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QUERY FRANK SPARKS, JR., (born July 15, 1870)

Charles F. Kinsey, Box 529, Mackinaw, Illinois (61755) is seeking information on his grandfather, Frank (Francis Marion) Sparks, Jr.. He was a son of Francis Marion Sparks, born April 25,1837, died August 4, 1903, at Buffalo, Illinois. His mother was Rebecca Jane (Walker) Sparks. (See the Quarterly of March 1973, Whole No. 81, pp. 1541-1545, for more data on this branch of the family.) Francis ["Frank"] Sparks, Jr. was born July 15, 1870. He was married on August 12, 1895, in Tazewell County, Illinois, to Grace Etta Layton, born June 3, 1877, a daughter of Henry Clay and Mary Marinda (Mathews) Layton. Frank and Grace Etta (Layton) Sparks had two sons: Guy Sparks, born November 28, 1895, and Ralph Harold Sparks, born June 2, 1897.

Frank and Grace were divorced on May 1, 1897. Guy Sparks was adopted by Charles and Maggie Kinsey; Ralph Harold was sent to a Christian Home in St. Louis. Called simply Harold, he was taken out of the Home by people named Pittenger; he used their name but he was never adopted. No one seems to know what became of Frank Sparks, Jr. (born 1870), though it is said that he went to California in the late 1890's.