April 8, 2018

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Whole Number 143


Editor's Note: In the Quarterly of March 1984 (Whole No. 125) and that of June 1984 (Whole No. 126), we published a record of the descendants of James Sparks of Washington County, Pennsylvania, and Clinton County, Indiana, His wife and the mother of his children was Margaret (Ray) Sparks. He died in 1855. It was in the June 1984 issue that we gave information regarding the family of Thomas Sparks (1810-1879), son of James and Margaret (Ray) Sparks, beginning on page 2625. At that time, we did not know of the existence of a photograph of Thomas Sparks, but one has since been provided by a descendant, Pauline (Mrs. Reid) Voelcker, Cerro Gordo, Illinois. A reproduction appears above. Mrs. Voelcker has also provided the photograph appearing on the cover of the present issue of the Quarterly, that of James Allen Sparks, Elizabeth (Sparks) Crick, and Emeline (Sparks) Moorhead, children of Thomas Sparks and his wife, Martha (Loveless) Sparks. She has also provided the photograph of Joseph Sparks (1850-1936) on page 3289 and that of James Allen Sparks (1838-1917) and family on page 3292.

At the time of printing the June 1984 issue of the Quarterly, we had little information regarding Emeline Sparks, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, and could only guess at her date of birth. Lois Ritter of R.R. #3, Box 492, Muscatine, Iowa (52761), who has contributed importantly to the research on this branch of the Sparks family, has succeeded in obtaining more information on Emeline Sparks, who was a sister of Mrs. Ritter's greatgrandmother, Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes, through Pauline Voelcker, mentioned above. As will be noted later, additional information has also been provided regarding Joseph Sparks, a son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, by a descendant, Joe M. Sparks, Rt. 3, Box 147, Augusta, Kansas (67010). We now present these new data, retaining the same numbering system used for them as in the previous article, cited earlier. Emeline (or Emaline) Sparks was born in Colfax, Indiana, on June 6, 1846, and died on January 20, 1917. She was married in Clinton County, Indiana, on January 23, 1868, to Richard Moorhead who had been born in Ohio on October 28, 1839, and died on July 30, 1909. (They had moved to Centralia, Missouri, in 1906.) Richard Moorhead had served in the Union Army in the Civil War in Company H, 3rd Regiment Indiana Volunteers. He served under General Grant at Vicksburg, was with Sherman on his March to the Sea, and paraded in Washington, D. C., and on Michigan Avenue in Chicago at the end of the war. The children of Richard and Emeline (Sparks) Moorhead, whose names and dates of birth were recorded in Richard Moorhead's own hand, were: Ella Moorhead was born October 25, 1868, in Clinton County, Indiana, and died on May 22, 1933. She married Frank Hammel on February 17, 1891, and they resided in Mahomet, Newcomb Township, Champaign County, Illinois. Their children were: Lena Hammel. She married Earl Foster. Lottie Hammel. Richard Hammel. He married Virgie Murry. Metta [ "Mettie" ] Hammel. She married Harry Mackey. Emmaline Hammel. She married Harold Reynalds. Leonard Hammel. He married, but had no children. Lillian Hammel. She married Calvin Stauffer. William Thomas Moorhead was born in Clinton County, Indiana, on February 23, 1870, and died on December 25, 1920. He did not marry. Robert Moorhead was born in Clinton County, Indiana, on October 23, 1871, and died on January 5, 1958. He did not marry. Margaret Moorhead was born in Clinton County, Indiana, on October 28, 1874, and died as an infant on August 23, 1876. Harriet Moorhead was born April 20, 1877, and died on December 25, 1935. She married William Amoziiah Hunt on March 11, 1895, in Champaign, Illinois. They had one son, Charles Edward Hunt, born December 7, 1895, died June 24, 1961. He married Deore Artz. Martha Moorhead was born January 12, 1881, and died on January 21, 1968. She married Albert Alphonso Nofziger on March 10, 1916, in Moberly, Missouri. He was born May 28, 1881, and died on November 7, 1965. Their children were Helen Marie Nofziger, born February 18, 1917. She married Ollie William Schendel. Esther Irene Nofziger, born November 7, 1918. She married George DeDorest Brush. Donald Clifford Nofziger, born August 22, 1921. He married Vivian Pauline Marcott. Syntha Ann Moorhead was born May 15, 1883, and died on January 1, 1972. She married Lou Crowley on March 9, 1913, in Centralia, Missouri. He was born October 10, 1883, and died on June 16, 1973. Their children were Leonora Madeline Crowley, born September 19, 1914, died December 3, 1973. Estella Pauline Crowley, born June 15, 1917. She married Reid William Voelcker. (It is Mrs. Voelcker who has provided the information given here regarding the children and grandchildren of Richard and Emeline (Sparks) Moorhead, as well as the photographs noted above.) Cynthia Louise Crowley, born August 31, 1919. She married Hubert Greener. Benjamin Franklin Moorhead was born August 7, 1885, and died on August 7, 1957. He married Anna Snuffer on December 8, 1938, in Centralia, Missouri. Pearley Elizabeth Moorhead, daughter of Richard and Emeline (Sparks) Moorhead, was born October 29, 1887, and died on February 10, 1920. She married Lee Crowley on February 18, 1909, in Cen tralia, Missouri. (Lee Crowley was a twin of Lou Crowley who married Syntha Ann Moorhead, sister of Pearley Elizabeth - - see above.) Lee Crowley was born October 10, 1883, and died on April 16, 1968. Their children were: Evelyn Muriel Crowley. Robert Russell Crowley. Charles Henry Crowley. He married Bernice Landis. Virgil Leon Crowley, born May 24, 1918. He married Mary Louise Hammel. Woodrow Lee Crowley, born February 4, 1920. Joseph Moorhead was born February 23, 1890, and died on March 17, 1966. He married Rena Jennings on April 25, 1922, in Centralia, Missouri. They had a daughter, Barbara Moorhead, born in 1932, died March 10, 1980.

[Editor's Note: As noted earlier, we have also received additional information regarding another of the children of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks which supplements that presented in the June 1984 issue of the Quarterly, Whole No. 126. This pertains to their son, Joseph Sparks, and has been provided by Joe M. Sparks, Rt. 3, Box 147, Augusta, Kansas, 67010.]

JOSEPH SPARKS (1850-1926)
Son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks
(Picture) Joseph Sparks, son of Thomas and Martha (Loveless) Sparks, was born July 23, 1850. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Laura B. Smith on January 2, 1875, in Clinton County, Indiana. She had been born ca. 1857 in Ohio. She died ca. 1880, probably at the birth of their third child, Bertie Sparks. Bertie was taken as an infant into the home of her father's sister, Mary Ann (Sparks) Hanes, and reared by her to womanhood. (See the June 1984 issue of the Quarterly, page 2630.)
After the death of his first wife, Joseph Sparks married (second) Jennie (Hayvice) Ray on April 5, 1882. She was born October 1, 1860, and was a widow with a six-year-old son, Charles Abram Ray. She died on June 15, 1927. Joseph Sparks died on March 10, 1936. He was the father of twelve children, three by his first marriage and nine by his second. Flora Sparks was born ca. 1876. She married Ed Shaffer. Thomas Sparks was born March 16, 1879. He married Katie Sieg on April 11, 1904. She had been born February 20, 1884. Thomas Sparks died on October 12, 1948. He and Katie had three children. John Joseph Sparks was born September 16, 1905, and died two months later, on November 19, 1905. Laura Marie Sparks (she was called Marie) was born December 8, 1906. She married John W. Hizer, and they had one child, James Edward Hizer. Ruth Irene Sparks (she was called Irene) was born February 24, 1912. She married Robert F. Krueger, and they had two daughters, Lois Krueger and Donna Krueger. Bertie Sparks was born ca. 1880. She married William Stonebreaker. See page 2629 of the June 1984 issue of the Quarterly for a photograph of this couple. Ira Allen Sparks, son of Joseph and Jennie (Hayvice) Sparks, was born February 28, 1883. He died, unmarried, in 1922. Ora Isaac Sparks was born September 4, 1885. He died in 1952. He married Theresa Blanche Pierce on November 24, 1908. They had no children. Clara Bessie Sparks was born April 9, 1887, at Champaign, Illinois. She married William Leslie Barnett on February 20, 1907. He had been born February 22, 1882, and died on June 15, 1952. Clara died on March 26, 1972, at Towanda, Kansas. She and William had three children. Wilma Clare Barnett was born February 6, 1908, at Lockwood, Missouri. She married Harvey L. Sooby on June 1, 1932, and they had one child, Forest M. Sooby. Thelma Louis Barnett was born June 1, 1909. She married Alvin H. Haynie, and they had three children: Norman Jean Haynie, Jack B. Haynie, and Barbara Ann Haynie. Everett Chleland Barnett was born August 28, 1910. He married Agnes Mary Poch, and they had three children: Darrell Barnett, Forest Barnett, and Sharon Diane Barnett. Benjamin Harrison ["Harry"] Sparks was born November 3, 1888, at Mahomet, Illinois. He married Nellie Evaline Camp on November 18, 1914, at El Dorado, Kansas. She had been born November 2, 1896, at Meade, Kansas, and was a daughter of James M. and Eva May (Morris) Camp. Harry Sparks died on November 3, 1949, at Whitewater, Kansas, and Nellie died on December 18, 1982, at Wichita, Kansas. They were the parents of three children. Joseph Marshall ["Joel'] Sparks was born October 26, 1915. He married Allene Markley on June 1, 1941. She was born April 19, 1915, and was a daughter of Claude C. and Mary L. (Freeman) Markley. She and Joe have furnished most of the information regarding Joe's Grandfather Sparks's family. They have three children: Robert Allen Sparks and Roberta Allene Sparks (twins) born December 8, 1942, and Rita Kay Sparks born September 30, 1945. Margery Lucile Sparks was born January 2, 1919. She married Gordon Wohlegmuth on April 23, 1941, and they have one child, Jay Earl Wohlegmuth. Rex Eldon Sparks was born November 3, 1922. He was married twice. His first marriage was to Audrey LNU, and they had three children: Rex Sparks, Jr.; Harry E. Sparks; and Phyllis Sparks.

His second marriage was to Glenna LNU. Nora Etta Sparks was born June 18, 1892. She married William Lloyd Mullins. He died in 1930, and Nora married (second) Ed Patterson. She died in January 1948. She and William Lloyd Mullins had five children. Lloyd W. Mullins was born November 27, 1913. He married Gladola May Keely in 1936, and they had five children: Russell Mullins; Larry Mullins; Judy Mullins; Lloyd Mullins, Jr.; and Norman Mullins. Lawrence S. Mullins was born January 1, 1916. He was married three times. His first marriage was to Bunny Casperson, and they had two children, Larry Mullins and Mike Mullins.

His second marriage was to Ruth Baldwin, and they had one child, Diane Mullins.

His third marriage was to Janet Simmons, and they had five children: Susie Mullins, Jeffery Mullins, Steve Mullins, Danny Mullins, and Nancy Mullins. Lucille Mullins was born September 28, 1918. She married Aubrey Keely, and they had two children, Beverly Keely and Gary Keely. Harold Mullins was born July 7, 1920. He married Lucille Cross. Bob B. Mullins was born April 15, 1923. He married (first) Betty Bean and (second) Ethyl Wintershide. Lottie Rosezella Sparks was born October 16, 1894. She married Jack Hawes on November 18, 1912. He died in 1930. Lottie married (second) Samuel E. Witty. She died on March 31, 1984. She and Jack had four children. Chleland Hawes was born July 21, 1913. Elwin Hawes was born May 29, 1915. Vera Hawes was born January 6, 1917. Verl Hawes was born April 13, 1919. Alva Sparks was born July 3, 1900. He died three days later. George Sparks was born March 12, 1902. He died the following January James Harley Sparks (he was called Harley) was born March 29, 1904. On July 29, 1931, he married Bessie White. He died on May 4, 1947.