was buried in the Ridge Cemetery in the lot with James and Hepsebah Sparks.

James Sparks, Jr. died at Bowdoinham on September 25, 1874, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. He and his first wife, Hepsebah, had twelve children according to data given by Mr. Edward Webber, 67 Conant Avenue, Auburn, Maine (04210). We are grateful to Mr. Webber for sharing these data with us. Apparently all of the children of James and Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks were born at Bowdoinham. William W. Sparks was born September 16, 1816. He was a sea captain. He married Louisa S. Williams on September 15, 1842, at Gardiner, Maine. Apparently they had no children. He died on April 15, 1853, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. After his death, Louisa married Charles Thomas Sandford, a son of Thomas and Esther (Topping) Sandford. She died on March 25, 1885, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. David Sparks was born October 24, 1818. He was a butcher. He married Emily -----, ca. 1844. She was born December 22, 1822, in New York. David died on September 30, 1864, and Emily died on November 24, 1882. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had three children: Mary Sophia Sparks was born July 19, 1845. Ann F. Sparks was born February 15, 1852. Emily F. Sparks was born April 4, 1854. Alice Sparks, daughter of James Sparks, Jr. & Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks, was born December 7, 1820. She married John H. Trufant on March 30, 1843. He was born May 13, 1816, at Bowdoinham, and was a son of Joseph and Susan (Reed) Trufant. He was a farmer and a painter. Alice died on February 17, 1883, and John died on October 14, 1888. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had five children: Susan E. Trufant was born August 3, 1845, at Boston. She died on June 14, 1911. She married William H. Whittemore. He was born February 18, 1841, and died on October 26, 1894. They had one child: Lena Whittemore; she married Willard Scott. They had three sons. Louisa J. Trufant was born in October 1849 in Boston. She died on July 30, 1881, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She never married. Adda A. Trufant was born December 2, 1855, in Bowdoinham and died there on February 4, 1857. She was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Addie L. Trufant was born November 16, 1857. She died on July 10, 1944, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She never married. She was a school teacher. William R. Trufant was born November 16, 1857, and was a twin to Addie. He married Winnifred E. ------ She was born August 31, 1864, and died on August 3, 1906. They had one child: Alice Trufant. She married Thomas Lamont and lived in Alhambra, California, in 1944. Rachel W. Sparks was born March 18, 1823, daughter of James Sparks, Jr. and Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks. On July 3, 1842, she married Robert Wilson, Jr. He was born August 31, 1811, and was a son of (Deacon) Robert and Margaret (Owen) Wilson. He was a farmer. He died on March 19, 1894, and Rachel died on December 16, 1917. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery where for several years prior to 1978 someone has planted geraniums at each grave on Memorial Day. They had four children: Mary Emeline Wilson was born in June 1847. She married George Gilman Page. She died on December 12, 1936. Apparently George had died earlier. They were buried at Litchfield, Maine. They had two children: Albert Dean Page was born in 1873. He never married and lived with his mother at Richmond Corner, Maine. He died on December 22, 1941, and was buried at Litchfield. Fred S. Page was born July 18, 1875. He married Alberta May Randall. He died on June 10, 1916, at Providence, R.I. Alberta died on March 7, 1945. James Q. Wilson was born in Nov, 1851. He died on September 19, 1854. Abba J. Wilson was born in November 1853. She died on September 24, 1854. William W. Wilson was born November 10, 1855. He married Fanny F. Small, a native of Richmond, Maine. She was born April 14, 1863. William died in 1929 and she died on May 7, 1942. They were buried in the Richmond (Maine) Cemetery. They had one child: Lewis E. Wilson was born in 1885. He married Laura Magowan, a native of Chester, Pennsylvania. Lewis died on February 13, 1976. Both he and Laura were buried in the Richmond (Maine) Cemetery. They had two children: Lewis E. Wilson, Jr. was born in March 1926 and died in 1940; he was buried in the Richmond (Maine) Cemetery. Eleanor Wilson married Raymond A. Clemons and they live at Yarmouth, Maine. They had no children. Adeline Sparks was born in March, 1825, the daughter of James Sparks, Jr. & Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks. She died the following month. Adeline Sparks (second of this name), daughter of James Sparks, Jr. & Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks, was born February 10, 1827. She married Parker Barry and they had four children: Addie Barry.She married (second) -- Morse and went to Montpelier, Vermont, where she died. Alice Barry. Frank Barry. Albert Barry. John Hunt Sparks was born April 10, 1828. In June 1853, he married Sarah Elizabeth Denham. She was born October 18, 1829, and was a daughter of James Gardner and Elizabeth (Webber) Denham. John died on September 30, 1863, on passage from New York to San Francisco. Sarah died on May 14, 1876, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had six children, all born at Bowdoinham. Ella Louise Sparks was born May 23, 1854. She married Albert Llewellyn Siegars in 1875. He was born January 29, 1850. Ella died on February 20, 1926, and Albert died on February 21, 1932. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had three children, all born at Bowdoinham. Wallace Burgess Siegars was born February 11, 1876. On December 8, 1900, he married Idah E. Littlefield. She was born February 26, 1879, and was a daughter of George H. and Leah M. (Jennings) Littlefield. Idah died on January 18, 1912, at Portland, Maine. She and Wallace had two children: Beatrice Leora Siegars, born June 27, 1901. Norman Siegars, born in April 1908.

After the death of his first wife, Idah, Wallace Siegars married (second)Louise MNUand they had four children. He died on January 29, 1963, and was buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery at Dover, New Hampshire. Robert Siegars was living in Somersworth, N.H., in 1963. Thomas Siegars was living in Lowell, Mass., in 1963. Jacqueline Siegars married FNUMacInerney and they were living in New Iberia, LA, in 1963. Janice Siegars married FNU Hageman and they were living in Lowell, Mass., in 1963. John Albert Siegars was born February 7, 1879. He married Florence Hodgdon Woodbury on October 12, 1905. She was born November 17, 1877. John died on January 20, 1947, at Alfred, Maine. Florence died on January 6, 1962. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had two children: Albert Siegars was born in 1912. Marjorie Siegars was born in 1920. She married FNU Harrison. William W. Sparks Siegars was born April 14, 1880. He was a steam-fitter. He married Rosella Mae Doucet in Boston on March 31, 1907. She was born on July 31, 1880, and died on December 23, 1940. William died on May 23, 1968, at Portland, Maine. He and Rosella were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had one child: George Nelson Noyes Siegars was born December 31, 1908. William Whitmore Sparks, son of John Hunt and Sarah Elizabeth (Denham) Sparks, was born August 4, 1855. He married Louisa Frances Cone on December 13, 1881. She was born at Hallowell, Maine, on October 24, 1853, and was a daughter of the Rev. Charles Chauncey and Margaret Jane (Butterfield) Cone. William was a mariner and rose to the position of captain. In November 1887, R. C. Pelham, a passenger on the Wm. H. Stuart and also a freelance writer, sent a most interesting letter to Mrs. Sparks which was written during the voyage he was making with Captain Sparks. The letter, which was intended to be sold to a magazine, is now in the Bath (Maine) Museum. Here are a few excerpts from it.

"The schooner, Wm. H. Stuart, commanded by Capt. W. W. Sparks, sailed from Fernandina, Florida, on September 15, 1887, loaded with 510,000 feet of lumber consigned to the American Dredging Company at Colon, Panama. The three-masted schooner was built at Richmond, Maine, and launched in July, 1884, and is one of the best and fastest vessels in American service, having already paid for herself. Her length is 171 feet; she registers 531 tons; and she spreads 3400 yards of canvas. Her cabin is elegant, tidy and comfortable, and makes a pleasant sea home.

"Her captain, who is part owner, is 32 years of age and a native of Bowdoinham. He has followed the sea about half of his life. When he was a youth, his father was lost at sea off Cape Horn and his mother was left in straitened circumstances with six children, the captain being the eldest son. At 14 years of age, he shipped as a cook in a vessel and saved his wages and sent them to his mother. He advanced rapidly to sailor, second mate and first mate and furnished his mother with means to educate all the children and settle them well for life."

Captain Sparks was lost at sea a few months later, in January 1888. His wife, Louisa, survived him by over fifty years, dying on April 30, 1938. She was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She and William had three children before his untimely death. All were born at Bowdoinham: William Cone Sparks was born September 18, 1882. He was married twice. On August 16, 1912, he married (first) Saida Rae Brunk. She was born in Chicago on September 30, 1885, and was a daughter of Thomas L. and Elizabeth (Clifford) Brunk. She and William had two children: Elizabeth Louise Sparks was born April 5, 1913, at Houghton, Michigan. On January 1, 1955, she married Homer James Cox, Jr. at Williamsburg, Virginia. He was born April 30, 1916, at Indianapolis, Indiana, and was a son of Homer J. and Esther D. (Hansen) Cox. They had no children. Dorothy Carolyn Sparks was born December 7, 1914, at Norwood, Massachusetts. On December 28, 1937, she married Cameron Thomas William Andrews in New York City. He was born November 17, 1910, in Philadelphia and was a son of William G. and Ernestine (Doster) Andrews. They had no children.

William Cone Sparks married (second) Bella Loy and they had one child: William McAfee Sparks was born August 26, 1924, at Philadelphia. He married Jean Evelyn Edwards and they had at least two children: William Sparks and Sara Sparks. Margaret Butterfield Sparks, daughter of William Whitmore & Louisa Frances (Cone) Sparks, was born January 12, 1884. On May 8, 1916, she married Robert Wade at Newburyport, Mass. He was an artist and taught at Bradford (Mass.) Junior College. They had no children. She died at Brunswick, Maine. Carolyn Louise Sparks was born March 19, 1888, just a few weeks after the death of her father at sea. She married Ivan Earl Lang at Portland, Maine, on May 18, 1921. He was born October 19, 1878, at Brooks, Maine, and was a son of John W. and Myra G. (Whitaker) Lang. He was an insurance broker. He died on September 18, 1936, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Mrs. Lang was living in Brunswick, Maine, in 1978. They had no children. Carrie M. Sparks, daughter of John Hunt and Sarah Elizabeth (Denham) Sparks, was born December 31, 1857. She died on June 29, 1871, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sparks was born November 10, 1859. She died on July 29, 1934, at Boston, Mass., and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She never married. John Edwin Sparks was born November 10, 1859, and was a twin to Sarah Elizabeth. He died at sea on April 25, 1876, when only 16 years of age. He was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Richard Denham Sparks was born August 6, 1861. He married Florence L. Foster. She was born March 20, 1857, and she died on August 17, 1942, at Fairfield, Maine. We have found no record of the death of Richard Sparks, but we have been informed that he died at an advanced age. He and Florence had no children. Hepzaniah Sparks, daughter of James Sparks, Jr. & Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks, was born April 21, 1830. She died on April 26, 1906, at Boston, Mass. She married J. C. Richardson and they had two children: Nellie Richardson died when quite young. Nettie Richardson died when quite young. James Marion Sparks, son of James Sparks, Jr. & Hepsebah (Whitmore) Sparks, was born May 29, 1833. He is said to have married FNU Burger and they had at least one child, Charles Sparks. When Winship W. Sparks, twin brother of James Marion Sparks, died in 1897, James Marion Sparks was living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Winship W. Sparks was born May 29, 1833, and was a twin to James Marion. He served in Company B, 3rd Regiment Maine Volunteers during the Civil War. (See the September 1977 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 99, for an abstract of his pension file.) He married (first) Martha Carlton who died in 1870. They had no children. On April 21, 1880, Winship married (second) Minerva J. Robbins. She was born February 17, 1836, and was a daughter of Elias and Lucinda (Hatch) Robbins. Winship and Minerva had no children. He died on August 16, 1897, and Minerva died on September 16, 1904. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Charles Newell Sparks was born August 17, 1836. He died on September 18, 1837, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Charles Newell Sparks was born November 13, 1840. On February 7, 1876, he married Ellen Margaret Curtis. She was born November 15, 1844, and was a daughter of Hugh and Margaret (Rogers) Curtis. Charles died on June 27, 1884, and Ellen died on March 22, 1940. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had four children, including two who were unnamed and died in infancy. Florence Ellen Sparks was born May 30, 1877. She died on October 13, 1933, at Upper Montclair, New Jersey. She married Elmer Hartshorn Neff on March 1, 1928. They had no children. Alfred Newell Sparks was born July 13, 1880. He married Vina Harden on June 8, 1910. They had no children. Abigail Sparks, daughter of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born December 18, 1797. She died prior to 1806. Nicholas Sparks, son of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born November 19, 1799. He was a farmer. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Patience C. -----, ca. 1820. She was born September 1, 1800; she died on March 10, 1847. They had seven children: Abigail Sparks was born November 27, 1823. She died on December 15, 1863. We have no further information about her. Courtney Sparks was born October 25, 1825. He probably died when quite young. Edward Sparks was born October 5, 1827. He was a ship carpenter.He married twice. His first marriage was to Ellen MNU, ca. 1853. They had one child: Fannie Sparks was born ca. 1855. On March 28, 1879, she married Clarence E. Black.

Ellen, wife of Edward Sparks, apparently died prior to 1865, for on February 21st of that year, Edward Sparks married (second) Hannah Elizabeth Jack. It was the second marriage for both. When the 1880 census was taken, they were living in South Boston, Mass. Edward probably died prior to 1900, for when the census was taken for that year, Hannah was living in the household of her son, Joseph Sparks, in Boston, Mass. She and Edward had five children: Minnie Sparks was born May 30, 1867. Joseph S. Sparks was born October 12, 1870. Fred B. Sparks was born May 1, 1872. William F. Sparks was born ca. 1874. Sarah Marie Sparks was born ca. 1876. Nicholas Sparks, Jr. was born in May 1831. He died on July 30, 1833, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Harriet Sparks was born May 30, 1833. Mary Elizabeth Sparks was born in November 1836. She died on September 30, 1837, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Joseph Sewall Sparks was born March 4, 1841. He died on July 29, 1856.

After the death of his wife, Patience, in 1847, Nicholas Sparks married (second) Silence C. Given. She was born in July 1817 in Maine, and she died on December 8, 1904. Nicholas died on May 5, 1881, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery beside his wives. His children erected a marker at his grave with this inscription:

"Dear Father rest: thy life work done.
Thou at last hast victory won.
Sweet be thine eternal rest,
Crowned and glorified and blest."

Nicholas and Silence (Given) Sparks had five children: Mary E. Sparks was born May 30, 1848. She married Asa C. Mitchell. She died on May 27, 1871. He died in 1909. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had one child who may have been born when her mother died. Mary C. Mitchell was born ca. 1871. She married (first) Robert R. Tate and married (second) FNU Ireland. She died on April 23, 1921, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. She and Robert had one child. Silence Beatrice Tate was born in 1894 and died the following year. George H. Sparks was born July 18, 1850. He never married. Sarah C. Sparks was born March 17, 1852. On September 26, 1883, she married George L. Alexander. He was born September 11, 1849, and was a son of Thomas and Mary A. (Whitmore) Alexander. Sarah died on December 10, 1916, and George died on February 16, 1923. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. One source of information states that they had three daughters, all of whom died in infancy. Emma F. Sparks was born August 19, 1855. On March 4, 1879, she married Collamore P. Small. He was born September 7, 1854, and was a son of Robert and Bethia Small. Emma died on October 19, 1918, and Collamore died on November 26, 1929. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had three children, but we have not learned their order of birth. Ernest Small became a physician and in 1944 was living in Belmont, Mass. Carl N. Small married Alice ------ He died on February 10, 1932, at Litchfield, Maine. He and Alice had no children. Harold Small lived for a time in Litchfield, Maine, but in 1944 he was living in Lisbon, Mass. He never married. Fredericene Sparks was born May 30, 1861. She married John H. Fellows on February 10, 1883. He was born October 13, 1858, and died on May 4, 1908. Fredericene died on October 14, 1944. They were buried in the Richmond (Maine) Cemetery. They had no children. David Sparks, son of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born July 18, 1801. He was a farmer. On June 4, 1822, he married Rhoda Hunt at Brunswick, Maine. She was born 1 April 1796, probably at Brunswick. David died on July 28, 1872, and Rhoda died on March 15, 1880. They were buried in the Ridge Cemetery. They had eight children: Charles W. Sparks was born March 27, 1823. He married Malinda W. Allen on November 28, 1847. She was born March 7, 1825, at Brunswick, Maine. Charles died on July 28, 1872, and was buried in the Ridge Cemetery. Malinda died on June 24, 1887, and was buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery at Brunswick. She and Charles had one child: Emma E. Sparks was born May 5, 1849. Aley (or Alcy) Sparks was born July 22, 1824. Albion K. P. Sparks was born September 12, 1825. He was a ships carpenter. When the 1900 census was taken of Sagadahoc County, he was boarding in the home of George M. Jack. We have not learned whether he married. Samuel C. Sparks was born March 5, 1827. He was a ships carpenter. He married ca. 1855, Julia A. ------ She was born ca. 1833 in New York City. They had at least two children and there may have been others. George M. Sparks was born ca. 1856. William Wallace Sparks was born November 28, 1859, at Chelsea, Massachusetts. Elizabeth Sparks was born July 25, 1828. She apparently died quite young. William C. P. Sparks was born August 4, 1829. He married Martha -----, ca. 1850. She was born ca. 1832 in Maine. William was a farmer. He and Martha had at least four children and there may have been others. William A. Sparks was born October 10, 1853. Charles F. Sparks was born July 13, 1855. Sarah M. Sparks was born ca. 1857. Anna Sparks was born ca. 1859. Maria S. Sparks was born September 6, 1831. David G. Sparks was born November 28, 1832. He may have been the David Sparks who, with wife, Victoria, was listed on the 1860 census of Sagadahoc County, in the town of Phipsburg. They were living with a Rollins family. David was a mariner. Josiah Sparks, son of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born July 31, 1803. He probably died prior to 1820. Abigail Sparks, daughter of James and Alcy (Whitmore) Sparks, was born on March 14, 1806.

47.2.4 Bethia Sparks, daughter of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) December 30, 1764. She is probably the Bethia Sparks Sr. of Bowdoinham born December 26, 1782. She married David Buker, and had at least two children: Mary "Polly" Buker was born ca. 1793. She married Ebenezer Beal. She died in 1823. James Buker was born February 18, 1797. He died on February 3, 1837. He was buried in the White Cemetery, Bowdoinham.

47.2.5 Samuel Sparks was born August 11, 1767. He died when quite young.
47.2.6 Elizabeth Sparks was born on July 25, 1769.
47.2.7 Rhuanna Sparks was born on July 16, 1771.

47.2.8 Samuel Sparks, son of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) Sparks, was born July 16, 1775. He was a small boy when his parents moved to Maine. He married Sarah "Sally" Brown, ca. 1795. She was born ca. 1779 and was a daughter of Jonathan Brown of Bowdoinham. On the 1800 census of Lincoln County, Samuel and Sally were listed with three children, two boys and one girl. When the 1810 census was taken, four girls and two boys had been added. While these early census records do not list relationships, we may assume that these nine boys and girls were their own children.

The unsettled economic conditions brought on by the War of 1812 may have prompted Samuel and Sally to decide to move westward, for on August 24, 1813, they sold their 160-acre farm in Lincoln County to Humphrey Purinton, Jr. for $1,150. Both Samuel and Sally signed the deed in the presence of Joseph Carr and Humphrey Purinton, Sr. Samuel Sparks acknowledged the deed before Moses Dennett, a justice of the peace. The deed was not recorded until three years later, on September 18, 1816.

Samuel Sparks started his westward trip on January 7, 1815, according to information given to Mrs. F. H. Day in 1859 by Isaac J. Sparks, a son of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks. Isaac Sparks recalled that the trip was started on the day before the Battle of New Orleans. Samuel Sparks started out with the intention of going to the Genessee River country of New York, but after crossing the Allegheny Mountains, he built a flatboat large enough to accomodate his family and went down the Allegheny River to the Ohio and thence on to Cincinnati. The following winter he and his son, Isaac Sparks, took a keelboat to St. Louis. On this trip they saw the first steamboat which ever traveled on the Missouri River.

(Editor's note: If the above is true, Samuel Sparks went to St. Louis in 1819 rather than 1816. The first steamboat on the Missouri River was the Independence in the spring of 1819. Mrs. Day's account of her interview with Isaac J. Sparks was published in The Hesperian, a small magazine printed in San Francisco.)

Samuel Sparks apparently died a short time after he and his family arrived in St. Louis, for in the 1821 directory of that city, Sally Sparks was listed as a widow. She remained a widow until her death which occurred in St. Louis on August 8, 1859, at the age of eighty. Her death was attributed to typhoid fever. She was buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Census records indicate that Samuel and Sally Sparks had nine children, five daughters and four sons. Descendants claim identification of five of them and probably identification of two more. & A son and a daughter appear from census records to have been born to Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks between 1790 and 1800. We have not been able to identify them. Samuel Sparks, Jr., son of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was probably born ca. 1797. Vienna Sparks, probable daughter of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born ca. 1800. She married Joseph White in St. Louis on January 30, 1825. Isaac James Sparks, son of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born in Bowdoinham (ca. 1802) and was a young man when his family reached St. Louis in 1819. There he continued his schooling and acquired some basic medical training. It was also there that he met and courted Theresa Bouis, daughter of Andreas V. and Angeliaue J. (Noise) Bouis, natives of France and members of the Roman Catholic Church.

Apparently the Bouis family looked with favor upon Isaac's courtship, providing he would join their church, for on October 29, 1825, he was baptized into the Catholic faith under the name of Edmond Isaac James Sparks. Named on the baptismal record were his parents, Samuel Sparks and Sally Brown. The name Edmond was apparently added at the time of his baptism, for he made no use of it afterwards.

On October 30, 1825, the day after his baptism, Isaac J. Sparks married Theresa Bouis in the Cathedral of St. Louis. On May 27, 1830, a daughter was born to them whom they named Isabella Sparks. A year later, Isaac decided to move westward where a fortune could be made in the fur-trapping business, and he joined a group which was headed for California. He apparently never returned to St. Louis nor did he ever see Theresa and Isabella again.

The story of the life of Isaac James Sparks has been prepared by a descendant, Betty Cain of Spring Valley, California, and she has shared it with us. Mrs. Cain has also prepared an extensive bibliography about her ancestor. Here are excerpts from her biography of Isaac Sparks, portions of which are found in The Hesperian, referred to above.

"Isaac J. Sparks lived in St. Louis until April 6, 1831, when he joined Jedediah S. Smith's party for Santa Fe. They had many hardships, running low on supplies and water. When they crossed from the Arkansas to the Cimarron, they became lost in the sand hills of that area. Smith went ahead, alone, to discover water and was killed by Comanches. The Indians menaced the rest of the party but did not attack.

"Ewing Young took command of the party and led it to Santa Fe. That fall, Sparks left with Young from Santa Fe on a beaver trapping expedition to California. There were 36 men in the group. They traveled by way of Zuni, the head-waters of the Salt River and down the Gila to Yuma, hunting and trapping along the way. There the trappers separated and Sparks and the others came on to California for supplies, arriving in Los Angeles on February 10, 1832. He was detained by the Mexican authorities for a time because he had no passport, but finally made his way to San Pedro and later to Santa Barbara where he took up the business of sea otter hunting which he continued until 1849.

"Sparks' California adventures are not without drama. Once he and a Negro hunter, Allen Light, were driven to the highlands of Santa Rosa Island by Northwest Coast Indian hunters who stole their supplies. In July 1835, Sparks was retained by the Mission Fathers to remove the Indians from San Nicholas Island to save them from the attacks of the Northwest Indians, and during the operation, an Indian girl was left behind. She lived alone on the island for 18 years before her rescue and removal to Santa Barbara. This became the celebrated case of the 'Lost Woman of San Nicholas Island.' Several stories and movies have been based upon this incident.

"In 1843, Sparks was granted the Rancho Huasna near Arroyo Grande in present day San Louis Obispo County, by Gov. Manuel Micheltorena. This tract contained 22,153 acres and part of it still remains with Sparks' descendants. Later he purchased Rancho Pismo which contained 8,858 acres. He also acquired several other land grants in the same general area.

"In 1849, Sparks went to San Francisco Bay where he hunted sea otters with a company of twenty men and four boats, sailing as far north as Cape Mendocino. On his return, he learned of the gold excitement and released his men so they could go to the mines.

"During the Mexican War, Sparks hoped to remain neutral between the Californos and the Americans because by this time he had acquired many Mexican friends, much property, and had become a naturalized Mexican citizen. His attitude displeased John C. Fremont, however, and Fremont marched south to Santa Barbara where Sparks was living in December 1846. George Nidever, an old trapper friend, advised Sparks to join Fremont and his California Battalion, which he did. He supplied Fremont's army with food, clothing, ammunition, and horses to the amount of $20,000, for which he was never reimbursed. He fought at the Battle of Cahuenga Pass, north of Los Angeles, before returning home to Santa Barbara.

"In the American period, Sparks operated a general merchandise store in Santa Barbara and became one of the area's leading citizens. He was a member of the Santa Barbara City Council and its second mayor and first postmaster under American rule. He also was its first doctor due to the scarcity of physicians and to his early medical training and experiences as a hunter and a trapper. For a time, he was the city treasurer. Together with Martin C. Kimberly, a sea captain, he built the first wharf for the convenience of coastal shipping; in 1866. He was a city school commissioner and helped organize the Santa Barbara school board.

"Sparks was described as a tall, slim, well-built man of commanding appearance. He lost an eye during an encounter with a grizzly bear and, according to one observer, Santa Barbarans never wearied of hearing the scarred and worn veteran recount the thrilling adventures and hair-breadth escapes through which his devious, but always honorable, path led him to this distant coast.

"After her interview with Isaac Sparks in 1859, Mrs. Day wrote: 'Sparks's wife is Maria de los Remedios Josefa Eayrs, the daughter of Capt. George Washington and Maria de la Ascencion (Stewart) Eayrs. Capt. Eayrs was the commander of the Mercury and a daring and enterprising otter trader. Mrs. Eayrs was a daughter of Midshipman George Stewart, a member of the crew of the ill-fated Bounty, commanded by Capt. Bligh, and Neuha, a daughter of a Tahitian chief. Isaac and Maria have three daughters, Flora, Rosa, and Sallie. He is extremely fond of the girls.'

"A charming letter which Isaac wrote to his daughter, Rosa, has been preserved. She was attending a boarding school in 1864 in San Francisco with her sister, Flora. Here is the letter just as Isaac Sparks wrote it:

'My dear little Rosa,

I was much astonished to receivd a Letter from you and so was your Mother and Sally, how you have improved in so short time, Sally says she is a going to Learn fast so she can come up there with you.

Your mother is a going to make some cakes as soon as she can and send to you and Miss Flora, we have a plenty of figgs now, them we cannot send, they will not keep, she will send you some pomgranites, some limes, Apples and Pairs with a few Almonds, Your Mama and Sally sends their best wishes for your and Flora's health and prosperity with a long string of kisses, cut off a peace and give it to Miss Lizzie.

Now Miss Rosa, I am a going to keepe your letter for a keepesake, If I live fifteen or twenty years Longer, I will show your first letter you ever write me, It is so nicely written and well composed, it shows that you have not been an Idle schollar, hopping you still continues your studies with diligence and content of mind, for a Lady without Education is like a Hous without a roof.

Receive my best wishes for you health and good behavior in school.

Yours truly,
[signed]     I. J. Sparks

P.S. I send Flora a few lines on the other leaf.'

"Isaac Sparks did not live fifteen or twenty years longer as he had hoped. In the spring of 1867, he took sick and must have known he did not have long to live. Before he died, he divided up all his property and assets between Maria and his three living daughters by her. He died at Santa Barbara on June 16, 1867, and was buried on the grounds of his home there. In 1883, his body was moved to the Santa Barbara Cemetery on a knoll overlooking the ocean - the ocean that afforded him a wonderful start in Santa Barbara, the city which had treated him so well. Maria (Eayrs) Sparks survived him by twenty-five years, dying on July 29, 1893, in Los Angeles. She and Isaac had five children, all of them born in Santa Barbara." Maria Tomasa Flora Sparks was born August 2, 1844. She died on January 21, 1846. Manuela Flora Sparks was born December 24, 1846. On August 12, 1866, she married Marcus Harloe. He was born in Ireland on March 17, 1833. He was a steamboat captain and was well-known on the west coast as an able navigator. He was also harbor-master at San Francisco for a time. Flora died on July 4, 1933. She and Marcus had seven children, all born in California.

Daughter of Isaac J. and Maria (Eayrs) Sparks
(Picture) Fannie S. Harloe was born in 1869. She died at the Huasna Ranch when young. Marcus S. Harloe was born in 1872. He was a ship's master. He died on July 13, 1926, in Denmark and was buried in the National Cemetery in San Francisco. He married Ellen M. ------ Archibald Harloe was born in 1876, and he died in 1925. He married Margaret Phoenix and they had three children: Leo Marcus Harloe. Norma Harloe. Archibald Harloe, Jr. William George Harloe was born in 1878. He died ca. 1927. married May -----, and they had one child: Fanny Harloe married Wesley Waldron. They had no children. John Daniel Harloe was born in November 1879. He was an attorney and for a time was the Assistant District Attorney for San Francisco. On August 26, 1935, he married his cousin, Susan Harkness, daughter of Frederick and Sallie (Sparks) Harkness. John died on May 5, 1951. He and Susan had no children. Flora "Cushla" Harloe was born in the 1880's. She married Frederick Wood and they had one child: Frederick Wood, Jr. Lew Harloe was born in the 1880's and died when quite young. Rosa Ynnocenta Sparks was born January 28, 1850. She died on April 22, 1850.

ROSA (SPARKS) PORTER (1851-1933)
Daughter of Isaac J. and Maria (Eayrs) Sparks
(Picture) Maria Rosa Sparks (called Rosa) was born 3 February 1851. On April 29, 1870, she married Arza Porter. He was born March 28, 1838, in Livingston County, New York, and was a son of Arza and Gen (MNU) Porter. Arza was sheriff of Santa Barbara County from 1865 to 1870, and he served two terms on the Santa Barbara City Council. He later settled on the Huasna Ranch where he raised cattle and set out a model fruit orchard. He died on February 11, 1899. Rosa died on May 28, 1933. They had seven children, all born in Santa Barbara. Isaac Porter was born March 24, 1871; he died in 1931. In 1889 he married Anastasia Adam, a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Connor) Adam. They had three children, all born in California. Elizabeth Ann Porter married Donald Prentice in 1936. They had two children: Mary Catherine Prentice. John Anthony Prentice. Rose Anastasia Porter. William Arza Porter married Josephine Poncetta in 1937. They had four children: Anastasia Porter. Isaac Joseph Porter. Rosemary Porter. Charles Porter. George Porter was born July 14, 1872. He died ca. 1876. Frances Porter was born 1 April 1874. She died on October 13, 1955. In 1891 she married Anton Philip Kerckhoff and they had six children: George W. Kerckhoff married Doris Snodgrass and they had two children: George William Kerckhoff. Richard Kerckhoff married Stella ----- Rosita Kerckhoff was born 5 February 1895. She died in 1973. On November 11, 1920, she married Robert W. Lovell. He was born in 1888 and was a son of Robert K. and Anastasia (Dunn) Lovell. He died on January 13, 1956. They had four children: Robert W. Lovell was born in 1922. He married Marian O'Toole in 1949. Philip N. Lovell was born in 1923. He married Helen Burke in 1956. James P. Lovell was born in 1927. He married Rene Berthiume in 1956. Rosita F. Lovell was born in 1928. She married (first) Thomas Moore and after his death in 1958 she married (second) James Schissler. Porter Thomas Kerckhoff married Frankette Holland and they had five children: Alice Frances Kerckhoff married Jerome Fahey. Frankette Kerckhoff married William Fox. Anton Kerckhoff married Nancy ----- William Kerckhoff married Martha Miller. Elise Kerckhoff married Harvey Herzberg. Elise Kerckhoff married (first) Carlton C. Wright and married (second) Leland B. Prentice. She had two children by her first husband: Carlton Cook Wright, Jr. married Mary Jean Never. Mary Jean Wright married Robert Charlesworth. Frances Kerckhoff was born October 17, 1905. She married (first) Clifford Cole and married (second) Howard J. Zeiman. She had one child by each husband. Philip K. Cole was born in 1930. John Zeiman was born in 1936. Anton Philip Kerckhoff, born May 23, 1907. He married, May 14, 1935, Mary Ben Almon, daughter of William B. and Carolyn (Daugherty) Almon. They have no children. They have in their possession a medical box and old dental tools used by Isaac J. Sparks in the mid-1880s which they plan to place in the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. (Note: Betty Cain of Spring Valley, California, has called our attention to this omission.) Mary Jane Porter was born November 8, 1875. She married (first) Charles Adam and married (second) John G. Hately. Rosa Porter was born June 16, 1877. She died in 1962. She married Henry "Harry" Rust and they had three children: Margret Rust married William J. Boden and they had one child, Eric Boden. Webster Rust was born in 1906; he died in 1916. Reginald Rust married Florence Foster. Arza Thomas "Toots" Porter was born April 9, 1879. He died in 1956. He was married twice.  His second wife was Amelda Govan. by his first wife, Arza had one child. Helen Porter married FNU Munson. Asa Carlos "Charles" Porter was born March 10, 1883. He married Rizzie Dana in 1909. She was born July 27, 1882, and died on June 8, 1965. Charles died on September 15, 1964. They had five children: Arza P. Porter was born June 14, 1910. He married Jane Stott and they had four children: Arza Porter, Jr. Lillian Porter married Henry G. Chalkley. Jane Porter married Bruce Major. Richard Porter. Asa Porter was born December 3, 191?. He married Peggy Connelly. and they had three children: Charles A. Porter. John D. Porter. Christopher Porter
. Rizzie Marie Porter was born August 15, 1915. She married Don Phelan. Chester Porter was born April 10, 1918. He married Peggy Jean Wright, a daughter of William L. and Wanda (Kamm) Wright. They had six children: Margaret M. Porter was born in 1953 and married Paul Roman Ontiveros. Barbara Ann Porter was born in 1955 Patricia Louise Porter was born in 1956. Chester W. Porter was born in 1958. Kathleen D. Porter was born in 1959. An unnamed son was born ca. 1960 and died at birth. Lucille Porter was born July 12, 1920. She married byron Leroy Montross and they had nine children: byron Asa Montross. Ann Marie Montross married William D. Marsalek. Katherine Louise Montross married Robert J. Boeddeker. Thomas Montross. Steven Montross. Frances Marie Montross. Linda Montross. Michael Montross. Rizzie Elizabeth Montross. Norberta Sallie Sparks (called Sallie), daughter of Isaac J. and Marie (Eayrs) Sparks, was born June 6, 1854. On April 10, 1874, she married Frederick Harkness. He was born May 21, 1852, in New York and was a son of John Jay and Clara (Van Riper) Harkness. He came to California in 1863 where he finally settled in Los Angeles. He was active in the hotel business and in street car lines. In his later years, he became interested in the oil development in the Los Angeles Area. He died on July 11, 1905. Sallie died on May 15, 1930.

Mrs. Sallie Sparks Harkness
Daughter of Captain Isaac Sparks, trapper, sea
otter hunter, merchant, soldier and ranchero.

Daughter of Isaac J. and Maria (Eayrs) Sparks

Frederick and Sallie (Sparks) Harkness were the parents of eleven children. The first six were born in Santa Barbara and the last five were born in Los Angeles. John Jay Harkness, Jr. was born April 20, 1875. He died when quite young. Catherine "Christina" Harkness was born May 31, 1876. She died on April 28, 1948, in Los Angeles. She never married. Clara Elizabeth Harkness was born March 22, 1878. She was married twice. Her first marriage was to William S. Swan, son of William H. and Harriet (Webster) Swan. Clara and William had five children, all born in Walnut, California. Her second marriage was to Edward Moister in 1915. There were no children by her second marriage. Clarita M. Swan was born October 2, 1899. She married Cullen A. Odette on November 1, 1924. He was born May 7, 1899, in Great Falls, Montana, and was a son of Charles and Littie (Lee) Odette. Cullen was fire chief of Long Beach, California. He and Clarita had no children. Helen Swan was born May 24, 1901. She married (first) Earl Kelly and (second) Fred Smith. She and Earl had one child: Patricia Kelly was born in 1928. She married David Holmes. Frances Swan was born July 7, 1902. She married Joseph Regets in 1943. They had no children. Vivian Swan was born February 7, 1904. She married Louis Botti in 1937. They had no children. William F. Swan was born December 18, 1906. He married (first) Doris May Fletcher and married (second) Eunice A. Prickett. He had two children by his first marriage and one child by his second marriage: William Fletcher Swan. Doris May Swan married FNU Cardin and they had two children, James Cardin and David Cardin. She married (second) FNU Moss and they had two children, Stephen Moss and Alison Moss. John Edward Swan was born in 1938. Lawrence J. Harkness was born January 25, 1880. He died when quite young. Alice Harkness was born September 28, 1881. She married Manuel Barcellos, son of Manuel and Maria Barcellos. They had one child: Lillian Sallie Barcellos was born February 15, 1903. She married Carl W. Klewin, son of Edward and Alvina Klewin. They had one child: Barry W. Klewin was born in 1937. He married Sarah Taylor and they had no children. Rosa Edna "Edwards" Harkness was born September 6, 1883. On April 6, 1906 (the day of the big San Francisco earthquake and fire) she married Leopoldo Martinez. He was born April 15, 1876, and was a son of Demetrio and Conceptcion (Velar) Martinez. Edwarda and Leopoldo had five children: Pauline E. Martinez was born September 30, 1907. She married (first) Fred Stephens and they had one child. She married (second) William Schuler and they had one child. Wesley L. Stephens married LaVerne Bachara and they had two children: Jeffery and Juliae. Gary Schuler married Roberta LaRoche and they had one child: Heather. Sarah M. Martinez was born January 9, 1912. She married (first) Lawrence Perez and married (second) Julian de la Reyes. She had a child by each marriage. Emma L. Perez married Ralph Lopez and they had four children: Randy, Denise, Heime, and Larry. Ronaldo de la Reyes married Stella ----- and they had two children: Debbie and Ronald. Norberta G. Martinez was born April 30, 1914. She married (first) Joseph Angel by whom she had one child. She married (second) Harold Sweet by whom she had one child. She married (third) Roland Conger. Donald L. Angel married Barbara Newell and they had two children: Amy and Suzanne. Michael J. Sweet married Robin Rae Jones and they had two children: Jason and Justin. Avalon "Evelyn" Martinez was born February 26, 1916. She married (first) Joe Garcia and married (second) Lorenzo Romero. She had no children. Joseph C. Martinez was born October 2, 1918. He married (first) Katherine King by whom he had one child, Sandra King Martinez, who died quite young. He married (second) Billie Jo Flowers by whom he had a son named Edward Martinez. He married (third) Maxine Vance and they had two children: Joedy Martinez and Danny Paul Martinez. He married (4th) Patricia MNU and they had one child, Stephen Martinez. Mary "Mollie" Clotilda Harkness was born December 16, 1885. She married Harry Plough and they had one child, Harry Plough, Jr. She died on December 15, 1918. Frederick H. Harkness was born December 13, 1887. On September 16, 1914, he married (first) Margaret Hackett. She was born August 18, 1892, and was a daughter of Melthino A. and Emma (Crapper) Hackett. Frederick married (second) Dorothy Slocum. He was a professional baseball player in the early 1900's and, after retiring, he worked for a Los Angeles firm for over twenty-five years. He and Margaret had one child: Betty Jane Harkness was born October 23, 1918. She married Albert C. Cain on September 8, 1942. He was born June 14, 1919, and was a son of Finley S. and Edna May (Dwelle) Cain. Mrs. Cain has been most helpful in providing data about the descendants of Isaac J. Sparks. She and Albert have three children: Albert C. Cain, Jr. was born in 1944. He married Susan C. Miller and they have two children: Sara S. Cain and Glenn A. Cain. Margaret Ann Cain was born in 1947. She married Jay Warren Adams. John E. Cain was born in 1951. He is not married. William B. Harkness was born May 30, 1890. Susan Harkness was born June 4, 1892. She married John Daniel Harloe. (See item 2, (5), above.) Francisca Van Riper Harkness was born October 4, 1895. She died on October 23, 1900. Sarah Sparks, daughter of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born November 9, 1804, at Bowdoinharn, and was a young girl when she accompanied her parents to St. Louis. It was there, on February 4, 1821, that she married John Dickinson Daggett. He was born October 4, 1793, at Attleboro, Massachusetts, and was a son of Benjamin and Polly (Guild) Daggett.

(1804 -1886) (1793 -1874)


John Daggett went to St. Louis in 1817, arriving there with just three silver dollars in his pockets. He became a wealthy man and a prominent citizen in that city and received many honors. He was mayor of St. Louis in 1841, president of the gas company, a charter member of the Masonic Lodge of Missouri, and he helped to establish the city's river docks. He is reputed to have been an extremely handsome man with an erect posture, snow-white hair, and regular facial features. His wife always referred to him as "Mr. Daggett." She was quite proper and refined and her descendants referred to her as "Lady Ediquett." She died on November 16, 1886; John Daggett died on May lo, 1874. They had twelve children, all born at St. Louis. Eliza Marie Daggett was born June 18, 1822. She married William H. Ayres. Harriet Helen Daggett was born March 14, 1824. On March 29, 1840, she married Edward Stagg by the Rev. Kemper, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of St. Louis. Edward was born October 30, 1818, in New York and was a son of Peter and Catherine (Steddiford) Stagg. He was a successful businessman and for many years was an official of the LeClede Gas & Light Company of St. Louis. He also had considerable literary ability and contributed much to the cultural life of that city. He died on May 12, 1863, and Harriet died on September 10, 1887. They had nine children (only 7 are listed): An unnamed daughter was born in February 1841 and died at birth. Edward Stagg was born 1 April 1842. He died a month later. John Daggett Stagg was born 1 April 1842, and was a twin brother to Edward. He died on October 11, 1843. Sarah Daggett Stagg was born May 29, 1844. She married Henry W. Loveday on April 10, 1866. She died on September 9, 1910. Ferdinand Stagg was born March 24, 1847. He died on February 11, 1853. Amanda Stagg was born January 30, 1849. On December 11, 1877, she married William C. Stamps. He was born December 9, 1844. Amanda died on June 13, 1906. William died on April 17, 1901. They had one child: Mary Stamps was born June 23, 1878. On September 18, 1915, she married Francis Lee Mackey at Waukegan, Illinois. He was born September 4, 1861. He died on December 28, 1946, and Mary died on September 20, 1950. They had two children: Janet Mackey was born January 1, 1917. On June 22, 1941, she married Norman McClelland. She married (second)Frederick A. Koelling. There were no children by either marriage. Francis Lee Mackey, Jr. was born February 22, 1919. On April 6, 1941, he married Ruth Louise Stremmel and they had three children: Linda Mackey, Douglas Mackey, and David Mackey. Kate Steddiford Stagg was born July 9, 1857. On December 18, 1878, she married John Henry LeCompte. He was born March 27, 1850, and was a son of Eloi and Melanie (Bogy) LeCompte of Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. He attended Notre Dame University where he majored in languages, but he returned home to become an accountant. Kate died on April 17, 1923, and John Henry died on April 30, 1931. They had six children, all born at Springfield, Missouri. Genevieve LeCompte was born July 30, 1879. On April 9, 1902, she married William C. Chamberlin. (b. September 24, 1878, d. March 18, 1950). Genevieve died ca. 1960. They had four children: Katherine Chamberlin was born February 23, 1903. She married Edward Jenkins. They had no children. Eleanor "Ella" Chamberlin was born March 1, 1905. She married Ralph Bowman and they had one child: Ralph Bowman, Jr. Genevieve Chamberlin was born October 2, 1907. She married (first) Billy Finn and married (second) Walter Kuettel. There were no children by either marriage. Marjorie Chamberlin was born April 5, 1917. She married (first) Raymond Utley and married (second) Oliver Price. She and Oliver had one child: Oliver Price, Jr. Henry Stagg LeCompte was born December 1, 1881. On March 2, 1903, he married Ruth Chappell. She was born September 13, 1882, and was a daughter of Louis E. and Nancy Jane (Hayes) Chappell. Henry was a dairy farmer. He died on August 28, 1954. Ruth died on April 7, 1967. They had two children, both born at Springfield, Missouri: Josephine LeCompte was born September 29, 1912. She was a hospital dietitian. She lives in Springfield and and has been most helpful in the preparation of the data on the Daggett family. She never married. John Henry LeCompte was born August 25, 1914. On October 12, 1940, he married Louise H. Martin and they had two children: John Henry LeCompte, Jr. and Charles LeCompte. Amanda LeCompte was born November 16, 1884. She married Alonzo LeCompte in 1911. Ferdinand LeCompte was born in March 1889 and died at birth. Adele LeCompte was born December 26, 1894, and died in July 1895. Julian Bogy LeCompte was born July 14, 1897. He died on April 25, 1946. Amanda Melvinae Daggett was born February 25, 1826. She married Russell Pomeroy. William Tecumsah Daggett was born March 6, 1828. He died when quite young. Lucy Ann Daggett was born October 25, 1829. Henrietta Daggett was born October 12, 1831. She married FNU Drew. Medora Daggett was born August 25, 1833. She married Leon Papin. James Hervey Daggett was born July 4, 1835. He married Miss ----Rannels. William C. Daggett was born November 25, 1837. He married Miss Athlia M. Masure. Adele Daggett was born October 4, 1839. She married FNU Rennick. Mary Louisa Daggett was born October 4, 1839, and was a twin to Adele. She married Franklin S. Shapleigh on June 6, 1866. He was born September 16, 1838. They had no children. John Dickinson Daggett was born 2 February 1848. He died in infancy. John Sparks, son of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born ca. 1806 in Bowdoinham. On January 11, 1829, he married Lavonia Walton in St. Louis. She was born ca. 1807 in Tennessee, and was probably a daughter of Rebecca Walton. Both John and Lavonia died between 1850 and 1860. According to census data, we believe that they were the parents of ten children, two of whom we have been unable to identify. Daughter1 Sparks was born to John and Lavonia ca. 1829. William H. Sparks was born ca. 1830. In 1867 he was living in Santa Barbara, California, where he was named as a legatee in the will of his uncle,Isaac J. Sparks. John M. Sparks was born ca. 1832. Daughter2 Sparks was born to John and Lavonia Sparks ca. 1833. Robert S. Sparks was born ca. 1835. He was probably the Robert Sparks who appeared in the 1870 census of St. Louis with his sister "Lotta" and bother, Russell. Samuel G. Sparks was born ca. 1838. Lorinda Sparks was born ca. 1842. Elmira Sparks was born ca. 1843. Charlotte "Lottie" L. Sparks was born ca. 1846. Russell G. Sparks was born ca. 1848. Caroline Sparks, daughter of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born ca. 1809. She returned to Maine and it may be there that she married William Page Woodworth on March 24, 1836. He was born at Harpswell, Maine, in February 1812, and was a son of Joseph and Elizabeth Woodworth. When the 1860 census was taken of Sagadohoc County, Caroline and William were living in Bowdoinham where he was a carpenter. She died on July 11, 1892, and he died on August 7, 1899. According to a manuscript prepared by James R. Pierce, "The Woodworth Family in America," they had six children. Mary Woodworth was born January 3, 1838. Carrie S. Woodworth was born November 23, 1840. Orrin N. Woodworth was born September 17, 1842. William Page Woodworth, Jr. was born March 3, 1845. John Noble Woodworth was born January 28, 1848. Charles Henry Woodworth
was born April 12, 1852. Lucinda Sparks, probably a daughter of Samuel and Sally (Brown) Sparks, was born ca. 1810. She married Daniel Blair in St. Louis on September 24, 1831.

47.2.9 Priscilla Sparks, daughter of Nicholas and Bethia (Rich) Sparks, was probably born during the summer of 1777, for she was baptized at Truro on September 7, 1777.

47.3 Mary Sparks was born November 10, 1732 at Truro. She was baptized there on January 7, 1733.

47.4 Betty Sparks was born April 10, 1735, at Truro. She was baptized there on May 11, 1735.